Sportscraft 100

Last night I worked my first PR event as a intern, and it was amazing! The Australian fashion brand Sportscraft celebrated their 100th anniversary at the beautiful Cafe Sydney. Even though it was a long and tiring day, I had a blast setting up these beautiful tables, helping out celebs and wearing awesome walkie talkie/radio thingys with the ear piece and everything (felt like I was secret service for the president lol). I met heaps of celebrities, most of them I didn’t know lol, but many I did know like Michael Klim, Rachel Griffiths, Ita Buttrose, a couple of Channel 10 personalities and Miss Kylie Kwong. Let me just say that Kylie Kwong is my favourite chef, I just love her style of cooking and her personality. So I actually got the chance to talk her… for like a minute, but it was everything lol. At the end of the day my feet are sore and I’m exhausted, but it was all worth it and I can’t wait for the next event.

Thrills building. Hanging around over miniature Sydney town ahead of @sportscraft ’s 100 dinner. Weird confabulation of revered dates as centenary of WW1 declaration also being marked all over the city! #sportscraft100 (at Cafe Sydney)

Thrilled to the gills to join iconic fashion brand Sportscraft for its 100 year celebrations tonight. 100 years! And still rocking the well cut blouse, perfectly tailored jacket, chic silhouette and God’s own slacks. Congratulations doesn’t cover it. Xx @sportscraft #sportscraft100 #yesthatsjeanshrimpton #chicforallwomen (at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney)