If you haven’t seen John John Florence’s new short titled “& AGAIN,” get on it! Watch HERE

Video | Blake Vincent Kueny & John John Florence

Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny & John John Florence 
Surfing by John John Florence & Raimana Van Bastolaer & Albee Layer
Filmed by Blake Vincent Kueny & Daniel Russo & Erik Knutson
Edited by Blake Vincent Kueny 
Colored by Trevor Durtschi
Special Thanks to RED Digital Cinema and Wedge & Lever

“Strictly 4 My Jeeps” by Action Bronson 
“Buddy Guy” by Action Bronson 

This is Surya Bonaly, a former figure skater from France.

She was a talented figure skater, and the only one to perform a backflip landing on one foot. Believing that she was unjustly scored in the 1998 olympics after the short program, she decided to make a statement by performing this illegal move.

Surya is essentially the face of “fuck you, I will do what I want.”



Respect. More than any other emotion, that’s the feeling Derek Jeter has commanded throughout his 20 years in Major League Baseball. As the Yankees shortstop enters the halfway turn of his farewell season, Nike’s Air Jordan brand (a longtime sponsor of Jeter) has released an incredible commercial to celebrate his final year.

Watch the full commercial for even more sports cameos here. 

Cristiano Ronaldo reaction-palette [suitable for every Madridista]:

Your reaction when…

  • …your team scores a goal

  • …your team concedes a goal

  • …your team misses a great chance for a goal

  • …someone mentions FC Barcelona in your presence

  • …your rivals win a game

  • …your rivals lose a less important game

  • …your rivals lose an important game

  • …the referee is making decisions against your team

  • …someone tries to compare your team to others

  • …you didn’t get the joke

  • …someone tries to be funny, while your mood is down

  • …someone tells you a naughty joke

  • …someone starts hating on your favourite player

  • …someone says Atlético Madrid is better than Real Madrid

  • …the bitch you hate goes past you

  • …someone tells you to show off your dancing skills

  • …someone tells you, you’re cute

  • …your favourite footballer takes off his shirt

  • …a player of your team gets booked for no reason

  • …someone tells a joke that you don’t think is funny

  • …you’re bored during a speech

  • …someone asks you to join their picture

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