spots we love

So here’s to our blistered feet. Here’s to my whimpering knees, your weary shoulders. Here is the foreclosure of my shame and here is our brokenness. Look at us being so damn human: yes, it happened, yes, it was not our most graceful unfolding, and yes, we were both so present the whole time.
—  “And If I Am to Forgive Myself” Sierra Demulder

like yes, kimmich has potential. but he has to work harder for his position in the team. why is he so quick to decide he wants to move because he doesn’t get enough playing time ? maybe carlo isn’t the problem, his work ethic is? no one knows.

Weed sex and taco bell

Cold chalupas
Ended up being my favorite
Maybe because they reminded me of you
And every moment we spent
Cruising down 97
Headed to that same spot
We loved to love.
You lit I pulled
Glassy eyes hooded with desire
I gave you took
And the high was so beautiful
I made you feel good
You made me feel wanted
I thought it was the perfect combination
But she made you feel better
With no talks of the future or commitments
She distracted you
Until I became the ashes in your cup


Friends on Facebook would of see this already but we were really disappointed that some one could burn down our only toilet block we had on our local public nude spot in the Riverland
We love our local legal beach an always clean it up and make it look nice but others have no respect and or don’t like the fact we all live life free down there and get jealous!





I choked from laughter at 2:11


We must stick together. Please no fighting. Waluigi and Daisy are the underdogs, never getting in any main games, never mentioned, never chosen. Hopefully the Smash Voting will include more than 1 or 2 characters and we can have both of them. And even if only 1 of them gets chosen, we can’t fight.

The super amazingly talented chitaistalker awesome-ified my Rayquaza lines in about an hour and I have her permission to post how utterly badass she made everything so I’m doing exactly that

(In case it’s not obvious, lines are mine but everything else is chits, and holy fuck did she make it infinitely better)