spot the condom

Bts as things that happened at Walmart

Rap Monster: *Walking normally; breaks store models*

Jin: *has 2 carts Worth of food* WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY CREDIT IS DECLINED!?! I HAVE CHILDREN!?!

Suga: *Walks past hair dye and bleach*
Fuck you * flips off the bottle*

J-Hope: * bird inside Walmart*

Jimin: *Walking in the dog isle*
You know dogs are cute…but not as cute as me
*gets hit in the face with a ball*

V: * spots condoms* look! I found the balloons!

Jungkook: it’s go time mother fuckers!
*starts a nerf gun war as if in ‘Call Of Duty’*

(I’m not kidding these thing actually happened in my Walmart [and I was part of the nerf war])

English project-m

Justin doesn’t leave a beauty like you to go by unseen. Justin has his eyes on you. Y/N and Justin get partnered up. A long and mature imagine of bad boy Justin ;)

Justin’s eyes would catch on your every move. He would stop breathing for a second every time you walk past him. Justin wasn’t ‘shy’, in fact, justin was known for messing around with girls. Justin was known only do one night stands, leaving them heartbroken. You weren’t really fazed by this, you were probably the only girl in the entire school who hadn’t ‘spoken’ or ‘interacted’ with him.

You were standing minding your own business as you stood in line waiting for a sandwich at the school canteen. 

“Hey Y/N is it?” 

You spin around as you hear your name. You see a cute boy with light soft hair, looking like candy floss, he also had really nice eyes, a hazelnut brown colour causing you to get lost in them. 

“Yeah.. that’s me..” 

“I’m Justin, i’m in your English class.” 


Justin did seem familiar at first but you couldn’t figure out where you had seen him, you were sure you hadn’t seen him in english as you just had english first period. 


Justin’s voice snaps you out of your daze as you see him pointing at the back of you. You spin around to find the front line empty. You quickly walk forward and buy yourself a chicken sandwich. You nod and smile at justin, who had his eyes on you the entire time.

Justin couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw your new instagram picture. He spent his quality time, inching through every photo. He settles his eyes on your recent picture. You looked stunning. You were dressed up a bit, showing off your figure in a dress and heels. He double taps the photo. He bites his lip, debating whether it made him seem creepy or anything. Justin would always flick through your pictures. He really did like the recent one, smiling as he settles his phone down on his bed before huffing off.

Justin spots you walking through the door and like any other day you looked effortlessly beautiful wearing a pair of jeans and hoodie. 

“Please settle down. As you know this is last period, I won’t give you any work together.” 

Mr French’s loud voice boomed the whole class. 

“For this next project, you have 1 week to complete it and present it on a online document.” 

Mr french suddenly starts pairing people up. 

“Y/N and Justin.” 

You narrow your eyes to Justin to find him looking back at you. Before the bell rang to dismiss the class, Mr french sings a good luck reminder before allowing you all to go your separate ways. 

“Hey Justin.” 

You run a little faster to catch up to him. 

“Oh.. Hi” 

Justin stuffs his hands in his sweatpants. 

“I was wondering, maybe we could start today.. You know for english?” 

“Sure.” he replies.

“Are you coming in?” 

You stand outside looking like a lost puppy. You hurry and rush behind Justin. 

“Should I remove my shoes or..” 

You look down at your shoes. They were a little old, the soles wearing out on your converse sneakers. 

“I don’t mind.” Justin replies back. 

You decide to take them off. Justin chucks his bag on the couch before walking onto the kitchen to open a can of soda. 

“Want one?”

“No thanks.” 

You see him suddenly slumping onto the couch, not even sitting up properly. 

“Let’s play mario kart.” 

You wonder if he was always this slacked off. I mean you had ONE week to finish off your english project. You had a lot of research to do. 

“Justin, I think we should start doing the english-” 


“Ok?” You question him. 

So just like that he would suddenly change moods? He gets up quickly. 

“Should we study in my room or the living room?” 

Your eyes widen at the question he was asking. You didn’t want it too seem to ‘forward’ if you said bedroom but you didn’t want anyone interrupting your studies together. You suddenly see Justin past you and up the stairs. 

“Come on if you wanna get this project finished.” 

So we were going to his room?

“Wait. I never picked the bedr-” 

“You were taking too long.” 

You follow silently to Justin’s room. 

“You know how to play a guitar?” 

You find a acoustic guitar at the corner of his room. 


You loved and admired musically talented people. You’ve always wanted to play the guitar. 

“Want me to teach you?” 

You nod instantly. 

“Yeah, that will be cool. I mean I’m not good at it but i’ve always wanted to play.” 

Justin chuckles at your excited faze. 

“Can you hand it over?” 

You turn to right and carefully pick it up. Justin sits on his bed with crossed legs. 

“Here sit down.” 

You look at his bed, debating whether it was ok to sit down on it. 

“I’m not gonna bite.” Justin says, half smiling. 

He climbs on his knees, positioning himself behind you as you sit down on the bed. He holds the guitar out in front of you. You hold the instrument in your shaky hands. Justin carefully places his large hands over yours. 

“Pluck this string.” 

You pluck the 2nd string. He slowly guides you through, even teaching you simple chords. 

“Wow, thanks Justin. I actually learnt something today.” 

“No problem.” 

He shuffles in his draws. You spot random coins and condoms in there. He picks up a lighter and a couple of rolled up blunts. Your eyes follow his every move. He takes a blunt between his teeth, holding it before lighting it up. Justin notices your eyes on him. Justin leans in, his eyes staring at your shaky ones. He lightly touches the sides of your face. You feel the warm and gentle touch of his fingers. You sit there awaiting his next move. 

Justin grasps your cheeks, forcing your mouth apart. He leans in, so close your lips nearly touch. Instead he blows the suffocating weed into your mouth. You inhale the smoke. You close your eyes, forgetting about whatever was on your mind that day. You forgot about the project, what you ate today, who you were. You felt free. 

You suddenly feel Justin’s warm soft lips against your neck. He kisses his way down your chest. You move your neck, giving him all the access he needed. Justin keeps his kissing steady and soft. He reaches a hand under your hoodie, touching your soft skin. He smoothes his warm hand against your lower stomach. You loved the way his hand felt against your skin, it almost made you calm and sleepy. You fell into a deep pit just by the way he was touching you so sensationally and carefully. You steady yourself, holding your hands flat against his bed. You were trying not to squirm with his kisses. He sucks harshly above your left breast. He pulls his head away, loving the way your skin looks with a red mark. 

“Y/N. truthfully I’ve always wanted you.” 

You barely knew him, how could he know you any better? You let a moan slip as he sneaks his way into your jeans. You glance down with lazy eyes and to your surprise your button was already undone. Justin watches your expression carefully. 

“Can I touch you?” 

Justin mumbles against your ear, warm breath blowing. 

“Yeah.” You sigh out, wanting him to hurry up. 

Justin was sure he couldn’t keep his hands of you any longer but still he cared too much to take advantage of you, he wanted to make sure you wanted this as much as he did. 

“Are you sure Y/N? If you’re not comfortable we can stop her-” 

You groan in annoyance. You didn’t know how long you could wait any longer. Justin did not know how ready you were. He still thought you were an inexperienced virgin. 

“Take me now.” 

You turn the crook of your neck, pushing your lips onto his, taking him by surprise like a slap on the butt. 

“Hurry up or else we’ll be here forever.” 

Justin’s yes are wide open at your direct actions. Justin didn’t know how to react to your confidence, he lays back and lets you take control. He watches above with open eyes as your remove your hoodie over your head and to his suprise you were only wearing a simple bra. Justin’s eyes wander over your exposed skin. He reaches out and runs his hands on your waist and torso. Justin already knew you had a beautiful body but seeing it so close made his mouth drop. He couldn’t actually believe this was happening. Sure he has had a lot of fucks here and there but this one he was actually excited for. You were something different, something unique. Justin could no longer keep calm as the sight of made him excited. 

He groans as you reach back to unclip your bra. He hardens at the sight of your bare upper body. You were so undeniably sexy. Your hair fell, framing your face and shoulders. Your expression on your face making him twitch and hungrier by the passing seconds. You watch justin. He was groaning at all the little things you would do. Justin’s deep groans of pleasure going straight to your throbbing core. You wished you wore a skimpy skirt instead because of how difficult the tight jeans were to get off.

“M-y jeans,” you pant, “can you help me get them off.” 

Justin quickly catches on your problem and hold your waist, flipping your bodies. Justin quickly tugs them off your legs. Before getting on his knees and ripping off his jacket, showing his tatted arms. He tugs off his shirt, revealing his structed torso, designed with a smooth canvas and a lot of different inked objects. You ran your fingers, dainty and soft along his hard muscles. He loved this action. He could have you touching his skin for ever. He watches with open eyes as you gently swipe over to his waist band. You cup his hardened package. 

“Don’t fucking tease me.” 

Justin curses deeply and seriously. You were scared so you didn’t want to test the theory out. You were surprisingly also turned on at his seriousness. You watch his facial expressions turn soft as you rub him over his sweatpants. You watch above as he closes his eyes shut and begins to thrust his hips up needily against your working hand. You tingled at this sight. He had his hands beside your head, his fringe flopped down on his sweaty forehead. 

“Rub faster baby.” 

You mumble a yeah under your breath, eyes not straying away from him. You feel him twitch in your hand. 

“Fuckkk-stop.” He quickly reaches down and yanks your hand away. 

“Sorry,” he apologizes, “I wasn’t gonna last long if you’re kept that up with your fucking hand.” 

You silently keep that in mind for next time, if that were to happen. 

You slide your panties down with quick fingers, flinging them on the floor. You wrap your legs around him, allowing your open core to press directly on his hard bulge. You groan out at the feeling. Justin groans out at the sight of you grinding your wet core on his covered shaft, which was so close to letting go. Justin tries to hold off as much as possible, shaft twitching so much, he was sure he would last if he got a into you for even a second. Justin not being able to handle your teasing and rubbing any longer, yanks his sweats and boxers in one go. You see the desperation, clearly as his shaft was red and swollen with precum already dripping down. You moan at the sight of it. 

Before you would even react properly, Justin shoves himself in your heat. You gasp, your breath being knocked out by sudden force. Justin begins moving at a harsh pace, being him stretching you out instantly. You moan out, not being able to speak or say anything. You grasp the sheet, trying to steady your body as the thrusts were so frantic making your whole body thrust up. 

“Are you there yet?” Justin pants. 

You bite your bottom lip harshly to hopefully quite down your pants. Justin leans his head down. Justin plucks his tongue out and licks your left harden nipple. 

“Oh god Justin.” you gasp.

Justin tugs against it, making you lose your mind at the action. You feel his soft locks against your chin, you inhale the inviting fresh scent. Justin’s shaft hits the back of your soft spot.

 “Justin, I-” You let go, the explosion from your lower stomach spilling out. 

You clench around his shaft, feeling how big he was inside of you. Justin feels your action and pants heavily against your shoulder as he steadies himself with arms. He lets his seed spill inside of you, panting heavier than ever. Justin stays there for a second. 

“Do you still wanna continue with the project or?” 


Part 1 Part 2

It has been 68 days without Negan.
Without talking or seeing him or even go close to his cell.
The desire after him has nested in your chest like an annoying insect, letting you not sleep. Also the reason you don’t find any rest at night is because of the truth, hidden behind a facade of lies and a smile.
No one notices what’s going on with you, still seeing the strong warrior. Expect Andrea, but she gave up on asking.
She trusts you enough that she thinks you’d come to her if you’ve a problem.
Like everyone else trusts you..

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No Control | Chapter Five


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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“Micky, darling!” my mother answers, all rainbows and sunshine. It’s late afternoon over there, and I can see she’s sitting on our back deck, tea mug in hand. Her long blond hair is pulled back at the sides, the rest of it flowing in the breeze. Her green eyes are sparkling, crinkled at the edges with her smile. She looks just as good as the photos of her from when she was in her twenties, just with a few laugh lines thrown in over the years.

“Hi, Mum, how are you?” I ask, trying to keep the camera pointed away from Harry. I’m leaned up against the car door, keeping Harry away with my foot where he’s trying to scoot closer to me, laughing.

“I’m great, sweetheart. Just enjoying the nice weather for once,” she says with a little huff and a playful roll of her eyes. She squints as she look around the screen. “Where are you at? That’s not New York.”

“I had the concert last night, remember? I’m still in Jersey.” 

“Oh, that’s right! One Direction. Ugh, those lads are so adorable! You had meet and greet tickets, right? Did you get to see Harry? Is he just as cute in person?” My mother has just steam rolled this conversation. I give Harry pointed look over my phone to say, ‘See, I told you she’s in love with you.’

He laughs kind of loudly, alerting my mother that someone else is around.

“Is that Trevor? What was that look for? Mick, darling, where are you?”

“I’m just in a car, Mum. No, it’s not Trevor, he’s in the hotel.” It’s no use lying to my mother; she’d just pull the information out of me eventually, anyway.

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Condom Where’s Waldo


Just noticed the condom packs behind her. 

Maybe the condom packs make everyone subconsciously want those two to have sex?


Yeah, where are the condoms? I do see the smiley fire heart on what looks to be a pretzel box. And it’s the EXACT face I’m making looking at this hottie! Rawr!


I think the boxes on the bottom shelf are cookies and crackers, not condoms. Unless I’m missing them somewhere else?

No, no - @maladi777‘s right!  If you look really, really hard you’ll spot the condoms!  Try again below!😋

My Puppy

Originally posted by krismehard

Title: My Puppy

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Park Chayeol

Genre: Smut

Notes: I’m getting really bored and it’s fall break so get ready for alot of one-shots. I think the next is gonna be a LuLu smut seeing as his new music video has got me up in the Luhan feels.


He sat at the end of the bed, hands tangled in his hair and his right leg shaking. His eyes where shut tightly, bottom lip in between his teeth and the vein in his neck was pulsing. You didn’t understand why he was mad, the main reason because he wouldn’t say a word to you. The only contact he made was a deadly look, causing you to back away.

“Chany.. Please talk to m-” You were cut, off loudly, causing you to yelp and stumble back and fall.

“Don’t call me that you bitch!” He yelled, getting up and clutching his fists. His jaw was clamped shut and the whites of his eyes were stained with red. “How the fuck could you do that to me?” His voice calmed a bit, but it was still at a yell.

You covered you face and whimpered, your eyes beginning to burn with tears. “Chanyeol please.. Whatever I did I’m sorry.”

His face began to drop and he knelt to your level, pulling you to him by your arm. “Babe..” He mumbled, pulling you to his chest and holding you there. “Why would you do that? Why would you act like that in front of them?”

You remembered last night, Suho invited you over for dinner with the boys. One of them must have put a little something in your drink, giving you a kick. Chanyeol was the only one who knew you were weak with alcohol, but he must have told them which sparked their idea. You soon became tipsy and they began to pry your clothes off you one by one before Chanyeol walked in from his sleep.

“Chanyeol they did something to my drink. You really think I would do that?” You looked up at him with hurtful eyes. “The only man I would give permission to see my body is you. Only you.”

“I love you, baby.” Your words came out shaky and Chanyeol attacked your lips with his. His lips tasted like beer and mint, but you loved every second of it. His hands lifted you by your waist and he pulled off your lips. He mumbled a lazy ‘Jump’ against your lips and you complied, wrapping your legs around his waist and you arms around his neck.

He carried you easily to the bedroom, laying you down carefully on the bed like you were a fragile piece of glass. His lips never left yours as he pulled your sweats down your legs, leaving them on the floor. He quickly pulled his tee over his head, attaching right back to your lips. This time, the kiss was hungry and needy.

You looped you fingers to his jeans, shoving them down to his ankles as he pulled your tank over your head. His cold hands skimmed up your thighs, prying them open for him to slip inside.

He pulled you up by your back, but you set your hand in the middle of his chest. “Chanyeol, wait.”

He patiently knelt down, staring into your eyes. “Baby, what’s wrong?” He whispered, rubbing your sides to relax you. “Do you have a…-a..” You hesitated, not wanting to say it. He smiled coyly and reached to the dresser beside the bed. You didn’t realize until now that there was a full box in the drawer, but you were happy there was.

He kissed you forehead as he sat up on his knees, slowly pushing his boxers down. His erect length sprang free, standing proud and tall. Chanyeol ripped the package and spit it to the floor. Rolling the cold latex onto himself, you couldn’t help but hear the low groan that he tried to hide in his throat. Your hand snaked to the back of his head and your fingers slipped through his already messy hair. Your other replaced his hand on his length.

He grunted and let his head lay on your shoulder. His hand reached to your back, unclasping your strapless bra and allowing it to fall into your lap. His knuckles kneaded your breasts as both your hands slowly stroked his length. You leaned down to envelope his head with your lips, breaking his touch to your breasts.

“Oh, fuck.” He growled, running his fingers through your hair before keeping a strong grip on the back of your head. His wrist was pressed against your nape and you felt his pulse. It was almost scary how his vein pounded, and you looked up at him.

Before taking him in all the way and pulling  him out, you drug your teeth against the slit at the top. He whimpered and his cock twitched inside your mouth. His grip on your hair pulled you up so he could take your bottom lip tightly in between his teeth, drawing blood.

You sucked the blood off your lip and pushed him onto his back, straddling his lap. You leaned forewords and licked his ear lobe. Chanyeol growled lowly and his fingers dug into your sides - obliviously leaving bruises.

One of your hands pushed your underwear to the side and Chanyeol lifted your hips up, waiting for you to set your hands on his chest. You did so and soon enough you were lowered onto his erection.

Your head was thrown back and your throaty moan echoed off the walls. Chanyeol’s grip on your hips seemed like it couldn’t get tighter as he growled and screwed his eyes shut. His hips bucked upwards and he grunted, the bed moaning along.

He flipped you onto your back and he began pounding into you at and extreme pace. “Ch.. Chan- Oh God, YES!” You whimpered, your breath catching in your lungs as his head hit your g-spot over and over. The bed’s base began to crack at the force Chanyeol had and he groaned loudly before sending the bed foreword with one last strong blow.

His release was hot inside the condom, but it felt hotter than it should have. You were too busy grinding your hips upwards to finish off your own high to notice, but his excess seed spilled out of you and onto the bed. Your eyelids hung tiredly and Chanyeol’s head hun loosely on his neck.

Chanyeol pried his eyes open and pulled out only to find a darker spot on the condom. He realized that spot wasn’t covered by the condom and he noticed the ripped edges.

You looked at him, startled by his terrified look. He looked up at you.

“FUCK.” He yelled scrambling off the bed and to the drawer beside the bed. “Chanyeol wha-” You saw the tear, leaving most of his cock visibly clear. Your eyes widened and you gasped.

“Shit, I got the wrong size.. They’re too small!!” He cried, grabbing his pants and shirt. “I- I’m gonna run to the gas station a get a plan-b. You stay here and if the boys get home, lock the door and don’t take any drink the offer you.”

His words were stumbled and quick, but you protested before he could scramble out the room. “Wait!” He grabbed the door and looked at you worried.

“Chanyeol, what if I want a.. what if I want a baby..?” His face looked cofused as he dropped his hands to his sides. “Baby.. are you serious?”

There was a small bit of silence before you hopped off the bed and ran to him, throwing your arms around his neck. “Yeah, I am.”

Chanyeol dropped his clothes and wrapped his arms around you tightly. You felt he was squeezing you so hard you couldn’t breath, but you didn’t care. He leaned back, taking your feet off the ground and spinning you. “Oh my god, I love you Y/n!! I love you, I love you, I love you!!”

You giggled as he set you down, sweetly kissing your swollen lips. “Any day of my life would I have a kid with you, baby.”


'Oh my lord, do you ever stop crying!!’ You yelled in your head, whining and throwing your head back in frustration. You scooped up a spoonful of cereal and brought your hand back. “Here comes the airplane!!” You said in a high-pitched voice, making train sounds as you swerved the spoon in the air.

Chansung just pouted and gave you his big eyes - the ones that always reminded you of Chanyeol. “I want daddy!!” Your son screamed, hitting his high-chair.

Speaking of Chanyeol, the door swung open and a wide-eyed happy man stepped through. “Babe, I’m home!” He sang. He walked over and smiled, kissing his son on the forehead.

You crossed your arms and Chanyeol furrowed his eyebrows. “Why didn’t we just get the plan-b.”

“Don’t say that. It’s like having a puppy, they pee in the house while they’re really young, but if you can get through that stage, they’re just loving and amazing to be around.”

You snorted. “Well we already have one puppy, why do we need another.”

It took Chanyeol a second to think, seeing you two didn’t own a dog. His eyes widened and he gasped, causing you to bust into laughter.


Sehun: *when he hears you calling out his name*

*when you spot the condoms in his hands*

Jongin: *gets so embarrassed when you suddenly stand behin him at the checkout*

Tao:  “Tao, hey!”, you greet with a smile and poor Tao baby is about to cry when you come around the corner out of nowhere.

Kyungsoo: *Smart Kyungsoo sneaks off stage out of the store as soon he spots you.

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns

Chanyeol: “Are those condoms?”, you ask him as he hides them behind his back. “No?”, he plays it innocent.

Originally posted by once-u-jongin-u-never-jongout

“No?, you ask him back. “Then what are you hiding?” “Balloons…colorful balloons…with flavour..”

Jongdae: “Oh shit.”, he mutters under his breath when you come around the corner. He quickly throws the package in some random shelf and hopes that you haven’t noticed.

Baekhyun: “Condoms?”, you ask him with a raised brow. “Well, those aren’t mine..I mean..I’ve bought them for…Kyungsoo..he’s to shy to buy them, so I did for him.”

“And you really think I believe this shit!?”, you say. “Umm..”

Yixing: *tries to hide himself to escape the awkwrad situation*

Originally posted by elaysium

Suho: Hides behind a freezer with a friend in hope that you haven’t seen him and hardly believes his luck when you walk past him without noticing him.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Kris: The two of you bump into each other in the store at a very ungodly hour. He’s fast enough to hide the condoms but you’re not. He spots the package in your hands and squeals out loudly. “Hell yeah!”

Originally posted by krismehard

Luhan: Since the two of you’ve agreed to wait with having sex he tries to sugar coat it when you point at the condoms.

Minseok: “Condoms?”, you startle him out of nowhere. “No! No…”, he says and quickly puts them away.

“Aww, and here I thought we’d have some fun tonight.”

based on this au: “i slept with you the other day and i didnt know we had a mutual friend and now we’re sitting across each other for brunch and it’s awkward because i ran out when you were asleep”

Patrick wakes up sticky and alone. He pads out of his room and searches the rest of his apartment for the guy he had amazing sex with the night before. He doesn’t find anyone or anything. No body, no note, no message.

He shuffles his way into the shower, feeling groggy and annoyed. For a second he thinks the whole night was all in his head, a really good wet dream, but then he spots the two condom wrappers in his trash can that weren’t there the day before and knows it was real.

The guy, Jonny, he think his name was, chatted him up at a bar. He wasn’t the least bit smooth about it, but Patrick was horny and Jonny was doing it for him. He had a solid stature and looked like a guy who knew what to do with his dick.

And fuck was Patrick right.

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In Your Best Interest (BTS; 95 line)

I joined BTS on their trip to Japan, but his managers refused to let Taehyung and I share a room.

“If fans catch wind of that, what do you think they’ll say?” the managers demanded.

I didn’t point out that the fans were able to spot a condom box in a messy kitchen when Jin was the focus of the photo. They’ll probably notice if they see me wandering around at the events this week. Either way, they got me a room on the floor above.

There’s a light tap at my door and I get up. Taehyung is standing there in an oversized sweater and sweatpants. He barrels through the door and jumps into the bed I was using.

We lie down and he says, “He thinks you like him.”

“The only way he would think that, Kim Taehyung, is if you told him.”

“Well, you do.”

“Tae,” I groan. “If you’re just going to be annoying, you can leave.”

“What? So you can snapchat Jiminie?” he teases. “Yeah, right. Keep your clothes on, girl.”

I whack Taehyung as hard as I can. He whines at the smack and gasps when he sees a red hand mark on his stomach. “How do you do that? Through a sweater!” Pouting, Taehyung rubs his skin.

“Stop it. Jimin and I are just friends.”

“You and Namjoon hyung are also ‘just friends’, but you don’t snap him late at night.”

“I could.”

“But you don’t.”

My best friend is a pain. “Jimin is your best friend, of course I’m going to be close with him. The three of us hang out all the time.”

“Except the way you talk with Jiminie is different than the way you talk with me.”

“Are you jealous?” I laugh.

Taehyung pulls a face, crossing his hands over his stomach. He grabs my hand and rests it on his now warm skin. My hands are always cold, so I think he’s using my hand as a cooling pack. I let him, instead of smacking him again like I want to.

“Jealous of Jimin,” Taehyung snorts. “You disgust me. Who wants to be liked by you?”

“Wow, my wonderful best friend.” I roll my eyes. Lifting my phone in the air, I get Taehyung in my snap and then struggle with one hand to message Jimin. Jimin’s reply is instantaneous.

“Well, well. I see you’re not the only one who’s loving somebody.”

“Okay, ew, I don’t love him.” I laugh at Jimin’s snap of him pouting, wondering why we’re hanging out without him. When I put the camera close to Taehyung’s face, he makes a stupid expression, which makes us both laugh.

“Wait, do it with this.” I find the square filter and he laughs before he’s even made a face. The photo I get is immediately saved for future blackmailing purposes. I send it to Jimin.

“You don’t love him?” Taehyung enquires now. “You’re lying.”

“I don’t!” I smile at the next snap of Jimin using the crying filter on me.

“Yet you smile every time he sends you a snap,” Taehyung reasons. “And you laugh at all his jokes and when he cooks you food, even if it sucks, you still eat it. Oh! And you take his sweaters instead of mine. And—”

“Are you finished?” I demand. I snatch my hand back out of annoyance, causing Taehyung to complain. “I don’t love Jimin. I’m just, like, in love with him,” I mutter.

Taehyung throws his hands up in frustration. “What does that mean? You’re in love with him?”

“I don’t know. I just… loving him is different than any of the other guys I’ve dated.”

Taehyung shivers. “That’s gross.”

“You asked!”

Then I hear our conversation being repeated. My eyes widen and I fly up to sitting. Turning to Taehyung in shock, I say, “You didn’t record it, Tae.”

“Now I have proof.”

“Taehyung.” I bow down in front of him. “Please, please, please. Don’t send it to him.”

“Are you seriously begging me right now?” Taehyung pokes the top of my head. “When I send this to him,” I almost pass out at him saying that, “I promise that you will get a knock on your door in less than two minutes.”

“Taehyung, as my best friend, please do not do that to me.”

“As your best friend, I am doing this in your best interest.”

“Tae, please don’t! You’ll scare him. It’ll just make things awkward.” I clasp my hands in front of my face. “Tae, please, please, please.”

“Have I mentioned that one of our coordi noonas has been hitting on Jimin lately?”

My eyes widen.

“And she’s been texting him loads lately. If you don’t snatch him up now, someone else might. He’s a good looking kid.”

“Tae… That’s mean.”

“No. It’s incentive.”

Taehyung and I stare each other down for a long time. We’ve gotten so good at this game that we can go on for about two minutes before eyes start watering.

I lose this time. So Taehyung jumps at the chance. “You like him, right?”

“I guess.”

“Solid yes. You like him, right?”

My head hangs in defeat. “Yes.”

“And you might even be in love with him, correct?”


“Then why won’t you just let me make this kid’s day by sending it to him?”

“Because I might jump out the window.”

“Look, I’ll send it to him. If he’s not knocking on your door in two minutes, I’ll tell him that I made you say all that stuff.”

I don’t ask him how he expects to get Jimin to believe anything he’ll say, but nod. “Fine.”

“Good. It’s already sent.”


A beat later, there’s a knock at my door. Glancing over my shoulder, my heart starts pounding a mile a minute.

“Tae if this is some cruel joke…”

Then I hear Jimin calling my name.

“I’ll cover my ears and shut my eyes for two minutes,” Taehyung says. When I turn to him, he’s got a cheeky smile on his face. He motions me to go to the door as he settles into the bed, covering his ears with his hands.

Slowly, I get off the bed and pad towards the door. Pulling the door open slowly, I’m greeted by a barefaced Jimin.

“You’re in love with me,” he breathes. His cheeks are red from probably running up the stairs. Of course this boy wouldn’t take the elevator. Not fast enough to get up one floor.


“Please tell me that Taehyung wasn’t playing another stupid joke on me.” Jimin’s dark eyes look a mix of worried and hopeful.

“He’s not.”

“So you…”

“Could be in love with you?”

Jimin seems to be at a loss for words. There’s a slight shrug in his shoulders, as if to say ‘to hell with it’. Then his lips are pressed gently against my own. It’s a chaste kiss, no amazing fireworks or anything. But the butterflies in my stomach that only wake when Jimin is around are demanding to be let out.

“Good. Because I could be in love with you too.”

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Your Haizadick of course! ;)

OHOHOH HUSBANDO, YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED ABOUT. Btw, Kisu did an awesome one right here!

  • Smell: His scent is musky and smoking hot, nothing too strong even though you can still smell his cologne on him. 
  • Music: Metal. He’s into those hard metal songs but he also holds a special spot for alternative rock.
  • Collect: Condoms, no joke. I’ve seen his collection and he has every single flavor and pattern, all in his size. He keeps them all in his bedside drawer.
  • Bedroom: It’s not too neat but not too messy either. He usually has clothes strewn all over the place when he’s too lazy to put them in the laundry.
  • Eating: Eats his own stuff, steals other people’s stuff, and the cycle goes on.
  • Intellectual Pursuits & Other Hobbies: Loves going to public places to collect girls’ phone numbers. He keeps track of how many he can get within three hours. His record is fourteen.
  • Most Prized Possession: Ohohoh, me His new basketball shoes but he’ll never admit it. “I HEARD THAT AND IT’S NOT” – Haizaki. He’s embarrassed about it.
#25 Magazine Article About You and Him

Calum: Calum and I were having a day together for the first time in ages since he had a day off we were relaxing in our hotel room. He was playing video games while I read a magazine, my eyes widened when I read one of the headings. “Y/N and Calum Hood. Rumoured to be engaged.” I frowned, Calum and I aren’t engaged. “Hey Cal?” I asked sitting up and looking over at him. He paused his game and turned to me. “Yeah love?”

“Are we engaged?” I asked, his brows furrowed in confusion. “Because apparently we are…” I added, showing him the magazine. “I think I would know if I was engaged to my beautiful girlfriend.” He said sweetly, I blushed and looked back at the magazine. “What else does it say?”

“It says: The loved up couple Y/N and Calum Hood from pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer are rumoured to be engaged after Y/N went on tour with the band. She has been away with them for quite some time now, one night a few weeks ago Y/N came off their tour bus sporting a rather large diamond ring. Calum looking particularly happy with himself as they went into the hotel.” I read out, Calum’s eyes almost popped out of his head. I looked at the photo seeing the ring on my finger. That’s weird I wasn’t wearing a ring that day, I never wear rings. “Calum this is photo shopped.” I said as I showed him the picture. I continued to read down the article. “Now the real question is… how did Calum ask her?” I read aloud. “That’s a good question.” He joked, smiling over at me. I was about to say something else when someone knocked on the door. “Coming.” Calum yelled as he went and answered it. Luke, Ashton and Michael all walked in with huge smiles on their faces. The three of them tackled me in a hug. “What are you guys doing?” Calum asked, they all got off me. “We heard about you guys… how could you not tell us?” Ashton asked slapping Calum’s shoulder. “Well there’s nothing to tell… did you guys see the article?” He said pointing to my magazine, Luke nodded. “We aren’t engaged. It’s a rumour.” I said putting down the magazine. “Well… we don’t want it to be just a rumour…” Michael hinted, Calum rolled his eyes. “Don’t you guys have something else to do?” He said pushing them out of the room. I laughed as I picked up my magazine again.

Ashton: His POV

I had been called into the studio early this morning, groaning as I got out of bed not wanting to leave Y/N. I scribbled a note down for her and kissed her softly before I left to go to the studio.

I walked in to find Michael and Calum all looking worse for wear like I was. Luke was in the corner reading a magazine. “Morning.” I grumbled sitting down with them. “Is it? It’s not a human time that’s for sure.” Michael said drinking his coffee. “Why are you reading that Luke?” I asked, he smiled and looked as if he was holding in a laugh. “Just you and Y/N have an article written about you guys.” He shrugged, I was suddenly very awake. “Well what does it say?” I asked turning my full attention to him, Calum and Michael did the same. “Just before I start reading… when did you and Y/N start sleeping together?” I frowned at him, he smirked back at me. Oh no… please don’t let it be what I think it is. “Which celebs seem to be getting some this month?” Luke read the heading before glancing up at me. I knew exactly where this was going. “5 Seconds of Summer band member, Ashton Irwin was spotted purchasing condoms one night last week.” I face palmed, I knew it. I knew I got caught. “Is Ashton setting a good example for his younger fans by doing this sort of thing with girlfriend Y/N? We don’t know.” I shook my head. “So… our little Ashy is growing up.” Calum teased pinching my cheeks. “I’m older than you.” I retaliated. “This is just great. Y/N is going to kill me.” I sighed running my fingers through my hair. “No she’s not because, it’s not your fault, if you both horny and out of condoms well, you have to go out and buy them. It’s not like you were buying toys. That would be a lot worse.” Michael reasoned, I turned to Luke. “Can I slap him?” Luke nodded at me, I raised my hand and slapped Michael on the arm. “Shut up.”

“I’m just saying. Don’t worry about it.” Michael said rubbing his arm. “Alright, let’s do this recording so I can go home and sleep.” I said yawning halfway through.   

Luke: Luke and I were sadly on the flight home from our honeymoon. I still couldn’t believe I had married him and had the best three weeks of my life.

Luke was curled up by my side asleep while I read a magazine. I re-read the heading on the page. “5 Seconds of Summer star Luke Hemmings married to long-time girlfriend in his hometown Sydney.” I smiled reading through the article. I felt Luke shift beside me, his head on my shoulder. “Hey that’s us.” He pointed to the magazine, I smiled at him. “Yeah it’s about our wedding.” I said showing him the article. “I look terrible in that photo.” He said peering at one of the photos. “No you don’t. You look sexy.” I said kissing his cheek, he blushed. “Thank you but I still look really bad.” He said smiling at me, I shook my head. “Anyway… Luke Hemmings and fiancé Y/N got married over the weekend. The Australian couple finally walked down the aisle, none of us thought it would actually happen. Y/N was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress… very traditional. Luke was looking very sexy in a simple back tuxedo.” I smiled over at him, he pressed his face into my neck in embarrassment. “Told you that you looked sexy.” I said tapping his nose. “Keep reading.” He mumbled. “Luke is the first of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys to tie the knot. The question is, who will be next and how did the honeymoon go? We are still waiting on pictures of the newly married couple on their honeymoon. We are sure there are some saucy pictures somewhere.” I continued, I shut the magazine a little bit disgusted Luke laced our fingers together. “Don’t worry about it. There is no way that they could get photos because we were on a private residence.” He assured, I nodded. “The saucy pictures are for you and I only.” He mumbled, I blushed shyly. Looking at our hands clasped tightly together.

Michael: Michael and I had been best friends for a while, we would always hang out with each other, mucking around and he even invited me to go away with him to London for a while. Our interactions brought me to the fans’ attention. A lot of the fans didn’t think that we were just friends.

“Y/N? I bring pizza and movies.” Michael called as he walked into my house. “Hey Michael.” I waved as I looked back to my magazine. “What are you reading?” He asked, he leaned over the back of the lounge reading over my shoulder. “Just an article about us.” I shrugged, he looked a little closer. “Michael Clifford and Y/N dating?” I read over the title again and again. “Since when?” Michael asked looking at me. “We’re not dating.” I said shrugging. He came and sat beside me. “What else does it say?”

Michael and Y/N are said to be just friends, but many fans disagree. The way that they look at each other and act around each other says otherwise. The pair shared a goodbye kiss at London airport when Y/N had to go back to Australia.” I read aloud, Michael’s jaw dropped. “There’s more… Michael and Y/N have been seen together holding hands, arms around each other and Y/N has even been seen in Michael’s clothes. If this doesn’t confirm it… what does?” I continued, my eyes scanned over the pictures of me and Michael together. All they had written was true apart from the fact that we aren’t dating. He watched me closely and shrugged. “So what if they think we are dating? I wouldn’t mind it.” He said smirking at me, I froze it taking a couple of seconds to take in what he just said. “Wh- what? Um… what?” I stammered. “You heard me. I wouldn’t mind dating you and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind dating me. So how about it?” I scrunched my face up as I thought, finally I nodded at him. A big smile cracked on his face.       

A/N: Hope you like it!

~ Lucy xx