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Halloween with the RFA Members

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween! These mini strips are based on @zens-ponytail​‘s (angst queen) head canons about the RFA entering a Haunted House Attraction ++ mixed with the RFA Halloween Party Outfits! Please read the headcanons on her blog to better understand what’s happening *v* ♥

I added Unknown bc why not;;; he didn’t want to wear a costume but he lets MC match with him anyway hhhhaha!! ++ V coming soon – or not LOLOL ;;; will fix some stuff tomorrow ahaha i’m so tired

At the party
  • V: Luciel, are you here?
  • Seven: *raises hand*
  • V: Didn't recognize you with your hair styled. Yoosung, are you here?
  • Yoosung: *raises hand*
  • V: Ah. I didn't recognize you with your mouth shut.

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Hi i really love your drunk!mc and not recognizing them hc :D is it okay if i request the same but with v and saeran ^u^

Here it is! I don’t know if it is as cute as the original post, tho… still, hope you like it! ^^

Drunk MC doesn’t recognize Saeran and V


  • He hates when you go out like this, because he knows you’re getting home drunk.
  • And you’re a very unpredictable drunk. Sometimes you get really emotional and cry over things like that time you hurt a little boy who had a crush on you: “he wrote me this letter and I answered correcting all his misspells, why am I so bad, Saeran? Whyyy?”
  • Or sometimes you laugh at everything, like when you kept giggling and repeating the word “chocolate pudding” for half an hour.
  • And sometimes you get a little handsy and… hum, he has nothing to complain about that, actually.
  • “Can I help you?” he thought you were being sarcastic when he went to pick you up at your friend’s house, she said somebody looking for you was at the door.
  • “Well, can I help you? You look like shit!” “I’ll tell you what looks like shit, your move! Do you really think nagging will work here? Boy, bye.” What is this woman saying?
  • “Look, no time for jokes. Let’s just go, okay?” he was trying to be patient, but you ignoring him was something he couldn’t stand. It was nothing like you!
  • “Look, dude, as if your shitty move wasn’t bad enough, I already have a boyfriend, okay? And he will beat the shit out of you if he hears about this.” Oh… he knows what’s going on…
  • Yes, you not being able to recognize him happened once, it was pretty funny. You kept telling him to go away because you already had a boyfriend waiting for you at home… and you were already home. Shit, that was hilarious.
  • “Really? Is he that mad?” “Yep, so mad! He used to be madder when he looked like Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, but now… he’s more like Lindo from Dance with Devils, like, mad but cute mad, you know?” He… has no idea who are these people, and he didn’t know he was that mad…
  • “Oh, and… are you scared of him?”. You scoff “Nah, he’s cute. When he crosses his arms and frowns his eyebrows like this… freaking cute!”
  • “Men don’t like being called cute, isn’t he badass?” “Yep, but I like more when he’s cute! When he hugs me and calls me a dork, and tries to braid my hair when I pretend I’m sleeping…” Shit! You should not know about this! “Don’t tell him, but I’m thinking about inviting him to move in with me! Do you think it’s weird? I mean… the girl inviting the guy?
  • “N-no, it’s not weird at all…” okay, joke time is over, this is serious and he needs you sober as soon as possible. “So, hey! Uhm… I’m just your friend’s neighbor, turns out your boyfriend rang my bell thinking it was hers. He’s, uhm… waiting you downstairs.”
  • You said goodbye to your equally wasted friend and went downstairs, where he was waiting for you, trying to do a grumpy face. But it was hard, he really felt like smiling.
  • “Stop drinking that much! And… don’t tell deep weird things to strangers! And…” you interrupt him with a quick peck on his lips and a giggle.
  • “You’re so cute!” he feels his cheeks getting as red as his hair. “I… well, I… yeah, I… thanks.” He needs to get used being called cute if he’s going to be your roommate.


  • You two were at this art exhibition.
  • You two got separated for a while when he went to talk to the artist and you decided to see the paintings and sculptures.
  • When he found you again, you were staring at a painting, your mouth a little ajar. Wow, did it impress you that much? He really wanted to hear your thought about that.
  • “Hi, honey. Do you like this? We can buy it!” you let out a sigh that sounds like a groan and walks away. What… just happened?
  • “Honey? Did I say something wrong? You don’t like it?” “Yeah, I don’t like guys trying to be all sugar daddy over women, stay away from me, granny.” What? Sugar Daddy? Oh my god… is he really acting like this? But… he thought you liked his gifts…
  • Wait! No… it’s not this. He realizes that when he sees you taking a glass of that sweet drink that seemed harmless…
  • And the way your cheeks are flushed, he knows: these aren’t harmless when you have too much.
  • He watches as you stare at another painting. “Do you like this painting, miss?”
  • “Yes, it feels like it’s talking to me.” “Really? What is it saying?” “See the lines in the bottom? To me it’s totally about feeling a strong connection with someone, this brown lines are like a house, or maybe a body. And the blue spot is the soul inside the body, trying to be free.” Well, it was  open to interpretation, anyhow…
  • “Interesting…” “Yeah, it reminds me of my boyfriend, he’s the blue spot. I want the blue spot to be free and happy.” Oh, that was sweet…
  • He wanted to hug you, but he knew you wouldn’t recognize him, so he walked away a little and waited. Until you finally turned your head and faced him, this huge smile showing up in your face.
  • “Hey, honey! Anything you liked?” “Yeah, that one! Look, this shade of blue is the same of your hair!” “Oh, and that orange spot there is the same as your dress.” It was a different tone of orange, but you agreed, amazed.
  • “Now, let’s go, my orange spot, your blue spot needs to make sure you don’t have a hangover tomorrow.” “Why? I’m not drunk!” he chuckles, you are an adorable orange spot, aren’t you?















jumin x elizabeth the 3rd is much more better than the love story of boku no pico… i mean twilight

RFA + MC as Shakespeare Couples

So, to go along with my initial post, I figured I would make a short post about who they would be as Shakespeare couples! @choisgirls

Yoosung X MC:
Orlando and Rosalind from As You Like It. Yoosung and Orlando are very similar in that they are kinda these adorable love struck puppies that would do whatever they can to please the one that they love. Rosalind and MC have to quote on quote guide them and hold their hand throughout the relationship.

Zen X MC: 
Duke Orsino and Viola from Twelfth Night. Listen, Orsino and Zen have nearly the EXACT LEVEL of vanity and self confidence (including the underlying negativity about themselves). Viola and MC are similar in where there is, to some degree, where it feels like they are not good enough for their male significant others.

Jaehee X MC:
SO. There isn’t any female (official) relationships, BUT I will FUCKING ARGUE UNTIL THE COWS COME HOME THAT Desdemona and Emilia was a secret, slightly one-sided relationship in Othello. Which is Jaehee and MC. Supportive of each other, and they don’t take shit from NO ONE.

Jumin X MC:
I’m thinking probably….Macbeth and Lady Macbeth from Macbeth. ULTIMATE POWER COUPLE. Cut out all of the moments where they start to go mad, and we have a highly sexual couple that is MADLY IN LOVE. Like, you can’t tell me otherwise. Plus, Jumin would definitely confer with MC about private business matters.

707 X MC: 
Beatrice and Benedict from Much Ado About Nothing. Witty banter GALORE. That’s all they would be. Need I say any more on the subject?

Portia and Brutus from Julius Caesar! Loving couple that share all their deep dark secrets, and will hold the other up no matter what. MC would do anything for V, and V trusts MC so much, possibly more than Jumin.

Saeran X MC: 
Probably Kate and Petruchio from The Taming of the Shrew. Because let’s be real, like Petruchio, Saeran definitely started out problematic in the beginning, and it would take a determined MC to soften him. Plus, you have to be a bit thick skinned to deal with him throughout the rough moments until you got to the soft spots.

  • 707: ZEN!! What happens to nitrogen when the sun rises?!
  • ZEN: Idk??
  • 707: It becomes daytrogen~ lolololol
  • ZEN: ... I'm going to bed
  • 707: Good nitrogen~
  • Yoosung: Sleep tightrogen~
  • Jumin Han: Don't let the bed bugs biterogen~
  • jumin *in a blonde wig*: a friend of mine saw jumin han in the shower (i dont know how he broke into jumin han's penthouse but he did and im sure he was thrown out by the highly trained security guards soon after) and he said jumin han was ripped. that jumin was shredded
  • zen *laughing*: your friend's a liar. jumin han is a punk ass bitch

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Headcanon of MC who, after completing a route in Mystic Messenger, spots the character in real life looking for them (RFA + V + Saeran please)? Can be angsty or fluffy or anything in between, thanks!

Some of these will be angsty, others will not. Fight me.


  • You’d just finished Yoosung’s route in Mystic Messenger
  • He was your first and honestly you didn’t think any of the other characters could compare
  • You had been sat in a lecture at your school when you noticed a head of bright blond hair walk in half way through class
  • You couldn’t see over everyone though so you let it go and continued taking notes
  • It wasn’t until after class when you had begun down the hallway that you heard rushed footsteps and a familiar voice calling your name
  • It couldn’t be…
  • You turned, making sure to remind yourself that Yoosung was a video game character and that someone was going to have a similar voice to him
  • But when you’d faced the person there was no doubt in your mind that that was Yoosung Kim
  • “It took me so long to find you, but I had to. I couldn’t lose you, not after everything we’ve been through.”
  • You felt your heart swell when he wrapped his arms around you
  • You nearly fainted when he kissed you
  • You were right. After completing every route, not a single character could compare to your living and breathing Yoosung


  • You found yourself wanting to go and see musicals after completing Zen’s route
  • Sometimes you’d pretend that the lead was Zen and it made it all the more fun to watch
  • It was the third musical you had been to and you’d noticed that the actor looked a lot like Zen, and sounded exactly like him too
  • After the show you found yourself making your way around doing your best to try and meet the actor that had been so much like Zen
  • It didn’t take long to find them because coming out of a dressing room was the actor that was identical to Zen
  • And when he looked at you you knew that this had to be Zen
  • “MC, I knew I’d find you. I haven’t stopped looking ever since you reset.”
  • “Zen…”
  • You could see the heartbreak etch onto his face when you felt a muscular arm wrap around your waist, a kiss being planted on your cheek
  • When his eyes met those of your boyfriend’s you knew you had to divert his attention
  • “You were amazing, I can’t wait to see you perform again.”
  • You dared a glance back when you walked away and you saw Zen staring at you as you left, tears streaming down his cheeks
  • He’d find someone else, you needed him to


  • “She’s so cute~” You smiled at yourself after finishing the party on Jaehee’s route
  • You found it funny that you were sat in a coffee shop as you finished as well
  • You had been sat there for a couple minutes before you noticed someone sit across from you
  • Not wanting to be too rude you locked your phone and looked up ready to start some small talk
  • That’s when you noticed, the really cute girl sat across from you was Jaehee
  • You could tell some time had passed since the party because her hair was getting longer but your heart was pounding so fast as she gave you such a bright genuine smile
  • “I used every resource I had to find you. But I knew I’d find you somewhere like this.”
  • Her cheeks were red but you couldn’t help but think that she was cutest with the red tint on her
  • “I love you.” You hadn’t meant to say the words but after seeing the look on Jaehee’s face you were glad you did
  • The two of you ended up continuing the coffee shop business


  • Jumin’s route had driven you crazy
  • It made you hate Zen for a long while because he was being a dick to your love, and your love was being a possessive crazy man until the last day practically
  • Jumin, problematic as he was, held a special place in your heart
  • You were walking down the street, heading to who knows where, when you felt something grasp your sleeve
  • Turning, you saw Jumin Han panting as he had a tight grip on your sleeve
  • “It’s you, it’s really you.” He spoke with a pant in between each word, “Princess, let’s go home.” He lowered his hand to hold yours when he felt it
  • Your engagement ring, the engagement ring that he had not gotten you
  • Hell, he had one in his pocket for you. He was going to propose to you today, but someone had beat him to it
  • “Jumin…I’m sorry.”
  • You watched as Jumin Han shook and cried
  • But what could you do? You’d already met the love of your life…


  • Seven’s route was the most heartbreaking, infuriating thing you’d ever done in your life
  • It left you in pieces
  • It also left you with a craving for a nerdy red head who’d do anything for you
  • You’d been sitting on your couch trying to sleep when you heard vigorous knocking on your door, it was very frustrating
  • You swung open the door preparing to yell at whomever had woken you but then you saw him
  • “I lost Saeran, and that hurt like hell, I can’t lose you too. You promised to stay by me.”
  • You were at a loss for words, here was Seven stood and waiting for you to say something, anything
  • But you couldn’t
  • You felt yourself start crying, at first Seven looked worried but then you pulled him down and kissed him
  • You felt his sigh of relief on your lips, and his smile. And when his arms wrapped around you and lifted you up, you were at peace with the world because you had the love of your life by your side


  • You were FURIOUS that there wasn’t a route for V
  • He deserved so much love and he never got it
  • You did your best though, whenever given the option you made sure to be as kind to V as possible
  • It made you happy to think that maybe you had been a person for him to look forward to talk to, fake or not.
  • You had been walking around a park late one night, just before the sun went down
  • As you were walking you noticed another person lying on the ground with a camera in their hands
  • “Are you a professional?” You had asked not taking note of the person’s grey cardigan and blue hair, V’s trademarks
  • The photographer looked up at you and your heart skipped a beat, and judging by the look on his face, his had too
  • “M-MC?” You nodded slowly, still not quite able to comprehend that this was definitely V sat in front of you
  • “V, is that you?” When he stood up you had to cover your mouth because you were so happy
  • You began laughing because you couldn’t contain your joy
  • “I just wanted you to be happy, please tell me you are.” V gave a soft smile and wrapped his arms around you
  • “I am now.”


  • You were on your phone scrolling through shit posts on Tumblr (@peony all day every day)
  • Then your phone started acting up to the point where you were scared to even touch it
  • Then a message showed up that read
  • I’ve found you
  • You almost shit yourself
  • Not even ten minutes later there’s a knock on your door
  • You decide to hide and hope they go away but then you hear them break into your home and you are ready for death
  • Then you found yourself face to face under your bed with Saeran Choi
  • “Is this real life?”
  • He didn’t say anything he simply stared into your eyes and after a moment you found your heart rate going down realizing that it was him who hacked your phone
  • “I thought you were going to kill me…”
  • “You’re the only person I don’t want to kill.”
  • “I love you too.”
  • The two of you stayed down there for another couple hours

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The RFA and cryptids

707 wholeheartedly belives in them, claims he saw Mothman once and that he can communicate with Bigfoot. Constantly tries to convince Zen that they’re real, but little does he kno Zen proper belives in them too,,, Zen’s favourite cryptid is Nessie.

Yoosung thinks everything supernatural is a cryptid, and is fucking terrified of them. Used to think Slenderman was a cryptid until Seven gave him a cryptid crash course.

Jumin doesn’t believe in them at all (because there’s no cat-like one) and tells Jaehee she shouldn’t believe in them either, although she definitely has a soft spot for Ningen.

A Different Kind of Courage

Laurel paced on the bridge in front of Cullen’s office. To the door, away from the door. To the door, away from the door. In the rain.

She’d been at it for an hour, ever since she’d watched him exit the main hall after supper, cutting through Solas’s laboratory where he normally liked to walk the grounds. So as to interact with the guards on duty, check on the soldiers and recruits, and generally make his presence known because a good commander was many things, but definitely had to be visible.

Her meal had been spent fidgeting across the table, casting quick glances at him, because Andraste’s flaming ass, her crush wouldn’t go away. If it could even be simply classified as a mere crush anymore. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. About the little scar on his lip and what it would feel like to press her lips against it. About the little stray strands of hair that always escaped his otherwise perfectly maintained coiffure. How they always curled up as soon as they were free. How his expression softened whenever he smiled - and how that smile was always the highlight of her day.

Still didn’t think she could take rejection - and Maker take her, there were moments she was certain he wouldn’t - but she couldn’t take not knowing any longer. It was eating at her. At the very least, she could tell him and if he didn’t feel the same, well, it would be awkward for a bit but she’d move on. She always had in the past, she was reasonably sure she could repeat the process.

Her steps swung her back towards his door and she halted. Her stomach flipped over inside her and her heart leapt in her chest, threatening to burst free from its cage.

No, not yet. One more round.

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