i feel like hancock would be super supportive of the ss hooking up with people romanced or not

like they’re getting hot and heavy with maccready in goodneighbor and the merc gets a snack thrown at his face as hancock voices calls ‘DON’T BE A FOOL WRAP THAT TOOL’ from seemingly nowhere

i also headcanon that hancock knows all the prewar condom slogans

because he finds them hilarious and says them when it’s both called for and totally uncalled for

like danse and preston stray from sanctuary together for whatever reason and warn that they’ll be gone a few hours and he shouts ‘IF YOU GO INTO HEAT PACKAGE YOUR MEAT’


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maccready is jealous to the point where after he realizes he likes the SoSu and they’re talking to someone, it gets to flirty or he’s not getting enough attention he’ll get himself shot/shoot himself in the foot and call/whine to them for help and give like a total ‘haha i win u cock’ look to whoever they were talking to as he and the SoSu limp away

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[[A little OOC clarification is that I currently play Seungho with alcoholism and anxiety-depression, so the negativity within this post is strictly IC, and I can promise you that should you follow this blog, you won’t be bombarded with pointless OOC depression posts. So please don’t be frightened away by the depressive manner in which the above was written. ^^]]