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so when are we gonna make that female production of newsies happen…

i can provide my complete lack of acting, singing, and dancing abilities 

Kor and Dei were sitting so nicely in this costume

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Omg did you see Newsies in Leicester Square because if yes then we totally went to the same screening :') -ITH fact anon, hello I have returned!

i did! the 4:30 showing at the vue??? ahh that would be so cool,, maybe i saw you, who knows, maybe you saw ME :O

it was funny, i walked out of the cinema behind these three girls who were talking about ITH and it was killing me not to be like “I KNOW EVERYTHING TALK TO ME”

have this doodle of what i thought was a real highlight of the movie, spot conlon’s arms

So here’s to our blistered feet. Here’s to my whimpering knees, your weary shoulders. Here is the foreclosure of my shame and here is our brokenness. Look at us being so damn human: yes, it happened, yes, it was not our most graceful unfolding, and yes, we were both so present the whole time.
—  “And If I Am to Forgive Myself” Sierra Demulder

#people going out of their way to give clarke a front row seat to bellamy’s suffering

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AAAAAA YOU WATCH SKAM!!! Who are your fave characters?❤

Oh man, that is so hard. My favorite character bits in Skam tend to be friendships or group dynamics - I feel so many feelings about both the girl and boy squads. 

My top three are definitely Sana, Noora, and Isak. It’s easy to love each of them because we’ve gotten to see inside their lives as the main characters (Eva’s season feels so long ago for me even though I binged the first 3 in a week? Idk, her story didn’t resonate as much with me I guess). 

I fell in love with Noora pretty much the moment she first appeared and I’ve never looked back. Isak was always a cutie and then the scene where he watched Romeo + Juliet was the most relatable shit I’ve ever seen in my life and I adopted him then and there. I always respected Sana for her fierceness and now that we’re seeing her more vulnerable side, all I want in my life is for her to be happy. 

unknown number.

@silentconfliction // continued from here.

[ text: ??? ] oh, sorry. I thought the context was 
             implied, but maybe not.
[ text: ??? ] Lance.
[ text: ??? ] Lance is the context.
[ text: ??? ] he’s wreaking havoc with this new meme or
             something and someone needs to talk some
             sense into him so he stops the nonsense.
[ text: ??? ] there’s only so much a man can handle…
[ text: ??? ] I’ve tried talking to him and it… didn’t
             really stick.
[ text: ??? ] I know you two are friends, so I was hoping
             you might be willing to give it a shot?

█ ▌ ▐⌠☁⌡

[ sms ] ???

 …Somehow, this fails to surprise me. 

But I’m sure part of you feels that way, too.

I guess I could try talking to him, but at the
same time, I think that’d just make things worse.

 There’s no hiding how, dare I say, funny that meme is, and
even /vaguely/ hinting at its comedic value will encourage him.


I’m not sure how I feel about Hera heading out with Kallus and two Imperial drivers. Is this before of after season season 3 finale? Should I be worried (for Kallus)? 😏

Kallus is ok! We’re keeping his fulcruming on the dl. He was a s1-2, pre-fulcrum, bo-rifle wielding Kallus and was pretty amazing (i just post a picture of us both!)

Alas, there aren’t a whole lot of Rebels costumes in the UK Rebel Legion/501st. A few Sabines, a few Hera’s (though I think I’m the only current active one?), and then these guys over at the 501st. Us Rebels have to stick together!

Also, our little four-person group got some really nice attention and great reaction from Rebels fans.


“Do you think daddy would like this?” Your daughter’s voice snapped you back to reality as you turned around and saw her holding her latest masterpiece. It was a picture of a flower with hearts and glitter surrounding it, she loved coloring pictures but making pictures for Harry was her favorite. You couldn’t help but smile as you walked over to her and kneeled down to her eye level.

“He’s going to love it.” She just gave you a big smile as she handed you the picture, you quickly stood up and headed towards the fridge. “Lets hang it in our special spot shall we love?” You asked and when you turned to look over your shoulder you smiled when you saw her nodding her head and clapping her hands together.

“Yes the special spot! So he will see it when he gets home!” Her voice was full of excitement as she danced around the kitchen, you laughed as you turned and watched her. She was the spitting image of her father, dimple and all. Her brown curls were tucked away from her face with a headband and as she danced her dress swayed back and
fourth causing her to giggle and dance around more.

She bounced her way out of the kitchen making you laugh and shake your head as you imagined that if Harry was home he would’ve joined her in her excitement dance and it would’ve ended in a fit of giggles and a tickle fight on the couch in the next room. You couldn’t help but sigh as you looked around and the reality set in, Harry was gone for three more weeks. You knew he didn’t like being away for long periods of time but you also knew that this was his job and he didn’t have a choice sometimes.

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I just saw a supposed cover of one of the Teen Titans Go comics,it seems it was a valentine's thing, & there were some ships on the cover like batcat, lois & clark, bbrae, aquaman x mera, robin x starfire, AND THEN THERE WAS DCEU JXH AND I'M SHOOK!!

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Friends on Facebook would of see this already but we were really disappointed that some one could burn down our only toilet block we had on our local public nude spot in the Riverland
We love our local legal beach an always clean it up and make it look nice but others have no respect and or don’t like the fact we all live life free down there and get jealous!

for @gumisae <3 <3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUMI I’M SO GLAD I WAS ABLE TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU. i hope you have the best birthday ever and you get everything you want 👍 👍 👍

this is kinda for your domestic shance au, but i kind of assumed A Lot about it, b/c i wanted to keep this a surprise so i didn’t ask much asljdhasldj so sorry if this is nothing like you imagine them being like 😭 😭

there’s a lot i want to say but like words are 100% escaping me rn

i guess i’ll just say that shiro and lance are two characters i’m still learning to write properly, so they may be a bit OOC. shiro is especially mushy :’) but it kinda fits with the mood so adhjasld

BUT ANYWAY ENOUGH RAMBLING on with the show! <3 

Lance shrieked as, for the umpteenth time, sheets and pillows cascaded down on his body, burying him in a soft avalanche of cotton and satin. Underneath him, the overstuffed decorative pillows (which more often than not were slept on by him, Shiro, or their darling cat, Princess) dug into his spine until he was forced to bridge his body.

Beside him, the chair he’d used to support the hundreds of fabrics he’d tossed across the living room fell over uselessly, almost as if to tease him with its freedom of motion.

“Ouch.” He said belatedly, blowing out a puff of air to flip his hair (along with the edge of a sheet) from his eyes.

At least he was getting some impromptu yoga in with all of this.

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