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can people please stop saying that Priyanka Chopra and Dev Patel or Avan Jogia should be cast as Jasmine and Aladdin… both the charcters are Middle Eastern and Priyanka, Dev and Avan are of South Asian descent!!!

Turtle Spotlight

Is time? For turtle spotlight? Yes?


Is time for mata mata!

Is only member of genus Chelus! Is unique rock friend!

Has most long snoot and is beautiful!

An look at smile!

Is biggest turt smile!

Yes is friend

Is large? Can be 33 pounds? More rock friend to love yes?

Pebble mata mata? Is also beautiful? Has red in shell? V pretty?

Friend likes acidic water! Is in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guianas! Likes slow water like wetlands an backwaters an slow moving rivers! Is aquatic rock friend!

Also is suction feeder! Pretends to be bark an is still? Then fishie swims close then rock friend goes gulp an then no more fishie?

This has been a mata mata turtle spotlight!

Smile friends!
Democrats Are Spotlighting A Big Education Problem Pushing Kids Out Of School
For the first time, the party platform address the school-to-prison pipeline.

Sadly this came out a year ago, and since then not only has the problem been allowed to persist - leaders of many “no excuses, high expectations” charter schools are receiving bonuses for pushing out the students who need support the most.


Malala Yousafzai’s hometown of Mingora, Pakistan is the setting of a series of images by Muhammed Muheisen and Anja Niedringhaus that spotlight the struggle for girls’ education on the outskirts of Islamabad. 

Dire statistics represent the state of education in Pakistan:

-20% of girls are literate (Federal Education Ministry of Pakistan)

- More than 4.5 million girls are out of school, and education spending has decreased to 2.4 percent of GNP in 2012 (UNESCO)

- Pakistan spends around seven times more on the military than on primary education (UNESCO).

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People can say shit about miley cyrus’s butt, people can say shit about her music, people can say shit about her clothes, but what people can say shit about is how nice she is to people and that was only proven further tonight when she gave the spotlight to a man who educated about homeless-ness.

Talk shit about celebrities that have shit personalities and are rude not celebrities that have different bodies or clothing styles