sporty bride

Sporty Bride

Sporty Bride* makes sure to avoid setting her wedding date near an important sports event. Can’t have it in January because of the BCS bowl games, February is out due to the Superbowl, March - March Madness, The Masters in April, May of course the Kentucky Derby, June has both the NBA and NHL playoffs, Wimbledon in July, August she’ll be busy researching for the upcoming fantasy football draft, which then flows into the beginning of the NFL season in September, October The World Series, November is the family Turkey Bowl. This leaves the second week of December. The perfect date!

Everything is “uniquely” themed for her “unique” wedding, because as a woman who likes sports, she’s “unique”. After cleverly walking down the aisle to ‘Take me out to the ball game,’ she and her groom leave the chapel with wedding guests cheering them on with foam fingers and pennants announcing that they’re “A Great Team!” The best man congratulates the groom on marrying “one of the guys” who also happens to be hot.  Her bridesmaids are just happy she actually found someone who’s not the hotdog vendor. 

After the ceremony, the happy couple head to the alumni center of the school where they first met, for the reception. There, more cleverness awaits them as the cake is  topped with Cubs and White Sox toppers, showing the guests… and the world, that yes they come from opposite teams, but love conquers all rivalries.

*Sporty Bride is not to be confused with the Tomboy “I could’ve sworn she was gay” Bride.