Missing Meihan. @nakamura_naoki_n (at Meihan Sportsland)

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Car spotting at the Konbini

Stopped off at a 7/11 near Sportsland Sugo the other day and spotted this little trio who were headed to the circuit together.

The Nismo 370z was the first to catch my eye. These things are pretty beefy up close.

I was especially impressed at how mint the S15 was. Rare to see such a clean, barely modified example. 90% of the Silvias I see have at least been dropped to the floor. This one was sporting a pretty hefty exhaust though, perhaps the owner has more modifications planned.

Always nice to see Honda Type Rs in Japan. Some may be surprised to hear that these EP3 Civics are less common here than back in the UK. I rarely see them out in the wild. Also interesting to note is the little Union Jack badge on the back. I later found out that this is because all EP3s here were originally built in Swindon in the UK and then shipped to Japan. What I thought was a fundamentally Japanese car seems to have a very British reputation in Japan.


Nakamura ft. 1JZ S14


Meihan Sportsland, CA