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(i had a rough day so i just wanted to send something fun to someone) but like i think both of the winchesters have a weird head sensitivity... i bet dean likes getting his head scratched--massaged, like he just zones out and is soft and relaxed and i bet sammy loves it when people play with his hair, like just run their fingers thru it, so much so he doesn't mind when charlie or a little girl start to braid it even if dean makes fun bc it just feels so nice?

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There are about a thousand bright pink toys scattered all over the living room when they come into Ms. Winslow’s house and she grimaces, says, “Sorry, my girls–” and Dean may not always be the sharpest tool but he sees the writing on the wall, right then.

“Oh, it’s no problem, ma’am,” he says, and then there are little pounding feet on the stairs and he smiles, doesn’t dare look around at Sam in case he starts laughing. “My partner here’s got a whole pile of kids, he can entertain them while you answer our questions.”

Sam stiffens up all along his side but Ms. Winslow brightens, just a little. “Are you sure, Agent Rose? They’re a bit of a handful–”

“Oh, yeah,” Dean says, and has to bite the inside of his cheek for a second. When he glances up and back Sam’s wearing something that’s more of a grimace than a smile, but then two identical blonde girls burst into room, half-screaming Mommy! and they’re maybe five years old and their dad’s been murdered, horribly, and Sam’s expression softens a little.

“I’ve got it, ma’am,” Sam says, and her expression goes relieved. When she turns away, though, he gives Dean a look like murder, and when Dean mutters, “Don’t forget, Barbie broke up with Ken,” Sam actually gives him a sharp jab in the kidneys, hidden between their two bodies, but then Dean escapes grinning into the kitchen and leaves Sam to babysitting duty.

Ms. Winslow’s a good witness. She doesn’t cry too much, and she’s surprisingly focused. Dean gets all the information he needs for the case in less than half an hour and he’s thinking, maybe a cursed object, maybe a witch, and he’s not even thinking about how it’s been near-silent from the living room until he and Ms. Winslow come back out and find Sam sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor, hands folded neatly in his lap, while the twins braid his hair.

“Uh,” Dean says, and Sam gives him a tranquil look. It’s a pretty messy job, a half-dozen little braids sprouting off the top of his head, and the girls are giggling behind him as they work on the back, full of good humor.

“Oh, god,” Ms. Winslow groans. “I’m so sorry, Agent–girls, what are you–”

“It’s no problem,” Sam says, and he really–doesn’t sound irritated. “Jessie, Cassie–am I all done?”

There’s a giggling chorus of yes! and he unfolds off the floor, towers over them, and he looks–he looks fucking ridiculous but he just offers them each a high-five, thanks them for letting him play with them, and they crash into their mom’s legs and giggle some more, and Dean recognizes a little-girl crush when he sees one.

They’re in the car before Dean starts to laugh. “Dude, don’t start,” Sam says.

Dean reaches out and tugs on one of the little braids, and Sam colors, starts to undo them. “Hey, don’t go ruining your hairdressers’ work on my account,” Dean says, grinning. “I know how you love getting attention paid to those luscious locks.”

The backhanded smack Sam lands to his stomach stings, but it’s worth it.

(But then, later, when they’re back home in the bunker and he’s laying with his head in Sam’s lap, watching Discovery channel reruns in Sam’s room, Sam digs his fingers into Dean’s hair, runs a gentle-firm petting stroke up the back of it, where the soft buzz of it goes velvety over the back of his scalp–long stratching pulls at the top where it gets long, repetitive hypnotic strokes like Dean’s a cat, and if he were he’d be purring. You think, he says, leaning up into it, you think I could pull off a few little braids? Maybe a bow or a barrette or something? There’s a pause in the petting and he muffles a grin against Sam’s thigh. Have I ever mentioned that I hate you? Sam says, idly, but he starts stroking again, long clever fingers pressing just right into the back of Dean’s skull, perfect pressure on his scalp, and Dean groans, melts as much as he can into Sam’s shitty mattress. Don’t worry, Sammy, he says, half-asleep. I’ll always pull your pigtails for you, ‘s my job, and Sam rubs an affectionate thumb over the velvet-burr of hair behind his ear and murmurs, you’d better, jerk.)


Hair-Raising Hump Day Hunk

Ben Foden’s Skill On The Pitch Is Truly Hair-Raising. He Gets All Body Parts To Rise!

Woof, Baby!

Pretty In Tights Too…

Yuri on Ice isn’t like most other sports anime.

It’s not just about competition or winning, in the very least. For one, it literally starts with Yuri K losing.

Unlike, among others,

It’s always been a dream of Yuuri’s to win the Grand Prix Final, but he was clearly not confident in himself.

The theme of competition and rivalry seems to be clear, especially in Yurio’s and Viktor’s cases.

But Viktor and Yurio aren’t the stars of the show. Ironically, it’s Yuri K - the one who isn’t used to winning, who isn’t taken seriously, and who is being stopped at every turn.

Yes, he does have the skill to win. Yes, he does have the will to win. Yes, he even has the support system he needs to win.

But ultimately, figure skating, and in Yuri on Ice’s case, singles skating, is strictly an individual sport,

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unlike basketball, volleyball, relay swimming, etc. (Note: I’m naming these sports from the more popular series in the Sports genre; I’m aware of Baby Steps, Chihayafuru, Hajime no Ippo and other anime that involve individual sports events.)

So Yuri on Ice is not just about cooperation within Yuri’s own support system.

Unlike most other sports anime,

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Yuri on Ice is also about cooperation and support among the competitors.

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So unlike other sports anime, where the protagonist(s) win(s), don’t be surprised if Yuri K doesn’t win the Grand Prix Final. Because Yuri on Ice isn’t like most other sports anime.

Yuri on Ice is about more than the endgame. It’s also about love and support - exactly the things one needs to succeed in any field.

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TL;DR: Yuri on Ice is pretty different from anything we’ve seen and we should be ready for more surprises to come!


Former World Champion Ribout steps into the MMA!

Followed by Ronda Rousey, another top judoka moves into the cage.

2009 World Champion, Morgane Ribout decided to continue her sport career in MMA. 28-year-old French, now former judoka decided to retire from judo in march 2014.

Ribout announced this “new page in her life” via her facebook profile: “It is with great pleasure tonight, and after over a year and a half of training, to announce my debut in mma pro. Many people already asked me to when it will be my1st fight, and I’ll have to wait until early 2017 (mid February early March), together with my coach Bertrand Amoussou!.”

“I can’t wait to share this with you! A big thank you for your support and very fast in the cage!” - Ribout (FRA) added for end.

Ribout won World Championships title in U57kg division, in Rotterdam (NED). In final match she was better than Telma Monteiro (POR). On her road to the final she swooshed names such as Kaori Matsumoto (JPN), Chen-Ling Lien (TPE), Yurislediys Lupetey (CUB) and Deborah Gravenstijn of the Netherlands. Unfortunately for Ribout, she never tasted Olympic Games. Her last tournament was in 2013, Grand Prix Dusseldorf where she competed in U63kg category.