Checked my crushes for the first time in a while and they are pretty spot on! Plus it’s still Friday here, so have an impromptu Follow Friday.

Hank-She’s rocketed to #1 with her love for Skyword Sword and Camilla Belle as Katniss. 

Sportynumbers-For all of your speedo and singlet needs.

Yellowasian-Almost always #1, so hot. 

Cole-If you’re into magazines and cute gpoys, he’s your guy.

C_P-It’s like the first time you realized the things you could do with a shower head, you can't describe seapea, you have to experience her, so do yourself a favor and EXPERIENCE. 

Jane-For all your pretty girl needs. She posts things on her tumblr, too.

Gay-ass-Self explanatory.

Connor-For good taste and Emma Stone. 

Nicole-I love Nicole. 

All quality blogs!