#SpotiFriday: Our favorite @Spotify Playlists of the Week

As another week comes to a close, we know it’s our duty to drop another batch of fresh playlists for you to add on. This week, i’m proud to announce that a friend of the site, HL from the terribly underrated, Lattisaw Tapes is our first guest contributor to #SpotiFridays.  This week, he put together some really dope lists, one which we’re sharing this week and a couple for the stash. (Trust. He cooked up some next-level ideas.)

On another note, It’s only a matter of time before some higher-profiled, better trafficked site comes along and pulls a jackmove of this idea of showcasing lists on a weekly basis, but until then, we’ll continue to bring you the dope shit. However, if anyone is interested in curating some lists and submitting them, or making suggestions of ideas we could build off. Do it.

Until then….

Rap Samples Jazz by Thomas Michael Chavarria

Jazz-influenced samples are the fifth element of Hip Hop and TMC did an amazing job compiling this list of sample source, and then the song that it’s sampled from. It’s only right on Herbie Hancock’s birthday to let this list fly.

Paul’s Boutique Samples by Chip Maxwell

Only a month away from MCA DAY 2013, I wanted to build some awareness to the dope event that’s been going on, so i thought it was only right to post this tribute to possibly one of the most-creative, best sampled album in all of Hip Hop. Debate Me?

The Game 101 by Harold Stallworth

There’s no question as to the celebrity of The Game, but often his artistry is put into question. For his first contribution to #SpotiFriday, HL put together this list of 50 (see what he did there) Game joints that will turn any Jayceon hater into a fan. Black Boy Fly.

Get Yo Drank On by Brad McCormick

From Old Gold and Colt 45 to Ciroc and D'Usse, Hip Hop has always had a fascination with getting its drink on. From  $2.50 cold 40s to $500 champagne bottles with sparklers in it, rappers have forever been caught with a drink in their hand, and this list is the 151 proof truth.

Tribes Vibes: ATCQ Samples by Yours Truly

Earlier this week, Q-Tip celebrated his bornday, and i put together this Tribe-Sample selection. It’s not all the samples, nor is it the best samples, but it was something that i put together to pay homage to The Abstract.

by Luke Slater

This week’s Spotifriday playlist featuring delights from the likes of Toddla T, Razika, Grandaddy, Darren Hayman, Oneida and then some more. Click here to listen to it. 


1. Toddla T - ‘Watch Me Dance’

This particular track was awarded Single Of The Week way back when (actually it was this year, I am certain) but the album itself isn’t such a bad collection of songs, either. At leastaccording to John Calvert who gave it 8/10. But what doyou think?

2. Razika - 'Vondt I Hjertet’

These Norwegian girls are very young, and actually pretty good at writing a song or two. Their record Program 91 is kind of a pun. Or rather it’s a repurposing of the Bergen band Program 81, but with the year of their birth. Neat, huh? Anyway, Jazz Monroe liked the album, read his full verdict here.

3. Grandaddy - 'Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)’

Tell you what, if there has been a finer album made in the past 15 years than Grandaddy's The Sophtware Slump then I am yet to work out what it is. I’m sure some of you will have some answers, but still, it is almost flawless to me and many others. These others include our very own James Skinner, whoawarded the re-issue full marks. It’s a shame it couldn’t go any higher than ten, in truth.

4. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - 'Tigers’

Does everything Stephen Malkmus touch turn to gold? Probably not. Is he a worthy character. Yes, he is. His solo career has almost certainly been the best out of anyone from Pavement, perhaps for obvious reasons. He and his Jicks have added another record to their discography with Mirror Traffic. Our verdict was complimentary.

5. Black Sabbath - 'Snow Blind’

This is a song about COCAINE, or so I am told. There were plenty of rumours flying around this week about a possible Black Sabbath reunion, with the original line-up. This was then denied by various members of the group…and the whole thing moved back to square one. I’m not sure the world would be better off if this happened or didn’t. Regardless of all this nonsense, we spoke to Mr Tony Iommi. Read the interview here.

6. Darren Hayman - 'I Know I Fucked Up’

This wasn’t Single of the Week, but Wendy Roby did like it. She said: “‘I Know I Fucked Up’ is about revenge and deliberate sabotage, it mentions how breakable plastic is and says things like ‘Look what you made me do’. You could almost imagine it sung on the doorstep, just before you enter the flat to see the extent of the damage. And it’s a good, helpful, cautionary image; here is Elizabeth out of Allo’ Darlin with her arms outstretched in the door frame to stop you getting in, balefully singing to distract you from the trail of destruction, getting in a quick apology for all those records, smashed to bits - just in case her song could stop you realising what a massive loon she’s become”. Read more about this week’s singles here.

7. Oneida - 'Gray Area’

It’s often quite a trouble to find and an ambient/drone/noise track short enough to fit into one of these playlists. But it sure is fun. Oneida played at this year’s OFF Festival in Poland, from where our scribe Rory Gibb has just returned. Read his full review of the festival here.

8. Barn Owl - 'Shadowland’

Barn Owl are another band who love the sprawling track. That, too, is something we should revel in as much as is possible. They have a new full-length on the way through Thrill Jockey and you can hear a track from it here. Oh, you can download it, too.

9. Throwing Muses - 'Civil Disobedience’

More Throwing Muses goodness this week. We were promised a full-on tour when they announced the release of Anthology and that is what we are getting. It includes quite a few dates in the UK, actually. This is no bad thing. No bad thing at all.

10. Johann Johannsson - 'The Rocket Builder (IO Pan!)’

Johann Johannsson is just one of a number of Icelandic and international artists who were announced (there were 50 in total) for this year’s Iceland Airwaves festival. Read more of them here. My advice would be to go, if you can. Sound advice.


Click here to listen to this week’s Spotifriday playlist and click here to browse through our massive archives.


It’s that time again. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll remember that back in the summer I put together a playlist of my favourite music from the first half of the year. Surprise surprise I’m back with WITH A Y 2 featuring all my favourite tunes from the 2nd half.

It features music from the likes of Rhye, Tom Odell, Tame Impala, Purity Ring, Peace, Keel Her, Teen Daze, Everything Everything, Haim, How to Dress Well, Unicorn Kid, Angel Haze, Daughter, Two Door Cinema Club, Kendrick Lamar, The Neighbourhood and many more…


If you missed WITH A Y 1 you can still listen to it here.

SpotiFriday: Asheville

We’re big fans of Asheville. You just can’t beat a happenin’ little town right in the middle of the North Carolina mountains. Like beer? Asheville is Beer City, USA. Like Music? Rolling Stone named The Orange Peel one of the top 5 music venues in America. And now that it’s almost fall, the foliage is fixin’ to be ripe, y'all. Clean air, cold beer, music and beautiful mountain vistas. Yes, Asheville has it all. Oh, and in case you’re wondering what kind of music is headed to Asheville in the coming months, here’s a playlist of all the artists (48 to be exact) we currently have on the books. Enjoy! 

#SpotiFriday: Our favorite @Spotify Playlists of the Week

Ok, so i haven’t see anything like this done on any other site i figured i’d take a stab at it.  

Last week after I put together another UNT Spotify Playlist, #MMM..Food, which was basically just a list full of food-titled rap joints. I got a crazy response. Folks emailed, commented, inbox'ed suggestions and it went so well, that I thought i would start a weekly playlist put together every Friday.

Ha! That didn’t happen, however, as I was poking around Spotify I began to find all these super-dope, creatively themed playlists that other people had already completed.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the idea crossed my mind to pull a jack-move and just  steal the track lists, creating my own playlist and put it out as original. But if you know me, you should know i don’t play that shark-biting shit….ANYWAY…

What I decided to do  instead was to commend those who put in the work, and simply curate a play list of playlists (how meta).  So instead of putting together my own playlists, Every Friday I will put together a short list of  creatively dope Spotify selections, instead of just putting together my  own mixes. So welcome to the first of hopefully a weekly column called #SpotiFriday.

So here it is. Bong.

Songs About Compton by Brad McCormick

30 West-Coast bangers name-dropping LA’s most notorious hood. This list is a great audio compliment right after you’ve watched egotripland’s great 15 Rap Videos Dedicated to the City of Compton.  To be fair though, no Compton list is complete without Tim Dog’s ‘Fuck Compton’. RIP

Rap Samples from TV by Thomas Michael Chavarria

How about a playlist full of TV theme songs and their rap-sampled counterparts, put together in order! Now, i’m sure this isn’t a complete library of EVERY single one, but dude went in and covered some of the great ones. Which rapper do you think sampled TV shows the most? I’ll let you find out…

Ayo My Dipset Taliban by Steven Rodriguez

Eastside Stevie aka A$AP Yams aka Lil’ Newport is never scared to proclaim his love for everything Dip Set. El Capitán of the A$AP Mob put together the illy soundtrack of Diplomat chunes to navigates through the Harlem streets, by throwing over 200 Dipset joints, from album cuts, unreleased gems, and hard-to-find freestyles into this playlist.

Music from the TV Show Entourage (All Seasons) by Scott Vener

Curated by the man behind the music of Entourage, himself, Scott Vener (@brokemogul)  This playlist is a must-listen to any fan of the show. Whether it was that perfect song in the background of one of those classic Ari Gold rant scenes of the song you never knew the name of that rolled over the end credits, they’re all here. 

The Funkiest Song Ever? by SD Hox

I figured for the last list of the week, i’d switch it up a bit, and showcase some non Hip-Hop for datazz. Here’s 200+ tracks from the 60s,70s,80s, and 90s that are without a doubt, 'funkier than Haitian underarms’. That’s word to Reggie Noble.

#SpotiFriday: Our favorite @Spotify Playlists of the Week Part Deux.

Back at it like a crack addict with round two of #SpotiFriday. Last week we set shit off with a weekly segment that showcases creative spotify playlists. There’s nothing new this time around, more playlists, more heat. 

Peep Game.

Stax Samples by Brad McCormick

Let’s take it back to the classics…To jump this week off, we start it off with the classics that made your favorite joints your favorite joints. From Isaac Hayes and Otis Redding to The Dramatics and Booker T & The MG’s, these Stax artists were the blueprint of Southern Soul and also the building blocks for some of rap’s classic joints.

The Rocafella Years by Def Jam Records

Def Jam has put together a string of dope spotify playlists. This one is a good collection of joints from the Rocafella artists featuring everyone from Jay and ‘Ye to Free and the Young Gunners (even Bleek makes an appearance).

High School High (Fall ‘93-Summer ‘97) by Noah Callahan-Bever

Pretty much a highlight of everyone’s my cassette tape collection from seventh grade through my first year in college.

A Brief Guide to Understanding Native Tongue by Birgitta Bellman

The title pretty much sums it up. 40 joints of all things Native, from Tribe and JB’s, Now i hate to be the one to complain about free music, but where the fidduck are the De La joints? 

Breaking Bad - The Comprehensive Collection (Season 1-5) by Chris Hill

All the music that's fit to cook a batch of meth to.

#SpotiFriday: Our favorite @Spotify Playlists of the Week

It’s time to get excited for another edition of  #SpotiFriday. I’m amped to let yall know that this idea is catching on and you can expect  more dope, hand-picked playlists.

I’ve been speaking behind the scenes with some good folks who are interested in getting more involved with #SpotiFridays and will be submitting some special playlists, which we’ll have the privledge of world  premiering. 

For now, as it’s been for the last two weeks, I’ve been combing through Spotify to find these lists on my own. By getting some  The goal is to ask some respected folks to come up with a concept and put together their own hand-crafted, highly-conceptualized list. 

Bling Like The Neptune Sound by Yours Truly

On Skateboard P’s 40th bornday, I was going to throw together a list of the dopest Phar-real/Neptune beats, but found that shit to be way overwhelming. What I did instead was gave yall the blueprint to slap together your own 40 joints, and put together this list of 250+ of the Neptunes finest.

Flute Loops by Thomas Michael Chavarria

Micro-segmenting hip-hop’s ocean of sampled material into samples by artist, or album or label is cool, but how about instrument? That’s exactly what this is. All the samples from these selected cuts are based around one sound. LET THE FLUTES BREATHE.

…. feat. Devin The Dude by Brad McCormick

Just as the title states.. 70 tracks of Devin. From dope Devin features, to rare® verses, and mixtape cuts, this mix has everything you need.

Dr. Dre in 125 Beats | A Career Chronology by Saul van Staple

Brought to you by our sponsors #SpotiFriday Playlists By Dre.

…and all the pieces matter, Five Years of Music From The Wire by The Wire

We did it for Entourage. We did it for Breaking Bad. Now comes the grand-daddy of all TV Shows. The Wire. Not as extensive of a collection as I had hoped at only 35 songs, but as an addendum, I’m including Beyond Hamsterdam, Baltimore Tracks from The Wire.

SpotiFriday: Paste's 50 Best Songs of 2012

Like always, as the year comes to a close we’re inundated with list after list of the best music the year had to offer. Instead of having to sift through all those lists, we’re creating playlists for the best of “The Best of.” First up is Paste Magazine’s 50 Best Songs of 2012, which features future AC show artists Tame Impala and Alt-J

SpotiFriday: International Mustache Day

Historians may tell you that International Moustache Day falls on the first Friday in August every year, but not everyone has one of those fancy English moustaches. There needs to be a day to celebrate good old American mustaches. That’s why we’ve declared November 14th International Mustache Day

Sure that day has come and gone, but the ‘stache bash is still raging! To celebrate, we’ve put together an all-American 'stache-tastic playlist. While we couldn’t add some of the greats—like Duke Silver, Derek Smalls, and actual facial hair legend Frank Zappa—we’ve included mos ranging from J.D. Sampson of Le Tigre’s pencil thin wisps to David Crosby’s feat of Walrus-esque proportions. 

SpotiFriday: Knoxville

We’re partial to Knoxville. AC Entertainment is based in the home of the Vols, after all, so it makes sense that we make it a priority to book some of the best artists on the road right here in our home town. Every weekend from now until New Years is packed with incredible show. This weekend alone will see indie titans Beach House and Grizzly Bear, rap phenom Yelawolf, and then Passion Pit is bringing the party to the Valarium on Tuesday. Check out the playlist below to get a taste of what’s coming to Knoxville and mark some shows on your calendar. It’s gonna be a good fall in Knoxville for music lovers. 

SpotiFriday: New Music Ahoy!

Some great new music has come out over the past couple months, and new albums mean new tours. We’re here to bring you both with this week’s SpotiFriday playlist. Some bands have only released singles to tickle our earballs until the full albums drop, e.g. Grizzly Bear, the newly reunited Ben Folds Five and Band of Horses, while others like The Dirty Guv'nahs, Twin Shadow and Passion Pit have recently gifted us with their full length efforts. And as is often the case with our SpotiFriday playlists, these bands and artists are all coming to music playing venues near you. Enjoy!

SpotiFriday: Best Albums of 2012

After spendings hours scrolling through “Best of” lists two things became very apparent: everybody loves Frank Ocean and 2012 was an amazing year for music. While the only difference between most of the lists is where the same 25 artists were ranked, a few lists stood out. This week’s playlist features songs from the top 10 albums from those lists. Here’s a quick track guide so you know who ranked what where:

NME: Tame Impala Lonerism - Frank Ocean Channel Orange

American Songwriter: Bob Dylan Tempest - Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls

Spin: Frank Ocean Channel Orange - Santigold Disparate Youth

NPR Listener Picks: Mumford & Sons Babel- Fiona Apple The Idler Wheel…

SpotiFriday: R. Kelly

R. Kelly may have a colorful past, but when it comes down to it he makes some pretty awesome music. For the past two decades the R&B singer/songwriter has produced a smooth mixture of hip-hop beats, soul-man crooning and funk that is explicitly carnal. 

In anticipation of his performances at the Tennessee Theatre on Wednesday, December 4 and at Chrysler Hall on Sunday, December 9, we’ve created a mix featuring some of his greatest hits, newest tunes, and, of course, Trapped In The Closet.

SpotiFriday: Black Friday

Instead of dedicating this Black Friday mix to songs that’ll pump you up for long lines and doorbuster “deals,” we’re getting back to the root of the phrase. We’re talking traffic jams, food comas, and fighting like animals over almost nothing. Completely void of “Friday” classics, these tracks are here to bring it back to black. 

SpotiFriday: Halloween

Everyone has a Halloween playlist, and every one is the same. “Thriller” is a great song, but can’t we come up with something a bit more original? Here are 15 tracks that aren’t overplayed, but guaranteed to get you in the Halloween spirit. It’s about 50/50, with classics from Lou Reed and Siouxsie And The Banshees paired nicely with some fresher tunes from Bat For Lashes and Exitmusic. So do yourself a favor this year and swap out “Monster Mash” for Orbital’s “Satan”. 

SpotiFriday: Orbital Curated Moogfest Playlist

We’re exactly one week out from Moogfest and excitement is at an all time high. But we’re about to test the limits of Moogfest-anticipation. Yes, we’ve landed a playlist of hand-picked tracks from Phil and Paul Hartnoll, better known as the legendary electronic duo Orbital. Since the late ‘80s, the brothers Hartnoll have been two of the premier tastemakers in electronic music, so this playlist demands a listen or three (or ten). It’s a fantastic playlist by a phenomenal band. What more could you ask for?