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Good evening! I just saw your post about the Music of Marie Antoinette and since I can't attend the event, because I live in central Europe I wondered if you could enlighten me about the difference. I'm very enthusiastic about baroque music. Thank you for your time! :)

Hi! So great you are interested in baroque music! I have to say that living in central Europe is quite an advantage! Many festivals, concerts and groups are pretty near you.

There are many differences between a baroque (or early music if we’re talking about other older periods) and “modern” or classical interpretation: many things from the number of musicians playing to the speed they choose to play.

For a simple and fast explanation I’m gonna give two examples of very well known music in two quite different versions: Vivaldi’s four violin concerti Le Quattro Stagioni (ca. 1721, published in 1725).

First, this version by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, conducted by Kenneth Sillito, Violin: Julia Fischer.

And now, this other version by the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Conducted by Clemens-Maria Nuszbaumer, violin: Midori Seiler

WARNING: this video version has a choreography (that I find quite distracting) but the music is PERFECT. The four concerti are based in a sonnet, and the choreography is based in that sonnet, so you can read it HERE if you wanna know what is going on there XD.

Both are VERY different, right?

Well, the first version is like the ones we usually hear by a quite famous chamber orchestra (nowadays conducted by Joshua Bell). Of course it’s nice and good, but I have to say it is not the way i like my Vivaldi played.

The second version is by one of the most famous chamber orchestras who plays (mainly) early music.

Taking a look at the videos (and of course lending an ear) some of the differences easier to spot are:

  • The tones are different. Musicians in an orchestra tune their instruments to A, but before the late 19th century, A was not the same pitch everywhere (I know, wtf). Modern A is 440 hz but a baroque A could be as low as 392. Baroque performers nowadays use A=415 hz to tune their instruments. That’s why the second version is in a lower pitch.
  • The vibrato. Look at the violin players in both videos. The ones in the first version use their regular vibrato, and the ones in the second do not. In baroque music the vibrato was an ornament, so when it was used there was a reason for it, or sometimes it could be used at the end of a long note. This also applies to singers.
  • A baroque version may not sound like the music you remember. This is a funny one: in the baroque era many of the ornaments or embellishments that we now think as fixed in the music, were not even written and the musicians were supposed to add them to the music according to their taste and (of course) were supposed to know how and when ti use each and every one. Now, this make that people working with the music with no ornaments add their own ornaments and that makes that no version is just like another and that my friend, is what for me makes baroque music (played in a baroque way) so appealing. This is particularly delicious with singers (just went to a concert of Philippe Jaroussky last week and he never sung a single phrase the same way twice. I love him).

This of course, is very broad and simplistic way of explaining but I think these are the easier to spot details. Remember as well that many of these musicians may be playing original instruments from the period or reproductions, that also sound (and look) quite different from the modern versions (check the wind instruments! They were/are awesome!), and that the places where this music was played were different from our modern music halls, so a different sound and number of musicians were needed (in those times something like Mahler’s symphonies weren’t even an idea).

Also to all readers: if I wrote something totally outrageous and out of place or plainly wrong, please let me know and correct me! I’m always happy to learn and correct my infromation <3

Worth It

Race was tracing circles on Spot’s shoulder and usually he’d have lasted three seconds before knocking him away and getting dressed, but this was different. This was the last time. Because Race was engaged and whilst cheating on his fiancé was apparently fine, cheating on his wife was not.

Spot wasn’t sure how this whole thing had happened. They’d been together without actually being together for so long that he’d mostly just assumed Race’s threat no longer stood. In Race’s defence, it was a second-hand threat - his mum had told him if he was still single aged 25, she was setting him up with a good Catholic girl, a friend of the family, and he was going to marry her. And Race had agreed because he thought if he had that long Spot would finally come around and admit that he was in love and he wanted to stay, but not even six years was enough time. So Race’s mum had threatened and then Race had threatened and Spot couldn’t do it. They just weren’t words he said. They’d never even officially been dating, not that Spot had been so much as looking anywhere else, and he just couldn’t say something that sounded so permanent. And now he was losing the best person in the world, but he still couldn’t say it. Every time he tried his tongue tied itself in knots, so Race was getting married in three days.

“I can’t believe you’re going to do this,” Spot mumbled, letting himself wriggle closer into Race’s arms. He pretended Emily didn’t exist, like she probably wasn’t looking at the ring Race had put on her finger and finalising wedding plans. He didn’t like the fact he was involved in this girl being cheated on, but he wasn’t going to give up his last time sleeping with the guy he couldn’t say he loved but really, really did.

Race pulled away from Spot, ceasing all physical contact. It was very obvious he’d put his foot in it but, besides a painful realisation Race might never touch him again, Spot realised he had nothing to lose.

“You shouldn’t do it,” he said confidently.

Race just glared. “Well I hardly have a reason not to, do I?” he challenged. It was yet another chance for Spot to get this whole thing called off and he still just shrugged like it was no big deal, even though he was begging Race to hear the answer he was screaming in his head instead. But Race ignored the internal protests and the pleading in Spot’s eyes and turned over, a silent indication for Spot to get dressed, collect up his things, and go.

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DWTS S24 Week 5 DISNEY NIGHT Recap/Review

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  • DISNEY NIGHT :))))))))
  • Alfonso opening the show with a long opening song & dance number *deep sigh*…. It was a great production though.
  • They gave results throughout the show so I’m gonna note who they announced SAFE or IN JEOPARDY  throughout the recap as we find out during the show
  • Please excuse or enjoy my snark tonight. I can’t control it.. lolol

1. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater - Foxtrot [Beauty & The Beast] (7+8+9+8=32) I don’t have much to say this week because I’ve already said it in the past weeks. These two are always spot on with the tone & chemistry each week. Was this their best dance? NO but was it a terrible dance or huge fall from grace NO. Carrie Ann’s 7 is outrageous. Stay off the drugs, kids. Mmmkay?

SAFE after scores

Results - Heather & Alan - SAFE, Erika & Gleb - IN JEOPARDY, Bonner & Sharna - SAFE, Nick & Peta - IN JEOPARDY

2. Nick Viall & Peta Murgatroyd - Jazz [Pinnochio] (9+8+9+8=34)  Who would’ve thought playing a wooden doll would make him come more alive. By far Nick’s best dance. His sync with Peta was great & his footwork & placement was near perfect. I would definitely watch this one again at some point. The choreography was amazing, gave me flashbacks to Charlie & Sharna’s Mary Poppins jazz. 

3. Erika Jayne & Gleb Savchenko - Viennese Waltz  [Finding Dory] (8+8+8+8=32) Finally…. We got to see a different side of Erika, the real Erika. I’ve been saying I think she’s a lot more nuanced & layered than we’ve seeing.  I think that sexy image Erika is so comfortable in, is just a wall to hide her vulnerability. But that vulnerability & fragile side to her womanly-ness is what truly makes her sexy. I hope that she kind of understands that we want to get to know her beyond her looks. 

4. Heather Morris & Maksim Chmerkovskiy (injured) & Alan Bersten (stand-in) Jazz [Frozen] (8+8+9+9=34) Hmm, There was just so much running around in this dance, not enough dancing, something Heaher can do really well.  I noted this last week but I wonder if Maks still being in the middle of the partnership while injured held Heather & Alan’s dance back a little bit. Heather is dancing Maks choreography but with Alan’s partnering which is an adaption on top of learning the choreography & character. I hate to say this, but I wonder what Alan would’ve choreographed. Just cause they’ve been developing lots of chemistry these past weeks. Maks will be back next week & I’m happy about that, I just wish Alan was given the freedom to finish his partnership this week in terms of choreography without Maks’s input. My question from last week still stands, as to whether Maks coming back will disrupt the language she created with Alan & the fact that she hasn’t danced with Maks in an entire month. 

5. Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess -  Tango [Wreck-It Ralph] (7+8+8+7=30)  I’m sorry the beginning of Bonner’s looked so low-budget I couldn’t help but laugh at him pounding the wall with no muscles. I don’t really know what to say, it wasn’t that good. I’m not a huge Bonner fan so I’m sure it always seems like I’m hating but I promise I’m not. If you regularly read my recaps you know I still try to be positive even about people I don’t care for (Hello Paula Deen, Geraldo, Rick Perry, or hell even these Bachelor implants. ) I know he has a prior physical condition but it’s not about his movement. His performances are so dead, there’s no levels to his personality, as opposed to someone like Nick who is showing up more & more each weeks.

Basically Bonner is the pet rock of this season. 

Results: Simone & Sasha - SAFE, David & Lindsay - SAFE, Normani & Val - IN JEOPARDY, Nancy & Artem - SAFE

6. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovkisy - Paso Doble [Mulan] (10+9+10+10=39) Finally Mulan gets ths DWTS treatment it deserves & I’m ecstatic that Val was the choreographer to bring it to us. The better these couples get the less there is to say. Normani is incredibly versatile, her performance was appropriately adjusted for the muted power & strength of this iconic & empowering character. 

Donny Osmond sang their song & hammed it up for the camera’s afterwards. I’ll just say this, if Donny Osmond NEVER appeared on this show every again I would be OK with that. 

7. David Ross & Lindsay Arnold - Jive [Cars] (7+7+8+7=29)  Not David & Lindsay’s best dance but it’s on brand with his energy & personality. The kicks & flicks weren’t sharp enough & it was quiet sloppy overall. He can do better.

8. Nancy Kerrigan & Artem Chigventsev - Jazz [Enchanted]  (9+9+9+9=36)  Nancy is really coming alive in these performances. She’s serving face, technique, & personality. I love it. Artem is doing a good job with her, she’s just as good for him as he is for her. That’s a great partnership to watch. This performance was a better version of Heather, Alan & Maks Frozen jazz. In terms of the using the floor but still having content. You can really see Nancy’s confidence, when she looks right at the camera when she’s dancing, that’s rare for a celeb, she’s finally believing in herself again. 

9. Simone Biles & Sasha Farber - Contemporary [Moana] (9+9+10+10=38) There was something about this dance that looked weightless. Maybe it’s their size but Simone looked light as feather in those lifts. Her & Sasha’s chemistry just looks so effortless on the floor. Simone is taking the criticism & clearly working on emoting more & it shows. You could see her feeling the song at certain points on her face something she wasn’t doing Week 1. Sasha is still being Sasha & choreography the heck out these routines. I love that they didn’t hold back & went for all the lifts they could & really used her agility their advantage. One of the judges perfectly noted that like Moana, Simone is growing each week but still confident & standing strong is her natural strengths. 

I feel like the playing field has leveled out quite a bit this week, with noteworthy performances from Rashad, Normani, Simone, Nancy & Heather, the Top 3 could be harder to predict than previously thought.


Normani & Val - SAFE

Erika & Gleb - ELIMINATED -  I was happy that Erika had breakthrough & showed more vulnerability but I had a feeling it was too little too late.  I get the feeling that Erika is one of those celebs that won’t speak highly of her experience, she was so flippant in her send off.

Nick & Peta - IN JEOPARDY

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♡ Jealous Daddy!Calum Smut [Request] ♡

requested?: yessss (sorry i took so long ily i hope this is ok)

a/n: hahaha i’m going to hell bYE, this took me so fucking long to write omg pls like it ~ ps sorry i havent posted in a billion years i have exams n shit and it’s totally not cool

summary: calum’s been really distant recently so you decide to go out and get drunk and you meet luke and start grinding on him in a club and calum sees you and takes u home and goes daddy af basically

warnings: smut, daddy!kink, dom/sub, choking, spanking etc bYE

word count: 1800+

masterlist | requests/feedback

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do you ever have days where ur like “i just took great care of myself today”


I absolutely love this tumblr alot can you please do one of hermione getting hurt by Victor at the yule ball and fred savings her please

I’m all about a naval battle between ships.

* * *

“Hermy-oh-ninny, vait!”

“No, Viktor,” she called behind her, tears streaking her cheeks. “If you wanted alone time with her, you shouldn’t have asked me to come with you!”

Hermione rounded the corner, colliding solidly with Fred Weasley. She let out a soft “oh!” upon impact, backing up quickly. Fred reached out, grabbing her arms to steady her, his face switching quickly from amusement to concern as he saw the mascara lining her cheeks.

“Hermione, what’s -”

“I’m sorry, Fred,” she said, quickly. “I’m s-so, so s-sorry!” Hermione reached up to her face, wiping away the tears with the back of her hand. 

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Spot and Race jokingly(or not?)calling each other super ridiculously mushy pet names like pookie bear or sugar lips


Race starts it when they first start dating as like a sarcastic thing. 

Suuuure pookie bear.” “Whatever you say buttercup!” 

Then Spot picks up on it and it totally catches Race off guard because Spot’s using it seriously.

And now they’re just at the point where they throw around assorted pet names all the time and Spot is known to react to anything if it’s said in the way Race says pet names.

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Favourite part of your body? Other people's bodies?

I really like my calves and my lower arms (elbow down) and my butt is alright too.

I really like butts and arms, and I often appreciate a lovely toned lesser-spotted V line but more people have arms and butts tbh so I prefer those.

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Drarry fluff/smut

  • Okay so Harry’s staring at Draco one day in 6th year Potions
  • Just… staring at him, brows furrowed, fingers absent-mindedly worrying at a fraying hem on his robes
  • And Draco pretends not to notice while glaring into his textbook, but he’s so, so aware of Potter’s eyes burning a hole in his forehead
  • His face steadily turns bright red and he sits up ramrod straight, clearing his throat
  • Because really, Potter’s distracting him, and it’s always best to use one’s privilege to one’s full advantage
  • “Professor Slughorn, sir,” he calls out. “Sir, would you tell Potter to keep his eyes on his own potion? He seems to be copying me, and I won’t have him keep taking the credit for my hard work.”
  • The Professor bustles over with a blandly concerned look on his sweating face, and Draco smirks at Potter, raising his eyebrows mockingly as Slughorn stops, panting slightly, next to him
  • “M’boy, what seems to be the problem?”
  • “He was cheating—”
  • “Shut it, Malfoy, I was not—”
  • Slughorn interrupts: “Enough with the squabbling! I thought you boys were 6th years.”
  • He frowns at them, clearly disappointed, and they shrink in their seats, both unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of Slughorn’s disapproval
  • But for Draco, it’s fucking cathartic, watching Potter wilt under Slughorn’s gaze, feeling the elation and delicious, crackling tension that always accompanies when he bests the Chosen One
  • Harry glares at him now, so different from the mildly contemplative look of a moment ago
  • Draco watches two high spots of color rise on his nemesis’ cheeks and of course doesn’t at all appreciate the way Potter’s eyes shine emerald with rage
  • Because that wouldn’t be proper, would it? Waxing poetic about the color of Potter’s eyes.
  • “Detention, both of you,” says Slughorn genially. “You’ll be polishing the trophies together tonight. Maybe learn the value of working as a team, eh? 7 pm, sharp.”
  • Of fucking course
  • Draco moves through the rest of the day in a sort of fog, not even caring when Pansy’s exaggerated sighs at dinner get pissy and she eventually slams her fork down and storms off
  • Not even when another letter from his mother arrives, elegantly slanted cursive reminding him of his duties, and of Father, and conveying a resigned desperation through the careful phrasing of her words
  • All he can think about is the detention with Potter at 7:00
  • It’ll be a chance to have a blazing row, work off some steam, he thinks vaguely, watching Potter talk to Miss Weasel and her Mudblood boyfriend at the Gryffindor table
  • God knows I need it.
  • At 7 pm exactly he arrives at the trophy room
  • Potter’s already there, frowning unhappily and refusing to look anywhere but at him
  • They start cleaning the trophies on opposite sides of the room and neither of them looks at each other or speaks at all but each are hyper aware of every sound and movement of the other 
  • Draco’s resigning himself to a boring, row-less evening when he hears:
  • “Could you help me reach this spot?”
  • He spins around sharply and Potter’s struggling to reach a spot on an ominous looking cabinet
  • “I’m shorter than you, you idiot,” he hisses, but he’s already striding across the room
  • Maybe he can pinch a soft spot on Potter’s toned-from-Quidditch arm and then they can fight, punching and grabbing and scratching, tension and fear draining from Draco’s body, every bone singing from the sweet relief of hate-fueled adrenaline
  • But before he can touch Potter, he trips over a discarded bucket and falls into the cabinet
  • Potter laughs, and it’s unlike anything Draco’s ever seen before, eyes squinting, mouth widening, nose scrunching rather adorably, and it’s like looking into the fucking sun
  • But as Potter’s cackling with glee, he falls forward, and the cabinet door slams shut behind him.
  • They’re plunged into darkness, and Draco feels his heart pound as he scrambles to the other side of the cabinet, away from Potter
  • Though that’s rather hard to do, as it’s such close quarters and they’re both so tall that they’re pressed against each other
  • Draco can feel the warmth of Potter’s chest against his, and he shuts his eyes tightly, willing his breathing to slow down
  • “Are we locked in?” Harry asks him, and God, he’s so close that Draco can feel warm breath against his face and the low vibrations of Potter’s voice stirring some sort of want inside him, some sort of primal ache
  • “Yes, of course we are,” snaps Draco, voice surprisingly steady. “And since neither of us have a wand, we can’t really get out of here any time soon, can we?”
  • Potter exhales and shifts his body into a more comfortable position, sparking a twinge in Draco’s lower stomach
  • Oh, God, please no, please no nononono
  • “Why’d you lie to Slughorn?” Potter asks suddenly, bluntly, and Draco bites his lip, getting himself under control
  • “You were staring at me and it got annoying after a while, so I decided to get you in trouble. Unfortunately, my plan backfired, as you can probably guess.”
  • Potter sighs, and Draco can feel his throat go dry as Potter shifts again, inadvertently moving their faces closer to each other
  • “Of course,” he says, sounding tired, “Of course.”
  • Draco’s skin feels hot and prickly
  • Potter’s head drops to rest on the nearest surface, which happens to be Draco’s shoulder
  • “What the fuck, Potter,” he growls, “Don’t you have the Weasel for this sort of thing?”
  • And the trueness of the sentence, the way Potter immediately jumps to defend her twists something inside of him, something he dares not name
  • “Shut up, Malfoy,” Potter hisses. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  • “Looks like I’ve hit a nerve there,” Draco jeers, relieved to be back in the familiar rut of vicious attacks against Potter
  • “Just–” Potter lets out a frustrated half-scream, half-groan
  • And suddenly they’re kissing, hot and messy and angry
  • Draco barely knows what’s happening; all he knows is Potter’s hands and mouth and hair tangling in his fingers
  • It’s everything he’s wanted for so long but never knew until approximately two seconds ago
  • They stay like this for a while, and Draco loses track of time, he doesn’t care
  • Because Harry’s lips are on his and Harry’s stupid glasses are crooked on his stupid face and all Draco wants is this
  • They break away after footsteps sound in the room
  • Harry’s panting, lips swollen and face flushed
  • Draco probably doesn’t look too much better
  • “Don’t,” Harry swallows. “Don’t mention this to anyone, okay?”
  • “Wouldn’t dream of it, Potty,” he sneers, because that’s how they work, throwing barbed insults at each other, refusing to break
  • But after a time Draco does break and he’ll never let Potter see the fragments, because Potter doesn’t care; he has the redheaded girl and the Mudblood and a million other girls and boys to snog in deserted corridors, hot hands traveling up sides and mouths on collarbones
  • However
  • He savors those quiet moments, drinks them in and saves them to remember later, because he knows
  • He knows that nothing has changed
  • Draco’s still going to betray them all.


He didn’t even want to KNOW what zone this is.

It was like… the kind of place you just wouldn’t want to be in! So gloomy, so awful! He’d sooner speed by than just stand around, looking, but… something about a place so colorless was… in a way, mesmerizing. Impressive, even. It made the Scrap Brain Zone look like a rainbow!

When he spots someone, a slight tone of worry overtakes him, but Sonic keeps his cool, and casually approaches, looking up at the other.

    Gloomy place, huh? Hope whoever made it doesn’t mind some ‘constructive’ criticism, ‘cuz it stinks, big time.

"A Voice Actor's Job" ft. Kaji Yuki
Noro Kayo x Kaji Yuki
"A Voice Actor's Job" ft. Kaji Yuki

NHK has a radio program where they interview people of different occupations to help high school students plan about their future. For the occupation of voice actor, they invited Kaji! During the show, Kaji was asked to perform a few lines on the spot in different tones according to the description of characters given. 

I just want to quote Noro-san here… “It’s so good that I can’t help laughing!” (///ω///) 

PS: Noro Kayo is the guest host of this radio program.


Noro: First, I’ll just read the lines so we have an idea of how it will sound like when a normal person reads it.

Kaji: Showing what the content is about, that is. Got it.

Noro: Yes. Here I go. (starts reading) “You guys are nothing to fear. After two years of rigorous training, we have come up with a plan that’s worth to be called our secret weapon. Just wait and see what our true power is like. Here it comes.”

Kaji: Ohhh.

Noro: I was just reading without any emotion…

Kaji: No no. So it’s like the lines from a shounen manga. *laughs*

Noro: Yup. Lines that get things fired up.

Kaji: Yeah.

Noro: So the first description is “a high school student at a sports competition”.

Kaji: Ha!

Noro: Kaji-san has probably played roles like this before. (Kaji: Yeah yeah.) Just something sports shounen-ish I guess? Hope you can perform a little for us~

Kaji: I see… Got it.

Noro: Thank you.

Kaji: *deep breath* “(angry Yukine voice???) You guys are nothing to fear! After two years of rigorous training, we have come up with a plan that’s worth to be called our secret weapon! Just wait and see what our true power is like! Here it comes!”

Noro: Wow, that’s so good! *laughs* *claps*

Kaji: *laughs* Nah nah.

Noro: It just sounded completely different!

Kaji: No no no no…

Noro: Speaking of which, this is the first time I’ve ever listened to a professional voice actor actually performing… Right next to me!

Kaji: Yeah, this is not an usual situation…

Noro: I was shocked!

Kaji: Nah nah.

Noro: So impressive! Then let’s change the settings a little bit. It doesn’t have to be a teenager playing sports…

Kaji: Yeah, actually, we get this (kind of roles) a lot.【This might be wrong… I’m not very sure what he’s saying here ><】

Noro: It could be anyone who’s fighting fiercely in a battle.

Kaji: Ok. *laughs* Got it. Here I go. “(low, coarse Silvermask voice) …You guys are nothing to fear! After two years of rigorous training, we have come up with a plan that’s worth to be called our secret weapon… Just wait and see what our true power is like! Here it comes!!”

Noro: Wow that’s SO good!!! *LAUGHS* *claps*

Kaji: *laughs*

Noro: It’s so good that I can’t help laughing!

~from NHK’s radio, “Job File #5: A Voice Actor’s Job”

40s!Bucky x Reader moodboard series with @unpredictable-firecracker - Chapter 2 

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Bucky’s jacket was neatly tucked over your arm as you pulled the front door shut, locking it with a resounding click. The white dress you wore fanned out as you spun on your heel to turn around. Your eyes searched the street, and stopped when they found the handsome man down the road. Bucky was making his down the sidewalk, right on time. Even from a distance, you could see his hair slicked back perfectly and how the short sleeves of his shirt emphasised his toned arms. Spotting you, his face broke into a soft smile. You quickly moved down the steps to meet him at the base, Bucky chuckled quietly at your eagerness.

“Anxious to see me, dollface?” he leaned down and gave you a gentle kiss on the cheek. You tried to calm the blush that threatened to give you away. It had been a long time since you’d been given a sweet kiss.”Nice pearls, doll.” Bucky complimented the string of pearls resting just beneath your collarbone. “Thank you. They were my mother’s, she left them to me when she died.” You cringed internally for sounding so blue as it slipped out. Before Bucky could have a chance to react, you held his jacket up.

“Here’s your jacket back, handsome.” Bucky’s eyes widened a fraction, it was his turn to blush, his cheeks turning an endearing shade of pink.

“Thanks,” He mumbled, ducking his head. Clearing his throat, he took the jacket from your outstretched hands. It did not seem to take long for him to regain his confidence before threading his arms through the jacket to ward off the slight evening chill. “Shall we?” He held his arm up for you to take, charming smile back in place.


The room was packed with laughing, dancing, and drinking. You couldn’t help but be nervous. This was supposed to be a carefree night of dancing with your charming date, but all your thoughts centered around your lack of dancing skill.

“I have to warn you, Bucky, I haven’t danced in quite some time. What if I can’t remember what to do?” you looked around with trepidation at all the dancers effortlessly moving across the dance floor.

“Lucky for you, you’re with the best dancer in Brooklyn.” Bucky grinned, as he placed a warm hand at the small of your back leading you straight to the dance floor.

You felt weightless, and with your hand in his, he lead you like a current does a river. Even amongst the crowded dance floor, it felt as if it was just the two of you. The music flowed through you song after song, the melodies motivating each step with Bucky. Time seemed to melt away.

It was in between a song when you felt someone move in between the two of you. Displeased, you pulled your eyes away from Bucky’s to see a young man. “Was wondering if I could have this lovely dame for a dance?” he asked facing Bucky. It was an innocent enough question, but made as if it wasn’t your choice. You bristled and knew Bucky could feel you tense, but before you could tell him just what he could have, Bucky spoke up.

“Sorry fella, you’re just going to have to find your own beautiful girl to dance with.” Bucky didn’t give the man a chance, twirling you away and back to your own world.