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I don't know what I like better: Taako genuinely being the younger twin, or Lup actually being the younger twin but still saying that Taako is the younger twin and everyone just goes with it

I can almost guarantee they don’t know (like they tried to ask their mom and aunt and they both just laughed like you think we were paying attention to what one we got out we were just trying to get you out) but like. You just look at them and Taako instantly gives off the sweet baby brother vibe and tbh you have to earn the title of older sibling and Lup has in all their years on the road while taak very comfortably slipped into the bb role

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5 & 23 😘 thanks for the ask, btw. I think a little vamp Peeta is just what I need to write.

While I would like to claim that I was saving this prompt (neighbors: “So we meet again”) for something special, @peetabreadgirl, I think we both know it was just a lack of motivation or inspiration. However, you’ll forgive me cuz I know you want firefighter!Peeta. ;-) Part 1 can be found HERE. Part 3 to follow soon. Title is a shameless pun. RATED M for smut. Sort of.

Come On Baby, Light My Fire

I have metamorphosed into a perverted incarnation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

On Saturday, I spend the day much as I spend most of my Saturdays. A date with my leftovers from Friday night, papers to grade in the morning, and a movie over the phone with my little sister Prim. Up this week is her selection, The Matrix: Reloaded. I honestly don’t know why she’s so into that trilogy, but the tradition is an old one so I am not allowed to argue her choice.

“I never understood this part,” I mumble into the phone on Saturday as Neo dips his fingers into Trinity’s abdomen to retrieve a bullet. “Also, the dialogue sucks.”

“Shhhhh,” Prim hisses. “It’s romantic.”

“It’s lame,” I respond, and Prim snorts.

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Isabel Deprince by Léa Rielsen for Veoir Magazine | Style by Darryl Rodrigues | Hair by Javier Palacio | Makeup by Topolino

Adut Akech & Nyaueth Riam by Harley Weir for i-D Magazine | Styled by Julia Sarr-jamois | Hair by Cyndia Harvey | Makeup by Thomas De Kluyver | Set Design by Arno Roth

Bonus Spot Mag - Épisode 36 - Chris Colfer answers your questions! (Translation)

Part 1: What did you want to do when you were a kid? As a kid, and a little bit currently still, I always wanted to be a Disney Imagineer. And if one day my career as an actor and writer stops, you better believe that I will definitely pursue that. And I’d go back to school to become a Disney Imagineer and create Disney theme parks’ attractions. Part 2: What are your other passions besides acting? Writing, currently it’s why I’m here. And I like to bake cookies. Actually I might have a problem with baking cookies, because I can’t stop doing this, then I eat them all which is not good. I love arts and crafts, that’s why I love Halloween, any excuse to dress up. Part 3: What would be your ideal holiday? Usually I would say some place like Paris or London, or somewhere else in Europe but I’m not sure I could rest, if I’m serious, because I would be out taking pictures, exploring, learning and going to all sort of places. So I think an ideal vacation would have to be some place with nothing to see, very remote maybe with a bike trail and animals, like nature.  Part 4: Were you a good student? I was a horrible student. Which is always funny because people always assume that I was a straight A student, but no. I think I graduated with a 2.5 GPA, which is like a C+ average. But I just, I tried. I was a very good kid, I was a great, great kid, but I was a horrible student cause I always had too much on my mind.  [Link to videos]

 Thanks to titainwonderland and colemanandsmith for translating!

Bonus Spot Mag - Épisode 36 - Chris Colfer answers your questions!
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