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If Newsies were coffee drinks

Jack: Frappacino because he’s cold sometimes but he’s actually really sweet even though he doesn’t want to show it

David: Peppermint Latte. He’s the perfect balance. He always comes up so fresh ideas and keeps his fellow newsies motivated.

Race: Irish Coffee. He just likes drinking it when he goes to the races so he feels special and knows how to have a good time. Also, it goes well with his cigars.

Blink: cappuccino. He’s not too bitter but there’s definitely a lot of foam because he feels like he’s missing something in his life which is probably why he seems sad a lot.

Spot: Black coffee. Spot is a bitter person but, if you add a little bit of something else he’s not too bad!

Skittery: Chai Tea Latte. What even is this? It sounds artsy and kind of sad for a coffee drink. Skittery is secretly into the arts but wants to disguise it so Race doesn’t slap his face again and call him glum.

Mush: Mocha. He’s the sweetest and cracks jokes. Everyone loves his personality! Nothing bitter.


Baymax by disneylori

Endless List of Favorite Characters:

Disney Heroines ~ Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

“And for once, it might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they’ve got planned”


Hey everyone!

Sorry for my absence lately, I’ve been busy with graduation and holiday stuff and luckily it’s all over now! So I figured I would upload a little of my portfolio work.

I designed some characters from the movie Newsies as if I were developing it for an animated feature. It was a lot of fun to do and a good piece for my portfolio. I took a lot of inspiration from Minkyu Lee’s work for an animated Wicked.

PS. I made Spot a girl because girls kick ass.

EDIT: I have been informed that Spot’s last name is CONLON and not COLLINS. Seems to be a common mistake among fans. That will be edited in the future! Thanks for the heads up, anonymous commenter!


Who’s got four legs, is all white with a few black spots, and is named after a famous Disney movie character? PONGO!

This extra sweet dog at Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter near Austin, Texas, wants nothing more than the love and affection of a person to make his life as idyllic as a Disney movie.

True to any cartoon character, Pongo will put a smile on your face as he happily greets you with his signature wiggle butt dance, and the smile will remain while you further develop a bond with him through training - something Pongo will excel at since he is treat motivated!

Pongo is patiently waiting for his new family to come find him. Don’t delay - there may be 101 Dalmations, but there’s just one Pongo, and he insists that he be your one and only. Just call 512-943-3322 or visit

Thanks to WCRAS Longtime Lovables for letting us know Pongo has been waiting a long time and needs a boost! Let’s hit that reblog button hard!


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Disney California Adventure

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Author’s Note: This can be read by itself. Disneyland Version here.

Pairing: Avengers x Reader

After little argument from the team, you and all of the available Avengers went to Disneyland for the second time. However, this time, you had two new additions, Sam and Bucky. You were very excited to see their reaction to Disney, especially when Steve told you that Bucky and him were huge fans of Disney back in the day.

This time, instead of going to Disneyland, the team was going to California Adventure. This was better, because this park had more rollercoasters and entertainment that you thought they would enjoy. It was a treat for Steve and Bucky when they entered the park to see it was 1920s themed. It brought a smile to their face, making your heart flutter. Mission accomplished.

“You know I can totally just rent the park for the day,” Tony suggested as you wrapped your arm around his.

“I know,” you reminded, looking at the tall Carthay theater ahead. “But part of the Disney experience is having others to experience with.” The circle was decorated for the 60th anniversary with blue ribbons and diamonds. There were characters wondering throughout the crowd, playing characters from the 20s and even some classic Disney characters.

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I honestly don’t get why most Disney fans can’t seem to understand that you can still love Disney and still be critical about it. I mean I still love Pocahontas as movie on it’s own, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn a blind spot to the problems the movie has just for the sake of nostalgia.