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Reader x Park Jimin

Rated m for graphic sex

Word Count: 10, 226 words

Summary: We are made of the pieces of what we remember, and we hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there are memories to call our own, there can be no true loss. But Park Jimin has no such privilege. 

A really HUGE thank you to my lovely britt @mintyoongee and nhi @ohmanholyjungkook for so kindly betaing for me!!! 

I highly recommend that you listen to Reset by Tiger JK while reading this! :>

The elastic of your hair tie tugs at your ponytail as you reach to tighten it, but the sting on your scalp is nothing compared to the churning pit in your stomach. The gathering perspiration on the palms of your hands is way too slick to be attributed to the heat of the midday sun alone, and you consider retreating back to the safety of your dorm instead.

The shade of the indoor sports centre provides no respite from the sweltering weather, but the sight of the other students already gathered and starting their own warm ups sends panic pulsing through your veins. The incredulity of the situation makes you want to scoff: you, the most unathletic person ever, actually signed up for a volleyball elective. If not for the uni’s regulation that each student fulfil a minimum of 1 sports module, there’s no way you’ll ever willingly indulge in any physical activity more strenuous than running for the bus.

You chuck your bag into the lockers near the stands, trying to stall for time as you tighten the hold of your ponytail one more time before smoothing down the front of your shirt. Maybe it won’t be that bad, you try to convince yourself. Volleyball is just a more intense game of don’t let the balloon hit the floor; so how hard can it be?

The sound of a whistle blowing and shoes squeaking across the indoor court puts an end to your musing, and you slam the door of the locker closed before heading to the centre of the court with all the other students. Most of them seem to be dressed in sports jerseys of some sort, donning sweatbands and kneepads that make them look like actual professional players. A cursory glance around confirms that you’re one of the few students not sporting such extra accessories, and you curse inwardly for not choosing a more beginner friendly sport like track and field or basketball.

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Kiwi: Part One

A little impromptu mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. xo

The music in the bar was pounding as the sounds of the Caribbean flowed through the humid air. It was a small establishment, one that could probably only accommodate for two hundred people at most. It definitely wasn’t a tourist place; most of those were on the other side of the island with the copious amounts of resorts and hotels that offered travellers sanctuary.

Harry wasn’t there to vacation, though. He was there to write and record his new album.

The bar, “Pipo’s Shack”, was about a ten minute walk from the recording studio that Harry had been working in for the past little bit. It had been a productive couple of days; he’d spent the first night there having a few beers and getting to know his team better. After all, they were going to be working together until this thing was done, so they might as well be comfortable with one another. They all got along splendidly, and the handful of songs they’d managed to bang out so far were promising, but not quite right yet. After a couple of days of straight work, Harry decided that he needed a night off to himself.

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Hunter, Never the Hunted: Ch 2

Eventually Jackson/OC
WORDS: 2400+

Summary: A hard working waitress spends her days working at a diner just to makes ends meet. Until one night on her shift, a sketchy character strolled in and slowly her life gets flipped upside down with the unexpected.

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A/N: I didn’t expect such feedback on the first one! Especially since it was my first writing piece ever. I hope you guys like this chapter. Not sure when chapter 3 will be done because I got some things going on right now, but do keep an eye out for it. 

“Hey sis, long time no see?”

You gazed at the man that was appeared in front of you. He resembled roughly as you remembered, yet different at the same time. You took in his whole presence. Sis? The instant the words escaped his mouth, it practically seemed foreign. The person that stood before you, informed you that he was your brother. You studied his face. His features were similar. His skin was just as fair as you recalled and he still possessed his toothy smile.

However, his face was no longer the same baby face you remembered. If anything, the details of his face showed evidence that he looked like he’d been through hell and back. There was a burnt out look that adorned his face. You weren’t sure if it was because of the light purple bags that were sagging beneath them or the small crease in the corner of his eyes, but his eyes seemed different.  It looked like an another version of your brother, a version that you weren’t use too.

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anonymous asked:

How would Mei, Tracer, McCree, and Hanzo's react be to a s/o who is really good with kids? Like, the little rugrats just gravitate towards this human nexus of FUN and security, it's unreal "pls we are on a mission" "I WILL PROTECT THEM and also buy ice cream (ง’̀-‘́)ง." Who do you think would seriously entertain the thought of having children after spending time watching their partner babysit like a champ? Gotta get them parental feels going!! ໒( ◔ ▽ ◔ )७

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

Can I get a imagine with a chubby,caring s/o who would risk there life for the people they love and people think they are a push over but turns they are a complete badass I’ll let you pick the people

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

*quietly wanders in* Really Love your ashes fic omggg And was wondering if your RQs are open? If so maybe a lil Reaper with a Chubby S/O who can still kick butt? Idk! IF YOUR NOT OPEN TO RQS ITS FINE  *Backflips out the window* BYE AND BTW LOVE YOU

crookedwiings said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

Love your X readers KC! Your the blog that totally got me into the OW x reader scene thanks. Anyways by chance would you mind doing a Reaper X smol f!reader of a redemption AU for him? I always wanted to play at the Idea but im not good with fics


Haha my inbox is always open for requests! My only conditions are that you be very patient with me and that I currently don’t do NSFW fics (I can do NSFW HC’s though <3).

ORITE. DIS BE FUN. I GOT IT. I’ll add headcanons on how characters react underneath, but this is the scenario:

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In the category of “rooms that are driving me crazy” is our solarium or three-season room.  Somehow it, along with our master bedroom and finished basement, has become a dumping ground for miscellaneous junk that didn’t have a home elsewhere.  Besides being stuffed with junk that didn’t belong there, the room also suffered from the disorganized state of the stuff that DID belong there.  I’m embarrassed to even show the before pictures.  It was so overwhelming I kept putting off even starting.  Last evening I started by picking up the floor and giving everything a thorough vacuuming, which gave me the added bonus of being able to easily get to the door to let the dogs out without breaking my neck.  I then started with the small table in the corner and the cabinet and chest on the other side of the door.  The latter housed toys, sports equipment, swimsuits and accessories.  I cleared out all storage units, cleaned up and took to Goodwill toys my teenagers outgrew long ago, and washed all the swimming clothes and towels, since some had been left on the floor last summer and the cat has been napping on them ever since.  The big area rug seen flung on the table has been waiting there to be shampooed for about 6 months.  It’s now been shampooed and is drying in my living room.  The room is only about half done, but I feel like I’ve tackled the worse half and should be able to finish up the rest by the end of the week.

June 21: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter One)

Title: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter One)
Tags: Alternate Timeline, AU, Slow burn, stranger to friends, friends to lovers
Words: 2632
Dan and Phil are YouTubers. The catch? They’ve never met, and Phil doesn’t want them to.

Prompt: I just wanted a slow burn strangers to friends and friends to lovers but I wanted them still to be YouTubers so… this happened.

I’m probably going to alternate chapters of this with some one-shots, or with another chaptered fic I have. Depending on how I feel and if you guys have any strong feelings about it one way or another. Let me know :D

FEDIJ Day: June 21

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March 18, 2017
  1. Aries
     Meeting place

  2. Sagittarius
     Roll cake

  3. Leo
     Chequered pattern

  4. Gemini

  5. Libra
     Romance novel

  6. Aquarius
     Sports magazine

  7. Pisces
     Accessory case

  8. Scorpio

  9. Cancer
     Smartphone goods

  10. Virgo

  11. Capricorn

  12. Taurus