For me Cristiano is the best in the world and I have absolutely no problem with him. His apology has already been accepted of course. These things can happen to anyone on a football pitch. They’re the result of frustration and nervousness…which was understandable, as things weren’t looking too good for Madrid at that moment.
—  FC Córdoba’s Edimar about Cristiano Ronaldo’s foul against him.

I was really touched when David Luiz and James Rodriguez exchanged jerseys after the game, and how the Brazil team consoled him.
A lot of people get caught up in the rivalry within those 90 minutes and forget about the importance of sportsmanship. It was just his first World Cup and to be acknowledged by the other team players and coach probably lightened the mood, and while it didn’t change the score of the game, it’s opened his doors to a bright future in the world of soccer.

To anyone who says Holly Holm doesn't deserve the belt;

Were we watching the same fight or?

Holly Holm walked onto that mat prepared for every strike, kick, and take down Rousey had lined up for her. She found the holes in Ronda’s approach and utilized them to her advantage. She capitalized on Ronda’s mistakes and did what no one else could do.

Rousey walked into that octagon arrogant and under the assumption that this would be another notch on her literal belt and she was ultimately taught a tough lesson in humility.

Despite the tension at the weigh-in, despite the lack of sportsmanship at Rousey refusing to touch gloves, Holly Holm knelt before her predecessor as a sign of RESPECT. She had a moment of victory then went to her opponent and knelt to the level of the defeated.

Anyone who says Holly Holm did not deserve this win can find the door and dismiss themselves.