IndieCade #ScreenshotSaturday Showcase

Night Walk by Spotline & Hirundo

“Night Walk is a musical amble under the stars, where you guide a mysterious creature through the night”.

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Cosmogonie is a game about rhythm and growth by Spotline.

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Why Try It: A kind of interactive music video controlled entirely with mouse clicks and gestures.

Time: Five minutes.

How to Play: Click and move the mouse to interact with the scene. It’s not always clear how your interactions affect the goings-on displayed, but experimentation will usually trigger interesting effects.

Author’s Notes: “Cosmogonie is a short interactive experimentation. The only controller is your mouse, you have to use it in various ways to interact with the environnment. (Don’t hesitate to play it a second time after finishing, you’ll understand much better, and everytime will be different) Sound is a big part of this so please play with headphones or speakers on :D”

More Info: Cosmogony (French: cosmogonie) is, according to Wikipedia, “any theory concerning the coming into existence of either the cosmos, or the so-called reality of sentient beings.”

You can find more of Spotline’s games at their website.