spot on ladder



Spring was well on it’s way and bulbs needed to be potted so that their bright
color could entice passers by- not to mention the great picture window needed
a new display. James had finally given in and accepted that he would need to
hire some help when he realized the myriad of other tasks that spring would
bring with it, and had left fliers about the local businesses- printed at
10 pence each.

Florets Flower Shoppe on Bower St.

Tasks include: Watering, potting, pruning, customer service
Please inquire within.

 The advertisements had only been distributed a day or two prior, so the lass
who entered his shoppe on that moody day wasn’t immediately marked as a
potential employee. Instead, James smiled down at her from his spot perched
on a ladder- in the midst of re-training some Jasmine.

“Hullo there, miss-! How can I help you today?”