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Ohio bookstore shelves male-authored books backward to spotlight women

  • Ohio bookstore Loganberry Books is giving female authors the floor on International Women’s Day with a visual reminder of the publishing industry’s stunning gender disparity.
  • Starting on March 1, the staff began turning all male-authored books on the store’s hardcover and paperback fiction and poetry shelves backward, leaving only the spines of books by women visible.
  • Harriet Logan, the store’s owner, said the project serves the dual purpose of illustrating an injustice while simultaneously seeking to rectify it.
  • “By turning the books around, the whiteness of the page creates a different contour and color than what you’re used to seeing on a wall of books,” Harriet Logan said in a Wednesday interview.
  • “It’s also, of course, very easy to find women’s books because they jump off the selves. And browsing, you’re probably more likely to pick one up.” Read more (3/17/18 1:13 PM)

KIEFER SUTHERLAND (David): You’re 19-years-old, there’s a thousand extras, the lights are on… right away, in that environment, you start to feel like a bit of a rock star. I was also starting to feel very comfortable on the dirt bikes that we had, and on the first night of shooting, I saw a cute girl in the crowd and thought I’d show off a bit. I popped a wheelie and hit one of the trolley car tracks. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of the air; the bike was nowhere near me. I put my hands out and broke my left wrist very badly. I went to see a doctor, who confirmed that it was indeed broken, and they found a surfboard maker to make a cast for me out of polyurethane, which was less than an eighth of an inch thick. I was so embarrassed and thought I was in so much trouble. Of course, Joel found a way around it and that’s why I’m wearing black gloves throughout the film, and also why the clutch and accelerator are both on the right side of my bike.

Is it so bad to have a little darkness in you?

Questions for the everyday person

- K.H.

“Ciel, I wanted you to think of me as cute… Until the very end…”

Anyone else excited? BECAUSE I SURE AM! This was my favorite Arc ever in the Manga (Book of Circus is a close second)!

And I can’t wait for “that scene” to be Animated~

My girl is gonna prove those haters wrong.

In 2011, New York’s Tumblr “handpicked” Book Mania to be included in their Spotlight roster page ( The blog is the first and the only book blog from Asia to do so.

It was mind-boggling, considering that I was only 20, publishing posts in computer shops, exploring what to do because it was summer. From then on its subscriptions on Tumblr grew not only three, but fourfold having been consistent in its contents and just doing and sharing what I love.

Book Mania remains to be one of the big blogs on Tumblr and will continuously explore and flourish to celebrate the amazing power of reading. ☺