With references to the Black Lives Matter movement, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, Beyoncé’s show at the Super Bowl might be the most radical political statement from the superstar in her 20-year career. So much blackness in this. So, so much. And no apologies for any of it. Thank you! #Love it!

If there was one thing that Jihae had realized throughout his time as a high school student, it was that sports were regarded with a certain air of importance. It was strange how competitive even those who had never bothered to join a team seemed to become, feature’s twisted in a rather unfaltering manner whenever they were not first to cross the finishing line. Over the years he had grown to find amusement while watching such things unfold, student’s who had spent their lives buried in the pages of a textbook, attempting to show athletic ability in the way he had spent majority of his life dedicated to it. It was even more fun to part take in when each of Chicago’s schools were brought together for their notorious sports days, each wanting to return to their own familiar hallways with the knowledge that they had out beat the others, which hadn’t happened for any other in the passing years. “Ten minutes, then you’re up.” Junior’s voice had broken through the chaotic noise, teen’s and parents screaming words of encouragement to those they had come to sport, or friends taking part while they waited for their turn. The older male’s words had been directed towards Sungjin, barely lingering for a second before disappearing to throw out his next orders, or to stare at Nova from a distance, both of which seemed likely in Jihae’s opinion. It was with that thought in mind that Jihae threw himself down onto the artificial flooring,  legs outstretched as he supported himself with his hands, which bent at a rather awkward position. “You should see Kaida in those shorts.” It was a statement made more towards himself than his best friend, gaze travelling the layout of students, only half of which he knew by name. Maybe it was superficial or arrogance on his part, but even those he had shared classing with since freshman year, he hadn’t bothered to learn the name of, nor took an interest. Kaida had originally been the same, a person he only knew to be the one who held the title of top of their classes. It was strange how much had changed from then, until now. “Even Minah’s ass looks good in them.” It had taken a moment for his attention to return to Sungjin, eyebrow wiggling rather suggestively as he balanced on one hand, the other patting against the males chest. “Speaking of  –” Before he’d had a chance to finish his sentence, the blonde had thrown herself down beside Sungjin with very little care for the lack of distance, a string of muttering carrying out as Jihae watched her in amusement. “I might strangle Nova instead of April  –  I shouldn’t hit her, my ass.” At that, she released a rather exaggerated breath, barely paying attention to the figure’s beside her until Jihae’s laughter followed her rant. “Anyone ever told you that you have anger issues?” It had been a teasing statement, which only resulted in a huff in response, a pout forming  on her lip’s momentarily before obscuring her face in Sungjin’s shoulder. They weren’t dating, nor was she usually the one to ignite contact, but in that moment she couldn’t find the energy to care or reprimand the other for his statement, which had quickly turned to childish cooing at the two’s closeness.