My name is Caitlin Friend and I am an athlete who’s passionate about what I do. My sexual orientation should make no difference to how people see me.

I am rallying behind Angie Greene and the ‘STAND UP’ events crew… They dedicate their time to raise awareness for sexual and gender equality in sport and I can’t thank her enough! Thanks @gagagreene and @standupevents for all that you do, I appreciate you. Thankyou. #STANDUP!

Headcanon time!

When they aren’t playing Duel Monsters, Yugi and Atem like to try different sports.  It’s usually Yugi who decides what sport they should try, and Atem is always ready to join.

Yugi likes the kind of sports that are simple and fun to play, like bowling (Although Atem always dominates when bowling due to the game going all the way back to Ancient Egypt).  Atem has taken a liking to games such as basketball and baseball.  Football, not so much due to all the tackling.

When playing, Yugi and Atem usually face off against each other, and the winner can have anything they want from the other.  Most of the time, they choose between a night out, a cuddle, a hug, kiss, and something else.

i still can’t believe that movie Fever Pitch was a real thing and that it made $20 million at the box office. a man is so obsessed with baseball that he decides to break up with the love of his life because she asked him to miss one (1) game. he feels bad and decides to sell his season tickets in a grand gesture to win her back. she feels bad about him feeling bad, runs across a field, and begs him not to sell. she decides to become a baseball fan as well and they get married and have kids. is that not the most heterosexual thing you have ever heard

Nothing seems to piss off right-wingers more than flags that aren’t red white and blue, right-wing militant groups, or sports teams

I get so so many nasty reactions but like…I’m 10000% sure that more than half of them don’t even know what flag this is, they probably just see a bearded Arab dude and a flag they don’t know and think “lemme flip him off!! Lemme tailgate him and flash my high-beams!!!”

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Okay, is it... weird... that my binder literally feels looser and less constraining than my sports bras? Like, I'm talking ONE sports bra at a time hurts my lungs and chest more than a binder. Do you think my binder is too small (I was between an XXS and an XS gc2b, and I went up bcos shoulders), or do you think I'm just an anomaly? Like I seriously could run in my binder and feel better than in a sports bra.

Kii says:

Some people find binders more comfortable than sports bras, and that’s totally fine! (But don’t run in your binder.)

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I was reading your ask about the US national anthem/standing with hand on heart. It's funny because I am British and at the Olympics, one of our athletes (Bradley Wiggins if you want to see the clip) was filmed pulling silly faces during the British anthem and all I could think of (after the Gabby thing) was how the internet would explode If he were American.

YUP hahaha. My first sports game that I went to outside of the US, I was like, omg there’s no anthem opening up this game?! It’s just allowed to be sports?! At baseball games not only do they play the national anthem before the game, but they also play “God Bless America” in the middle of the game!!!! WHY. It’s so weird and creepy and no other “progressive” country in the world does something so archaic and nationalistic. 

Catalina turned down the offer to run for office at the last minute. While the leader of PSD Constanta said yesterday that she agreed to it and they will submit her name, she gave a pretty tough statement this morning saying she won’t do it.

‘I’m not getting into politics, it’s not for me. They say it’s a dirty job and I won’t put up my name for something like this, after years of work and sacrifices in gymnastics. If I would’ve been living in a civilized country, maybe it would have been worth it. I care about sports, not politics, and I want to keep my name clean. I couldn’t have done both things right - I have a schedule in gymnastics, at PSD I would have had a different schedult and I would have ended up not doing anything at all. I will continue with gymnastics as long as my health allows.’ (x)

Not gonna lie, I hope Yuri!!! On Ice won’t have too much gay shit in it. I’m tired of sports anime basically queerbaiting. Ice skating is such a fantastic sport and it’s so so different from team sports and I’m really excited to meet all these new characters but I’m not excited for the fan service-y moments… unless it actually turns out gay. Then that’s actually great.


There is a Friday night spin class that I LOVE. I get off workaround 6, it starts at 6:15, so if I duck out 5 minutes early I can just make it in time to change and get to class. It’s 45 minutes and intense and fun, and a super efficient way to kick off the weekend and still have Friday night free for social stuff!

Tonight it was the perfect fit before going to an 8pm comedy show. I ran out of work, I got a little bit of a blister from power walking 10 blocks in my rain boots, arrived at the gym…and realized that I forgot a sports bra 😡

If I were just going home after, I’d suffer through class in my normal bra, but since I have to go out after and have no extra time to grab a spare, here I am walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes so it’s not a total wash.


granted, i’m tipsy in a sports pub, but I’ve just had a brilliant idea for a possible ma thesis:

national identity as portrayed by molson canadian advertisements