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  • Chaos Killed The Dinosaurs Chaos and impeding doom. We’re all in the middle of it, so let’s suffer together and try to our universal struggle more poetic. Listen On Spotify
  • Sweet Dreams & Beautiful Nightmares This playlist is a beautiful mix of sweet melody and sinister undertones. This playlist will help you drift into a peaceful sleep and comforting nightmares. Listen On Spotify
  • Ambient Ambient tunes to calm you down and inspire you. Whether turned on for a relaxing evening, a late night of deep thinking, or just something to listen to that’s catchy, but not too heavy, this is perfect for any time. Listen On Spotify
  • Classical & Instrumental Whether you’re studying, reading, sipping Earl Grey, writing, etc. this playlist will relax and inspire you. Listen On Spotify
  • Badassery Embrace your inner badassery and do it to the perfect soundtrack. Listen On Spotify
  • Stay Wild  Everyone needs adventure and some risk in their lives. Sneak out, dance, experiment, and have fun while you’re young and free. Roll down the windows, activate your soundtrack, and stay wild;) Listen On Spotify
  • Like Or Like-Like You may be going through a breakup or relationship troubles in general. Sometimes you just need to listen to music and either cry, or get mad. Here’s the perfect soundtrack. Listen On Spotify
  • I Was Never What You Wanted A lot of people are in that bubbly, exciting place, where you’re trying to figure out if they like you back. Here’s to new romance and the pain and butterflies that come with it. Listen On Spotify
  • Soaked To The Skin With Emotion These song’s are bursting at the seams with emotional weight, and it can be therapeutic to indulge in someone else’s overwhelming thoughts. These songs are relatable, nostalgic, depressing, and honest, and they’re well worth a listen. Listen On Spotify
  • New Old Favorites Classics and love songs ~ From Sinatra to Lana, this playlist takes you back to the good old times.. whenever those were. Listen On Spotify
  • “Just Friends” “Just friends” don’t look at each other like that… Listen On Spotify
  • Calmly Sad Sometimes it’s important to take the time and let the emotions flow. For those rainier days, here is some calm music to listen to while you clear your system of whatever is bringing you down.  Listen On Spotify
  • Skin Emotion is like skin. Some is soft, some is rough, some is dark, and some is light. All emotion should be felt, through our skin and inside our bones. Here’s a list of songs to sit back and let sink in through the skin.  Listen On Spotify
  • Wordsnstuff’s Writing Playlist

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Can’t Remember to Forget You | masterlist

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again? *[COMPLETED 08/22/17]

fic playlist on spotify

i || ii || iii || iv || v || vi || vii || viii || ix || x

{banner by the magnificent @jurassicbarnes}

a quick list of my fave study playlists!

anonymous asked:

Can I get a playlist that's like, falling in and out of love, with a hint of break up songs? Something that kind if has the stormy vibe of real love

  1. i think i’m fallin’ (manotett remix) // dominique
  2. a 1000 times // hamilton leithauser + rostam
  3. japanese denim // daniel caesar
  4. don’t delete the kisses // wolf alice
  5. bad liar // selena gomez
  6. only love can hurt like this // paloma faith
  7. pretty thoughts // galimatias & alina baraz
  8. can’t help falling in love // haley reinhart
  9. carry me home // jorja smith, maverick sabre
  10. if you love me, come clean // flatsound
  11. chasing cars // sleeping at last
  12. yours // ella henderson
  13. there for you // martin garrix, trove sivan
  14. video games // lana del rey
  15. ilysb // lany
  16. earned it // the weeknd
  17. powerful // major lazer
  18. tenerife sea // ed sheeran
  19. certain things // james arthur
  20. latch // kodaline
  21. heart like yours // willamette stone
  22. prisoner // the weeknd
  23. numbers // the cab
  24. love me like you do // ellie goulding
  25. all we have is love // sabrina carpenter
  26. adore you // miley cyrus
  27. sometimes // ariana grande
  28. nothing without you // the weeknd
  29. issues // julia michaels
  30. dangerously // charlie puth
  31. love will tear us apart // joy division
  32. you know i’m not good // amy winehouse
  33. new rules // dua lipa
  34. quit // cashmere cat
  35. nothing like us // justin bieber
  36. saturn // sleeping at last
  37. all i want // kodaline
  38. what is love // kiesza
  39. make you feel my love // sleeping at last
  40. i don’t wanna live forever // zayn
  41. where’s my love // syml
  42. the night we met // lord huron
  43. the scientist // coldplay
  44. thinking bout you // ariana grande
  45. you // 11:11
  46. pieces (hushed) // andrew belle
  47. i won’t love you any less // nat & alex wolff
  48. photograph // ed sheeran

8tracks || spotify

i see fire - ed sheeran // which witch - florence + the machine // atlantis - seafret // way down we go - kaleo // wherever you will go - charlene soraia // mercy (acoustic) - shawn mendes // winter - daughter // compass - zella day // saturn - sleeping at last // i’ll be good - jaymes young // black flies - ben howard // o children - nick cave & the bad seeds


but when you’re near me (i feel like i’m standing with an army)

read the fic by @derekpoindexter-williamnurse // listen on spotify

i. first time he kissed a boy // kadie elder ii. physical // st. lucia iii. someone new // hozier iv. monsters calling home //run river north v. changes // langhorne slim, the law vi. we don’t eat // james vincent mcmorrow vii. hope & sorrow // wilder adkins viii. carry on wayward son // kansas ix. beekeeper //keaton henson x. numb // max jury xi. jealous - bakermat remix //labrinth, bakermat xii. to new york // nick rubesh xiii. HIM // sam smith xiv. cringe - stripped // matt maeson
xv. i will be there // odessa xvi. glory // dermot kennedy xvii. we are the champions // queen xviii. gun song // the lumineers xix. welcome home, son // radical face xx. adore you // miley cyrus

(( for the @omgcpbackupbang​ ))

! bty is climbing u the spotifyy charts again it went from #17 (where it’s been for quite a few days now) to #16 in the global top 50 chart with almost 2,4 million daily streams, in the US it went to #24 from #25 and in the UK it’s still #11 i’m so glad to see it’s still being streamed so much!!

Good things –

  • hummus, lots of hummus.
  • the sun has finally come out and it isn’t raining anymore
  • my nostalgia playlist on spotify
  • i get to rewatch greys anatomy bc my wife hasn’t ever seen it and she’s into it now so i get to have feelings alllll over again

anonymous asked:

ok sorry if im a creep butttttt, 1) i love your art! Its amazing i mean, wow just wow keep up the good work! and 2) i love your playlists in spotifyy!! I didn't know i needed them until i listened it!!! -🐧

Thank you soooo much i’M super glad you like my playlists and art!!!!


“rotten apples” 8tracks | spotify

is this a serious playlist or not? who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

tracklist: 1. moonlight - ariana grande, 2. as long as you love me - backstreet boys, 3. somebody to you - the vamps, 4. genghis khan - miike snow, 5. run away with me - carly rae jepsen, 6. colors - halsey, 7. va va voom - nicki minaj, 8. thirsty - daya, 9. lovebug - jonas brothers, 10. every breath you take - the police

For the times you’re still awake at 5am when the birds are starting to sing and the sky is getting lighter but the rest of the world is still asleep

5am 8tracks / Spotify
i. Swim Deep Intro; ii. Lana Del Rey Video Games; iii. Wolf Alice Blush; iv. Warpaint Love is to Die; v. Chvrches You Caught the Light; vi. Sky Ferreira Night Time, My Time; vii. Young Guns Interlude; viii. The Vaccines All in White; ix. The Horrors Still Life, x. Swim Deep She Changes the Weather

Spotify Link: Spotify

I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times - Jamie xx// Party In The USA - Miley Cyrus // National Anthem - Lana Del Rey // Liqourice - Azealia Banks // The Night Is Still Young- Nicki Minaj // Oh No! - Marina & The Diamonds// Y.A.L.A. - M.I.A. // 7/11 - Beyonce // Break The Rules - Charli XCX// American Oxygen - Rihanna // Lean On - MØ & Majot Lazer // Go - Grimes// Bitch I’m Madonna - Madonna // Teenage Dream - Katy Perry // I Blame Myself - Sky Ferreira // Give It Back - The Ting Tings // Young & Beautiful - Lana Del Rey // The Wire - HAIM // Style - Taylor Swift  // Sunset - The XX // Snap Out Of It - Arctic Monkeys //