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Reclist of complete laze fics

Dear @jendejen please read all tags and warnings in those fics, because there are some nasty shit there (usially include glanni and ithro):

Half-Light ‘verse series by  Edgebug

Like a Kitten by Fallencellist

A Drabble based on a headcanon from Sportarobbiecentral over on Tumblr: “Sport rubs his face on stuff like a cat to mark it or until he gets his hair pet/scratches behind his ears. This includes waking up robbie by rubbing his cheek against him repeatedly which robbie finds annoying but secretly endearing.”

Sportacus interrupts Robbie in the middle of a nap.

Candy Drunk  by  thewurstgerman

Who knew Sportacus would actually go and drink Robbie’s wine? The villain certainly didn’t, and now he has a tipsy elf in his lair… (Sportarobbie, nothing graphic.)

 The Sportacus Problem   by  Fríálfurinn (DangerousCommieSubversive)

Stephanie Meanswell has a crush on Sportacus, and that is unacceptable. It’s slightly better when she realizes that almost everyone else in town also has a crush on him, but it’s still a problem that needs solving, because she has more important things to be doing than drawing pictures of him with hearts all over. When a solution unexpectedly presents itself, she’s a little startled, but she’s not just going to ignore a good opportunity. 

catch your breath; there are no breaks series by Psilent (HereThereBeFic)

It’s Okay If It’s In Icelandic  by Trinz

Sportacus likes to speak his mind about Robbie in Icelandic, thankful that Robbie didn’t know the language. Robbie, however, does, and has to deal with Sportacus flapping his jaws everywhere.

A Beginner’s Guide to Elven Mating Rituals by PatrioticFrisbee kinda ongoing

 Dear Ten,

 So I hear you’re interested in mating your villain? Unusual, but that’s interesting. I was thinking about it and remembered you were so very young. Have you even had a proper rut before? No? Didn’t think so.

Within is a nice, helpful manual to walk you through everything you can expect from your Rut. I wish you luck.

I’m sure they’re a nice little villain. I’m curious to see if you end up with any tiny elves running around your ankles?

If you do, I’m coming over and spoiling them rotten.

The Role-Swap AU series by  Fríálfurinn (DangerousCommieSubversive)

These Tender Moments Are Born From Pain  by cowroyalty Glanni\Ithro

It’s probably not a mistake to cuddle with the enemy (maybe one day i’ll write more of this)(i wrote more of it)

The Trouble With Mistletoe   by Neyiea

This Christmas season is going to be different from all others, and not only because Robbie almost eats a toxic plant.

home is where you are series by  Neyiea

 Hard Truths by Apathy,saltedpin

Getting trapped together one time is bad luck.

Getting trapped together several times is a recipe for deep-seated trauma. The kind that involves ice cream, cake, and a whole lot of denial.

Solo Act by CaptainLucifer

Sportacus finds himself infatuated with Robbie’s newest disguise—even moreso than normally, that is.


arrangement by   rottenboy (TechnicalTragedy)  corn,pain,humilation,happy ending

Light that Spark by  Neyiea  corn,3some

Robbie accidentally pulls Íþróttaálfurinn out of his own dimension and into theirs. 

What happens in Mayhemtown, stays in Mayhewtown    by Meestersweden corn,pain, u know, the usial

Glanni Glæpur has just unsuccessfully tried robbing the Mayhemtown Bank, but when
Íþróttaálfurinn is the only one who catches him. He knows that slutting it up is the only way to escape the law

Chocolate and Hickies

Period’s sucked, you felt uncomfortable in your own skin, not to mention your pants. Nothing was yet again fitting right, even the things you knew fit you great. You had bought them for when you bloated up a few pounds. PMS…what…a…bitch.

Laying on the couch face first with one socked foot hanging off the couch.

Steve walked in cocking his head to the side as he stared.

“You okay there sport?” Your face rubbing itself into the blanket. Hands pulling the pigtails you had redone three times.

“I’m not a guy! I’m a girl, I have breast and ovaries. These shiny little things called feelings that flare to life upon occasion.” Your hands flipping into the air as you spun and stalked towards Steve. Cheeks flaring red as you stormed out of the room.

Steve setting down the ipod his eyebrows furrowing together lips pursed. Did he go after you or not? You weren’t his girl but he did like you. Spending most of his time between Bucky and yourself.

His fingers drumming on the counter he decided. Give you a few minutes to cool off then check. Minutes later you could hear a knock at the door.

“Friday who is it?” Whispering to the AI.

“Who is at the door presently?” Friday inquired while you face palmed.

“Open up, Y/N” Steve managing to sound commanding and adorable. Gods were you fucked.

“Friday open the door.” You said falling onto your pillow. Making shapes on the purple material with your fingertips.

“Sorry for earlier Steve.”

“You want to tell me why?” Steve sitting on your bed mainly because you had hung out on it before. Most people ,however, wouldn’t have Steve in their bedroom; ever.

Working your face together into an adorable scrunchy mess. Kind of like a pug. Sighing you finally told him his thumb rubbing circles onto your calf.

“I’m PMSing.” Steve giving your leg a squeeze while he handed over a chocolate bar.

“Doesn’t explain the outburst. I’m assuming you’ve had more than one period the three years I’ve known you.” Steve smiling while continues his message.

“I don’t want to talk about it. It’s stupid. I shouldn’t let it bother me, it usually doesn’t.” Nibbling the corner of the chocolate bar. Steve frowning, it was the first time you hadn’t shared something with him. You were a fairly open and honest person. There were a few things you refused to tell anyone but he respected those boundaries. All the Avengers have those secrets.

“I understand but if it’s bothering you it can’t be that stupid. You’re too smart for that.” Steve trying his hand at being charming.

“Oh goody I love being the smart one. everybody loves an awkward nerd.” Turning your back to Cap again. Fighting the urge to cry again. Damn hormones.

“I-” Cutting him off you started your tirade. Unable to handle another placation from Wonder Boy.

“I feel fat, ugly, and worthless. I’m the only single person here. Day in and day out. Natasha doesn’t even try to set me up like with you. Not like it would even work cause no one wants me anyways.” Curling up into yourself to try and contain the pain.

“I’m single.” Steve tried to offer.

“Yeah but you could have any girl you wanted in a heartbeat.” Sitting up snapping your fingers to accentuate your point.

Jeans hugging every curve that Steven could see. A Salem, MA sweatshirt keeping your body heat in. What it wasn’t keeping out was the self-loathing. Nor the fact that you have been crushing on Steve for 2 years, six months, and three days.

Your lavender and chocolate brown pigtails cascading down to your shoulders. Eye’s peaking up at Steve as you held the bar of chocolate in your hands.

“Why don’t you want me Steve?” Deep set eye’s gazing up at him. Whether it was the hormones or what self-respect you had left, you had to ask.

“I……It’s not that I don’t. I just.” Steve giving you a pleading look.

“WHAT?!? You tell everyone not to wait too long. Then you vacillate about your feelings for me right in front of me?!?! After three years of friendship! 2 years, six months, and three days of me being IN LOVE with you!” Tears pouring out of your eye’s as you covered your mouth. Eye’s wide as you gasped and sobbed. Turning your back to Steve to give some semblance of privacy.

His hands going to your back.

“Please Y/N. I’m not trying to hurt you. I just thought I was protecting us both. We’ve both-”

“Protecting us? What kind of crap is that?!?” Turning to face him in your rage.  Your hand crushing the chocolate bar. Eye’s wide as you stared him down. His hands flying up to his chest palms out.

“Y/N, I just, we’ve both admitted how much pain love has brought us. Nothing good seems to come of it. How we weren’t sure we wanted to try again. I just would rather have you as a friend than nothing at all.” Sad eye’s staring at each other.

His lips meeting your’s as his fingers tangled in your hair. Pushing yourself into his lap. His neck going back as you kissed him hard from the new angle. Leverage was definitely on your side in this case.

His hands sliding down your body as his fingers cupped your ass. Gods how he had stared at it more times than he ought too. His hands massaging you as you rocked your hips in time to his strokes. Stroking Steve’s cock into the erection you had alway’s dreamed about.

When you you unanimously pulled off your sweatshirt Steve tried to speak.

“What-” Covering Steve’s mouth with your hand. Hips grinding into his shamelessly. Steve’s eye’s getting hazy and dark.

When his hands grabbed your waist you were curiously shocked. Steve lifting you up onto your back. Crawling on top of you supporting a majority of his weight while he kissed you.

Steve just enjoying the sensation of kissing someone his hands wandering over your body. It was like Peggy’s but different. You were leaner but all the curves were there. Soft and warm in his hands his hand cupping your right cheek. His erection rubbing into you. Steve had never made out with anyone before. Well except when Bucky was teaching him how to kiss.  He was 99% sure that didn’t count.

Putting your leg over his thigh you pulled him down. Wanting more friction and contact with the 90 year old Avenger. Let Tony make his jokes, you’d chose this old man over him anyday.

“I’m not hurting you am I?” Steve asked when you both pulled back for air. His hair falling over his eye’s. The gel coming out of it due to humidity and sweat.

Grabbing you placed a sweet kiss to his lips. Gyrating your hips against his at the same time.

“Nope.” Sliding your noses together while you laid kiss after kiss upon each other’s lips. Spending the entire night kissing hands exploring concealed skin. Lips exploring whatever the eye’s could see. Kissing until lips were tinged with red. A possible bruise forming on Steve’s lip from one of your love bites. Each of you sporting a few hickies.

“Tony’s going to tease you for those tomorrow. “ Fingers trailing over his neck as you smiled. Placing a peck over the bruise.

“Like Nat’s going to let you live that one down either.” Steve nipping your soon to be hicky then laving it with his tongue.

“Hmmm…” Was all you could eak out. Crawling on top of him your hair creating a curtain around the two of you. Smiling while you proceeded to kiss him senseless yet again. A lull so you could both breathe setting in.

“You really waited almost three years before you said anything?”

“I nearly crawled into your lap last year at Valentine’s day. Pepper stopped me thank god.” Blushing at the not so proud memory.

“Would have been interesting.” Steve’s head lolling to side to look at you. His arm draping over your waist as you two talked the night away.