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stuck at home - a playlist for jamming when home alone

i’ve always adored the idea of john jammin it risky business style alone in the house, so i made a whole mix of songs that i like to imagine him busting some funky moves to! this is one long ass playlist, and bc of that it’s exclusive to spotify only. because i am lazy and don’t want to have to track down every song for youtube or 8tracks. link here!

Things that will make me pay $20/month for Tidal

  • More non-American music in their catolog (ex. Kpop, Jpop, African pop etc)
  • I can download a song with no extra charge to my already $20/month fee
  • Along with the Music Videos all DVD/documentary footage to watch exclusively on Tidal
  • Tidal can be accessed on mobile devices, gaming systems and satellite radio
  • A lyrics interface so I can sing along to the music
  • Exclusive giveaways such as backstage passes from the artists through the Tidal app
  • Independent musicians supporting and speaking up for the service
  • Somebody talking about how great the service is and how convenient it is for their everyday life

Things that will NOT make me pay $20/month for Tidal

  • Artists changing their twitters to an ugly color
  • Alicia Keys giving out a HS graduation speech
  • Watching Jay-Z do something Lucious Lyon was planning to do for Empire
  • Taylor Swift (I could just buy all her albums on CD for like $30 and call it a day)
  • Powerful speeches all about the music and the artist (with little to no mention about the
  • A 30 second video giving me illuminati goosebumps
  • Reiterated benefits of creating a music playlist with the click of the button that can be done the same with any other music service. 
  • Having only 1 benefit that makes Tidal different than the rest (High Sound Quality)
  • Only high profile people telling me that the service is good 
The signs as songs by George Ezra:
  • Aries: Did You Hear the Rain?
  • Taurus: Listen to the Man
  • Gemini: Budapest
  • Cancer: Cassy O'
  • Leo: Benjamin Twine – DSCVR ONES TO WATCH 2014
  • Virgo: Budapest - BBC Maida Vale Session
  • Libra: Barcelona
  • Scorpio: Budapest - Live from Spotify Stockholm
  • Sagittarius: Budapest-Exclusive
  • Capricorn: Blame It on Me
  • Aquarius: Did You Hear the Rain?
  • Pisces: Budapest
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