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Why are fandoms so fucking territorial? SU fans vs. Bronies, Pokemon fans vs. Yo-kai Watch fans, Mario fans vs. Sonic fans, like stop fighting and watch your damn shows and play your damn games!

Because humans are social animals, it’s part of our nature to form groups and then fight each other over dumb things. Be it a sports rivalry or other nonsense like television networks, character ships and soda pop brands, there’s just something about putting on the war paint and dying on a hill that humans crave.

For some people it’s nationalism or religion for others it’s what colour Sonic’s arms really are. I don’t give much of a shit anymore, it is super irritating though.


“They’re both better because of each other. Javi is better because of Yuzu and Yuzu is better because of Javi.”

rivals to lovers starters

as requested. feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

  • “I’m going to kis–kick your ass!”
  • “You can’t sleep with him/her/them! You’ll get your heart broken–and then I’ll automatically win, and that’s no fun.”
  • “I’m considering letting you win…”
  • “If you lose, you have to do anything I want.”
  • “Stop squirming! You can’t beat me if you have a cut like that.”
  • “I’d do anything to……win.”
  • “How did you trip over thin air, dumbass?! Be quiet, I’ll carry you somewhere.”
  • “I challenge you to a duel! With my tongue/mouth.”
  • “I bet I can kiss better than you can!”
  • “Wow, you’re really dumb…PFFT…bet you won’t take off your shirt…chicken.”
  • “I can’t believe I have to share a room with you before our competition.”
  • “Try to beat MY handholding skills.”
  • “Contest: whoever comes up with the most ways to say ‘I love you’ wins.”
  • “Ha! You’re definitely the fastest.”
  • “Scared, ___?”
  • “I was joking…why would you actually try to jump over that fence?”
  • “Don’t do anything stupid!”
  • “FINE. If you win, I’ll go out/sleep/make out with you.”
  • “You have about as much of a chance at winning as you do of getting a kiss from me.”
  • “I don’t want to lose to anyone else but you!”
  • “If you get it right, I’ll let you take a break.”
  • “Are you too scared to skinny dip?!”
  • “Think you can handle my thoughtful love notes?! You’re in for a shocker.”
  • “I’ve always spent so much time practicing/studying/exercising/etc. that I’ve never had a real boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other before.”
  • “For a newbie, you’re kinda cute.”
  • “Hey, stop with the puppy eyes! I won fair and square.”
  • “No, YOU’RE the cutest.”
  • “Time for a staring contest! I’m totally the king/queen/ruler of them.”
  • “Can we end practice? It’s really hot in here.”
  • “Oh you wanna trash talk huh? Well-uh–your lips–a-are really soft-looking–”
  • “If I win, you get to be my prize.”

C.S. Pacat & Johanna The Mad on their new comic series Fence!

Writer C.S. Pacat (best known for her Captive Prince series) has been mercilessly teasing her fans with a new Top Secret Project™ for the last few days. Well, the wait is finally over, as the L.A. Times just broke the announcement for her new comic series, Fence!

Teaming up with the ridiculously talented artist Johanna The Mad, Fence follows Nicholas Cox as he joins the world of fencing at an elite boys school and becomes embroiled in the drama of competitive sports, team romance and rivalries, and good old self-discovery.

On finding inspiration for Fence, C.S. Pacat says, “I got really into sports comics in Japan, where I lived for about five years. I love the intense rivalries, the striving, the way you can take characters to their breaking point. Haikyuu!! and Hikaru no Go are easily some of my favourite comics of all time. Fence is like my love letter to the genre.

At the same time, I’m interested in female gaze and queer gaze art. I wanted to make something that had all the drama and intensity of a sports comic, while also being joyously and unabashedly queer.  I was really inspired by Ngozi Ukazu’s fantastic hockey web comic Check, Please!, and the recent Japanese animation Yuri!!! on Ice. I started to wonder, what happens when those energies come out in a combat sport—when you add in the danger and stakes of fencing?”

Fence means the world to me,” says Johanna The Mad. “It has always been one of my biggest dreams to draw comics, but I never thought I’d be able to work on one that I’d end up fangirling about!”

Johanna’s artwork captures everything that is hot, dangerous, and exciting about fencing,” adds Pacat.

Fence #1 hits comic shops in November, and it’ll have covers from Johanna The Mad and Kevin Wada (and maybe someone else we’ll seeee~) and colors from Rebecca Nalty.

Some Ilvermorny headcanons
  • First and foremost, every day is cranberry pie day
  • While students do have robes, the clothes they wear underneath the robes are not uniforms. There is an eclectic mix of tastes, from the very serious horned serpent who wears button-downs and ties every day, to the wampus who has enchanted their graphic t-shirt to move, to the thunderbirds and pukwudgies who mutually exist solely for sweater weather.
  • Every year on James Steward’s birthday, there is a school-sponsored cranberry pie bake-off. Pukwudgie house nearly always wins. Once, thunderbird won and good lord you would think it was the civil war all over again
  • There are a lot of local professors, of course, so you get some really thick Boston accents, but there are also professors with southern belle accents who serve iced tea in class, professors with Canadian accents, professors with midwest accents, several Native American professors with smooth, lulling accents, and some Mexican professors who slip into Spanish when they get super excited about their subject. There was a visiting professor from Ireland once, and 96% of female students (and some male students) had major crushes on him.
  • Wampus house is where you go to get body-crushing, soul-lifting hugs
  • Horned serpents may be scholars, but they are also some of the keenest observers. They watch the whole school from afar and quietly play matchmaker to all of their friends. No one suspects them because - what, horned serpent? No. They don’t know about emotions. Meanwhile, the house president makes a killing on the bet she made to predict the homecoming king/queen. 
  • Thanksgiving at Ilvermorny is a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. It’s almost bigger than Christmas. The thanksgiving feasts at Ilvermorny put Hogwarts to shame. Turkey, ham, real cranberry sauce, pies - oh my god so many pies. They’ve got cider, and tea, and cocoa like you wouldn’t believe. There are New English dishes and Southern dishes and Native dishes and Mexican dishes and Canadian dishes and West Coast dishes - essentially it’s a gigantic continental potluck, and it goes on all day long. Also, their pumpkin juice tastes 1000 times better.
  • While things like dueling and fighting with wands may be frowned upon at Hogwarts, at Ilvermorny it’s kind of just assumed that stuff happens, and the profs are very chill about it. “Just don’t kill each other okay” “just take it outside” “no casting destruction spells indoors” “bring some band-aids with you” “if you break your nose don’t bleed on your homework”
  • Pukwudgies are a pretty agreeable house over all, if not a bit salty and surly around the edges, they’ll still help you with your homework and bring you soup when you’ve got a cold. But all bets are off when they step onto the lacrosse field. Maybe its a pride thing, but pukwudgies are frikkin animals when playing lacrosse.
  • Wampus beats pukwudgie at lacrosse fairly often. They don’t actually practice that much, they just kind of win.
  • This fact has fueled a sports rivalry - friendly in wampus’ eyes, bloodthirsty in pukwudgie’s eyes. 
  • At wampus/pukwudgie games, horned serpents sell special blends of popcorn. Thunderbirds purchase, hoard, and eat 89% of this popcorn.
  • Horned serpents and pukwudgies often, though not always, end up having an unspoken rivalry in potions class.
  • Contrary to popular belief, wampus is not full of athletic jocks. However, they are the most body-positive of all of the schools, and, somewhat ironically to the stereotype, will never judge anyone for their athletic ability. They want everyone to be able to enjoy athleticism and bravery and adventure in the ways they are most able and gifted.
  • That being said, they do have the kind of student body who, if called upon, could become a minute militia.
  • When there is a freak hurricane or tornado headed headed for the school, it will be a wampus student who is patrolling the halls and telling students where to go for safety. If there is a bully in school, you had better bet your bottom dollar that s/he will be beaten to a pulp by the next day, and it will be a wampus student sporting mysteriously bloody knuckles.
  • Pukwudgies are the ones who patch up the bully; they might accidentally wind the bandages a little too tight.
  • Thunderbirds love a good game of hide-and-seek. They have a tradition of, every halloween, playing hide-and-seek in the dark in the woods.
  • Horned serpents are the students least often caught for sneaking in contraband into school. Caught being the key word. Most students learn at some point in their education that if you want a nice stiff drink, you go to horned serpent. During secret designated holidays, horned serpent common room turns into a speakeasy. 
  • Unexpectedly, it is pukwudgies who carry the most weapons and dangerous materials on their person at any given time. If a group of Ilvermorny students were going through a security check, it would be the pukwudgies held at the line while they emptied their pockets (bigger on the inside, of course) of various poisons and weapons. When asked, they would just shrug and say “just in case”.
  • The town around Ilvermorny is home to several franchised chain restaurants that, although they are no-maj brands, have been taken over by Ilvermorny alumni and thus serve predominantly wizarding patrons. Cups levitate to customers in the Starbucks, there are magic-only options on the menu; the chik-fil-a floor sweeps itself; at dominos the pizzas assemble themselves while the one clerk waits, bored, at the register. There are in-house cues for magic patrons whenever a no-maj walks in. The clerk rings a bell or taps loudly on the counter, or yells out an order than is actually a code word for stop doing magic stuff. It’s like red light green light.
  • There are some old service tunnels beneath the school left over from WWII and the Cold War. They’re like a labyrinth, and Thunderbird has a monopoly on the maps to the tunnels. Some of the more obscure tunnels have large rooms that are perfect for parties and impromptu speakeasies (lookin at you, horned serpent). Thunderbirds will rent out these rooms to fellow students at a fair and competitive rate.
  • Unlike hogwarts, Ilvermorny students are more apt to use modern technology. Electrics can be weird around witches and wizards, but they still enjoy a lot of no-maj programming. They use computers instead of quills (but still have to print off their essays, ugh,) and listen to music, and watch TV.
  • Star Trek has long been a school cult favorite. Pukwudgies have adopted Bones as their pop culture mascot; Kirk is Thunderbird’s, Spock, horned serpent. Wampus vacillates on which of these three they like most, though it must be said, when they start watching Next Gen, many wampus students find themselves enamored with Worf,
  • There has only been one no-maj to ever make it past the magic shields of Ilvermorny unaided. This instance was in 1985. His name was Chad, who at the time was 1) stoned out of his mind and 2) delivering chinese takeout to a horned serpent pulling an all-nighter. School admin found out later, and there was hell to pay. They never did track down Chad to wipe his memory.
  • Pukwudgie house does have more than its fair share of healers, so they are definitely the ones to go to for cold remedies, home made soup, the best cures for menstrual cramps, and really good back rubs.
  • However, they are also the ones to go to for less medical remedies: the best hot cocoa, the most gourmet teas, and home made food.
  • Each house has a class president who is elected for a two-year term (unless they’re a final year student, in which case they will serve one before being taken over by their VP). They have some influence within their houses, but never as much as they’d like. For instance, the thunderbird president once attempted to institute mid-day dancing parties, but school admin said no.
  • Pukwudgies are usually not super athletic, but are often very good at things like darts, archery, and waterbaloon fights.
  • Wampus takes ultimate frisbee very, very seriously.
  • Thunderbird hosts an ongoing scavenger hunt throughout the semester.
  • The women of horned serpent blow off steam and the stuffy acadmic pressures of their house by making pillow forts and watching rom coms with each other.
  • Back in the eighties some wizard created a magic version of D&D, and it has become a weekend favorite of many students across all of the houses.
  • After graduation, instead of having a class ring, it has become tradition for Ilvermorny students to make a pendant out of their golden cloak buttons.
  • Ilvermorny may be separated by inter-house squabbles much like at Hogwarts, but at the end of the day, they all leave school wearing the same blue and cranberry robes, sporting the same skill with a wand, raised to the same scrappy, witty, mod-podge tenacity that American witches and wizards embody so well.

Parallels | Rivalry 

Lightning: I am a smart, complex, and many-layered being. I am a trained professional.

Lightning, 0.341 seconds later: ASFKASL:FKJASL:KFJASL:FKJSALF:KJ!:!!!!!!!! >:OOOO

Harv: YEAH, BABY!!!!

Cruz: Uhhhhh sure, use that!

Sally: Oh boy… 

, People should know that this isn’t anything new.  Catalans have been discriminated against and treated as less than human for years now.  The spanish government completely ignores the issues and concerns raised by Catalonia and refuse to help them prosper.  

This is far more than just independence.  This is a human rights issue that people have swept under the rug for decades.  This is just like Franco’s reign all over again, where the people of Catalonia are being targeted and brutalized for their culture.

I am a Spaniard and I stand with Catalonia, all for or against independence.  I stand with FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, who still had to play despite the tragedies happening in their community.  I stand with Gerard Piqué, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez, and others who are unfairly mistreated by the Spanish media and fans for their heritage and beliefs. Catalan clubs and players should not be constantly targeted and unfairly treated because of their culture.  

I stand for their right to voice their opinions and be proud of their heritage without fear of abuse from their government.

working on a design for asters rival character 

Okay but seriously, imagine this:

a Hollywood movie based on Evgeni Malkin’s escape to America


I want to say thank you so much to the laver cup and these two legends. Thank you for teaching us what a great rivalry is like, thank you for always being honest and respectful. What a sport it is to have these two great friends as its biggest rivalry.
As a long time tennis fan, I have dreamed of this moment ever since I was a kid in front of the tv at 2 am in the morning watching the Wimbledon final of 2008.
I can tell you I have not regretted anything,

for every second of it was worth the wait.

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I'm a rangers fan so I don't like the bruins out of spite™ but I've seen a lot of stuff about how they're actually really good guys off the ice. I don't like how dirty they can be on the ice but I get that it's a part of the game so I was wondering if there's anything you can share about why you like them I guess :)

They’ve explicitly supported Both of their Pro womens teams and have donated money to support the womens games. Individual players and the organization itself.

The players and the organization have also been one of the most outspoken supporters of the LGBT community, making a big deal about supporting gay rights and transgender rights (they released a video of patrice bergeron talking about how the team supports trans people). 

Zdeno Chara has literally raised all these children from birth to be respectable and compassionate adults.

They’re fun, they’re not concerned with elitism and being “classy” in the old school hockey sense, they’re here to entertain but know when to draw the line. for instance Brad Marchand is always compared to Andrew Shaw. Andrew Shaw called someone a f*ggot on live tv. Brad Marchand has explicitly stated no one is allowed to use that word and has gone out of his way to hold people accountable for it. 

also they have a tv show called behind the b and they don’t take themselves seriously at all and they call their coach dad??? they literally at one point made a line so that every guy who entered the dressing room was told they were missed after the bye week??? both jarome Iginla and jaromir jagr who have been around for a long tiem have said that there isn’t a room closer and with a more positive energy than the boston bruins team??? zdeno chara doesn’t like rookie culture because he thinks it ostracizes the young guys and he wants them to feel apart of the team??? chara also has learned 7 languages so that no guy can come to the bruins and have no one to talk to??? they’ve never really had a super star they just all work so hard ??? claude julien (who isn’t their coach anymore) refused to say anything bad about them when they were knocked out of the playoffs becuase he loved them so much??? and on fathers day he said he couldn’t be more happy because the 20+ guys in the room were the best sons he could ask for?? and bruce cassidy their new coach goes around hugging players who had bad games to make them feel better???

There’s just this huge atmosphere of positivity and love and accountability and support not just for each other but for their fans as well. They hold themselves to a certain standard and to get there they do it with good vibes and love, but they also don’t let people get away with bullshit. 

like 100% you shouldn’t like them on the ice cause rivalries make sports fun and i love habs fans and i live in toronto and I got booed going to school in my krejci jersey but when i flipped the guy off he laughed and smiled at me and i smiled back and !!! that was nice and good !!!!

I wrote a longe rmore comprehensive post about this but I can’t find it. 

                             Akaashi Rare Pair Week 2k17

Akaashi Rare Pair Week  is an open participation event to celebrate our favorite Suffering Setter™ and all of his rare pairs. This event will take place from June 18th through June 24th. When tagging your pieces please use either or both of the following within the first five tags: #Akaashi Rare Pair Week or #Akaashi Rare Pair Week 2k17. The prompts are as follows, and can be taken are loosely or literally as the artists and authors sees fit. 

day one: same team / rivalry / sport swap
day two: film / tv / crossover
day three: dance / music / song inspired
day four: firsts / insecurities / domestic
day five: space / supernatural / apocalypse
day six: habits / cliches / fate
day seven: new beginnings / last farewells / free form

If you have any other questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page or send us an ask with any questions you may have. We will be posting reminders as the dates approach. All forms of art are accepted, just make sure to tag them with the tag above, and appropriately if anything NSFW is involved. Remember, to have fun! We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. 

                                                  xx Admin Alex & Admin Effy   

Freedom of the Press

This is based off the following prompt from the lovely @sweaters-and-crowns​:

EEEE! Can you write a fluffy ass piece? Maybe… like… Betty and Jughead have a moment in the B&G office after school one day. (He’s not at SSH) there’s *always* been some kind of flirting between the two, but that afternoon - it’s different? Their eyes linger a little longer, the touches are more frequent. Whether they finally admit their feelings… I’ll leave that ball in your court

I loved the idea, and I hope this lives up to your expectations! (Sorry for errors, as usual I was writing quickly and edited myself).

Freedom of the Press

Betty had a pencil in her mouth, a finger curling around the bottom of her ponytail, and a frustrated expression on her face when Jughead arrived in the Blue and Gold room. He paused and watched her for a moment before announcing his presence.

‘What’s up Betts? My semi-colons causing you pain again?’ He grinned at her furrowed brow.

‘I know you have to start somewhere, but how am I meant to produce an interesting paper when your top story is about the sodium content in the school’s coleslaw?’

‘Well it’s a very pertinent question. We should all be concerned with lowering our sodium consumption.’ Jughead smirked and pulled up a seat next to her, slinging his bag to the floor.

‘Jug. Not even you eat the coleslaw. It could be entirely constituted from salt and it would harm exactly no one.’ Betty pulled a face.

‘Well, with a defeatist attitude like that, no wonder you’re struggling.’ He nudged her arm and leant over to read her screen. The gap between them was closed completely, their arms and leg pressed against one another’s.

‘Oh don’t Jug, it’s awful.’ Betty leant forward to close her laptop before he could see, and at the same time Jughead reached forward to stop her. His hand landed on hers and Betty recoiled quickly, trying, but unable to ignore the slight bolt that had flooded through her as his fingers brushed hers. This was crazy, she’d known Jughead for years, she saw him every day. He was one of her best friends, for goodness sake.

Jughead eyed the words on the screen smiling to himself. ‘I’ve got to hand it to you Betts, for the world’s most boring story, you have at least managed to bump it from unimaginably turgid to only slightly dull.’ He grinned at her, holding her gaze for a little longer than he would normally. Betty shifted uncomfortably and changed the subject, dropping her eyes away from his.

‘Always such high praise Jones.’ she cleared her throat, still looking down. ‘What have you got for me then?’

His smirk disappeared and was replaced with a sheepish expression. ‘Well. About that…’


‘Literally nothing happens in Riverdale.’

She couldn’t help herself from smiling. ‘But Jug, has that ever stopped us?’

He looked sideways at her, suddenly aware of how close they were sitting.

‘No it has not. Which is why I have a fascinating story on our sports rivalry with Greendale High.’

Betty groaned. ‘We run that every year.’

‘And every year the football team loves us, just for one day. It makes their victory that much sweeter. You could argue that it’s a charitable service.’

‘Always an answer for everything. Can I see it?’

Jughead pulled out his laptop. As he waited for it to load, he quipped. ‘I like to feel this adds to the suspense of it all. I’m hoping you’ll overlook some of my semi-colons by the time this old thing boots up.’

‘Hell could freeze over, Jughead, and I still wouldn’t overlook your semi-colons.’  The tension had disappeared and things seemed to be back to normal.

Jughead was a big part of the reason that Betty liked working on the Blue and Gold so much. Their friendship was the easy sort, and within the confines of the B&G room, she felt more like herself than anywhere else. Their banter was always there, but it was more so here, where there was no Veronica or Archie, or outside life to distract them. It was where Betty had the most fun.

‘Cruel Miss Cooper.’ Jughead muttered as he tapped away on his laptop. ‘Anyway, the story of the year is in your inbox now.’

‘Thanks Juggie. I will try not to be too awed by it.’ She stuck her tongue out at him and he smiled, shaking his head fondly at her. Betty was a little puzzled by the strange expression on his face and busied herself on her computer.

‘Okay. So this looks long enough to take up most of the sports page. Ethel’s written a piece on the history of the school mascot, and we have my sodium scandal article. That leaves us with at least three empty slots, and two days to pull something together that at least resembles a school paper.’ Betty sighed.

‘Maybe it’ll look better if we print it out and lay it out?’ Jughead suggested, though not too hopefully.

‘Maybe.’ Betty clicked about on her screen and soon enough the ancient printer was whirling. Jughead stood up. ‘I’ll get them.’ He squeezed her shoulder and strode towards the printer, causing Betty to look at him in confusion again. She decided not to think too much of it, instead turning her attention to the matter at hand. She tapped her fingers on the desk, wracking her brain for story ideas, but gave up after a minute and went over to the desk where Jughead was laying out the scraps of paper.

‘It’s a little….’ She began.

‘Sparse.’ He agreed. ‘But that’s okay. We’ve got two whole days.’

They stared at it for a while, hoping that something would magically come to them.

‘Is there any local history we haven’t already reported on?’

‘Not a lot left no. What about Jason…?’ Jughead suggested tentatively. The teen in the grade above them had been missing for over a week now, with no sign of his whereabouts.

‘You know that Headmaster Weatherbee has forbidden us from reporting about that until he is found and we have the blessing of the Blossoms. So I wouldn’t count on us ever being able to write about that.’


Betty crossed over to the other side of the room and pulled out the folder of backup stories that she kept for when news ran dry.

‘Oh no. Not the folder of doom. Anything but that.’ Jughead sighed dramatically.

‘Desperate times, Jones.’

She returned to her original seat and started to flick through the pieces of paper. Jughead went over to stand behind her. He put one hand on the back of his chair and leant his weight on it, positioning his body so he was able to read over Betty’s shoulder. With his other hand he pulled out some of the paper and spread them across the desk. They both scanned the headlines for anything that they could use.

‘What about this one?’ Jughead reached across. ‘Tales of the Unexpected: The Ghosts of Riverdale.’ He let go of the chair and instead rested his hand lightly on Betty’s shoulder as he read.

‘I didn’t have you down as someone who believed in the paranormal.’

‘Oh definitely. I hold a seance every night. I can’t believe you didn’t know that.’

‘No wonder Archie’s been looking so tired recently. He must love sharing with you.’

‘Very funny Betts. Dead men tell no tales…. But that doesn’t stop people’s imagination running away with them. And it’s nearly Halloween. If we put back the paper by a week, you can rework this story and I’ll do a feature on scary films - then we can produce a decent edition.’

‘You might be onto something there Juggie. Although I’m not thrilled about delaying the paper.’

‘But for a good cause.’ Jughead returned to his laptop and pulled up a blank document, preparing to start the article. ‘I promise not to quibble with you when you change all of my grammar and I’ll make sure every film on the list is Weatherbee approved, even if it does compromise my artistic integrity.’

‘You have yourself a deal Mr Jones.’ Betty laughed.

‘We’d better shake on on it.’ Jughead offered his hand and Betty took it in hers, shaking it once. He held it firmly and didn’t let go, instead he pulled her towards him slightly, scanning her eyes for a reaction.

‘Betty. I…’ He looked at her and looked down at their hands again loosening his grip slightly. ‘I…’ he swallowed. ‘Never mind.’ he dropped her hand and turned back to his laptop.

Betty didn’t move, wondering what he was going to say, and if he’d felt what she had when he took her hand. Something seemed to have shifted in the air. There was that tension again, the one that hadn’t existed previously. She was ultra aware of his position in relation to hers. She turned back to the article they’d found, marking it up with a pencil. They were still so close, she felt almost pressed against his side, their chairs were so near each other. She didn’t want to move though, she found that she liked the feeling of being against Jughead’s side. And she found that she’d be disappointed if he moved.

She glanced across at him, but he kept his eyes fixed on the screen in front of him that was slowly filling up with words so she returned her attention to the printed paper in front of her. It wasn’t as bad as she’d been expecting; she was confident that she could make it into a good article.

Jughead saw her smile, and the feelings he’d been trying to repress started to stir inside him again. While she was scribbling with her right hand, her left hand - the one closest to him - was resting on her leg. It was too tempting.

He stopped typing, and still looking at his screen, dropped his right hand as casually as he could, placing it on his leg but with his little finger resting over hers. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her mouth form a little ‘o’ of surprise. He waited a beat, ensuring that she wasn’t going to recoil again, and decided to go for it before he lost his nerve. Slowly he slid his hand across so it covered hers. Again he waited to see if he was met with any resistance. Betty’s heart raced, and she concentrated on the page in front of her, sneaking just one sideways glance at him, but his expression was completely neutral.

Slowly, but more confidently, Jughead curled his hand around hers so he was holding it properly, and gave it a little squeeze. Betty squeezed back. He saw the slight blush out of the corner of his eye and smiled.

They both felt a little shy, and though it was obvious neither of them were actually concentrating on the articles in front of them, they were both studiously staring at them. Neither wanted to be the one that moved first.

Gently, Jughead threaded his fingers through hers. He saw her grin and he turned his head towards her. She mirrored his action.

‘Hi you.’ he said, lightly, though his stomach was doing somersaults.

‘Hi.’ she replied a little breathily.

‘Is this okay?’ he squeezed her hand again.

‘More than okay.’ She smiled at him shyly. ‘But Juggie…What does it..?’ she trailed off, not quite able to finish her sentence.

‘Mean? Good question. Well, for starters it means that the highlight of my week is my time spent in this room. Because it’s time spent with you.’

Betty blushed even deeper. ‘Mine too.’ she whispered.

‘And it means I’d like to hold your hand more often.’

‘I’d like that.’

‘And it means I’ve been working up the courage to do this for a long time.’

Betty grinned. ‘It takes courage to hold my hand? I didn’t think that I was that scary.’

‘No.’ Jughead corrected her. ‘This.’

He took one final breath to steel his nerves and leant in towards her. His lips gently brushed hers, to make absolutely sure that she gave him permission, before applying the pressure a little more firmly. His hand went up to cup her cheek, while the other stayed holding hers. Jughead never wanted to stop kissing Betty, but eventually he broke away, leaning his forehead into hers and smiling.

Betty sighed contentedly, wrapped up in the totally unexpected but completely welcome moment. And then her expression changed from a smile to more of a smirk.

‘I thought you said nothing happens in Riverdale?’

why flintwood?

 There are three main aspects as to why Flintwood draws me in so much as a ship - as a writer, they have to do with what canon gives us, and what canon allows us to build off of. I personally love expanding on minor characters that aren’t as constrained by canon; therefore this ship is writer’s gold for me. 

war & peace - named for one another;

Starting from last names, the connection between Wood and Flint is pretty obvious - one incites the other. Tie in their given names, where Oliver equates to peace, and Marcus referring to the Roman god of war. Now, JKR is always deliberate in names, and her choice most likely refers to peace winning out over war in the end (Oliver beating Marcus finally in POA). But this naming explicitly ties these two characters together in a way I love to explore. 

What is interesting to me, in rereading their characters, is that Oliver is the one who is emotionally charged, quick to anger and retaliation in the face of Marcus’ needling. Marcus, on the other hand, sticks to more snide remarks, and seems relatively calm, albeit amused by Wood’s reactions. Oliver is noted as capable of putting aside all other concerns in favor of winning, even other’s well being. Marcus, on the other hand, seems to place more value on having the strongest team. He practices sneaky tricks and physical fouls on the pitch, yes, but doesn’t seem to want to risk the overall well-being of his team. “Peace” and “War” aren’t apparent in their actions, nor their motives. Both are bent on winning - the ways they go about it aren’t the usual representation. One could argue diplomatic Cedric Diggory seems to match a picture of peace better than Oliver does. 

In shipping terms, their names may speak to initial conflict, but digging a little deeper in the meaning of their names brings surprising similarities. Oliver also has meanings of affection; Marcus, defense and tenderness. It’s this semi-meta that’s drawn me in - that under the surface there is so much more to their characters, and so much could grow in a potential relationship. It makes for a fascinating play on characterization. As canon doesn’t give us much past the standard traits (enthusiastic mentor of a captain, the surly rival, respectively), I always go back to their names when writing. 

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