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I watched a Channel Frederator video talking about how the colour yellow is used in cartoons. It got me thinking even more about Lotor and the Weblum Galra. So time to update an old post (since now we have an official character design for him) and use some colour theory to crack this nut (no not like that!)…

As everyone and their lion plush in this fandom knows by now, this is Lotor’s outfit in the arena…

Ignoring the cow head, if I had to guess what his colour palate is according to the RGB Model (since that is used most often in digital media, especially TV), it would be something like this…

Granted, this is not directly spot on since the dark colour on Lotor’s outfit is more of a royal blue rather than just plain purple, but it is still worth noting. (This is not counting his skin colour, obviously) 

This design, from what I can tell, is using a Triadic color scheme (basically, using colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel), or a warped version of the Complementary colour scheme with it using the colours opposite to one another and a dark version of blue. Hard for me to say right now.

Something I noticed right off the bat is that his accents were changed to orange.  Before, they were clearly red…

So them changing him to have orange accents is clearly an intentional design change. But makes me wonder, why? All of the other colour’s in modern Lotor’s outfit match almost dead on, except for orange accents.  Sure, one could make the argument that to compliment Lotor’s outfit more, since red matches up with light blue more, even then, it’s still a bizarre choice. Because, like I will touch upon later on in the article, red is a more traditional villain colour while orange well…isn’t, so it’s pushing him away from a traditional villain design.

Lotor also has a creepy amount of paladin aesthetics to the armour too. Lotor has the same markings on the neck as they do…

Lotor also has a symbol on the chest as they do.  It’s hard to say if there are more things to tie these designs together since we only seen a little bit of VLD’s Lotor’s outfit, but there could be more design elements to tie him back to the paladins and Zarkon.

If the Lotor is meant to be this pure menacing emperor figure in the future, like Zarkon, Zeppo from DOTU or Throk in DOTU, he really does not look the part and I feel the show staff would have designed him far differently if that was indeed the case.

What is odd about this is that orange and blue not tied to villain designs as much since it is not considered as powerful and striking of a colour as say red,  purple in the case of a lot of the Disney villains, black, or yellow/green in the case of a lot of comic book villains like Dr Doom. Granted, there are obvious exceptions to the rule, like Haggar using orange in her design and the prison warden, but is still less common.

Symbolically, blue represents  trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. It is often used in places where you want to feel more relaxed like spas. What is more interesting about it is that blue, especially royal blue, like one used in his, can also represent royalty.

Blue is tied to the Alteans, although the shade used in the armour isn’t. It also connects back to the Blade of Marmora.

 His armour, as everyone in the fandom noticed by now, is almost dead on with the Weblum Galra design, either saying that they are one in the same or the Weblum Galra works under him. With Lotor not being mentioned until the end of season 2 and hardly anyone knowing who Lotor was in the arena, I think him being the Weblum Galra is more likely since I highly doubt he’d have underlings if that was the case. Not to mention him and the Weblum Galra the same height, weight and body type, saying they are more than likely the same person. And let’s face it – Lotor’s hips and ass don’t lie and neither does the Weblum Galra’s.

Another quick thing to note is that Lotor’s colours were close to the prison warden’s . I don’t think Lotor is a warden somewhere, but I think it might say that he has a more practical and fighter roll in the empire by the colours being similar to his.

Orange, other colour used in the design, means  enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. It is less intense than red, but still a very powerful colour and catches your attention.

Villain designs in general often use sharp edges (which the Weblum Galra has), but also use very dark colours as the main staple to the design. Black in design symbolises thing like elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. These traits are things you often want to communicate in a villain design.

For example, from another franchise I love, the Supreme King from YGO GX…

The Supreme King’s armour design, even though I admit it is really over the top, uses a lot of blacks and reds with hints of yellow and purple. The Supreme King was like Zarkon in the fact that he was a emperor, who was meant to be menacing and terrifying.

Let’s look at VLD Zarkon…

His outfit also uses a lot of blacks and reds, too, except with red as the more dominate colour. However, in the past, his armour was a brighter shade of red with sliver lining and a blue cape.   My theory about that is it ties back to the fact that Zarkon used to work along side the Alteans before backstabbing them and becoming a tyrant, so his design communicates that more than someone who is pure evil for the hell of it like Maleficent.

Many other villains fit this as well such as Darth Vader, a lot of the Disney villains such as Maleficent,  Azula, Amon, Aku, Medusa from Soul Eater, Bill Cipher (if you do not count his yellow body, obviously), Venom, the Nightmare King from Rise of the Guardians, Dr Claw, and so much more.    Even characters like Batman use black as the main colour of the design because it is tied to the night and “darker” elements like I mentioned before. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, obviously, such as Sartorius from YGO GX using white as the main colour (although in that series the “light” was ironically tied to evil a lot more and made people go insane like what happened to Yubel, so there’s that), but having a lot of dark colours in the design are often used on villains or people who want to strike fear.

However, Lotor doesn’t fit under any of these! Lotor outfit uses orange and blues, so him using less dark colours in his outfit would make no sense if he is meant to be a dark menacing villain like Maleficent or something. 

Normally when a character design uses less dark colours such as black, but those colours still hold intimidation and are still intense…it could mean that the character is an antihero.

For example, Lelouch from Code Geass, another mech franchise…

Lelouch was a more sympathetic villain/antihero of the series. He wanted to start a revolution to over throw the oppressive government (kinda like the Blade of Marmora in VLD, except operating far differently from them.) However, make no mistake, he was not a harmless kitten either. He went to dark means to make his goals happen like mind controlling others to do his bidding and made people kill themselves with mind control among other much darker things. But, with that said, he also had a conscience, wanting a better world and to help his sister.

One thing to note is that there is a lot more dark blue in the design  than more intense shades like black. While, sure, it has red in the design like before, but it is only used under the cape. The outfit is mostly blue underneath the cape. The only real use of black on the design is just on the outside of the cape.

Sure, I admit, there are some antiheroes that use black in the design, such as Chazz from YGO GX, but it is rarely the main colour in an antihero design.

Even TV Tropes notes that orange is usually a neutral colour in character design. (x)

Lotor fits an antihero design, such as the one I previously mentioned, a lot more to me. Sharp with intimidation, but also connects back to the Blade of Marmora colour wise. Do I think Lotor works for the Blade of Marmora somehow? No. But him using a lot of those colours could mean that he has a rebellious nature and wants to go on his own path in life, wanting to connect to Altea more and stand out more in the empire like a angsty teenager. Not only that, the crew mentioned during an interview before that Lotor will be a very complex character and that he would be “complicated”, so him leaning towards the more moral grey side of things would fit that description.

  With Lotor coming close to having a redemption arc in DOTU…albeit unsuccessfully and this being made by the studio that brought us Prince Zuko, one of the biggest cartoon antiheros of all time, it could be possible they are planning to have Lotor actually redeem himself this time around…but near the end of the story, at least. Because I think he will be a villain, who can strike fear into the paladins for a very long time to come.

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OK the book is fixed, yayyy! 

I’m going to stop selling the SONS OF GASTER book after March 1st, this is the last chance sale! 

[update: it’s overrrrr!]

  • 124 pages, 4.25″ x 6.88″
  • Black and white with spots of colour (like in the comic)
  • Ships from USA
  • CONTAINS: Darker Yet Darker and all 3 chapters of The Second Son of Gaster
  • Unofficial Undertale Fan comic, it’s a sad story that will make you feel sad, no makeouts

Oh my GOSH it took 5 weeks for the stupid proof to get to me, I’m so sorry for the delay. I’m sorry I live on the moon as far as the Post is concerned. 

05.02.17 🌊

Favourite colours everyone? I like pink, but have always had a soft spot for aqua colours, kind of like tiffany blue? This is a spread I had back in January.




Poe buys Finn soap.

When asked, he says: “I was thinking of buying it for Rey, but she likes the sonic better than the water shower, and I know you like baths a whole lot more than she does.”

Finn does like baths. The First Order had rooms with flat showerheads that ran for two minutes at a time, just long enough for the muscles in his back to start to uncoil under the pressure before they abruptly shut off. Water in plenty has been an exciting luxury, which almost makes up for the corroding smell and taste and touch of everything else. The First Order valued cleanliness and straight lines and antiseptic, while on D’Qar everything is slightly tilted just enough to look wrong, and there’s a stickiness to the walls that holds dust and the finger-marks of a thousand species.

Finn doesn’t take baths often; the concept of waste has been drilled into his head too often for too long that using that much water at once still makes him uncomfortable, but the Resistance base is settled on a planet made up of vast clearwater lakes, so he likes to think that maybe a bath or two every couple of cycles won’t do much harm. He doesn’t miss the First Order at all, even when the Otherness of this place raises the hair on the back of his neck and suspicious glares sink deep into his bones, but he likes being busy and he likes achieving things, so in between quietly recalculating their resources under the watchful eye of General Organa and learning how to see the Universe with his eyes tightly shut, he has baths.

The soap itself comes in several small, round balls, flecked with tiny spots of colour like the blossoming petals of a flower. They smell sweet, but hold their shape firmly in Finn’s hand, and when he rolls them between his fingers they leave a fine trail of sparkling dust. It takes him a good week, but he finally catches an R&R day, so he runs a bath in Poe’s small bunk, and drops one of the fragrant spheres into the water, and watches at it dissolves, frothing pink foam and filling the air with a delicious perfume.

Yes, Finn thinks to himself quietly, Rey would definitely hate this.

((i’m gettin there @peradii . i’m gettin there))

Natural oils/teas

Acne= tea tree oil (rub it on problem area if in soap form, let rest on problem area for 30ish minutes if oil/water mix)
Periods pains: coconut oil (you can find tablets of this)
Insomnia, stress: chamomile tea
Tired, slow metabolism: green tea (putting warm tea bags over your eyes will help get rid of dark circles)
Sore stomache: chai tea
Ate too much crap food: oolong tea
Feel a migraine coming, bloated: peppermint tea
Trying to wake up: matcha
Ate smthn that doesn’t agree with u, nausea: Ginger tea
De-stress: lavender (tea or candle form both work)
For colds: white tea
Asthma attacks: black tea
Cramps in your stomache: chamomile tea (I cannot stress this enough, ur cramps will be gone in like 5 minutes, literally)
Maintaining good blood pressure: hibiscus tea
Lowering cholesterol: rooibos tea
Stress: lemon balm
Before you get a cold: elderflower tea
Get sunburned easily: moringa oil
Eczema, rashes: tamanu oil
Aging, stress lines: meadowfoam seed oil
Dry skin like wtf why is my skin so dry: golden jojaba
I’m 15 and I look 50 cuz my skin is loose: Argan oil
Red spots, irregular skin colour: black cumin seed oil
Acne scars, harsh skin: rosehip oil
Dandruff, I bleach my head 10 times a day and my scalp hurts: almond oil
Dry hair: shea butter
Hair fall out: coconut oil
Frail hair, split ends: castor oil
Turns out dyeing ur hair can fuck it up: avocado oil
I want shiny hair: jojaba oil
Grow faster: ylang ylang oil
Prone to matting: eucalyptus oil
Hair too oily: basil oil
Hair loss: Rosemary oil
Ur hair stands up when u hold it between ur fingers: chamomile oil
Dry scalp: myrrh oil

Feel free to add to the list !!

Anon asked for number 3: I’m not jealous.

A different way Astrid and Hiccup could have confessed their feelings for each other.

Set during RTTE. I apologise for any mistakes, I had a super busy weekend and I’m so tired and I should be in bed but I couldn’t help myself.

“I’m not jealous!” Astrid slammed the door shut. She turned and stormed back from the entrance to the club house, pointedly ignoring Hiccup on her way past.

“I was just joking As,” Hiccup glanced up from the stool as his best friend gathered her things into her arms. They had been working on battle plans together and discussing their next step in reclaiming the Dragon Eye.

“Yeah, well your jokes aren’t funny.”

Hiccup pushed the stool away from the table, puzzled by Astrid’s tone of voice. Two minutes ago, they had been joking around and laughing, now there were two high spots of colour on her cheeks and an irritated expression on her face.

“Why are you angry about this?” Maybe he should have kept his thoughts to himself, but that little niggle in the back of his mind just wouldn’t be ignored.

“I’m not.” Astrid insisted, angrily. “It’s late, I have an early patrol tomorrow and we’re wasting time right now.”

Hiccup stood up from his seat, realisation dawning on him. “Oh my God, you are!”

“Ugh,” Astrid dropped her armload of parchment and rounded on Hiccup. “No, I am not. I am not jealous that you and Heather spent the entire week together and that I barely saw you at all.”

“What?” Hiccup shook his head at Astrid’s odd tirade. He had spent a lot of time with Heather over the last few days. They’d been flying back and forth between Berk and Berserker Island arranging a new trade agreement. Hiccup had asked Astrid to stay behind and watch over the Edge while he was gone.

“Why are you acting like this?”

“I’m not acting like anything!” Astrid crossed her arms. “Hiccup, drop it.”

“Astrid, just tell me.”

Perhaps he had pushed too far, but he really had just been joking around when he’d mentioned it offhand. Never in a million years did Hiccup think Astrid Hofferson would ever be jealous of him hanging out with another girl.

They had been friends for years and never once had this been an issue.

Granted the only other girl Hiccup really hung out with was Ruffnut, and only ever with the rest of their friends.

Still, this outburst was completely unprecedented.

“Fine!” Astrid threw her hands in the air completely surprising Hiccup. “I was jealous!”

“Wait, what?” Hiccup honestly hadn’t been expecting that answer. Where was this coming from? Hiccup’s heart raced at the possibility. “Why?”

“Because, well…” Astrid took a deep breath. “Youwerewithherand-” another breath, slower this time “-… not me.”

Hiccup felt all the air rush from his lungs. “Oh. Astrid- I-“

She cut him off, bending to pick up the papers she’d dropped. “I don’t want to hear it Hiccup.”

“No- Astrid,” Hiccup tried again, “Just… listen-“

“I was stupid to think anything could change. That we-“

Hiccup kneeled down in front of her. “Will you just let me speak?” He asked.

Astrid paused and looked at him.

Hiccup gently took the papers from her hands. “Astrid, there’s nothing going on between me and Heather.” He placed them on the floor in a neat pile and took her hands in his. “I’m sorry I teased you. I just… I didn’t think you thought of me… like that.”

Astrid shrugged. “Yeah, well now you know.”

“It’s just…” Hiccup looked down at their hands. “Maybe I think of you… like that… too.”

Astrid pulled away. “Hiccup.” She stood.

“You’re my best friend Astrid,” Hiccup pushed to his feet. “We promised we’d never keep secrets from each other, now look at the mess we’ve just got ourselves into.”

“You started it.” Astrid’s serious expression had shifted to a shy smile.

“So this is my fault now?” Hiccup asked with an amused grin. “Truth is, I like you. I’ve always liked you. I’ve gone through a hundred different ways to tell you this in my head, but I was scared… and I wanted it to be perfect.”

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, but, I know what you mean.” Astrid tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “The words aren’t exactly easy to say.”

“Say them now.”

Astrid took a step towards Hiccup. “I want to kiss you Hiccup Haddock.”

“Not exactly the words I was expecting, but they’ll do.”

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Do cats exist with white and chocolate spots like a cow cat? But with pure chocolate spots? (Or like patches of colours or something)😂❤️💪🏼

yea a cat can have chocolate spots !!

Tattoo (M) | 02

PT. 1 | PT. 2

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Mino & Hyuna)

Summary: After walking in on your boyfriend having sex with your friend, you want nothing more than to erase that stupid tattoo of his name on your body.

Word Count: 11, 343

Genre: Smut

A/N: Inspired by Tattoo – ELO ft. Jay Park

The constant buzzing sound of the tattoo gun brings you back to that night with Mino when you got your first tattoo. Your drunken state that night didn’t allow you to have a say in the placement of the tattoo, the font, the size – heck, you didn’t even get to decide if you even wanted a tattoo. You guess part of the reason why you hadn’t been that fazed about the unplanned tattoo was because you were too drunk to even remember the pain. However, you’re as sober as you can be right now and as you hear the sound of the machine, you instantly regret your decision.

As if he could read your mind, or rather your tensed body, the artist turns off the tattoo gun before setting it back on the side table. Noticing the sudden quietness surrounding you, you look behind your shoulder, only to meet a pair of dark brown orbs.

“Why aren’t you starting?”

“Let’s do this another time. When you’re ready.” Your brows furrowed as you tried to decipher the reasoning on his face. “Look, I know you want to have this done but I think you should take some time –”

“No! I-I want this now.” You fail at your attempt to conceal your nervousness when you started to stutter. You knew that you couldn’t convince him with your words, because heck, you couldn’t even convince yourself. Who in the world would willing agree to being pricked by a needle a million times?! It wasn’t that you had a fear of needles, rather, it was due to your extremely low pain tolerance. Every time your best friend – ex-best friend – would playfully punch you, your body would literally collapse and you would have a bruise within a matter of minutes.

You didn’t know how painful the tattoo would be; however, you were sure that nothing could be as painful as the piercing sting in your heart. You looked straight at him, pleading to him with your eyes. Thankfully, your persuasion seemed to work when you hear him mumble a ‘Fine’ before breaking eye contact with you to retrieve the tattoo gun again.

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Emma and Regina have their first date night in several weeks and Emma refuses to cancel despite having the flu, but she ends up passing out and Regina has to take her home, which Emma feels horrible about

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma does her best to smile as she sits opposite Regina. They’re finally have this date, after three weeks of mismatched shifts and late cancellations. She should be happy but even the smile is an effort. 

Her head is throbbing. Her throat feels like she’s swallowing broken glass and she’s burning hot. Before leaving the house she threw up twice but there was no way she was cancelling. She’s missed Regina so much and she didn’t want to cancel their first date all month. 

Regina frowns as she watches Emma sit down. The blonde’s hair is dishevelled and her face is ashen. The smile Emma gives her is pained and Regina can see sweat beading on her forehead from the effort. 

“Are you okay?” Regina asks.

Emma opens her mouth to reply except nothing comes out. Spots colour her vision and the last thing she sees is Regina leaping from her chair. 


When she opens her eyes a few minutes later it’s to see her bedroom ceiling. Emma frowns in confusion looking down at herself to see that her dress is gone and that she’s back in her pyjamas. 

“Why didn’t you tell me you had the flu?” Regina asks and Emma jumps before turning her head to see Regina, in a drop dead gorgeous dark blue dress wringing out a cool cloth to place on Emma’s feverish forehead. 

Emma sighs in relief at the cold before replying, “I didn’t want to cancel our date…sorry I ruined tonight.” 

Regina shakes her head, “I’d have understood Emma.”

“But we had plans…a romantic dinner…not…not this…”

“Emma, do you know what I wanted from tonight?”


Regina smiles as she moves to lay beside Emma, reaching out to gently caress Emma’s cheek, “I just wanted you and me together…just us.”