The Perfect Bun for Running, Working Out, and Natural Hair 

- Do you struggle with a looking cute while working out? 
- Do you hate having tight headbands in order to achieve a cute afro puff? 
- Struggling to have a keep your hair intact while working out 2-3 hours a day? 

I have the solution for your workout hair care problems. I created a simple and easy perfect workout hair bun for natural hair. This bun (or puff) will Stay in place, and won’t Fall Out while you are working out. It’s also a great and easy hair style to sport after an intense workout as well. The best part, is the easy DIY headband that I created with one simple product.  Check out the style on @sportyafros or checkout the youtube video through the link above.
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Pre-party sad idea. Protein packed salad. Organic salad greens, Cilantro, tuna salad (no salt seasoning, 1tbs red. fat mayo, 2tbs grey poupone, 1 can salt free tuna), tomatoe and artichoke. Did you know 1 small stalk of artichoke contains 5g of protein?! Because of that this meal is close to 35g of protein and super low in carbs. Have it before heading out to bbqs to keep you full & diet in check. #sportyafros #healthoverhair #myffmeal

Easy & Healthy Meal: shrimp scampi. I am on on a tight budget so I grabbed some medium size shrimp and 2 broccoli slaw mixes. Cost: 10. Two servings per slaw bag. By boiling the slaw and using as noodles I cut major calories and also time. This meal is #paleo approved and #glutenfree. Now time to sit by the fireplace with a glass of wine. Happy Tuesday! #sportyafros #fitfluential #deltalabs #fitfluential

Cheap Lunch:Instead of buying frozen dinners, I am making my own. This taste 10x better than the ones I was buying, lower in sodium and I know exactly what’s in it. Not to bad for an almost vegan pasta dish.

Calories: 355, Carbs: 51, Fat: 9, Protein: 21
Ingredients: @beyondmeat Beef Grounds, #traderjoes Vegestable Radiatore pasta and Organic spagetti sauce (Add your own Italian and herbs seasoning)

Cost: $10
Servings: 4
#sportyafros #healthoverhair #fitfluential #myffmeal #vegan

This is what happens when I go to #traderjoes hungry. I went in for 4 items and came out with 2 bags and handful of stuff for lunch.
I clearly didn’t pack enough food for lunch today and knew I would die for my evening 2 hour work. Oh well..
( Fyi I am not eating the entire batch of almond butter but I can’t say the same for the strawberries.)

I don’t count calories but for those of u who do I can tell you everything minus the dressing plus 1 tbs almond butter it’s well under 800 calories, almost 40g of protein and almost100% of ur daily fiber needs. :-)

Yes this includes the entire carton of berries and the green juice. This is why I eat visually and a planet based diet. You dont have to count calories and can eat a massive amout without feeling so tired. We shall see if I can eat it all but I doubt it. #vegan #sportyafros #healthoverhair