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Ignorant and blatantly sexist. Is this even a thing that people still say? What exactly makes basketball easier to follow? I have so many questions.

Let’s sit this guy down and explain to him that over 40% of NFL fans are female and 60% of NFL merchandise purchases are made by women.

- Donna

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#latergram: These 3 All-Americans SHREDDED the #NCAA courts on behalf of the #BigEast. One of our @iconic32 leaders @felipelopez13, our boy Charlie V. @cvbelieve and #RudyGay @husky4lyfe8 reppin’ for @usabasketball and @sacramentokings. This was recently snapped in #NYC when Team USA was in the #Mecca. #pledge2creativity #youthculture #sportsculture #basketball #ball #hoops @nba @nbacares @nikebasketball #nike @iconic32sportslab

Sports: The Associated Press Top 25 Preseason poll for College Football was released over the weekend and there is no surprise who is at the top. The two-time back to back champion Alabama Crimson Tide are sitting where no one has day the past two years. Many have them winning it all again, with quarterback A.J. McCarron back and a solid bulk of the defense back, the Crimson Tide may see themselves in the BCS championship game once again. Rounding out the top 5 were Ohio state at 2, Oregon at 3, Stanford at 4, and Georgia at 5. The SEC slipped 5 teams in the top 10. Talk about power conference. Who do you like for this upcoming college football season? I can tell you this, there’s going to be a lot of college football coverage this year for the culture. #alabama #oregon #collegefootball #nicksaban #crimsontide #top25 #ohiostate #stanford #ucla #georgia #texasa&m #johnnyfootball #usc #football #bcs #sports #collegesports #ncaa #creatingculturesports #culture #sportsculture #creatingculture

Maybe because I’ve battled a fierce sinus infection for the past three days I’m emotionally vulnerable, but I have read every article I can find regarding Kevin Ware’s injury during the Louisville/Duke Elite 8 game and have just bawled like a baby.  As mentioned in a previous post, I don’t really know much about sports despite growing up in a sports obsessed family.  To add to this confusion is the fact that my family are devout UK fans and I married into a family of devout UofL fans.  Since I don't really know/care enough about sports to show favoritism to one team or the other, I usually spend all collegiate football and basketball seasons in a constant state of anxiety due to the rivalry between both teams.  I just want my family to be happy…both sides.

I think the main issue that gets me, though, is the stereotyping.  UK fans are supposedly arrogant rednecks and UofL fans are supposedly classless thugs. Both sides are guilty of stereotyping yet claim they are not.  It is maddening.  I had, honestly, not heard much about this rivalry until moving to Louisville, which for a long time made me think that UofL fans were the ones with the chips on their shoulders.  But maybe that way of thinking was because a little of that UK arrogance had managed to seep into my psyche.  

Regardless, I challenge any sports fan (avid or no) to watch and/or read about what happened to Ware and not be moved by the display of class and strength displayed by the Louisville Cardinals as they openly wept and prayed for a fallen teammate.  The outpouring of support by non-UofL fans, namely UK, was also encouraging.  It was all very classy and will hopefully not soon be forgotten.  Real Truth.      


Breezy + number 13 + basketball = Mecca. #NYC #basketball has been in full force the last 2 weeks with @usabasketball rolling through and the @rocnation celeb charity festivities. Don’t forget to check @chrisbrownofficial’s new album #xthealbum…. @felipelopez13 #hoops #pledge2creativity #iconic32 #sportsculture #ballislife #music #musicculture #youthculture @skylergreystreetart @malikyoba @nba @nbacares


Normally “sports culture” (a term I use very loosely to represent anything having to do with the mentality of die hard fans, obscene amounts of arrogance from players, superstitious behavior among both fans and players, stereotyping someone based on their team preference, etc.) wears me out and this video should be no exception.  It should be noted that I come from a sports obsessed family.  I think their obsession caused my, at times, contrary nature to go in the complete opposite direction.  Anyway, I know nothing about Ray Lewis.  Honestly, I would not have recognized his name had I not heard it over and over while Mr. Blackman was watching ESPN yesterday (and yes, sometimes even Mr. Blackman falls victim to sports culture type behavior).  All I know is, instead of wearing me out this “dance” cracked me up.  Real Truth.