spotlight arcee

I’ve been posting a lot today, okay? But hear me out, or not.

It is VERY frustrating that not even the Third Party Arcee that is slavishly following the Spotlight: Arcee design, is colour accurate.

You can either go with the base model, Azalea, who is more G1 than IDW accurate; Stealth Assassin, who follows the comic aesthetic a bit more closely but is a semi-black repaint so it STILL doesn’t fit the bill, OR the Asterisk Mode that’s based on a colour concept that’s not canon (but is pretty cool).

Life is pain.


Snapshots of Arcee, from Spotlight: ArceeRobots in Disguise #18 “Second Exodus”

Phish has been bringing up Arcee’s character development lately, and I gotta’ say I’m loving it too. 

So, here’s a little mini-tribute to the IDW G1 Universe Arcee, with a little compare and contrast featuring some of my favorite panels. Still the same attack style, and the same ferocity–but she’s different, and I don’t just think it’s the art style.

And on a more personal note, as much as I loved that blue–I sort of adore that she changed her lipstick color. <3

Arcee Headcanon

I wanted to figure out some history for pre-Jhiaxus Arcee, as in who she was before.

A Cybertronian with interest in history, maybe historian. While researching learns about female Transformers, feels like she is one, very strongly. It feels like she finally understands what’s been “off” in her life, she was assigned male. She is talking about her findings and theories on why there are no women on Cybertron with her colleagues. The people who want to keep the society girl-free get angry, Nova Prime and Galvatron who were responsible for the gendercide in first place (they prefer “streamlined”, unigender one pronoun system. Alt mode is what defines you, not gender.)
They decide to give her to Jhiaxus, who tries to make her “fully female” which is just unnecessary surgery and him prodding around to make her fit his definition of female. He transplants a part in Arcee that causes other TFs to refer to her as her automatically.

Arcee is angry, beyong angry, she’s furious over what was done to her. She wanted none of it, and it takes a long time for her to heal from the traumatic experience.

Or maybe she is old enough that she actually was female before Galvatron’s and Nova’s takeover, and was forced to convert to using male pronouns. Then she got fed up with that, and started reinforcing herself again, and told others that there’s a part in their history being erased. Then, she got punished.

good things from spotlight arcee:

-there was a “rehabilitate/reform” part of garrus-9 where sparks were extracted from their bodies and their programming was messed with? by jetfire?? it’s a little vague but

so that’s nice and sketchy. arcee apparently experienced it as a sort of blissful state of consciousness without thought or memory or emotion, which could have something to do with separating the spark from the brain module (retroactively? i’m not sure if brain modules were a thing in 2008 idw)

also arcee’s little fangs and freaky mouth are nice i kind of wish xe still had those