spotify weirdness

So I look at this picture and I think a few thoughts:

  1. Are you going in for a kiss there?  Cause I think you might be doing it wrong.
  2. Gently part the lips.  Gently.  GENTLY.
  3. Is this how kissing is done now?  
  4. Fuck, I’m old.
  5. Who’s that creeper in the background?
  6. Who the fuck designed this ad?
  8. Fuck, I’m old.

Soundtrack Spotlight: Bedtime by Annie Eve (soundcloud link)

Scene: Damon starts spiraling in the wine cellar.

Why: I love this song for this scene for so many reasons, but especially because it starts off with that eerie wailing sound that straight up sounds like the pipes screeching (and continues throughout the song). And then there’s the insistence on ‘can I get a second ‘cause I cannot get you out of my head’, which sounds like Lily and his general past closing in on him, as well as the ‘and my blood is a stream, is a stream of what I’ve done, where I’ve been, it’s not clean’, which is poignant because Damon is so convinced he’ll never be clean. He’s just ruled out the possibility of ever being normal. And then the kind of sexual implication of ‘come to bed, bring a friend, it’s a party’ touches on the unproductive, hedonistic way he deals with everything. This is just one of those rare songs that feels like a perfect match for a scene to me.

Soundtrack Spotlight: 8am by Steele (soundcloud link)

Scene: Stefan and Caroline ‘break up’.

Why: Listen, I don’t think a song has fit one of their scenes this perfectly since ‘Technicolour Beat’ for the bathtub scene. The quiet, atmospheric vibe, the nostalgic and bittersweet melody, the fact that the voice is a little breathy, like it’s a murmuring admission, and the lyrics. ‘Wild at heart but trust behind bars, no need to fall just to fly, we’re jumping hand in hand. I’m letting you go.’ ‘Content and exhaust, there’s a price and there’s a cost, every scar from all the loves I’ve lost.’ ‘Stars and snow you’re ready to go, I’ll leave before you can say it’s going to be okay. I’m letting you go.’ It’s basically a song about cutting out something heady and lovely before it can inevitably hurt you again, and that’s pretty much exactly where these morons I’m writing are at. It’s rare as hell for me to find a song that fits a scene both in sound and lyrics this well (in large part because I’m lazy but shhhh), so I’m jazzed about it.

What if This Storm Ends (Stray AU)

Ty worried a lot about the future, it wasn’t something she could help. She’d been staying with Dylan for so long now that she was almost certain she’d worn out her welcome. She didn’t know how to bring up leaving though, and she felt an ache in her chest every time she tried. She liked him a lot, maybe loved him she wasn’t really sure how to tell. 

You’re not supposed to love demons, not supposed to love the monster that could kill someone just as naturally as they blink, she knows that, but she think she does anyway. She doesn’t really know how to say that either. Ty’s not good with words, she reads a lot but the whole talking out loud thing has never been her strong suit. 

She still felt guilty every time he took her out to dinner, but she’s also selfish enough to let him. Ty stirred a fry distractedly through her ketchup, chewing her lip as she watched him.  "You-you know that i-if you ever…ya know, wanted me to leave or um move out or whatever…You know I would right?“


Mixers, it is of extreme importance for us to actually STREAM Get Weird on Spotify with UK ip (to change your IP adress use the app called Hola)!!!!!! The predictions for Get Weird are THE LOWEST Little Mix have ever been! DNA was #2 on UK charts and Salute was #4 and now the predictions for Get Weird are #11 or #12!!!!! Are we seriously going to let this amazing masterpiece flop? Are we ready to let our girls down who worked their bums off for this album? Are we ready to prove haters that they are right and that Little Mix are really flops? The promo for this album is even worse than for the previous two, which is why WE have to step up our game and do the magic! We did it for Black Magic for THREE WEEKS, we can do it again!