Ever wished you could learn some neat snowboarding moves from one of the world’s best riders? Now is your chance.

Torah Bright has a pipe gold medal in Vancouver and a TTR World title as well as being one of the most photographed snowsport athletes out there. So who better to teach you how to pull a backside 540 in the pipe?

Even if you are not hitting the snow this winter, or won’t be going anywhere near a pipe when you do, it makes a great watch. Enjoy!

Sarah O’Neill’s marathon effort: The 12in12

If your sporty new year’s resolutions are already taking a bit of a knock you might like to use  Sarah O’Neill’s story as a source of inspiration for getting back to it.

Sarah, along with three other core team members decided to run an incredible 12 marathons in 12 days, winding their way down the UK, flying the flag for HOPEHIV as they went. Sportsister joined them for part of that final leg and caught up with Sarah post 12in12 to hear all about her year-long journey and to ask ‘what next?’…


The definitive guide to choosing a sports bra: It’s quite possibly the most important piece of kit any woman can buy, so make sure you get the right bra for your shape and sport. Carol Cottrell, founder of sportsbra e-tailer Booby Doo, has talked us through the basics of choosing the right sports bra.


Like skating? Like photography? Then this is for you.

Presented by Huck and Copson St., Anywhere Road is a new photography exhibition that cuts to the core of skateboarding life and features the work of female skateboarders from around the world.

It’s a snapshot of life on the road by girls who live it…


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