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Sam: "If Caitriona and I were together we wouldn't say. We already give so much". What am I missing? What do they give? They're actors. They chose that profession and everything that goes along with it - press, Cons, PR, photo shoots, etc. They get paid for all of it. Did I miss the part where someone pulled them out of their homes and demanded they chose a profession in the spotlight? They could be mail carriers. No one would bother them. Maybe a dog or two, but that's about it.

I don’t know what you’re missing, Anon, because I happen to agree with you.  They would never survive as mail carriers because actors thrive on attention.  I used to become very angry when I would read some of Sam’s comments, especially those he made around the time he was filming one of the battle scenes. He made a comment about spending the day covered in blood except he wasn’t covered in blood from battle but rather covered in corn syrup and food coloring from the makeup department.  It is the difference between perception and reality.  For actors, I think the line becomes blurred to non-existent.  They live in a world where everyone shops at Whole Foods, vacations on the Med, and spends $300 on a jar of face cream.  So in his mind, I’m sure he really does believe that they give a lot. I just happen to believe that they do not.