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Red and the Big Bad Wolf AU

Niall finds himself alone and a bit freaked out when he runs into the big bad wolf. Not everything, however, is as it seems.

[So this is for a prompt I got a couple months back. I’m pretty sure it’s probably very different from what was probably expected but I hope it’s enjoyable anyway!]


It’s cold. It’s quiet. It’s eerie. And Niall’s a bit — extremely — freaked out.

The wind blows cold and bitter against his face, blows back his soft, dyed-blond hair and stains his cheeks red. He flips the hood of his red jumper up over his head and then stuffs his hands into the large front pocket as he follows the beaten-down trail towards his destination: a small, all but abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods. It’s damp out seeing as it only stopped raining a little while ago and the ground is wet, so the toes of his shoes are getting wet and cold — and he’s definitely going to have to curl up next to the fireplace when he gets there.

A twig snaps somewhere near his left side and he freezes, spins to his left. It’s dark, though, so it’s hard to tell the difference between what he thinks might be a shadow and a tree. He shakes his head and quickens his pace as he continues down the path.

A few moments later he hears something rustling in some bushes to his right and, instinctively, he pulls his hands out of his pocket and breaks out into a slow jog. He cranes his neck, turns his head to glance behind him — only to find nothing. Nobody.

He has to skid to a halt when he turns back around. His heart jumps into his throat, his stomach plummets and for a minute it’s like he forgets how to breathe. The first thing he sees, hidden beneath the shadows of the trees surrounding him, is a tall, broad-shouldered man. He takes an instinctive step back, hands clenched into fists at his sides.

The man, wearing nothing but a thin, black jumper, dark jeans and brown boots, steps towards him, then, out of the darker shadows and into a spot where the moonlight has managed to filter through the tree tops. That’s when he sees the big, furry ears on the top of his head through his long, thick, brown curls, his large, dark green eyes, the fangs in his sly, devilish smirk — and then the long, thick tail that’s curled itself around his left wrist, both hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans.

There’s an urban legend in this part of Mullingar: the Big, Bad Wolf. He owns these woods. Breeds in these woods. Kills in these woods. Ravishes in these woods.

Niall’s never seen him, in all the times he’s trekked through this forest — until now.

“Well, well, well,” the wolf drawls, cocking his to the side. “Hello there, * Red.”

The blond blinks at him, let’s out a breath he can see. “H-How do you know that name?” It’s a nickname, one his friends had given him because his cheeks are always so flushed compared to the rest of his pale, almost pasty skin.

“Everyone knows that. Plus, I’ve been watching you.”

“Watching me?”

The wolf nods, looks him up and down. “You come through these wood a lot.”

Niall shivers — whether from the cold or from the way the wolf looks at him, though, he’s uncertain. “Look, I mean you no harm, ok? I’m just-“

“I know you mean no harm,” the wolf smirks, taking another step closer to him. And then another. And he’s so close, now, that Niall can feel his warm breath on his face.

“I just — I have somewhere to be,” Niall stutters as he slinks backwards and then moves, ever-so-slowly, past the wolf. “So if I could just-“

“Where’s that?” the wolf asks, following him.

“Just — ‘m meeting someone-“

“In the middle of the forest?” the wolf drawls. He grabs Niall’s shoulder, clutches the fabric of his hoodie in his claws before shoving him back, hard, against a tree.

Niall fights off a wince, sucks in a breath.

“Whom are you meeting in the middle of the forest?”

“Nobody,” Niall breathes, eyes wide as the wolf’s gaze bores into him.

“You’re not meeting nobody in the middle of the forest.”

Niall blinks, breathes heavily.

The wolf cocks an eyebrow. “You’re not meeting anybody, are you? You’re just all alone out here, in the middle of the forest-“

“I’m meeting my boyfriend.”

The wolf smirks, cocks his head to the side thoughtfully. “Boyfriend.”

Niall nods once, swallows hard around the lump in his throat. “He’ll be expecting me. And if I don’t show up-“

“Alright, I get it,” the wolf drawls as he lets go of the fabric of Niall’s sweater and takes a step back. The blond remains tense, even as the wolf shoves his hands back into his pockets. “Send your boyfriend my regards.”

Niall nods, again, and breathes a sigh of relief as he slips out from in between the tree and the wolf. And then he runs — and when he looks back, a few paces later, the wolf is gone.


Niall pants as he throws the front door to the cabin open. He stumbles inside and comes to a sudden halt when he sees a lone figure sitting on the floor, back against the bottom of the couch, in front of the burning fireplace. There’s a blanket and pillows laid out on the floor and another blanket thrown over the figure’s long legs.

The curls are a dead giveaway — not to mention the big, fluffy ears.

Niall frowns as he walks around the side of the couch and folds his arms over his chest as he stares down at his boyfriend. “Again? How do you always beat me?”

Harry grins, flashes his fangs at Niall. “Wolf.”

“Right,” the blond replies. “Both faster and stronger.”

“Plus I have that sixth sense.”

Niall rolls his eyes fondly as he kicks off his shoes. He crawls across the space between them, right over Harry’s lap. His hands float immediately to Harry’s face, the tips of his fingers brushing over his smooth skin. Harry’s tail wraps almost possessively around his waist. He leans forward to press his forehead against Harry’s, stares directly into Harry’s wolf-like eyes. “What big eyes you have,” he murmurs.

Harry stares back fondly. “The better to see you with.”

A shiver runs up and down Niall’s spine as Harry drags both hands up Niall’s thighs. “What big hands you have.”

“The better to touch you with.”

Niall lets his gaze fall to Harry’s mouth, traces his gaze over Harry’s plump, kissable lips. His eyes settle, for a moment, on the tips of Harry’s fangs. “What a big mouth you have.”

Harry nips, then, at Niall’s bottom lip. “The better to eat you out with.”

Niall snorts, rolls his eyes as he pushes back against Harry’s chest with both hands. He pulls his head back, watches Harry toss his own back against the cushion behind his head in a deep laugh. “That was awful,” he laughs.

“That was funny, admit it.”

This is a game they play. Because what fun is having a hybrid wolf for a boyfriend if you can’t role play a little bit every now and then?

Harry flips them both over, pushes Niall onto his back when the blond refuses to admit it. He captures both of Niall’s hands in his and pins them above his head. “Admit it.”

“Fine, it was funny,” Niall giggles.

“And true,” Harry murmurs, licking a stripe up the side of Niall’s face.

Niall hums, cards a hand through his boyfriend’s hair before and scratched gently behind his ears. Harry practically purrs in response — which Niall’s always found a bit strange considering Harry’s part dog not part cat — and buries his face into the crook of Niall’s neck.

Harry lets himself fall to the side, curls himself against Niall’s side. “Did your nan like the muffins?”

“Loved ‘em,” Niall says softly as he continues to play absentmindedly with Harry’s hair. “She says ‘thank you’ — and that you can bake for her any time.”

“I’ll hold her to that,” the wolf says as he pushes himself up and crawls back over Niall, settles between his thighs. He presses their foreheads together, gazes down at Niall lustfully; he feels a shiver run through Niall’s body in response. “Now, about eating you out…”