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Thank you for making #mattelektraweek the best week ever!

You beautiful, wonderful people. I just cannot even begin to express how thrilled I’ve been ALL DAMN WEEK. Everyone really stepped up to give our OTP the appreciation they deserve and I am so grateful for each and every one of you who took the time out to create something, however big or small (and my goodness, those of you who stuck through it every day, you are my heroes!!!). And I hope that those of you who have been following along have enjoyed every minute of it. If you couldn’t participate this time around, please, NO WORRIES! I would love for you to still tag me / #mattelektraweek with any future content you may create so we can all enjoy your work. And I’m sure that given how well it went this time around that we’ll find a reason to do a followup week in the future.

Now as we’re drawing to a close, I wanted to end things with a roundup post in order to showcase all of the beautiful content that was created and to allow anyone who might have missed anything during the week to easily find what they’re looking for. I’ll be organizing it by content type, as well as by day / theme, just to make it easier for everyone to sort out :).

Keeping it under the cut because it’s a looooooong list!

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