Summer casual sportscoat. A soft constructed sportscoat with no canvas chestpiece, a perfect summer casual sportscoat. Made with blue linen.

Available in bespoke and Ready to Wear. See prices and sizing for information

#the light though…#more lodge hints? 

@doesnt-own-a-sportscoat I’d bet money on that light being as much of a Lodge hint as his previous slot machine prowess. Honestly, IS there any other reading that holds water? “Oh he just got his full faculties back for a moment… and also some light just happened to flash on that guy’s face”?

Interestingly, these scenes mirror two of Coop’s trademark talents: he could spot certain lies and secrets with Holmes-like swiftness, and he was supernaturally good at blackjack and other casino games (a talent we witnessed in a Lodge-coded location). Now they’re Lodge gifts. Or were they always..?


Blue In Green (Inner Layers)

I’ve decided to try the gilet as an inner layer. If you’re going to do this, it’s got to be a thin gilet to be able to fit under a sportscoat. It won’t appeal to everyone but I like it. This gilet is the sleeveless ultra-light down vest so it’s pretty warm but not thick at all which is great for layering.

Jacket - P Johnson

Gilet - Uniqlo

Shirt - 45 RPM

Trousers - Boglioli

Socks - Uniqlo

Shoes - Crockett and Jones

Blind Date \\ Heikki & Loren

He wasn’t even sure why he’d agreed to this. A blind date? Did anyone do those any more? A recent friend of his had noted Loren’s obvious relationship status… single as hell… and asked if he wanted to go on a date with another friend of his. He’d make all the plans, they both just had to show up. Easy enough, and if it went south, they could blame it on their mutual friend… right? Loren hadn’t really been told anything about this guy. But Loren was to arrive at a certain time, get a table at a restaurant, and set a rose down so the man knew to come. Loren had, instead, elected on wearing it in his blazer jacket. He’d dressed up nicely- a nice cologne, trimmed beard, deep blue casual sportscoat with a plaid button-up. He tapped his fingers on the table nervously, checking the time. Loren had already ordered a glass of wine and taken a sip or two. God, he hoped this wouldn’t suck.