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Underground – Part 2

Note: Special thank you to Mary for helping me out with location spotting! Now I’ll have to see this place when I go to Cali! 

Anyway, thanks for being awesome readers and accepting that I needed a break. Back on track now! 

Enjoy the story!!!!!!


Underground – Part 2

Tarrant kept his promise and walked Mally to the offices just off property. When they entered the big glass building, the same one that Mally had been in previously for the meeting a couple days ago, they were met by a heavy set woman with thick glasses and a deep, raspy, voice sitting behind a desk.

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I honestly don’t get why most Disney fans can’t seem to understand that you can still love Disney and still be critical about it. I mean I still love Pocahontas as movie on it’s own, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn a blind spot to the problems the movie has just for the sake of nostalgia.


Meeting Tink and Rapunzel - aka fairy hair madness.

So first of all, Tink has been one of my favourite characters in popular media for as long as I can remember. From a spunky, jealous sprite to a jingling little spot of light to the brave, competent, and slightly stubborn character Disney has evolved her into, I love her. She’s strong and fights for her loved ones, even if she’s a bit moody and jealous on occasion.

I was already a bit choked up from having my birthday lunch at Be Our Guest, and when we got to Tink’s meet-and-greet, I just lost it. I started blubbering like a toddler. I was just so over-emotional that I couldn’t hold it in anymore. The actress playing her could very easily have just sort of thought oh man, what a weirdo to herself, posed for one quick photo, and sent me on my way. Instead, she gave me a huge hug and distracted me by gushing about my hair. She asked me if her fairy friend Rosetta had accidentally changed my hair colour because she likes to change the colours of things. When I explained that I’d had it done on purpose, her face lit up. She told me she wanted to do it too. I told her we’d tried to make it look like a galaxy and she grinned and pointed at me and said “I knew you were from space!” I also mentioned that I’d had lunch at Belle’s castle and she told me that she and Belle were “sort of like cousins”, because their names are similar, and she’s a tinker fairy and Belle’s father is a tinker human. She then hugged me again. For such a tiny person, she gave huge hugs <3

That little bit of warmth made me feel a million times better. I know they’re trained to do it for the kids, but the fact that she took the time to make me feel better as well means the world to me.

Rapunzel was adorable too - she also gushed about my hair, and I suggested she speak to Rosetta over in Pixie Hollow. I think she got a kick out of the fact that I played along.