a playlist for….

this took me forever so i hope you guys like these! i’ve worked for a while on each one and im still adding more music. feel free to message me with any song recs. enjoy! :-) ~ cam


i spend my time responsibly 

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taking your boyfriend on a date to fight god and the devil himself
and the angel answering said unto him, I am gabriel and am sent to speak unto you HIMBO RIGHTS
pussy popping revolutionary thot bops
wanking while crying at 2am
get in loser, we’re going to fight god
apocalypse party playlist
dropping acid on the roadtrip to storm area 51
songs for when the cops find u sobbing in the kitchen after your boyfriend tried to gut you
be the reason why you are HAUNTED, BABY!
not to be dramatic but ya girl just wanna decompose back into the earth and that’s just how it be

PSA: There’s new bots trying to scam people into buying “Spotify Premium”

So there’s new bots now, I’m sure you’ve all seen them, they’re on every major post


This is fake!

It tries to trick you into going to an online shop and paying there. ANYTHING THAT’S NOT ON THE OFFICIAL SPOTIFY WEBSITE IS FAKE AND NOT LEGIT.

I know it might seem obvious to you, but spread the word, someone might fall for it, and these shits making bots and spamming tumblr with them don’t deserve to make even $1 off this


my spotify playlists

they’re all huge and meant to just be put on shuffle.

relax - songs for when you just woke up, are really tired, getting ready to unwind, or chilling.
[ ft. yaeji, erykah badu, noname, raveena, and more ]

late night vibes - once the sun goes down, this is the mood.
[ ft. digitalism, little boots, kaskade, rihanna, and more ]

girls bite back - girls singing, rapping, writing, playing instruments, making good ass music.
[ ft. beyonce, junglepussy, lizzo, kali uchis, and more ]

bad & bruja - one taste of their poison & you’ll feel that it belongs nowhere else but your veins. the blood that stains the lines of their palms can give life or death, monsters have awoken at their feet & others found their graves.
[ ft. siouxsie and the banshees, regina spektor, princess nokia, cocorosie, and more ]

💾 cyberpunk - she sits cramped in a dark room, face illuminated by monitors, binary codes flowing through her blood. she’s apathetic to much, a byproduct of losing some of your humanity to machinery, but it enables her to infiltrate systems easily and accomplish what she sets out to do.
[ ft. janelle monae, tinashe, daft punk, vangelis, and more ]

🥀 angst - for bad bitches who be ragin
[ ft. nirvana, rico nasty, hole, sneaks, and more ]

sad songs - for when you’re paralyzed in bed & sad as hell.
[ ft. daughter, sia, garbage, mitski, and more ]

happy, wild & free - songs for getting happy, dancing around, & being generally upbeat to.
[ ft. little dragon, anderson .paak, lizzo, calvin harris, and more ]

summer - mango slices, heavy air, shining in the sunlight, piraguas, linen, road trips & frozen lemonade.
[ ft. powers, mariah carey, m.i.a., solange, and more ]

drive - for driving with the windows down.
[ ft. the pharcyde, cake, phantogram, studio killers, and more ]

music for the ages

when you’re feelin’ a bit ~jazzy~

when you’re feelin’ like actually studying

when you’re feelin’ a bit like ratatouille 

when you’re feelin’ a bit like taking over the kingdom

when you’re feelin’ a bit of the oldies

when you’re feelin’ a lil in love

when you’re feelin’ a bit happy

when you’re feelin’ a bit of girl power

when you think ur in love but it’s just u romanticizing a friendship

~~hope you all enjoy these~~

So someone on Spotify apparently reported my playlist:


As being “””offensive”””. So I got this email


Kindly informing me of the issue. I clicked the link and it took me to my lesbian playlist, but the title was removed.

So I sent this back:


Looking forward to your response, Spotify!

And if it doesn’t go well, I’ll need y’alls help putting this on blast