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Nose Boop // VARIANT

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Brother Jungkook tells Taehyung to take you on a date, GONE WRONG. Pt.6

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Y/N’s p.o.v 

I can’t lie and say that I was completely terrified of this meet up with Taehyung. I felt as though there were still some healing cuts, I know I seem as though I’ve got my shit together now and I know I may seem as though I’m okay. But in reality I’m still terrified. I’m easing myself back into my old habits, trying to be the me I was before. I’m trying but I don’t know what’s real and what’s fake. 

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In Ten Years’ Time (Shalaska) - jazz

Summary: In which Sharon and Alaska attend their ten-year high school reunion together.

A/N: Showing the judges versatility by writing a lesbian AU and by trying out present tense! This fic goes out to my loves, Alaska del Needles & Dottie, and to @alaskasthighs for the inspiration. ~5k words.  

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Show Me Something New

Holy shit I finally wrote porn AO3 Post

Egobang ofc


3,836 Words

Arin had already taken a full day to grind in Dark Souls III. He’s also just lost 80000 souls and is currently slowly dying inside.

Poised at the right end of the couch, he leaned forward, both feet planted firmly on the ground in a state of pure concentration. Dan decided to sit in and chill with Arin in his very sparse downtime, taking on a more relaxed and reclined position on the left. He cuddled into the corner of the left side, blanket drawn firmly over his lanky form. They both wore sweatpants, the lazy man’s tuxedo, but while Dan donned a tight fitting black tee, Arin sported a burgundy tank, the front embellished with a pink banner spelling, “Girl Power.”

“Dude, this boss is absolutely kicking your ass.” Dan commented unhelpfully. Arin had intended on taking out a couple optional bosses and more powerful enemies in order to gain souls and items quicker: a mistake.

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172 Years (Pt. 3)

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected sex (Wrap the Willy before you get silly), language

Summary: The reader is a mutant, born in Poland in 1845. She has an extremely long lifespan and has taken centuries to master her mutation: telepathy. Over the years, she has used this telepathy as a psychological analyst. At one point, she was a slave for HYDRA, where she came in contact with the Winter Soldier. Now, she has lived in Wakanda for ten years, but must go to New York to keep an eye on Bucky for T’Challa, the last thing she wants to do. She holds a secret close to her heart and is afraid of what will happen if Bucky were to ever find out–or, for that matter, recognize her.


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Imagine Chris tricking you into going to the dentist.

You ran your tongue along the top left hand corner of your teeth, wincing at the slight tangy feeling. You knew something was wrong and that it was in your best interest to get it checked out, but your fear of the dentist convinced you otherwise. You stirred your cereal, watching the Lucky Charms float in your bowl; you were hungry but unable to eat due to the pain in your mouth.

“Hey,” Chris’ voice called from a distance and you looked up; he stood, arms crossed and leant against the archway frame with a smile on his face. “Are you going to finish that sometime today? ‘Cause we’ve got places to be,” he said and spun his keychain around his index finger.

“Yeah, I’m done.” You pushed the bowl aside. “Where are we going?” Your eyes narrowed slightly. “I thought we were just going to spend the day at home. Why did we rent those movies then?” You asked when he shook his head.

“We’ll watch them later tonight,” he answered and pushed himself off the wooden frame. “C'mon,” he held out one hand for you to take and you did, hopping off the bar stool. “You might want to go change first, can’t have the paps catching you in one of my shirts and ruining that always-dressed-to-the-nines image you’ve created for yourself.”

“Ha ha,” you bit sarcastically. “You’re just jealous ‘cause they think you’ve got no fashion sense. Evans doesn’t seem to be as bothered with fashion as his girlfriend, sporting a plain white tee and grey track pants.” You mocked him and he scoffed, leading you upstairs. “Aw, babe. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you were coming from the gym.”

“So were you!” He retorted with a chuckle and you smiled. “And yet you looked like an angel from heaven. Shiny high pony, glistening sun-kissed skin, somehow already dressed to the nines despite just working your cute little ass off.” You giggled softly. “It’s hard to keep up, Y/N.”

“You chose not to shower and change,” you poked him in his butt and he laughed, “so that’s not on me. But you know what though,” he glanced over his shoulder at you, “you’re so handsome that you could wear a garbage bag and look fine as hell.”

“Thanks,” he chuckled.

“Did you really have to come upstairs when I’m the only one who has to change?”

“Yes, because I’m here to enjoy the show,” he teased and winked when you laughed.

He dropped your hand and moved to sit at the foot of the bed, while you headed into the walk-in wardrobe. You shuffled through your clothes, wondering what to wear. It was cold outside so the outfit definitely needed your favorite brown boots, your go-to navy Burberry coat, and one of your many scarves; you chose the red silk one. You figured it was best to go casual- with a pair of skinny jeans and a comfy sweater- after all, what glamorous event could Chris take you to on a Wednesday morning?

“Where are we going?” You asked then subconsciously brushed your back tooth with your tongue again. You grabbed a bra out of the drawer before you undressed, turning your back to Chris which amused him.

“Why don’t I toss a quarter at something I haven’t seen before?” He teased you and you turned, flipping him off when you’d put your bra on. “And I’m not telling you, it’s a surprise. But you’ve got the right outfit for it,” he said and beckoned his head at your choice of clothes.

“What kind of surprise are we talking about here?” You grabbed your jeans, pulling them over your legs. “It’s not my birthday and we don’t have any anniversaries coming up.” You put your sweater on then worked to tie your scarf around your neck. “Unless you’re planning something for Christmas, or your going away present.”

“How about you just stop talking and finish getting dress so we can get to it?”

“That’s something I won’t miss when you go away,” you began and he raised an eyebrow. “Your damn bossiness,” you bit and he laughed. “Honestly- it’s like I’m in the army or something.” You continued to tease him, biting back your smile. “You’re just Captain America in the movies, you’re Chris Evans in real life.”

“Duly noted,” he nodded as you pulled your socks on. “Now hurry up.”

“Ugh,” you made an annoyed face and he chuckled, “just go to Vancouver already.”

“You’re going to miss me when I’m gone, sweetheart.”

“Yes I am,” you agreed with a smile.
• • • • • • • •
“Fro-yo?” You raised at eyebrow at Chris when he pulled up in front of the shop. “Your big surprise is frozen yogurt?” You asked then laughed before he could respond. “Well, I wasn’t expecting something this small but I love Fro-yo so- thanks, babe.”

You got out of the car first and he followed, grabbing your hand before you could enter the store. He spun you around, chuckling softly at your confused face. “We’re not getting Fro-yo,” he said and you felt your face fall. “Yet,” he added. “We have to go somewhere first.”


“This way,” he beckoned his head, using his thumb to point in the direction behind him. “Don’t worry, we’ll grab fro-yo on the way back. That’s why I parked the car here, so we have to grab some before we head home.”

“Okay.” You nodded happily, unaware of what was yet to come. “What are we doing on this side of the town?” You asked as he entwined his fingers with yours; the two of you strolled down the seemingly familiar street. “Have we been here before?”

“You haven’t,” he shook his head. “You’ve been where we’re going before, we just took a different route.” He told you and you nodded in acknowledgement. “It’s just down this way.” The two of you turned the corner and continued down the path in silence until- “I’m going to buy you all the fro-yo you want after this, okay?”

“Okay?” You looked at him weirdly. “Why are you talking to me like I’m- You have got to be fucking kidding me.” You yanked your hand out of his and stopped when you spotted the big sign that said ‘Dr. Evans Orthodontist Practice’. “Chris!” You frowned and he winced. “No, I love your dad and I would trust him with my life- but not when he’s a dentist.”

“You need to have your teeth checked,” he took both of your hands in his and looked at you with pleading eyes. “Babe, you’re clearly in pain. I’ve gone along with your charade for- two weeks now, but I’m going away soon and I can’t keep an eye on you anymore. Just- go get your teeth checked, I’ll sit in there with you and hold your hand.”

“Chris,” you whined.

“Y/N,” he said in a firm tone. “Come on, Dad is a great dentist. It won’t even hurt, I’ll make sure he puts you to sleep or whatever. Just- please,” he pleaded. “You need to get your teeth done, it’ll be worst if you don’t do it now.”

You knew he was right; you heaved a heavy sigh and mumbled, “fine. I’m going to break your bank with the amount of fro-yo I’m going to get after this,” you muttered bitterly and let him lead you into the dentistry.

“It’s okay,” he smiled. “I’ve got enough money to buy you the place.”

“You’re lucky you’re faster than me otherwise I’d be outta here,” you told him.

“You’re going to be fine,” he chuckled and kissed the side of your head.
• • • • • • • •
“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Chris asked as you nursed your large frozen yogurt; you bit back your smile and nodded, sighing. “I told you Dad was good at his job,” he smiled. “He’s going to see you once every six months to make sure all’s well with you.”

“Yeah, I’m not going unless you’re there with me.” You told him and he laughed. “It’s not the pain that bothers me, it’s not knowing when it’s going to stop. Then there’s the sound of the drill and the needles in my mouth and- ick,” you scrunched your nose in disgust.

Chris watched you with a small smile on his face, despite how irrational and childish you could be sometimes, he never once felt the urge to question his love for you. To him, you were perfect; just as he was to you. Your mom told you that people were incapable of change, that no matter how hard a person worked towards change- they’d eventually relapse and return to their old self. She said that when you truly loved, you had to learn to love everything about a person and if you couldn’t, they weren’t the one for you. You’d been through a fair share of 'not-the-one’, like Chris- you never thought you’d find 'the-one’, and then you met each other. With him, all was suddenly right in the world.

“You’re adorable, you know that?”

“I’m aware,” you smiled.

“I’m going to miss you when I go,” he reached for your hand and gave it a light squeeze. “Will you come visit me? I know you’re going to be busy in January with your own movie but- before that, will you come visit me?”

“Of course I will,” you told him and his smile widened ten-fold. “After all, how could I not visit the dumb dork who loves me enough to trick me into going to the dentist?”

Horny Siblings part 2

Anyway…about maybe three weeks later I’m down in the basement looking through the magazines and having a wank, it was something I had done quite a few times. It was just my sister, Lisa, and I at home after school and she never came down to the basement so I thought I would be pretty safe and was enjoying my alone time, I must have been almost at orgasm before I realised that she was actually watching me, I hadn’t heard her come down the stairs, but when I did I kind of freaked out and tried to hide what I was doing and pull my pants back up lol. Lisa laughed and told me it was too late to hide and she had seen what I was doing..she also said that she nknew I had the magazines down here. Which puzzled me a bit ( later she told me she had noticed me sneaking down to the basement so she had got curious and looked around one day).
So after I had calmed down a bit Lisa wanted to have a closer look at the mags..I pulled a couple out and threw them over to her and for a while she looked through the pages.
After a few somewhat awkward minutes, remember I’m still horny as fuck, Lisa asked if I remembered when we used to play doctors when we were kids, and did I remember being caught…of course I we talked about that for a while and I could kind of tell where it was heading.
After talking around it for a while Lisa asked if I still wanted to look at her like we did back when we were kids..I wasn’t going to say no so told her that I still thought about it a lot..although that wasn’t really true.We didn’t have long before mum got home so Lisa suggested we go up to her room, our rooms were exactly opposite each other at the other end of the house from mum and dads room..we would hear mums car and could make sure we were not caught ..we put out homework to make it look as though we were studying just in case.

When we got to her room Lisa , who was still in school uniform of blue mid length skirt, white shirt and short white socks, sat on the edge of her bed. I had already changed out of my uniform and was just wearing sport shorts and a tee shirt.

For a few moments we did t do, or say anything..I was now extremely horny and very hard, as you can imagine, and to be honest I was more than a little embarrassed to think that I might end up showing my own sister my hard penis..I was pretty sure she wouldn’t of seen any other actual cocks but maybe she had and I had no idea of how I would compare…it is something most guys will relate to.

She spoke first, reminding that we didn’t have much time and we had to either do some it or forget about it. I was very nervous but there was no way that I wanted to turn down his opportunity, it may well be the last such offer I get lol.

Movies, Pizza and Skeletons- Undertum doohicky.

A/N: Tahp o’ tha mornin’ to ya, my precious Soibeans! On a random note, I actually found a soy bean at work today, and so remembered I needed to feed my Tumblr more fanfiction. Here, have this fluffy, not-so-kinky-but-still-sorta Frans thing before I start the requests I’ve recieved! Thank you @dunkybritscuit​ for reminding me that we need more fluff and less smut with those two.

Story under the cut, because we don’t want a poor soul to accidentally read this and freak out lol.
WARNING! Tummy appreciation, stuffing, feeding and of course, a sprinkling of burps and what have you.

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Request: Can you do an imagine based on Justin’s song “Out Of Town Girl” ? 😊

I really had writers block for this one. And writers block usually leads to shitty imagines. I’m so sorry if this one isn’t what you wanted. But I swear I tried!

I also incorporated a little bit of ‘Confident’ into it since it does have a little to do with being foreign.

The whistle of a tune dragged on, so familiar to my ears. My ears that were currently occupied with the drowning sound of screaming - barely legal - adults, chugging there drinks while looking for a ‘good time’. 

The lights shining from the corners of the room, illuminating a brightly fluorescent colour around the room was really the only thing breaking this place from complete darkness, yet people still found themselves stumbling about as if they could not see what was in front of them properly.

But that was because they really couldn’t see what was in front of them, but the dim light wasn’t to blame, it was the alcohol flooding there systems. Gee, people in LA where much different to people were I was from.

Back at home, the clubs were pumping and high with energy, but the vibes given out were usually friendly and welcoming. The clubs down here really gave me a sense of uneasiness, like if caught off guard at the wrong time, you would more then likely be kidnapped by one of the many bulky and mysterious looking guys in the club.

Like the one I was currently starring at. I mean, this guy didn’t even look like he was here to have a good time. In fact, he looked as if he were here strictly for business. The way he presented himself was intimidating. 

Shaved down hair, buzzed all around, a beard scruffy but short presented amongst his face. The tight, black tee he sported showing off his bulging muscles underneath, tensed as he crossed his arms over his chest.

He did not look like a force to be reckoned with.

Yet still, women too skinny to keep there liquor down walked past the man, giggling up with giddy eyes. As if there attempt to act cute would draw his attention over, but the man didn’t even spare them a glance. 

What would a man like that be doing in here anyways?

 As if reading my thoughts, the guys eyes wandered over to mine, causing me to instinctively whip around in my bar stool seat and glance the other direction. It wasn’t until a couple seconds later I found myself looking back at him, that I realised the reason he had spotted me wasn’t off pure luck, but rather, a cute, toned boy next to him was pointing him in my direction.

The large guy nodded, as if approving of something and that’s when panic  settled inside me. I had only been in the country for a whole of a week and I was already about to be kidnapped! 

Jesus take the wheel!

But before I could plan my escape in my head, the boy from earlier - the smaller one who had pointed me out - came strutting over and placed himself on the bar stool besides me.

The bartender was at his side in seconds, seeming as if the boy was a highly respected man. “A corona.” The boy commanded the bartender. 

It wasn’t until then, his face seemed to click in my head. The way he dressed, the similar features, his signature now shaved haircut. The ‘boy’ was none other then world wide pop sensation - Justin Bieber. And lets not mention he was staring right back at me.

“Miss? Another drink?” The sound of another bartenders voice had me wandering back to reality, confidence striding up in my system after seeing Justin stare at me with amusement in his eyes. “Yes, a sex on the beach for me.” I requested. “And put it on his tab.” 

The bartender glanced over at Justin, as if making sure it was alright. Justin seemed stunned, but nonetheless smirked and nodded.

“My tab?” Justin questioned from beside me, thanking the bartender who had retrieved his drink. “How do you know I have a tab?” 

“Don’t all you celebrities have one?” I spoke thick in my foreign accent. I seemed so out of place surrounded by all these Americans.

“Your accent.” He pointed out. “Your not from here are you?”

I shook my head vigorously, lifting my leg in its tight dress to cross it over the other. “No.”

“I like it.” He comments. “Where you from?” 

“Australia. Born and raised baby.” I spoke proudly, as if expressing my nationality would bring me more confidence. “But my parents are Lebanese.”

“An Australian - Arabic? That’s really different.” He stated, pausing for a few seconds before adding “I like different.” 

The smirk on my face was undeniably there, as I sipped the contents of my sex on the beach. I was quick to drown the cup, not realising that the entire time - Justin had been watching me.

“I heard you Australians like your alcohol, but can you all hold it down that well?” 

“Depends.” I smirked. “We all love a good beer, but hand us a vodka and we’ll be rolling on the floor.” 

Justin looked intrigued, obviously finding something about me worth talking about. But I was just getting started at this club and sitting around all night was not on my bucket list. 

“Speaking of floor, time to hit the one right over there.” I stood from the seat, readjusting my dress around my hips before making my way over to the crowded dance floor. 

I hadn’t known if Justin had said anything after that. The second I stood to walk away, all noise was drowned out by the music. The dance floor was flooding with drunk men and women. Some girls grinding up against other guys, sometimes the other way around. Hell! Some girls were grinding against other girls! It was chaos but just my type of party.

It wasn’t long before I had become one of those many girls. As I made my entrance on the dance floor, it took me a matter of 15 seconds to grab hold the attention of a hot drunken guy and began grinding my ass against him.

His hands slowly fell down to grasp my hips, squeezing the flesh as I bounced against him to the beat. He seemed to be enjoying my show a lot more then I’d thought considering the hard on I felt poking against my back but I mean, I wasn’t complaining. 

A hot guy in need of some relief? I’ll take it.

But yet suddenly, the feeling of the guy was stripped from my skin, leaving me dancing on my own. Tet I didn’t think much of it. A group of girls had joined me, and instead of being bummed about the loss of contact behind, I just decided to enjoy what was in front. 

All until I felt yet another presence behind me. The person slid there hands down my body, pushing my hips against there own, my back against there chest but I knew this wasn’t the previous guy. This one had a much firmer grip and seemed more manly.

“Tryna get away baby girl?” The voice growled in my ear. 


 A smirk played against my face at his words, he obviously couldn’t get enough, so why not put on a show? 

My body twisted in his grasp, hands roaming his body as his flustered face came into view. One leg lifted, wrapping around his waist, the other stood on the ground. He wasted no time in pulling me closer, with one hand gripping the thigh around his waist.

“Why?” I questioned. 

“Why what?”

“Why out of all people are you here in this club with me? Look at all these pretty girls around you, what’s so interesting about me?” I just couldn’t help but wonder.

“I honestly don’t know. When you walked by you were the only one who caught me eye.”

Something about him made me giddy and I smiled up at him. Not a smirk. A genuine smile.

He starred down on me, admiring my face for a few moments and I just couldn’t help but do the same to him. He seemed so intrigued and it honestly confused me. I was different yes, but not special.

“I don’t even know your name and I already love your smile.” He whispered against my ear. 

“Well, It’s Y/N.” 

He smiled. “Y/N.” 

It fell of his tongue so gracefully. His own accent making it sound so unique.

“Well Y/N, In case you don’t know - I like an out of town girl.”

“Yeah?” I questioned. 

“Yeah.” He confirmed. “And anyone can tell that your an out of town girl.”

I hope its good enough…

Computer trouble. ( Kyungri smut )

Type: SMUT, you’ve been told lmao

Length: 2686 words

A/N: Kyungri is one of my biases so this fucked me up to write but i hope u guys like it!!!!

Originally posted by geum-jo

“Fuck me.” You sighed at your computer for the 6th time, the screen frozen as your fingers twiddled nervously by it as your eyes zoomed all over the keyboard, your nose was almost close enough to the space bar before you heard a familiar voice enter your room.

“I’ll be glad too.” You heard Kyungri supply behind you, her sudden entrance causing you to leap out of your chair in alarm, turning around wildly to see her waltzing in in nothing but a sports tee and shorts, laundry in hand.

“Jeez.” You sighed, closing your eyes and rubbing them,
“You scared the shit out of me.” You mumbled, turning around again in your chair, the computer still stuck in the same position as before as you pouted directly towards it.

“Mm, what’s the matter baby?” She wondered aloud, dumping her laundry onto your shared bed in one giant heap, and then turning around to face you as you swiveled back to her.

“My computers broke.” Pinching the bridge of your nose, you leaned back, and let out a long sigh as you released some of the tension in your neck by popping your shoulders.

Oblivious to Kyungri’s approaching, you almost jumped out of your skin again when you felt her cold hands come down on your arms, your mouth closing as you felt them begin to trace patterns up and down, before you felt yourself settle in, the goosebumps raising lightly as her nails scratched your skin softly.

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