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A Swerve Review [1,536 Words]

Honestly, I feel like a right saddo writing this. I mean, there’s the nerd and then there’s the nerd who goes too far but, seriously I wanna talk about Swerve!! In particular, Swerve as a character and his character traits and all the things we’ve already talked about before, but I want to be the one to make the lame, Swerve-centric master post highlighting a lot of this minibot’s faults and woe. I want to talk about the fact that, out of all the other sob stories we’ve encountered in MTMTE, e.g Quark, Fortress Maximus, Trailcutter, Swerve has been the character to upset me the most. I have lost sleep agonising over Swerve.

As opposed to popular belief Swerve is not…

…he is not the idol of millions. Unlike Rodimus who, believes his hype, Swerve seems very aware of his flaws and has either just accepted himself or is a victim of making the same mistakes over and over. How many times have you said something you regret, or done something that’s drawn a lot of negative attention and then, later while lying awake at night repeated a mantra of ‘I am never being so dumb again!’ only to have a repeat of the incident a few weeks/months down the line?

Yeah, me too.

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