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face with a view: part i

(a mini-sequel to dandelion & burdock)

Ten minutes ago he knocked on her door, nine and a half minutes ago he called her beautiful, and five minutes ago their conversation stalled.

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So I look at this picture and I think a few thoughts:

  1. Are you going in for a kiss there?  Cause I think you might be doing it wrong.
  2. Gently part the lips.  Gently.  GENTLY.
  3. Is this how kissing is done now?  
  4. Fuck, I’m old.
  5. Who’s that creeper in the background?
  6. Who the fuck designed this ad?
  8. Fuck, I’m old.
tiny planet explorer federation ~ a KickThePj inspired playlist

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~ tracklist ~

Contact - Daft Punk // Dizzy - Monster Rally // Moonglow - Artie Shaw // The Girl Next Door - tomppabeats // What Is A Shooting Star? - They Might Be Giants // Blackbird - The Beatles // Moon Watching x emune - Mujo // Over the Garden Wall - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra // sombre, green - Birocratic // To Modern Science - The Black and White Years // The Creativity Song - DHMIS // Candy Shoppe - Emeralds //  Space Oddity - David Bowie // The Ballad of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space) - They Might Be Giants // Kids - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein // Walter’s Jam - Monster Rally & RUMTUM // Enter the Void - René Schier // Season Of The Witch - Donovan // Triste3 - The Deli // Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival // April Showers - ProleteR // Lent Et Douloureux - Isan // Animals - Baths // I Wonder Why - Robot Orchestra // Nola’s Bounce - Don Nelson // Mango Kimono - Ljones // Free Store - Monster Rally & RUMTUM // The Enchanted Gypsy - Donovan // Sunshower - Pawcut // She Remembers - Elaquent // Cross Road Blues - Robert Johnson // In Ear Park - Department Of Eagles // How It Ends - DeVotchKa // misty - Birocratic // I’m Getting Sentimental Over You - Tommy Dorsey // House Of The Rising Sun - The Animals // Beep Box - Snarky Puppy // Paper Ships - Dead Man’s Bones

disclaimer: this playlist is long…like reeeally long (a little over 2 hours) so unless you have extra listening time or a pro membership you won’t be able to listen on 8tracks *shrugs* (i’m trying to gain as much listening time as i can lol)

king and queen in the north

001. fake it / bastille | “oh my lover, my lover, my love, we can never go back, we can only do our best to recreate”

002. darlene / the lumineers | “i give you my ring in your shaking hands, you give me a sting with your crazy plans”

003. work song / hozier | “i didn’t care much how long i lived, but i swear i thought i dreamed her, she never asked me once about the wrong i did”

004. venus / sleeping at last | “i was a billion little pieces till you pulled me into focus, astronomy in reverse, it was me who was discovered”

005. reminder / mumford & sons | “and i won’t hear you cry when i’m gone, i won’t know if i’m doing you wrong, i never know if i’m doing you wrong.”

006. ghosts that we knew / mumford & sons |  “broken glass, saw the blood run from my veins, but you saw no fault, no cracks in my heart.”

007. winter song / sara bareilles & ingrid michaelson | “this is my winter song to you, the storm is coming soon.”

008. flowers in your hair / the lumineers | “it takes a man to live, it takes a woman to make him compromise.”

009. all of them dreams / tom rosenthal | “oh don’t you shy away your heart beats the day, oh time is not alone with you.”

010. love love love / of monsters & men |  “and you love, love, love, when you know i can’t love.”

011. patience / the lumineers |

listen here

anonymous asked:

sott is working for me on us spotify.. weird. i never got the glitch where it stopped, not on mobile or desktop

it’s working for me again now, so STREAM!!! please!!! he needs over 6m streams in order to take the #1 global position and over 4m for #2!!!

8 HOUR PLAYLIST - all you have to do is just put in a pair of headphones and let the song play!!


this is what love feels like - westallen

electric love dopamine you are in love taylor swift girls chase boys ingrid michaelson home edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros I’ll be your man passenger superman (it’s not easy) five for fighting can’t help falling in love haley reinhart if you ever want to be in love james bay my cherie amor stevie wonder sick of losing soulmates dodie clark counting stars onerepublic treacherous taylor swift to make you feel my love josh kelley ophelia the lumineers thinking out loud ed sheeran fresh eyes andy grammer


cabbiebori  asked:

Then why was it on Spotify????? Like it was on Ariana’s official page under the Dangerous Woman album. I didn't edit the reloaded version in my video. I recorded it and it came straight off Spotify

So weird

I think it might be a glitch like you said but it’s SO weird that you can see when you click moonlight on the official thing and it plays a remix

plot twist, ButeraMoonlight on youtube IS Ariana remixing her own songs