Ceres in the Signs & Houses

Ceres was the first to be discovered in the asteroid belt. It has since been reclassified as a dwarf planet, which would make Ceres at least as important as Pluto in the astrological chart since they are both dwarf planets.

Ceres was the sister of Zeus (Jupiter). She is the quintessential Earth Mother and rules over food, cooking and nutrition. Wherever she appears in your chart, she shows how best you feel nurtured. This is also the area where you can easily provide love and comfort.

Your Ceres Sign influences mothering, hard work, parenting, and gardening as well. It will show how well we go with the flow… the universal one, that is. This is the unification of both giving and receiving through ourselves as an exchange of energy. Ceres is associated with fertility, the uterus and stomach. On her negative side, she influences grief, work problems, eating disorders, custody issues and kidnapping. She may influence low self-esteem, fear of abundance, feelings of abandonment or unworthiness, over-attachment, possessiveness, parent-child complexes and barrenness.

Ceres in Aries

Ceres in Aries nurtures independence; they show their love through physical activities rather than cuddling. They help others become self-sufficient through encouragement. Those with this combination may feel inadequate or incompetent at times if they had to compete with their own parent at some point. They are very protective of their family. They are assertive and like physical action. They may end up with a challenging partner in some kind of relationship. Ceres in Aries must be nurtured in an active, independent way by their family and partners in order to feel loved. If they feel dominated or pushed to take on responsibility before they are ready, they may develop issues. They value self-determination and do their best to support that trait in those they care for.

Ceres in the 1st House

People will always be mistaking you for their mother, even if you are a guy. That’s because Ceres in the 1st house people just seem to be nurturing. This effect is lessened if Ceres is located more towards the end of the house, or in a different sign from the Ascendant. There can be a problem if you happen to have a lot of planets in Gemini, like a friend of mine. She would rather talk than nurture, but emotionally needy people gravitate towards her constantly.

Ceres in Taurus

Ceres in Taurus feels nurtured when they are fed and pampered. A good massage helps them feel grounded and cared for. They nurture others by giving them the necessities of life like food, shelter and financial stability. They may become overly dependent on their belongings or may equate self-worth with what they own. Touching is an important part of nurturing for this combination. If they can relax, it is beneficial to them. They feel worthwhile if they can provide for themselves.

Ceres in the 2nd House

If well aspected, your physical nurturing needs will always be provided. And you will tend to nurture others in the same way. And nothing makes you feel more nurtured than a large bank balance and a full refrigerator.

Ceres in Gemini 

Ceres in Gemini feels nurtured when someone takes the time to talk or write to them. They need to communicate with others. Traveling with them or even going along on errands will make them feel that you care. They like to nurture others through education, sitting down for a good talk, and the gift of travel. They share important information whenever they can. When things aren’t going right, they may suffer from mental confusion or try to be intellectually superior. They love to learn and be listened to. They feel good about themselves when they feel smart or intellectually competent for the task at hand.

Ceres in the 3rd House

Nurturing could have been provided for you by brothers and sisters, or even neighbours. Conversely, you could have been the one nurturing them. Your words tend to be nurturing. This could be a good placement for a therapist or counsellor.

Ceres in Cancer

Ceres in Cancer creates a nurturing home environment. It is where they feel the most comfortable and nurtured themselves. They enjoy being mothered and mothering others. Hugs are popular. When they don’t feel nurtured, they can feel like the whole world hates them. They provide both physical and emotional support. Food can play a large role in nurturing themselves and others. They are very sentimental. Those whose needs were met at a young age will, in turn, take excellent care of others. Those who were deprived or smothered with too much affection may end up being overly needy. Self-acceptance is important.

Ceres in the 4th House

Being home nurtures you, and there is a tendency to nurture anyone and everyone in your home. It’s as simple as that. But you could also feel nurtured by the homes in general, so this is a good placement for dealing in domestic real estate.

Ceres in Leo

Ceres in Leo takes pride in nurturing others. They are cheerful and optimistic, at least in public. They provide a living example of the self-assured personality. They have a way of infusing others with confidence as well. While they aren’t the best at nurturing emotionally, they are dedicated. Nurturing others also helps Ceres in Leo feel good about themselves, especially when they receive accolades for it. They love attention, admiration and respect. They are creative and independent and foster these traits in others. When they feel down, they may feel inadequate and unappreciated. They help others find their creative muse and make the most of it. Self-expression is all important to them.

Ceres in the 5th House

The tendency with this placement is to feel nurtured by fun, sports, games, romance, children, gambling and speculation, you name it. Any form of excitement will do. There will likely be a need to feel nurtured by romantic partners, and, conversely, to nurture them. Be careful, though, about getting a nurturing feeling through gambling.

Ceres in Virgo

Ceres in Virgo don’t mean to be critical, but it may be the approach they take to nurturing others. They are really just trying to help. They feel good when they are busy, especially with detailed work. They can also take a nice detailed criticism in a constructive way most of the time. They want to nurture others through service. At worst, they become perfectionists who never can be satisfied with their work or that of others. They are well organized and can help teach this talent to others. They feel nurtured by good quality clothing, food and health. They can teach others to be competent, proud of their work, and to be self-disciplined. 

Ceres in the 6th House

Work could easily give you that nurturing feeling. People with this placement would either tend to nurture co-workers or feel nurtured by them. This placement can also feel nurtured by doctors and other health care workers.

Ceres in Libra

Ceres in Libra is nurtured by beauty. They notice the small subtle things that others do to show they care. They do the same for others, nurturing in small ways and surrounding others with beauty. They like everyone to cooperate and share. Having a good relationship is very nurturing to Ceres in Libra. They may get caught up in need acceptance from others and forget to work on themselves. Good manners and sensitivity towards the feelings of others go far in nurturing this combination. They appreciate the effort. Luxury is not wasted on them either they truly appreciate fine dining, fine fabrics and beauty all around them. 

Ceres in the 7th House

This placement would either tend to nurture partners (both marital and business) or attract partners who nurture them. Strive for a balance if you have this one, otherwise, either you or they will be doing all the work, and that could eventually cause resentment.

Ceres in Scorpio

Ceres in Scorpio feel nurtured through touch, especially intimacy. They enjoy anything mysterious or being part of something transforming. Healing others is fulfilling for them. They form deep bonds with their loved ones that make them feel whole. Emotional self-control is important to them, and helping others through transformational experiences is very powerful for them. They may become jealous, possessive or resentful when they don’t feel nurtured. Stable relationships are an important part of their nurturing. Isolation causes problems. 

Ceres in the 8th House

You poor thing. You need sex to feel nurtured. Oh well, we each have our cross to bear. Carry on (and I’m sure you will). Actually, you might also nurture your partner with this one. The 8th house also rules other things besides sex. This placement is also good for nurturing people who are undergoing a process of rehabilitation. 

Ceres in Sagittarius

Ceres in Sagittarius hides their nurturing qualities. They tend to reflect the drive and passion of those around them. They want those around them to succeed. They are not good at taking the initiative when it comes to nurturing. They prefer to share wisdom, adventure and knowledge as a form of nurturing. They may be excellent at giving advice or teaching. They may feel their life is meaningless when stressed. Part of their nurturing nature is to encourage optimism in others. They show their concern by taking part in social issues. They feel nurtured when they have the freedom to explore and broaden their horizons.

Ceres in the 9th House

You would tend to feel nurtured by taking long trips, either physically or mentally. Travel will do it, but so could study and discussion of religious or philosophical matters.

Ceres in Capricorn

Ceres In Capricorn feels nurtured when they are organized and in control. They help others learn how to succeed. They take great comfort in every achievement they make. They have learned to take responsibility, now they will teach this to others. When stressed they can be overly dependent on their status in an effort to make themselves feel better. Surprises turn their world upside down. Goal setting and working hard is more their thing. They try their best to get others to realize how beneficial this path is to meeting your goals. It is hard for them to accept themselves sometimes. They equate feeling loved with how well they perform in life. 

Ceres in the 10th House

Well, this placement can make you popular (even if you don’t want to be). As soon as you set foot in public, people will start coming to you for nurturing. Not in private, thankfully. At least you will be safe in private. Even the boss could come to you for this (or you might have a tendency to nurture the boss). Conversely, you could tend to attract bosses who like to nurture you (hopefully with constant raises). You could also be attracted to careers ruled by Ceres, namely anything connected with food or clothing.

Ceres in Aquarius

Ceres in Aquarius finds their solace in the strange and offbeat. They also love being around friends. When they are down in the dumps, there is nothing better than when their friends show up. They may have felt abandoned as a child, and they taught themselves to distance themselves from that feeling. It is hard for them to admit that they need someone else. Intimacy may be difficult. When Ceres in Aquarius nurtures others, they help them develop a sense of social justice. They also want their loved ones to appreciate and accept their own uniqueness. They feel nurtured when they are accepted by a group or help out in a cause. When stressed they may feel disconnected or inept socially. They value personal freedom. They also love to serve their fellow man. This makes them feel they are doing well. 

Ceres in the 11th House

The tendency here is to nurture your friends or attract friends who nurture you. Since the 11th house also rules your hopes and wishes, you could easily have a wish to nurture large groups of people, perhaps by joining (or founding) a humanitarian group of some sort.

Ceres in Pisces

Ceres in Pisces reflects the emotions of those around them. They want to understand and help people through emotional crises. They are truly compassionate and they supply this through nurturing. They love anything imaginative. It fills them with good feelings and makes them feel nurtured. When feeling down, they may feel helpless or abandoned. They need time alone to de-stress and re-energize themselves. Water is calming. Self-acceptance may depend on their ability to be selfless. 

Ceres in the 12th House

This is the house of hidden things, psychological problems and “restrictions.” Whatever is in this house shows what we don’t want to show to the world, or even to ourselves. Ceres in the 12th house can show that nurturing needs were suppressed. This could also make it difficult to nurture others. On the positive side, this placement could channel these frustrations into charity work where you provide nurturing to the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives tend to be idealistic, optimistic, dependable, open-minded, friendly, honest and versatile. But, they can also be tactless, irresponsible, showy, boastful, self-righteous, arrogant, quarrelsome, fanatical, dogmatic and dictatorial. Sagittarius natives like any work where foresight and a willingness to take a chance is offered, while at the same time, they try to avoid detailed work.

Sagittarius natives are usually outspoken, sometimes to the point of bluntness. Simply blurting out their ideas and opinions is due to their never-ending search for truth and wisdom. Others think Sagittarius natives are pretty tactless and the statement that “truth hurts” fits their way of thinking. Regardless of their undiplomatic remarks, others instinctively feel as if the Sagittarian means them no real harm and is only interested in raising their consciousness.

Sagittarius natives love the outdoors, large animals, nature and sports. Some have reckless gambling tendencies and will bet it all on the drop of a hat. Travel and even long walks appeal to them because they make the Sagittarian feel free – and he needs to feel free.

Sagittarius natives are philosophical and they want to understand the deeper issues and abstractions of life. They have a certain faith in higher things that generally always keeps them of an optimistic bent, no matter what difficulties are currently besetting them. They want to understand the meaning of life. This helps to keep them growing and expanding, which is something they need to do. This desire for expansion can cause them to overextend themselves with too many activities and to use up their energy too rapidly. They need to take intervals of rest to recuperate between projects.

Sagittarius natives need to learn how to concentrate on their current projects and stick with them to the end. Always full of enthusiasm, they tend to show it more at the start of new endeavors, then it tends to lessen as the project goes along and gets stuck in details, or the going gets a little rough, or it simply gets a little boring.

Although Sagittarius natives are ordinarily healthy, they can run into trouble due to overindulgence in food and drink.

Sagittarius natives are known for their friendliness, helpfulness and subtle humor. They are good conversationalists and enjoy debating merely for the sake of debating. They have a real gift for making friends and the typical Sagittarian can go anywhere in the world without ever feeling lonely, for they acquire friends along the route. They have humanitarian instincts and are practical in expressing them. They will tend to help anyone who is in need. You can usually depend on their loyalty and honesty, for there is nothing devious or manipulative in their nature.

Sagittarius natives are extremely independent and restless, with a real need for personal freedom. They can experience claustrophobia, either physical or emotional. This is why they are reluctant to get into total commitment situations and often shy away from marriage. In love, Sagittarius natives are highly romantic, but they need their partner to be intelligent and communicative. They hate jealousy and possessiveness on the part of their partner, especially since they are fond of flirting. They enjoy the chase more than the capture.

Career wise, Sagittarius natives are reluctant to become tied down to a set schedule, so will experiment with a variety of jobs. They do best in careers that permit them to travel about, either locally or widely. They also like dealing directly with people, either selling or promoting ideas, products, etc.

The Sagittarian may overlook small details, but their overall sense of planning is excellent. They have good memories. The challenge of a problem is what interests them, for it caters to their enjoyment in exploring the unknown. Playing games comes easily to a Sagittarian and it is the journey they enjoy rather than the destination.

Magic Oils Master Post

Ritual Oils

  • the general name for oils used to anoint candles, ritual tools, material, furniture, money, and other such items
  • also called Anointing Oils

Condition Oils

  •  is a term found only in Hoodoo and Conjure practice
  • it refers to all anointing and dressing oils that are utilized in rites, rituals, or spell-craft to address or remediate an unwanted condition or to bring about a desired condition
  • Because these oils were developed by practitioners of the African American folk magic path, which is called Conjure or Hoodoo
  • also called Conjure OilsHoodoo Oils, and Lucky oils

Aromatherapy Oils

  • oils used in a healing art whose roots lay in antiquity
  • This practice traces back more than 6,000 years to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, and probably Chinese
  • they used to burn scented flowers and herbs and enjoy aromatic bath, massage and skin care for curative and cosmetic purposes

Essential Oils 

  • are volatile, concentrated oils
  • usually having the characteristic odor or flavor of the plant from which they are obtained
  • are primarily used to make perfumes, flavorings, and accentuate ritual and spiritual oil blends

Synthetic Fragrance Oils

  • compounds created in a laboratory that smell a lot – or a little– like the natural flowers or herbs after which they have been named
  • A lot of companies today offer Synthetic Oils rather than Essential Oils because Synthetic Oils can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of Essential Oils
  • for magickal purposes it’s always best to use real Essential Oils whenever possible, as these contain the magickal properties of the plant from which they are distilled, which the synthetic oils do not.

Handcrafted Oils and Herbal Oils

  • are blends made up for specific ritual or magickal purposes
  • They are not made in a factory, but are indivisually prepared with the addition of magical herbs, roots, flowers and other natural ingredients to a simple oil base and then ritually charged with intent
  • Ritual Oils and Condition Oils may be considered to be “handcrafted herbal oils” only if they contain actual herbal ingredients

Carrier Oils

  •  are various oils, both vegetable and mineral
  • are used to help dilute Essential Oils that might cause severe irritation or reaction to some people if applied to the skin undiluted
  • Carrier Oils help dilute and thus stretch out the volume of Essential oils used in Ritual Oils and Condition Oils
  • A number of different oils have been, and are, used as Carrier Oils.

Olive Oil has an ancient history of being used as a Carrier Oil and is often seen used in oils meant to help in blessing and anointing.

Almond Oil became a popular Carrier oil due to its lighter scent and texture over the heavier Olive Oil. Almond Oil, unlike Olive Oil, does not dominate the natural fragrance of the herbs and Essential Oils that are blended in the handcrafting process.

The following is a list of Ritual Oils used by Pagans and Witches, Their properties that can be used in assistance of your magickal work.

  • ABRAMELIN OIL This oil and its accompanying ritual powder are both highly esteemed by those who follow more ceremonial magickal traditions, and it is of great benefit to those who follow the course of ritual activities.
  • BLESSING OIL This magickal oil can be used to bless new babies, new ventures, new homes, and for healing. Amplified with sincere prayer, will and intent it can also be used to help purify you or your home, to relieve suffering, or bring about spiritual healing
  • PLANETARY OILS The seven sacred planets relate to the days of the week and also planetary hours within days and seven sacred planets were associated with ancient Gods and Goddesses.  These oils help invoke the powers and characteristics of the individual planetary power. You can use these oils to anoint candles, or wear them as personal scent to help convey the power of the deities represented by the Planets.

Sun Oil - Sun, Sol, Apollo; Sunday; ruler of Leo
Mercury Oil - Mercury, Hermes, Wotan; Wednesday; ruler of Gemini and Virgo
Venus Oil - Venus, Freya; Friday; ruler of Taurus and Libra
Terra Oil - Terra, Gaia, Earth; our mother
Moon Oil - Moon, Luna, Artemis; Monday; ruler of Cancer
Mars Oil - Mars, Twi; ruler of Aries; co-ruler of Scorpio
Jupiter Oil - Jupiter, Zeus, Thor; Thursday; ruler of Sagittarius; co-ruler of Pisces
Saturn Oil - Saturn, Kronos; Saturday; ruler of Capricorn; co-ruler of Aquarius
Uranus Oil - Urania; co-ruler of Aquarius
Neptune Oil - Neptune, Poseidon; co-ruler of Pisces
Pluto Oil - Pluto, Hades; co-ruler of Scorpio


  • relate to the various signs of the zodiac and help symbolize and invoke the kind of activities and characteristics with which the various signs of the zodiac are associated. You can use these oils to anoint candles, or wear them with Planetary Oils as a personal scent to help strengthen weak astrological characteristics or to help heighten strong astrological characteristics.

Aries Oil- The Ram; March 21 - April 21; ruled by Mars; Element Fire.
Taurus Oil- The Bull; April 21 - May 21; ruled by Venus; Element Earth.
Gemini Oil - The Twins; May 21 - June 21; ruled by Mercury; Element Air.
Cancer Oil - The Crab; June 21 - July 21; ruled by the Moon; Element Water.
Leo Oil - The Lion; July 21 - August 21; ruled by the Sun; Element Fire.
Virgo Oil - The Virgin; August 21 - September 21; ruled by Mercury; Element Earth.
Libra Oil - The Balance; September 21 - October 21; ruled by Venus; Element Air.
Scorpio Oil - The Scorpion; October 21 - November 21; ruled by Pluto and Mars; Element Water.
Sagittarius Oil - The Archer; November 21 - December 21; ruled by Jupiter; Element Fire.
Capricorn Oil - The Seagoat; December 21 - January 21; ruled by Saturn; Element Earth.
Aquarius Oil - The Water Bearer; January 21 - February 21; ruled by Uranus and Saturn; Element Air.
Pisces Oil- The Fishes; February 21 - March 21; ruled by Neptune and Jupiter; Element Water.

Next we present some of the traditional herb-based blends that are used in the preparation of Hoodoo and Rootwork spells.

  • CAST OFF EVIL OIL This oil helps you rid yourself, your loved ones, and your home and spaces from the negative influences of false friends.
  • CROWN OF SUCCESS OIL This traditional Oil is tried and true and helps crown you and uplift you in all endeavors that you might undertake.
  • HEALING OIL This is really a very fine oil to help aid in the relief of sickness, sorrow, and to help mend ongoing physical and emotional problems.
  • MASTER KEY OIL For ritual work intended to help grant or empower aptitude in a skill, personal discipline, will, or authority. 
  • MONEY DRAWING OIL This is a very old, traditional Hoodoo Oil that has been used for ages. It is renowned amongst financiers, gamblers, shop owners, and common working folk for its ability to draw money to you.
  • BLACK CAT OIL In Hoodoo the black cat is a symbol of luck and strength helping in the sporting and gambling world. It is used to reverse bad luck and its vibrations work well for Witches and our general works.
  • FAST LUCK OIL This is one of the more famous Hoodoo formulas; it is used to draw luck in gambling, love, and commerce. This is an oil to use when you need a magickal response in these areas in a hurry.
  • SPECIAL OIL NO. 20 A famous and very strong old Hoodoo formula, this is an all purpose Condition Oil used for dressing candles. It is also known as Wick Oil, Candle Oil, and Brown Oil. .
  • VAN VAN OIL Perhaps the quintessential Hoodoo Oil. Van Van is most favored of oils for dressing amulets, charms and mojo bags. It helps clear away negativity, changes bad luck to good and acts as a road opener to new opportunities and circumstances.

Finally, here are some Essential Oils and Fragrance oils that can be used “straight” by diluting in Carrier Oil, but not blending with other scents.

  • JASMINE FRAGRANCE OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to Psychicism, Astral Travel, and related Clairvoyant works.
  • LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to love and health work.
  • LOTUS FRAGRANCE OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to workings involving spirits and love; it is used to invoke the Moon and the Element of Water.
  • PATCHOULI ESSENTIAL OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to money, and protection work, but it can also be used with great effectiveness for love and passion works.
  • CALAMUS ESSENTIAL OIL This oil is best used for magickal workings relating to gaining mastery and control through natural talent and charisma

Joseph Louis Barrow (May 13, 1914 – April 12, 1981), better known as Joe Louis, was an American professional boxer and the World Heavyqeight Champion from 1937 to 1949. He is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. Nicknamed the Brown Bomber, Louis helped elevate boxing from a nadir in popularity in the post-Jack Dempsey era by establishing a reputation as an honest, hardworking fighter at a time when the sport was dominated by gambling interests

anonymous asked:

Is it possible for a character to get so addicted to the adrenaline rush of fighting that it negatively impacts their everyday life?

Adrenaline junkies are a real thing. Though the actual term is a bit of a misnomer, as far as I know, there’s no actual chemical or psychological addiction to adrenaline itself. Adrenaline junkies are a variety of sensation seekers.

Quick caveat, it’s been a long time since I took a psych class, so I’m a little rusty, and piecing things back together from memory and the internet, mostly the internet.

Sensation seekers are individuals who are unusually drawn towards constant, intense, sensory stimulation. This can lead to a pathological attraction towards dangerous and (subjectively) exciting experiences. Which in turn leads to the individual engaging in risky behavior. That may be gambling, extreme sports, violence, or any number of other behaviors.

It’s probably worth adding, sensation seeking is an entirely normal component of human psychology. We’re all driven to experience new things to one degree or another, and the sensation seeking impulse appears to be affected by hereditary factors. Put more simply, your brain is wired to poke you in the ass occasionally, and get you to try something new. What differentiates most people from a sensation seeker is how pronounced that impulse is.

In severe cases, sensation seeking behaviors absolutely affect daily life. The impulse to push boundaries or engage in “unsafe” behavior is more pronounced, meaning they’re more likely to blow through stop signs or speed while driving. It can (and probably will) affect the kind of media they consume. More aggressive content will, usually, win out over other alternatives. Be that TV, music, movies, whatever.

This is reinforced by a euphoric high that the individual experiences when engaging in risky behaviors. It’s not exactly like drug addiction, because it’s their own brain chemistry on a rampage, but the resulting behavior is similar.

The problem with engaging in risky behavior for extended periods of time is, eventually, your luck will run out. Rather obviously, the consequences will depend on what stupid thing the sensation seeker was doing this time. As it turns out, illegal street racers tend to have different outcomes from bungee jumpers. Though, being turned into human tomato paste is a legitimate option for both.

The problem with frequent hand to hand combat is the significant strain it puts on the body. I know we’ve gone over this, but fighting is painful. Even if you win, you’ll still walk away with injuries. Injuries which need to heal before you go back in for more. For someone with a pathological sensation seeking drive, they’re not going to wait, and (given time, and enough violence) the consequences will accumulate.

This is ignoring the legal issues involved. Someone who is pathologically drawn to fighting will run afoul of the law, quickly. This may simply be from the fights themselves, or the individual may escalate to increase the high experienced.

Before someone suggests a character who restricts themselves to professional or semi-professional bouts, remember a major element of this is the desire to engage in risky behavior. This includes not taking enough time between bouts to recover, because the impulse is to get back in.

Remember, this is a fundamental personality trait. While the behavioral loop, and some elements of this are superficially similar to an addiction, this isn’t one. Someone does not go from normal to being a combat adrenaline junkie. They may go from extreme sports to drunken brawls, but the underlying elements that lead to this kind of behavior are already there. That doesn’t mean people in their life were aware of the risk, however. Self-delusion can be a powerful drug.

While it can be a little difficult to fully unpack, I’d recommend taking a look at Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s not an easy read, and is a book that’s remarkably easy to misread. Palahniuk has a very vulgar approach to violence, which suits the subject matter, but might not be something you feel like parsing.


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Complications with Research

When looking for a good sub-reddit community to find, there were a lot of challenges that I came across. First of all, it was tough to find a community that had good content as well as an active following.  After I found a site that interested me I began to dig deeper into it.  I researched a sub-reddit all about sports gambling so one thing that I was curious about was if the people posting were actually reliable people to trust.  This was another tough aspect of the research process because all you can really tell is from what they do on reddit.  This makes it hard to verify if you should trust something that someone is posting about especially when it comes to placing sports bets.  I then I wanted to look into the moderator of the site more and from what I could tell he/she is very active on reddit and does not only stay with gambling type pages. I did notice that he posted on a lot of pages that involved making money.  Things like investment pages and stock market pages.  In this regard, I found him to a good moderator. Also finding outside sources was tricky for me.  Other than finding trends of how sports betting has grown I was not sure what other sources I should have been looking for.  Since it is technically illegal to online sports bet in some states, I had dig deeper than expected for some of my data.  Overall there were a few struggles in the process but it was not to challenging to find good information for my paper.

Originally posted by usedpimpa

I know people normally order the cookies first, and then get them delivered weeks later, but sometimes a mother goes out of town, and the stepfather isn’t on top of his stepdaughter’s extracurricular activities, and then the child doesn’t know how to sell cookies on her own, so the kindly uncle, with a busy radio job, has to step in and buy up a bunch of boxes, so she can go camping with her friends while you continue to disappoint everyone with your inattention to detail, and sports gambling, and idiotic taste in shoes, Steve Carlsberg! Yes, Steve, this is how things sometimes happen.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 44 - Cookies

Mafia! AU

(comments: there are mentions of illegal things as we are talking about the mafia here, so if you’re uncomfortable with it, please do not continue reading. Inspired by this)

Mark: Kidnapping. Mark was so pretty, so charming that he could talk anyone into getting into his car or his vehicle of choice. Mark was so good that sometimes he could even get people to walk into the building where they were to be held. No one suspects a thing, until the ammonia enters their system and knocks them out. The moment they wake up, their hands are bound behind them and Mark would be sitting cross legged in front of them, the same charming smile that lured them in on his lips, and you would regret ever trusting him.

Jaebum: Boss. He’s in charge of the most notorious mafia family in the underworld and he rules the underworld with an iron fist. No one crossed Jaebum. No one. Jaebum is good at what he does and he always gets what he wants. If you negotiate with him, you have to agree with his terms or the deal is off. Jaebum protects his family fiercely, if anyone hurts his family, rest assured that they’ll be hunted down and killed. Jaebum is brutally efficient at what he does and that was what made his family rise to the top of the mafia world. 

Jinyoung: Underboss. Jinyoung was Jaebum’s second in command. Whatever Jaebum couldn’t oversee, Jinyoung was there to oversee it. Jinyoung makes sure that no one steps out of line, and if they do, there’ll be hell to pay. Jinyoung is also in charge of illegal gambling. Sports bribery, underground casinos, illegal biddings, you name it, Jinyoung is associated with it. Jinyoung keeps a close eye on all the the transactions, no money ever leaves the flow without his permission. Jinyoung may seem disarming but there was a glint in his eyes that screamed that he knew more than you thought he did.

Jackson: Hitman. Jackson is probably just as dangerous or even more dangerous than Jaebum. If Jaebum used words to get his way, Jackson used violence. Jackson is in charge of killing anyone that posed a threat to the family, and he also got rid of potential threats. His favourite weapon is of course his gun, but it’s rumoured that he can use anything to kill someone be it a steak knife or a sniper gun. Jackson is as good as his reputation says he is, and he has never failed a mission that has been given to him, no matter how difficult it was to find the person or how well the person was protected. So long as the person is on Jackson’s list, he would be crossed out.

Youngjae: Spy/informant. Youngjae was crucial to the family, he is the family’s eyes and ears, he sees and hears everything. He had the ability to blend into the background, no one really knows that he’s there and that was what made him dangerous. If there’s a development in the mafia world, any sort of fights between two families, a rising family or any kind of alliance between families to bring his family down, he’ll know. Jaebum  assigned him missions to gather information about other families, to find their secrets and their dirty laundry, so that Jaebum had the upper hand in negotiations and Youngjae always delivers.

BamBam: Romance fraud. Bam Bam was so sweet, so innocent that every woman fell for that smile of his. On the contrary, that was his best weapon, his ‘innocence’. BamBam sneaked his way into women’s hearts and he has them wrapped around his finger in no time. No one would ever think that BamBam could possibly be part of something so dark, but he was. A phone call was all it took for women to lose their life savings, because they wanted to help poor BamBam with his problems. The next day, BamBam would disappear from their lives and all that was left for the women were broken hearts and empty pockets.

Yugyeom: Hacker. Yugyeom was the youngest in the family and the most protected. Yugyeom often protested that he should be out in the streets as well, “BamBam is just only a few months older!” Jaebum refused to let him out because number one he was the youngest and he was the most useful in the home base. Yugyeom was their hacker, their tech expert. Yugyeom made sure that no one could break in to their database, and he organised all kinds of online espionages. He’s responsible for the illegal transfer of numerous bonds from banks, identity theft and anything that you could do through a computer. Yugyeom left no trace or any kind of paper trial behind, he was in and out of the system before you knew it.

Play vs. play

In English, we use the same verb for playing a game and playing an instrument. You play football (American or otherwise) and you also play the guitar. Not so in other languages, and I’ve been thinking about where the distinction lies.

In Spanish, you jugar (al) fútbol but you tocar la guitarra. Jugar is a pretty game-specific verb outside of idiomatic expressions. I’ve only ever seen it used with sports and gambling, though others may have counterexamples. Tocar also carries a generic meaning “to touch,” which makes some sense, because with the exception of the theremin and the like, you play instruments by touching them.

In Hindi, you get an interesting distinction. क्रिकेट खेलना (krikēṭ khēlnā [= “play cricket”]) but सितार बजाना (sitār bajānā [= “play the sitar”]).  Khēlnā, like jugar, is specific to games and sports.  The word for “game,” khēl, is directly related to the verb, as in cais kā khēl, “chess game.”  Bajānā, like tocar, has other generic meanings, including “strike” or “ring,” or most generally, “to cause to make a sound.”  So you game a game but you ring (or strike) an instrument.

Do any other languages make this play/play distinction (I’m sure many do), and what are they?

Sports in Japanese 2/2

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ウォータースポーツ [wo ー ta ー su po ー tsu] = water sports

水泳 [すいえい sui ei] = swimming

シンクロナイズドスイミング [shi n ku ro na i zu do su i mi n gu] / シンクロ [shi n ku ro] = synchronized swimming

飛び込み [とびこみ to bi ko mi] / ダイビング [da i bi n gu] = diving

スキューバダイビング [su kyu ー ba da i bi n gu] = scuba diving

サーフィン [sa ー fi n] = surfing

ボート [bo ー to] = boating

ヨット [yotto] = yachting

セーリング [se ー ri n gu] = sailing

カヌー [ka nu ー] = canoeing

ウィンタースポーツ [wi n ta ー su po ー tsu] = winter sports

スキー [su ki ー] = skiing

スノーボード [su no ー bo ー do] / スノボー [su no bo ー] = snowboarding

スケート [su ke ー to] / アイススケート [a i su su ke ー to] = ice skating

フィギュアスケート [fi gyu a su ke ー to] = figure skating

ボブスレー [bo bu su re ー] = bobsleigh

リュージュ [ryu ー ju] = luge

カーリング [ka ー ri n gu] = curling

アイスホッケー [a i su hokkeー] = ice hockey

陸上 [りくじょう riku jou] / 陸上競技 [りくじょうきょうぎ riku jou kyou gi] = athletics

ジョギング [jo gi n gu] = jogging

ウォーキング [wo ー ki n gu] = walking

トライアスロン [to ra i a su ro n] = triathlon

登山 [とざん to zan] = mountaineering

ロッククライミング [rokku ku ra i mi n gu] = rock climbing

体操 [たいそう tai sou] = gymnastics

新体操 [しんたいそう shin tai sou] = rhythmic gymnastics

ヨガ [yo ga] = yoga

重量挙げ [じゅうりょうあげ juu ryou a ge] = weightlifting

スケートボード [su ke ー to bo ー do] / スケボー [su ke bo ー] = skateboarding

自転車 [じてんしゃ ji ten sha] / 自転車競技 [じてんしゃきょうぎ ji ten sha kyou gi] = cycle sport

サイクリング [sa i ku ri n gu] = cycling

カーレース [ka ー re ー su] = auto racing, car racing

F1 [エフワン e fu wa n] = Formula One

クレー射撃 [クレーしゃげき ku re ー sha geki] = clay pigeon shooting

ライフル射撃 [ライフルしゃげき ra i fu ru sha geki] = rifle shooting

アーチェリー [a ー che ri ー] = archery

乗馬 [じょうば jou ba] = horse riding (as a hobby)

馬術 [ばじゅつ ba jutsu] = horse riding (as a sport)


The following four are publicly‐managed gambling sports in Japan.

競輪 [けいりん kei rin] = keirin (motor-paced cycle racing)

競馬 [けいば kei ba] = horse racing

競艇 [きょうてい kyou tei] = boat racing

オートレース [o ー to re ー su] = motorcycle racing

See also Sports in Japanese ½

anonymous asked:

Not to sound rude, but aren't you a little old to be running a fandom blog? Sorry, but I hope that by your age, I would be doing other things with my time.

i’m presuming you’re the same anon? well, you probably could’ve worded it differently. but let me explain. 

i admit, i spend a LOT of time on here. but my former roommates were older than me and also had tumblrs– they just ran more social justice/feminist blogs, rather than fandom blogs. i did too for a long time, but it was burning me out because how much horrible news do i have to see about the world? after 27 years, i know the world is awful, and i’m doing what i can do to make a change. but blogging about harry potter makes me happy, so i decided to do that instead. 

my current job gives me a lot of free time. when i don’t see clients, there’s little supervision, and they don’t give us the ability to have more responsibilities, which basically translates to me sitting at my computer for half my shift doing nothing. hence, why i spend a lot of time here. but trust me, most of my posts are queued. on weekends especially, i’ll go a few days without checking. 

and now to my main point: i think the idea that adults have to grow out of fandom is a bit patriarchal? so, grown men can pay sometimes up to THOUSANDS of dollars on fantasy sports gambling rings, and tickets, and merchandise, and TV packages that allow them to watch every game, every day, and they can spend their saturdays and sundays doing nothing but watching football, but it’s completely acceptable? (and yes, women do this too, but let’s be honest, it’s a male-dominant space.) but spending time (and money on merch/conferences/etc if we want to) on fandom-related interests is considered unacceptable for adults to do? i call bullshit. i call misogyny, because men in fandoms are called nerds, and women who are in fandoms are called “obsessed” and i think it comes down to gender roles. things that teenage girls like (and i’m going to say that i think teenage girls are the ones who push fandoms forward– you go, girls!) are always looked down upon as trivial, but if a grown man wants to spend thousands of dollars every year on season tickets to a game to support his team, it’s understood as just “part of being a man”? and if a man wants to show interest in comic books, or anime, or books, or music, or anything BUT sports, he’s labeled as less of a man. a “geek.” we’re forced to pretend that we don’t run these blogs, that we don’t write/read fic, that we don’t make graphics, that we don’t exist. yes, we have comic-con and movies but we’re still considered a “subculture” while sports are just “culture.” a woman my age that gets emotional over fandom stuff is called “immature” while a man who gets angry because his team lost is just called “passionate.”

while i’m significantly older than a lot of you, i try to set clear boundaries and just be kind to everyone. i would have LOVED if someone was kind and encouraging to me when i was the age that a lot of the people on here are. the first people i encountered in the HP fandom were older fic writers, many of whom are in their 30s and 40s with children, so it was honestly a shock when i found out that a lot of people weren’t 18 yet. and here i’ll say- if you’d rather i didn’t follow or message you, because you feel weird about my age, then please let me know. i understand! 

in short, yes, i run a fandom blog. yes, i’m 27. yes, i interact with a lot of people on here, many of whom are underage. and i’m not ashamed, even though i’m made to feel ashamed about it a lot (only a handful of my RL friends know i have this blog because when i start to talk about harry potter, they call me a “geek.”) and because i feel like the stigma stems from sexist perceptions of what are acceptable interests, i’m going to keep being active in the fandom as long as i can, because fuck societal expectations of “adulthood.” i’m over trying to fit that mold, and now i’m just trying to do what makes me happy. 

On the way to his son’s baseball game on Long Island, sports writer J.R. Gamble tells me that his son, J.C., is quite a ball player.

“I have a lot of clips and highlights that I show people of him doing amazing things — jumping over catches, hitting balls right-handed, hitting balls left-handed,” Gamble says.

Part of the reason his son is so good at baseball, Gamble explains, is that he started at an early age — a very early age.

“When he was about 14 months, I put a golf ball in his hand to let him know how a baseball would feel when he got older,” Gamble says. By age 2, J.C., was hitting and throwing the ball. By age 3, he was playing organized T-ball.

Since then, Gamble says, he has spent quite a bit of money on baseball for J.C. — bats and gloves, league fees, hotels, gas and more — and it seems a good investment. Several people have told Gamble that his son looks like he’s good enough to play professionally one day. School will remain J.C.’s top priority, Gamble says. But he has high hopes for his son’s baseball career, too.

“I’d love it if he went pro,” Gamble says. “I’d quit whatever I’m doing and just go be at every game.”

Those big dreams aren’t all that unusual. According to a recent poll from NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 26 percent of U.S. parents whose children in high school play sports hope their child will become a professional athlete one day. Among families with household incomes of less than $50,000 annually, the number is 39 percent.

How Likely Is It, Really, That Your Athletic Kid Will Turn Pro?

Illustration: Chris Silas Neal for NPR

Holy shit, this gambling storyline is being handled beyond my expectations, and mine were through the roof.

This is a quick jumbled mess, so bear with me…

What I love so much about it is it’s so incredible honest and real. When the video link feed died, Brennan had such a gut punch. She was terrified. Even when she’s mad at him, she never ever wants anything bad to happen to him. Same with how she struggled when seeing him walk in the house. She was so happy and relieved to see he was okay. I can only imagine how torn she was for those few seconds, before she gathered herself.

It’s so easy to see how Booth slipped. Going undercover gave him the taste. He thought he was invincible because he was able to control himself during the game. The sports gambling is the perfect gambling for him to slip into. Throughout this entire series, we’ve always loved that a) He’s a recovering gambler and b) he LOVES sports. Once he got that taste, it was over. Especially once he was winning. He was getting that high. He was happy that he could buy something like a necklace for his wife. Sure, it was a little bit of guilt, but it was also because he TRULY loves her and loves making her happy.

Another thing I love so much is that this whole storyline shows he’s still the same Booth we all know and love. He’s never sneaking out of the house going to poker games, going to casinos etc. He’s very much 110% all about his wife and daughter. He’s so happy about the new baby coming and their life together. Him slipping back into gambling absolutely changes NOTHING about that.

I also love that Brennan paid the debts and now he’s got a clean slate to get better. Her making him leave is the kick in the ass he needed. He had the one last panicked lie because he was terrified of losing her, and that was the last straw for Brennan. She did what was best for him and herself. 

And since we know that new kiss wasn’t in this episode, we know that this all works out. Because they love each other so, so much. 

THIS is how you do a real, adult, loving relationship between two people.

Some legal experts were surprised that the National Football League played a crucial behind-the-scenes role in securing the bill’s passage — despite the league’s long-held opposition to sports betting. “It’s universally recognized that their advocates were the main strategists,” said J. Daniel Walsh, then a lobbyist for the Interactive Gaming Council, which opposed the bill.

N.F.L. officials did not respond to requests for an interview.

No one envisioned then that seasonal bets on fantasy teams would open the door to daily wagering and million-dollar prizes.


Cash Drops and Keystrokes: The Dark Reality of Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Games - The New York Times

I’m pretty sure that someone envisioned what would happen, and quite possibly helped work behind the scenes to pass that bill.