spotlight new regrets

Patrick Stump ask game

Fall Out Boy: Do you prefer working in groups or on your own?

Public Display Of Affection: Are you comfortable with hugging/kissing people in public?

Xgrinding processX: Do you like your url?

Patterson: Do you want to join a band?

Truant Wave: Do you have a project that you’re working on?

Porcelain: Have you ever met a celebrity?

Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia): What do you miss about your childhood?

Cute Girls: What are three turn ons for you?

Love, Selfish Love: Are you selfish?

As Long As I Know I’m Getting Paid: What’s something you wouldn’t do for $1.000.000?

Big Hype: When was the last time you were let down by someone?

Soul Punk: What is something that you’re proud of?

Explode: Are you good at controlling your anger?

This City: Name three things you love about the city you currently live in.

Dance Miserable: Do you enjoy dancing?

Spotlight (New Regrets): What is something you regret?

The “I” In Lie: Are you a bad liar?

Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers): What is your favorite beverage?

Greed: Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of?

Everybody Wants Somebody: Are you in love?

Allie: Have you ever been betrayed?

Coast (It’s Gonna Get Better): Name three things that make you feel at ease.

Bad Side Of 25: What age has been the best for you so far?

People Never Done A Good Thing: Are you very cynical?

When I Made You Cry: Have you ever made someone cry? If so, what did you do?

Mad At Nothing: Do you get irritated easily?

Saturday Night Again: Would you rather have dignity or love?

Evening Out With Your Girlfriend: What would you tell your 11-year-old self?

Take This To Your Grave: What’s the first song you heard by your favorite band?

From Under The Cork Tree: What’s your favorite book?

Infinity On High: Do you draw?

Folie A Deux: How do you react to criticism?

Believers Never Die: Do you believe in an afterlife?

PAX AM Days: Have you ever been drunk?

Save Rock And Roll: What’s your favorite genre?

American Beauty/American Psycho: What’s your favorite movie?

M A N I A: Are you looking forward to anything?

ADHD: Do you have any mental disorders?

Prince: Who do you look up to the most?

Elisa: Are you single or taken?

Glenbrook South: Do you go to school? If so, do you like the school?

Evanston: Where were you born?

Glenview: Where did you grow up?

Chicago: Where do you go to calm down?

STUMP-O-MATIC: Do you play any instruments?

Martin: Do you have a middle name?

Vaughn: Would you like to change your name?

Stumph: Does your name get misspelled a lot?

Declan: Do you want kids?

Cobra Starship: Do you have a “squad”?

April 27: When’s your birthday?

some legends are told || A Link fanmix by HeroesOfHyrule

Listen on 8tracks and Spotify || Original cover by Fall Out Boy; edited by yours truly. 


01. Fall Out Boy: Centuries | 02. Imogen Heap: Headlock | 03. Avicii: Wake Me Up 04. The A-Sides: Diamonds 05. Imagine Dragons: Demons 06. Swedish House Mafia: Don’t You Worry Child 07. Patrick Stump: Spotlight (New Regrets) 08. Bastille: Weight Of Living Pt. II 09. Coldplay: Fix You |


Here it isssss~~~ I hope it’s enjoyable! I love this cover so much? wow

i made a trans boy positivity playlist!!

1. spook school - are you who you think you are? // 2. jesus and his judgemental father - rockstar // 3. panic! at the disco - emperor’s new clothes // 4. the academy is… - sleeping with giants (lifetime) // 5. all time low - guts // 6. cobra starship - fold your hands child // 7. walk the moon - i can lift a car // 8. fun. - walking the dog // 9. noah and the whale - tonight’s the kind of night // 10. gym class heroes feat. ryan tedder - the fighter // 11. angel haze feat. sia - battle cry // 12. patrick stump - spotlight (new regrets) // 13. a day to remember - sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail // 14. decade - down and out // 15. high dive - clean // 16. the front bottoms - twin size mattress

listen here!

angry and queer: for those days when someone pisses you off and you want to shout from the ceiling

this is gospel - panic! at the disco / girls/girls/boys - panic! at the disco / can’t fight against the youth - panic! at the disco / let’s kill tonight - panic! at the disco / the world will know - newsies original broadway cast recording / once and for all - newsies original broadway cast recording / conquistador - 30 seconds to mars / this is war - 30 seconds to mars / vox populi - 30 seconds to mars / what if i told you - bare / heroes - all time low / up in the air - 30 seconds to mars / same love (freestyle) - angel haze / bring it on - bring it on original broadway castrecording / cross the line - bring it on original broadway cast recording / cell block tango - chicago / live in living color - catch me if you can original broadway cast recording / someone else’s skin - catch me if you can original broadway cast recording / let it go - frozen / run and tell that - hairspray / without love - hairspray / you can’t stop the beat - hairspray / do you hear the people sing - les miserables / you don’t know - next to normal original broadway cast recording / i’m alive - next to normal original broadway cast recording / we built this city/we’re not gonna take it - rock of ages / the bitch of living - spring awakening original broadway cast recording / totally fucked - spring awakening original broadway cast recording / not afraid - eminem / i don’t care - fall out boy / this ain’t a scene it’s a goddamn arms race - fall out boy / bang the doldrums - fall out boy / noise - gavin creel / american idiot - american idiot original broadway cast recording / holiday - american idiot original broadway cast recording / last of the american girls/she’s a rebel - american idiot original broadway cast recording / know your enemy - american idiot original broadway cast recording / defying gravity - wicked original broadway cast recording / one step closer - linkin park / burn it down - linkin park / lies greed misery - linkin park / new divide - linkin park / they don’t care about us - michael jackson / battle scars - paradise fears / warrior - paradise fears / the fighter - paradise fears / explode - patrick stump / spotlight (new regrets) - patrick stump / tango: maureen - rent original broadway cast recording / la vie boheme - rent original broadway cast recording / brave - sara bareilles


YOU’RE AWESOME! - a mixtape of awesome songs for awesome people like you

☆ 001. bubblegum bitch - marina and the diamonds | 002. love today - mika | 003. gold - jeff williams feat. casey lee williams | 004. here it goes again - ok go | 005. spotlight (new regrets) - patrick stump | 006. ain’t it fun - paramore | 007. the phoenix - fall out boy | 008. overcome - new politics | 009. shake it off - taylor swift | 010. i bet you look good on the dancefloor - arctic monkeys | 011. anklebiters - paramore | 012. odds are - barenaked ladies | 013. coast (it’s gonna get better) - patrick stump | 014. the kids from yesterday - my chemical romance ☆

[listen here]

haveyoueverwantedto-disappear  asked:

During Patrick's soul punk era, where is the footage of him with nunchucks and cups tacking from? Cannot find it anywhere, was just wondering if u knew! :))

Soul Punk Era Music Videos

Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia) (Nunchuck video)

This City ft. Lupe Fiasco

Covers and A Cappellas

Everybody Here Wants You (Jeff Buckley Cover)

New Jack Swing

Micheal Jackson Tribute

Green Light (John Legend+Andre 3000)

Grammy Medley [explicit]

Kanye West’s Greatest Hits

Soul Punk & Truant Wave Songs

Soul Punk


Coast (It’s Gonna Get Better)

Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers)

Everybody Wants Somebody

People Never Done A Good Thing


Bad Side of 25

This City ft. Lupe Fiasco

This City


The “I” In Lie

Mad At Nothing

When I Made You Cry

Dance Miserable

Spotlight (New Regrets)

Truant Wave

Porcelain (ft. Alph-a-bit)

Love, Selfish Love

As Long As I Know I’m Getting Paid

Big Hype (ft. D.A. & Driis)

Cute Girls ft. Om’Mas Keith

Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)


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Signs as songs from Soul Punk
  • Aries: People Never Done A Good Thing
  • Taurus: When I Made You Cry
  • Gemini: Greed
  • Cancer: Spotlight (New Regrets)
  • Leo: Explode
  • Virgo: Mad At Nothing
  • Libra: Everybody Wants Somebody
  • Scorpio: Allie
  • Sagittarius: Run Dry (X Hearts X Fingers)
  • Capricorn: Dance Miserable
  • Aquarius: The "I" In Lie
  • Pisces: This City

americana, exotica - a mix for sneaking out with your best friend on a summer night

photo credit allgirlheistfilm

young volcanoes - fall out boy ► stutter - marianas trench ► let’s dance to joy division - the wombats ► spotlight (new regrets) -  patrick stump ► on top of the world - imagine dragons ► after midnight - blink 182 sophomore slump or comeback of the year - fall out boy ► 5 years time - noah and the whale  at your window - ryan ross ► chocolate - the 1975 ► everyday (buddy holly cover) - patrick stump ► even if she falls - blink 182

don’t worry be pop punk a mix for my sister and anyone else who’s having a rough dayp

spotlight (new regrets) patrick stump // i feel like dancin all time low // ready to go (get me out of my mind) panic! at the disco // british weather decade // break your little heart all time low // gives you hell all american rejects // in one ear cage the elephant // minority green day // what’s my age again blink 182 // 20 dollar nosebleed fall out boy // maps the front bottoms // keep on keeping on travis mccoy ft. brendon urie // satellite rise against // homesick at space camp fall out boy // coast (it’s gonna get better) patrick stump // thank you and goodnight tonight alive // vampire money my chemical romance


Ok, to anybody who has this album above, you have seen the lyric booklet. Inside this lyric booklet, the letters are in yellow color font, but I noticed that some of the letters are white in random places. So put those letters together, and this is what I got.

Fears killing us     {Explode}

But true love can survive     {This City}

If we cooperate     {Dance Miserable}

We can be at doubt     {Spotlight <New Regrets>}

But first rebuilt trust     {The “I” In Lie}

Take responsibility     {Run Dry <X Heart X Fingers>}

Happiness is still free     {Greed}

Though not always apparent     {Everybody Wants Somebody}

When its right in front of us     {Allie}

So keep calm, It’s gonna get better!     {Coast <It’s Gonna Get Better}