Skiing and I don’t get along well, but if I were to try it…the kinds of views found here near Narvik, Norway are pretty amazing. 

Scarlett’s first nosework class

So, first off I’m super impressed with the instructor. There wasn’t anything on his website about how he trained or what kinds of methods he uses, so I was a little worried I was taking a gamble on somebody who was a bit more old school (shame on me for just assuming he might be someone who would lean heavily on punishment just because he’s an older dude) but he was talking about clicker training and all that and he was actually really really good about making sure everyone was as unimposing as possible when it came time for the dogs to do their searches. 

Since this is an intro class, it’s going to be mostly food searches to build drive and positive associations with various search environments. Which is great and I can already see myself getting obsessed with this sport and going full tilt into it. Especially because I think this is more Scarlett’s speed. 

Speaking of Scarlett, she actually did way better than I was expecting. She’s usually really timid in new environments, especially when she doesn’t have Finley with her, but she came trotting out of the car and into the building, tail up and head held high, prancing like she owned the place. She was a little spooked when we went into the actual search area, mostly because it was full of strange people, but because the instructor did such a good job of laying the ground rules for everyone when it comes to dealing with timid dogs (lots of them in this group) she acclimated very quickly and after a minute was snuffling through the boxes to find her hot dogs. 

We all only got to do one search last night but watching all the other dogs search was really cool. You could tell the ones that were searching visually versus using their noses and watching their body language was obviously awesome. Especially because most of the dogs have some kind of fear or reactivity issues so watching them battle that and then get into the search was so cool. 

Of course Scarlett is the smallest dog in the class. There’s two German Shepherds, a Border Collie mix, some kind of weird looking sighthoundish kinda thing, a good ol’ fashioned Heinz 57 mutt (still good sized dog, probably 50-60lbs) and then my eight pound chihuahua. So it’ll be interesting when we get around to doing vehicle searches and such 😂

Next week everyone will be able to do 2-3 searches since we won’t have so much stuff to go over in the beginning of the class. I’m so excited for Scarlett to get more comfortable and more confident because she’s got a hell of a nose and watching her use it is amazing! 

anonymous asked:

Hi I am nb, and lately I have stopped wanting to do sports because of the social/body dysphoria. My mom wants me to join a team sport at my school, but I don't think that I would enjoy it because of the dysphoria. Is this a common thing or is it just me?

Kai says:

That’s common - I stopped swimming because dysphoria and also I overused my shoulder (I just told my mom I didn’t want to further injure my shoulder). It’s not unusual, but if you do want to continue the sport, I encourage you to do so.

anonymous asked:

i really want to use a high impact sports bra to exercise, but i cant find any in my size. i mean none. i can only find really low impact ones that are cheap and not based on either cup or band size. do you have any suggestions or sites that might help me to be able to safely quasi-bind while exercising? im currently a 40A, but might be moving to a 42A... the closest consistent size i can find is a 38B, but i know that won't fit. thank you in advance!

Kai says:

This Underworks MagiCotton Sports Bra (link HERE) is made by a binder company and is high compression so you could use it for binding and for exercising (maybe go up a size if you don’t want too tight). Band sizes go up to 44, so you should be good with 42.

followers know any high compression sports bras that go up high in size?

Romee Strijd, Sara Sampaio & Jasmine Tookes on set of a photoshoot for Victoria Sport in Miami, March 21, 2017

anonymous asked:

Hi, im afab, non binary, and im currently on the track team. i use two sports bras to bind and was wondering if it would okay to keep them on while practicing (i do short distance running)

Kai says:

No, just use one sports bra while practicing. For intense short distance running, you shouldn’t use two sports bras to bind because this may restrict breathing and ultimately cause damage to your chest. Stay safe!