A Welcome


Welcome to public relations in sports. This blog will be all about what pr means to the sports world, and how pr benefits athletes/organizations. I will also talk about current situations where pr could and should be used as an essential tool. 

This blog is not going to be restricted to just public relations professionals or students, but for everyone. Sports people and pr people are all wanted here on this blog. You’re feedback, comments, concerns, or opinions are all appreciated.


I am a junior at The University of West Florida in Pensacola, majoring in Public Relations. We have beautiful beaches, a historic downtown, and minor league baseball (Blue Wahoos) and minor league hockey (Ice Flyers).

I am 23 years old, engaged (getting married in August), and have two children (Peyton, 2 and Joseph, 4). I work at Sonny’s BBQ full-time and hope to be interning in the pr field this time next year. I enjoy cooking, movies, sports, and of course spending time with my family.


Public relations is used in sports everyday, but is not widely talked about. If you search for “sports in pr” blogs, you wont find much. I was able to find TWO other sports pr blogs on Tumblr, one of them being a student and the other was for Turner Sports. This made me a little disappointed because nobody is openly discussing the importance of pr in the sports world.

After the initial shock of finding really nothing, I am now really excited to create this blog on public relations in sports. This is a great opportunity for me to create something special, and rare in a blog. I look forward to talking about everything sports from the perspective of a public relations student!