Była w zasadzie bardzo niepewną siebie osobą, a ta niepewność sprawiała, że wszyscy się w niej zakochiwali … Była gwiazdą, która nie potrafiła dostrzec własnego blasku.

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The book does indeed bring something new for it focuses more on her career than on any other aspect of her life. If you haven't seen one of her movies, you will feel like you have after reading this book. Every stage performance and TV/movie role is accounted for. The author did his research and gives in depth descriptions of her theatre and movie productions, even going as far as giving his own movie reviews.

The book also gives a good look into her family life (the Kelly's not the Grimaldi's).The book doesn't start off by going into a detailed history of her parents and where their wealth comes from (most biographies I have read about her usually describe that part a little too thoroughly). The author quotes family members and honestly explains her relationship with her family (the Kelly's) better than any other biography I've read. The book also doesn't focus on her love life. Each affair (or alleged affair) is talked about but really the book is not at all gossipy.

Grace first met Mr. Spoto for a book he was writing about Alfred Hitchcock. After that she gave him permission to write a biography about her, if he promised to wait to publish it after she was long gone (25 years gone to be exact). He kept his word and so most of the quotes from Grace come from his personal interviews with her.

I think it is worth reading if you want to know more about her acting career and how Hollywood worked back in the 50's.
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Thanks so much, dre! I’ll remember your meticulous review. Have a good one, Rafael

Double Introverts

One of the biggest arguments in favor of Spoto and Lothian’s expanded views of the types would be Introverted Intuition. Ni, at least well developed Ni, isn’t really compatible with Extraverted Thinking or Extraverted Feeling, both of which seem better suited for Introverted Sensing. Sure, some people that claim to have Introverted Intuition argue that most “authors get it wrong” but, as the mystical, creative and eccentric portrait of Introverted Intuition is put forth by both Jung and Von Franz (and indeed Von Franz provides us with a number of examples from her own experiences as an analyst) such complaints amount to little more than the desire to persist in a misconception. 

At best, Ni operates at odds with Te and Fe. However, some folks like Douglass Wilde have suggested that having the dominant and auxiliary in the same attitude is not only not an imbalance but is commonly seen in highly functioning academics. Mark Hunziker, an INTJ that co-authored the only book detailing the results of actual workshops done on the functions, although a critic of Wilde’s theory, came up with a spreadsheet based on Wilde’s own formula for determining whether one’s auxiliary was introverted or extraverted. 

I’d kind of like to come up with a list of descriptions explaining how I think this might look. At one point, I started writing detailed type profiles but then I got busy and, besides, these were heavily speculative. I didn’t want people typing themselves based on how I thought these attributes might fit together. Still, if I keep it simple, I could toss a few possibilities out there. Maybe in a future post.



Tomorrow I have pictures for school and I wanted to wear my white polo with my purple and black tie. Which I decided I wanted to wear this a few days ago when I found out about pictures being Friday. My mom didn’t want me wearing the polo OR the tie. What made me upset most was that she didn’t give me a valid reason on why I couldn’t. NOW she wants my older sister, Davalyn, to dress me up for picture day which means “Pink,Girly, or slutty”. NO FUCKING WAY! I told them they don’t understand my style so they asked me “What IS your style?” I am kind of strange and have pretty much EVERY style. So I just replied with, “Dark.” They just chuckled a bit and rolled their eyes. That made me somewhat angrier. I still think it’s not fair that I don’t get to choose what to wear for MY pictures just because I’m not the one buying the pictures. I still think I should have a say in what I wear! When my sister and my mom left I threatened to wear my Karkat shirt(Which I actually cannot find at the moment) for pictures. 


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