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L.O.L. Surprise and Lalaloopsy Similarities

I don’t have any of these L.O.L Surprise toys. I prefer to see the toy I’m buying. There are a few I wouldn’t mind having - like the 50s one, the sporty one with the afro puffs, the surfer, the ballerina, the one in the black and white outfit, and the majorette - but there’s this feeling of deja vu I get from some of them. Besides the baby Bratz aesthetic there are some other things about them that remind me of dolls from other MGA lines. For example, I’ve seen the fake ACDC shirt on a Moxie Girlz doll before. I wonder if that sort of thing is an easter egg or just reusing old ideas. These are some similarities with Lalaloopsy I noticed right off the bat.

I think this one speaks for itself.

Brunette cowgirl-type with two ponytails in pink and red They aren’t super similar but close enough to remind me of each other.

The bantu knots and the color scheme. I think MGA is the only company that gives dolls bantu knots.

Ponytails and the red and white cheer leading outfit. I guess to be fair it’s sort of a generic old fashioned outfit, but it’s still enough to remind me of each other.

This one gives me a Specs or Bea vibe, maybe moreso the Lalaloopsy Girls version of Bea because of the similar style shirt, socks, and shoes and glasses. Again, the school girl look is straight forward, but still, similarities abound.

Her Royal High-ney’s like a combination of Keys and Suzette. Keys’s hairstyle is so distinctively unique. I’m surprised it got reused somewhere.

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