sports related injuries

This afternoon I was talking with the lovely @brendaonao3 about how “canon” post CA:CW hasn’t been explored as much with Bucky in Cryo and I came up with the following possible story arc: Bucky finds his own triggers and actively fights for mental betterment while in Cryo.

This uses a lot of metaphor and comparison to sports injuries and healing because that hows my brain works and this is about injury and healing. More explanation and rambling and Bucky Feels under the cut.

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I’m Sorry, but

Check Please! au where everything is the same but Bitty has a little brother.

  • His name is Jamie, and unlike his big brother Jamie got that             Bittle Build ™. He is tall and swole and blond. He does peewee football. He is Coach’s undisputed favorite right up until Bitty goes to Samwell.
  • (This is untrue, but the boys don’t know it. In reality, Coach’s favorite son switches from one to the other, depending on who is being less annoying. Coach and “Dicky” are really similar and they don’t have much to bond over, so it just looks like Jamie is his favorite by proxy. But Jamie is so terrible. He loves him to death, but omg someone save Coach from his children.)
  • Okay, so Bitty goes to Samwell, and Jamie, who is about 5 years younger, is looking at highschool and he might be on the football team. (Dat Bittle legacy, yo.)
  • But then his middle school has a play and they desperately need male performers, and Jamie, the biggest attention slut you will ever meet, is like, “Sure?”
  • Nothing is ever the same again.
  • Bitty falls in love with a “straight guy” at Samwell while his kid brother falls in love with musical theater. Bitty is blasting Beyonce in the shower. Jamie has discovered Les Mis.
  • Coach tries to get Jamie to focus on football. (Dat Bittle legacy.) And Jamies is just like, “How can you think about football at a time like this?” He turns back to the dog eared script in front of him, eyes haunted. “Who has time for football when the Sharks and the Jets are fighting?”
  • It is Jamie’s freshman year of high school when he appears in the living room. “I need the power tools!”
  • “Are you going to be weird?”
  • “I am going to BUILD A SET!”
  • At least when Bitty was figureskating, they only had to worry about sports related injuries and bullies. Now, with Jamie, they need to worry about bullies and accidents involving nail guns. Which is how Coach ends up helping the theater department build sets and props.
  • It would be good bonding time if Coach didn’t have to run around slapping power drills out of kids’ hands.
  • Jamie has so many friends in theater, and all their names are terrible. Coach thought “Shitty” was a bad nickname until he meets Melky.
  • “Milky?”
  • Jamie sighs. “Ey, Melky!”
  • A round-faced kid with a mohawk looks up. “Yeah, Dunkaroo?”
  • “What am I thinking of? A white colored beverage, strengthens your bones, comes out of a cow?”
  • “Melk?” 
  • “Melky,” Jamie finishes, like that is all the explanation he needs.
  • Coach needs a drink.
  • So there’s Melky, Jamie is somehow Dunkaroo, there’s Hussy,  Zelda and Horace. Horace is a girl, whose given name is lost to the sands of time. Zelda is a young man with a soft spot for green tunics and rolling around on the ground. Hussy is 100% normal American boy unless trains happen. “He really, really loves trains.”
  • Coach neeeeeeeds a drink.
  • Jamie has unlimited access to the underground gay community in his high school. No one wants to mess with him openly because he’s already taller than his peers and he inherited a lot of his mother’s less stellar personality traits.
  • What I’m saying is, he’ll be sweet as honey to you and then you’ll be coughing up your own teeth. “Gosh, Dad! I don’t know how that happened! He just hit himself in the face! Over and over!”
  • His sophomore year he takes up tap at the local dance studio. The theater department is thrilled to have a male lead with fancy feet. Bitty is so proud and Jamie just /basks/ in Big Brother Approval.
  • Jamie and Suzanne go up to Samwell to visit Bitty on Family Weekend and SMH are a little weirded out. Because there is a middle-aged Mom Bittle, who is just like Bitty but, well, middle-aged and a mom. And there is a six-foot-tall, broad-shouldered, 200+ pound Bittle who looks like he could bench press Holster and is, like, hiding behind Mom Bittle? Until Bitty tells him not touch anything, and then he’s running through the Haus yelling, “I’m going to touch EVERYTHING!” and Bitty is yelling and Suzanne tunes them out and has a very nice conversation with Jack.
  • Dex is like, “So you’re into musical theater?”
  • Jamie looks up from his phone, and his smile is 100% Bitty. “Yup!”
  • “That seems kinda, idk, girly?”
  • Jamie hums. “It’s pretty gay.” Shitty is on the gross couch and his head whips around and he’s watching Young Bittle, right up until Jamie looks up again and sighs. “But is it gay enough?”
  • Dex doesn’t have answers, okay? He came out to have a good time and honestly he feels so attacked right now.
  • After that visit Jamie works so hard in school. He was in a frat house with a bunch of cute, athletic dudes who offered him beer before his terrible brother told them to stop. That’s a *dream* of his. Now he has to go to college.
  • Jack comes down to Madison for Independence Day and Jamie is soooo over it. He has to pretend to share a room with his brother so Jack can pretend to have Bitty’s room to himself. AND he has to cover for when Jack and Bitty disappear to make out. Gross. Bitty owes him big time, okay?
  • And Jamie can be really mean when he wants to be, but he has no idea how to give the shovel talk. So at one point, when he and Jack are alone together, he looms up on Jack and is just like, “If you break his heart,” and Jack is staring up at him, “I will find you,” Jack’s eyes widen, “and I will cry all over you.”
  • “Wat.”
  • “It’ll be really uncomfortable for you. Have you ever seen a six-foot-tall dude cry? I can do it on command, look!”
  • “Please stop. Mon dieu, BITTY HELP!”
  • (Jack never breaks Bitty’s heart.)
  • Jamie and Bitty are at the sink, doing dishes. “Maybe I should take up hockey.”
  • “NOOOOOO!”
  • They sing duets, but since they can never decide on what to sing, they end up singing two different songs and it would be a cool mashup if they weren’t singing Beyonce and Phantom of the Opera, respectively.
  • Jamie absolutely refuses to bake pies. He’ll do cookies and brownies, but anything that requires a pie shell is no-go.
  • Jamie eventually attends Samwell. Coach Hall sees him on campus and does a triple take. He ends up with some of the same professors Bitty had, and he gets so sick of being asked, “Did you have a brother who…?”
  • He doesn’t really come out so much as be aggressively Not Straight his entire college career. Other actors hate him/want to be him.
  • He ends up meeting and then dating this really cute guy who was going to be a performer on Broadway but then he got sick and went to college to recuperate. Coach Hall spits his coffee all over the copy of the Swallow when he reads that. (Coach Murray laughs and laughs.)
  • Just. Bitty having a little brother.
Male model gained 200 lbs in 7 years...

Now that I’ve got your attention, you probably just think this is some sort of gainer fantasy. Maybe the title to some fictional gainer story. It couldn’t possibly be correct. Somehow, there must be some kind of mistake. Make no mistake about it, this really happened. There is no need to adjust your computer screen.

Meet Matther Miller. This 31-year-old former model retired in 2007 and soon began packing on the pounds. After suffering some sort of sports-related injury, he quickly ballooned his way into obesity. In just 7 years’ time, the formerly ripped, 24-year old model weighed in at a hefty 385 lbs - having gained 200 lbs of pure fat. While he may look pretty chunky from the front, the side view offers a clearer view of just what a 200-lb haul of fat looks like on the male body:

Much to the dismay of many across the gainer community, this massive gain would not be forever. Matt enrolled himself in the latest season of NBC’s “The Biggest loser” where he would shed much of his gains. In this latest edition of the weight-loss show, contestants were former athletes that were sorted into teams to compete for getting back into “fighting shape.” At the beginning, they are given a jersey with their starting weight displayed as their player number:

From his bio on the NBC site, he was born in Branson, Missouri, and grew up in Grove, Oklahoma with four brothers. He fought childhood obesity, weighing 205 pounds in the fifth grade. Miller got very fit and active in high school, placing second in the state in wrestling his freshman year. He was also named all-star in high school football, but nerve damage in his neck caused him to stop playing, despite the offer of a full-ride scholarship from a Division I university. After high school, Miller became a model and was named Overall Male Fashion Model of the Year at a Dallas fashion event. After a ski accident in 2007, when he was unable to stay active while recovering, he started to gain weight and turned to food for comfort. “Before I knew it,” he says, “I had ballooned up to 380 pounds.”

Great work Matt! If only you knew there is an entire community that you inspired by “balloon[ing] to 380 pounds.”

Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you with the after images. On the bright side, he did only lose about 115 lbs and remains a chunky 270 lbs according to the most recent info posted online.

The fencing response is a peculiar position of the arms following a concussion. Immediately after moderate forces have been applied to the brainstem, the forearms are held flexed or extended (typically into the air) for a period lasting up to several seconds after the impact. The fencing response is often observed during athletic competition involving contact, such as American football, hockey, rugby and martial arts. It is used as an overt indicator of injury force magnitude and midbrain localisation to aid in injury identification and classification for events including, but not limited to, on-field and/or bystander observations of sports-related head injuries.

dang but what IF

patroclus is taking a gap year between undergrad and grad school, just working as a barista at a kitschy coffeeshop near campus and achilles is getting ready to transfer to a new university after a pretty bad sports-related injury

and it’s spring quarter and patroclus is so tired of the never-ending parade of tourists and prospective students and loud, demanding parents that he’s refusing to work the register and because he’s worked there for a couple years he gets to do whatever he wants

ANYWAY achilles and his overbearing picky mother come in and patroclus is of course blown away by how astonishingly beautiful this human being is, all tan and golden from the sun, but is also a lil afraid of his mom, because she looks like she’ll gladly rip out someone’s spine for fucking with her kid. or like. talking to her.

anyway anyway patroclus never speaks to the guy; he’s busy with his phone, and patroclus is busy making a thousand iced mochas and blended drinks (can’t call ‘em frappuccinos–starbucks will sue), and then two iced espressos go out–one decaf, one with a splash of almond milk–and the gilded strangers glide out of his life forever

fast forward three days and patroclus is clicking through tumblr and avoiding the pile of packets from different grad programs when he sees a picture of himself he doesn’t remember posing for, with like forty thousand notes

his eyes are down, eyelashes soft against his dark cheeks, and his sleeves are rolled up and he’s at work, face a little shiny with sweat and his hair is a halo of dark, sweeping curls against the weird blue and pink lights behind the counter. the caption says 'the hottest barista in northern california tbh’ and the blog name is aristosachaion, the icon a mass of golden curls and black ray bans

patroclus feels weirdly flattered but oddly vulnerable and he clicks the link and the sidebar picture is the fucking. that beautiful guy who came into his store a few days ago, the one with the scary mom. patroclus clicks through his blog, sees that he’s decided to go to ucsc in the fall to study music production (which is convenient honestly because patroclus’s number one choice for grad school is ucsc’s lit program), sees a couple post-gym selfies that make patroclus’s throat a little dry, and finally, his name. achilles.

patroclus hesitates for a second before clicking the follow button

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Murasakibara, Midorima, Liu, Aomine, and Mibuchi: what would be their reactions (initial and long-term if possible) to their s.o. getting heavily injured in some accident (that would make s.o. physically weaker for the rest of the life)? I love this blog, I hope you'll stay around for a long long time. <3

I hope you don’t mind the fact that I wrote Aomine’s as a sport related injury. Knowing his character, it just seemed appropriate.


Midorima: Having just received the news that you will never be able to recover completely, he stares at the doctor with widely opened eyes and mouth pressed into a thin line. He wanted to ask so many things, but instead he just kept staring at the floor where the doctor once stood. He wanted to bring you some good news back to you, but he just couldn’t open his mouth. Now he sits in the waiting room, his expression sharp, thinking that you’ll deal with this together when you wake up. All that’s left to do is to pray that you’ll do just that.

Aomine: Knowing how much the sport means to you, he feels his own heart break upon hearing you say that you probably won’t be able to play again. He tries to put himself in your position and that in itself makes him feel worse. As you sit there, voice breaking as you try to rationalize, he stands from his seat and sits on your bed, bringing you into his arms. “There’s still a chance.” is all he can mutter into your hair as you cuddle silently. Yeah. He doesn’t know if he could believe what he said either.

Murasakibara: Lost. He’s just… lost. He doesn’t understand what these people are saying. What do they mean you won’t be able to walk again? He’s staring at them with a completely blank expression on his face. Only when they leave and he hears a sob leave your lips does he begin to understand. He needs to be here for you right now. He knows that. He brings no words of encouragement as he presses you into his side because he simply doesn’t know what he could possibly say. He’ll just need to be tall enough for both of you from now on.

Mibuchi: His heart has been breaking a little each day as he sees you begin to lose hope in your recovery. You’re sitting on the examination bench, waiting for the doctor to come, back bent and head in hands. He stands to the side, holding his jacket, frowning at your obvious lack of enthusiasm. He takes long strides to your side, his long fingers pushing back the lost strand of hair on your face. “Just a little more, okay?” he smiles gently at you, telling you to hold on. Your reflection in his eyes brightens just a little bit.

Liu: As apathetic as he is usually, right now he feels like a different person. He’s holding your hand in his, looking at you with eyes filled with concern. You understand that he was never the emotional type and you don’t expect him to do much. That said, the only nice surprise this day has brough has been the little “Thou shan’t give in.” he said to you in a hushed tone of voice. He’s really doing his best because after all, his favorite type of partner is the one that smiles a lot.


Infj: I felt under appreciated i mean seriously have you seen some of my posts i’m freaking brilliant come on people let’s focus on something other than the tag urself meme

Enfj: my social circles have become too demanding for me to keep up regular activity on a blog and i spend what lingering time i do have on the internet looking up tasteful images of cats with bowties

Isfj: tbh the mbti fandom is kinda skivvy and drama filled and it is getting harder to continue posting solely home grown organic memes straight from the bloggers themselves without dabbling in dramatics 

Esfj: i only have twenty four hours in a day and can only spend so much of it petting cats

Infp: my lack of posts is a performance art piece critiquing the expectations of entertainment within social media and the ground of information solely for the enjoyment of the masses

Enfp: i’m still thinking up another great pun 

Isfp: i’m dedicating more time to my art and investing in the world around me! : - ) no its not a phase

Esfp: too busy making my sick mix tapes

Intj: no one appreciates my fine sense of intellect and subtle humor in conversations and people keep adding doom to the end of everything like holy wow be subtle we’re trying to remain low key about this alright???

Entj: when i make actual personal posts they sound angry and i’m not about that life

Istj: honestly it’s really just the time of the season. homework is piling up along with other responsibilities and projects and it’s a little hard to balance it all, you know?

Estj: Snapchats more important than tumblr anyway

Intp: I kept writing posts but forgot to publish them all

Entp: lmao nah

Istp: I’ve decided to give up my blogging life and dedicate my time to auto repairs and other real life technologies

Estp: I got temporary amnesia from a sports related injury and forgot my blog existed

Scientists Develop Antibody to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury and Prevent Long-Term Neurodegeneration

New research led by investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) provides the first direct evidence linking traumatic brain injury to Alzheimer’s disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – and offers the potential for early intervention to prevent the development of these debilitating neurodegenerative diseases. TBI can result from repetitive contact sport injuries or from exposure to military blasts, and is one of the most significant risk factors for both Alzheimer’s disease and CTE.

In a study published in the online edition of the journal Nature, the researchers found that a misshapen isoform of the tau protein can develop as soon as 12 hours after TBI, setting in motion a destructive course of events that can lead to widespread neurodegeneration. Importantly, the researchers have developed a potent antibody that can selectively detect and destroy this highly toxic protein.

“TBI is a leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults and also affects approximately 20 percent of the more than two million troops who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan,” said co-senior author Kun Ping Lu, MD, PhD, Chief of the Division of Translational Therapeutics in the Department of Medicine at BIDMC and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS). “Our study shows that an early neurodegenerative process induced by the toxic tau protein can begin just hours after a traumatic brain injury. In both cell models of stress and in mouse models simulating sport- and military-related TBI, the production of this pathogenic protein, called cis P-tau, disrupts normal neurological functioning, spreads to other neurons and leads to widespread neuronal death. We have developed a potent monoclonal antibody that can prevent the onset of widespread neurodegeneration by identifying and neutralizing this toxic protein and restoring neurons’ structural and functional abilities.”

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia in older individuals and currently affects more than 5 million Americans and 30 million people worldwide. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a degenerative brain disease associated with a number of neurological symptoms including risk-taking, aggression and depression. CTE can also lead to progressive dementia.

Previous research has shown that abnormal phosphorylation of the tau protein underlies Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. In recent years, the Lu laboratory discovered that tau exists in two isoforms, or shapes – one functioning and one disease-causing.

“Healthy tau protein is found in the brain and serves to assemble and support microtubules, the ‘scaffolding systems’ that give neurons their unique shape and are integral to memory and normal brain functioning,” explained Lu. But in Alzheimer’s, CTE and other neurodegenerative diseases, collectively called tauopathies, tau becomes tangled and unable to function properly.

“Recent studies of CTE in the brains of boxers, American football players and blast-exposed veterans have identified extensive neurofibrillary tau tangles,” he said. “But, because these tangles were not detected until months or, more likely, years after TBI, it has not been known whether tauopathy is a cause or a consequence of TBI-related neurodegenerative disease. We have now shown that it is a cause of these diseases.”

Co-senior author of the new study Xiao Zhen Zhou, MD, also an investigator in BIDMC’s Division of Translational Therapeutics and Assistant Professor of Medicine at HMS, had previously developed polyclonal antibodies capable of distinguishing between two distinct isoforms of the phosphorylated tau protein. The isoform known as trans is in a relaxed shape and is important for normal brain functioning. The other isoform, known as cis, is in a twisted shape and is prone to becoming tangled. Cis P-tau is an early pathogenic protein leading to tauopathy and memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease.

“In this new study, we wanted to find out whether cis P-tau is present following TBI and, if so, how to eliminate it from the brain without disrupting the healthy functioning of trans P-tau,” said Zhou. “We generated a monoclonal antibody able to detect and eliminate cis P-tau very early in the disease process.”

Monoclonal antibody technology is a popular drug development approach. Working like a lock and key, it enabled the investigators to both detect and neutralize only the toxic cis P-tau.

After confirming the existence of this toxic cis tau isoform in the brain tissue of humans who had died of CTE, the authors simulated contact-sport and blast-related injuries in mouse models, and found that the brain’s induction of cis P-tau is dependent on injury severity and frequency.

“Mild TBI, also known as a concussion, results in moderate and transient cis P-tau induction,” explained Lu. “However, repetitive concussions, as might occur in contact sports, can result in robust and persistent cis P-tau induction. This is similar to what is produced following a single severe TBI caused by a blast or impact.”
Subsequent experiments revealed that the cis P-tau protein disrupts the brain’s microtubule scaffolding systems and the transport of mitochondria, the powerhouse that provides energy for neuronal function, and eventually leads to neuron death by apoptosis. The research also showed that, over time, cis P-tau progressively spreads throughout the brain. Treating TBI with cis antibody eliminated the toxic cis P-tau, prevented widespread tauopathy and neuron death and restored brain structure and function.

“These experiments told us that cis P-tau has the ability to kill one neuron after another, eventually leading to widespread neurofibrillary tangles and brain atrophy, which are the hallmark lesions of both Alzheimer’s disease and CTE,” said Lu. “We have determined that cis P-tau is an early driver of neurodegenerative disease after brain injury and that tauopathy it is a cause of TBI-related Alzheimer’s disease and CTE. We have also determined that the cis antibody can treat TBI and prevent its long-term consequences in mouse models. The next important steps will be to establish cis P-tau as a new biomarker to help enable early detection, and to humanize the cis antibody for treating patients with TBI.”

“Alzheimer’s disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy are terrible diseases that progressively rob individuals of their memory, judgment and ability to function,” said study coauthor Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, Chief of the Division of Cognitive Neurology at BIDMC and Professor of Neurology at HMS. Pascual-Leone also serves as Associate Director of the Football Players Health Study (FPHS) at Harvard University, a multi-year initiative to discover new approaches to diagnose, treat and prevent injuries in professional football players.

“High-profile cases of CTE, such as that of the late football player Junior Seau, have vividly demonstrated the tragic consequences of this affliction,” he added. “We need to learn more about CTE’s causes in order to develop better ways of diagnosing and treating it, and this study offers us a promising early intervention to prevent the pathologic consequences of this disease. These findings additionally offer us a new way to approach Alzheimer’s disease, which poses a staggering unsustainable burden throughout the world. Alzheimer’s afflicts both individuals and their families and, it deprives society of the contributions of experienced and wise elders.”

sometimes… the pause button… is hilarious…

37 Things Only Swimmers Know


1. There are always at least two things hanging up to dry somewhere in your house/apartment, and they are a swimsuit and a towel.

2. People frequently ask if you are tired because it looks like you have bags under your eyes. Those are just goggle marks.

3. Literally every muscle in your body is used during your workout and it. feels. amazing.

4. When you’re underwater, the rest of the world gets blocked out. There’s only you, the movement of your body, and the freedom to let your mind wander.

5. … Despite the feeling of Zen you get from #4, on occasion you wish there were something to occupy your brain with as you swim. (Underwater iPod, anyone?)

6. But being truly alone with your thoughts can give you the opportunity to solve all of your problems, plan our your day down to the minute, discover the cure for cancer, etc.

7. You understand that swimming a mile is very, very different from running one.

8. The scent of chlorine never completely leaves your skin.

9. You have permanent tan lines, but they’re not the cool kind that you get from going on vacation.

10. Speedo.

11. Deciding to work out when you have a cold is worth at least five minutes of serious thought.

12. Abdominal muscles/strength are a point of pride.

13. There is one brand/style of goggles that you swear were made to fit your face perfectly.

14. Trying to get into your swimsuit when it’s still damp can almost take away your desire to work out. (Almost.)

15. “Fast,” “medium,” and “slow,” can be arbitrary labels for the lanes. When the pool is crowded one should try to follow these signs, but if it’s not – why waste an empty lane?

16. You learned, the hard way, that you should never leave your swim cap somewhere that will heat up for an extended period of time.

17. … Because you actually use a swim cap.

18. There’s a fine, fine line between leaky goggles and a massive headache.

19. Instead of 1, 2, 3, it’s 25, 50, 75…

20. Your cardio is also your strength training.

21. “Going to the pool” or “going for a swim” means something different to you than it does to most people.

22. It’s only cold when you first jump in.

23. Your hair stylist has uttered the phrase “Your hair is beautiful but it’s so damaged by all that chlorine.”

24. Working out feels better when you can’t tell that you’re sweating.

25. You have an opinion on circle swim vs. splitting the lane.

26. The line “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink” from The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner resonates with you on a spiritual level.

27. Baby powder exists so that the experience of pulling a silicone swim cap over your head doesn’t totally suck.

28. You have to bite your tongue when a non-swimmer thinks they’d be pretty fast in the pool because they work out or have a significant amount of muscle mass.

29. Sports-related injuries are an unfamiliar territory for you, because there is no stress placed on your bones or muscles during your workout.

30. You’ve planned your workout around strange and specific hours because the pool you use is only open or available at certain times.

31. And a trip to the gym isn’t so simple, because all of the equipment, dressing, and undressing that you need to effectively complete your workout.

32. Swimming in a lane with a total stranger teaches you how to share…

33. … but you still prefer having your own lane. It is a rare and exciting luxury.

34. There’s an art and etiquette to passing your lane partner, or being passed.

35. Passing or being passed also has the potential to make or break your mood during your workout.

36. You have regular lane partners or lane neighbors, but you may not necessarily know them by name. Still, you respect them and feel a connection based on the recognition of dedication.

37. Land workouts are great, but there is nothing quite like the way your body feels after a swim.

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Established relationship AU where Patroclus is a doctor/nurse and Achilles gets brought in to the ER with an injury and Pat freaks out ('cause he's in love)

Patroclus was mesmerized. He couldn’t stop looking at the man sitting on his exam table waiting for him.  The light seemed to settle against him perfectly, highlighting each little detail of his skin and sparkling in his eyes as he looked up and smiled at him. If this were a movie, he was sure that time would slow down.

“Hello, Doctor.”  The man said.

“Hello.”  Patroclus said, relieved his voice didn’t shake. He quickly looked down at the chart in front of him.

Achilles.  That was the man’s name.  Patroclus let his eyes linger on the letters instead of looking back up at the man. He was supposed to be professional, he could handle this.  He looked over everything the file had to say, making sure he triple checked all the necessary information.  No need to rush, he was paid by the hour.

“It says here you have a sports related injury.”  Patroclus said.  He looked up and say the pink stains against his golden hair.  Lines of blood had dripped down his face, but Achilles seemed focused and alert.  Probably no concussion but he should check anyway.

He stepped forward and asked for Achilles to look at him and follow the light that Patroclus shown in his eyes.  He answered every question that he had been asked correctly.  No concussion.

“You’ll need stitches.” Patroclus said as he examined the cut. “And an x-ray.”

Achilles smiled and nodded slowly.  When Patroclus pulled away he leaned in closer.  “Are you alright, Doctor?  You seem to be nervous about something.”  He said slowly.

His hands were shaking, Patroclus had some of the steadiest hands on the business.  He was calm, relaxed, years of working in an ER had hardened his nerves.  A single visit from a handsome young man should not be doing this to him.

“I’m fine.”  Patroclus said.

Achilles hummed as he reached forward and took one of Patroclus’s hands in his own, his thumb running gently along the small details of his skin.  “You’re cold.  Are you sure you’re alright?”

Patroclus should be pulling away, insisting that he was fine, but the delicate touch sent shivers up his spine and felt like it was electrocuting his nerves.  It was amazing, Patroclus wanted to let this stranger touch him for the rest of his life.  Achilles smiled, mostly to himself as he looked down at the hand.  He looked up at Patroclus briefly, his smile widening as if he figured out something amusing.  Then he pulled Patroclus’s hand closer, raising it to his lips and giving it a gentle kiss.

“Relax, Doctor. Everything is alright.”  Achilles whispered.

Patroclus was frozen, not pulling away as he should and not reacting.  “I think you have a concussion.”  He said slowly.  Perhaps he had one too, he didn’t recall getting hit in the head but something this wonderful had to be a dream.


ssho25  asked:

I always imagined a hc or au of daisuga where Suga was a doctor and Daichi came in from a (probably) sports related injury and either realizes his feelings or sparks fly for him or something and so he just knows he has to go back. But he has no means of contact except for the ER but he doesn't want to injure himself and so Asahi becomes Daichi's crash dummy so he can have a reason for being at the hospital.


I’ve heard of AUs like this before, but it’s usually the same person injuring themselves repeatedly but omg l m a o POOR ASAHI daichi would though, he would omg

anonymous asked:

Could you do a hospital headcanon? Like the gang's all in the hospital for different reasons?


  • the obvious route for him would be the whole foot thing
  • terrible accident, is in the hospital the longest
  • another way is burns, gets a terrible burn while working on some project or another, maybe an engine backfires
  • Stoick and Gobber are there with flowers (from gobber) and stoick brings hiccup’s cat who curls up with him


  • Sport injury
  • broke an arm or something, says its nbd, and shows no sign of pain, but its obvious whatever it is is bad
  • i’m trying to think of a reason why she’d have to stay in the hospital
  • needs to get surgery for whatever is broken, and is super nervous but she strikes up a conversation with the boy in the bed next to her, and he says it can’t be that bad
  • “I just… i hate it, i hate doctors” “well, if it matters, i think you’ll be fine, you’re strong, all theyre doing is putting you back together” and astrid says something offhandedly like “what do you know?” and then he pulls back the sheet so she can get a good look of where his leg is supposed to be
  • he holds her hand before she goes into surgery because she’s nervous


  • a bad concussion or another sports related injury, has to stay overnight to be monitored
  • he gets concussions from football and such all the time but this one is bad, real bad
  • he grouchily has to stay in his bed and he’s all talk before the nurse comes in and asks if he needs to go to the bathroom because he can’t go anywhere without being dizzy and he strangely gets quiet, i wonder why
  • or he’s there because he got in a fight with someone and got beat up “but you should see the other guy” he says bawdily


  • I’m trying to think of a reason why Fishlegs would go to the hospital, he’s a v careful guy
  • ooooh he has a terrible allergic reaction, and he’s in denial, and its really bad because he doesn’t go in to the hospital till its v late because “INGERMANS DON’T HAVE ALLERGIES” 
  • he’s v unhappy, idk if fishlegs would be scared of hospitals or like them because they are v organized and clean
  • probably just doesn’t wanna be there, and he’s all puffy and has to stay to be monitored
  • or appendicitis and he’s very nervous about getting the surgery but hiccup and astrid are there to make him feel better while snotlout makes fun of him and then throws up
  • maybe food poising, the dude eats weird stuff ;/

Ruffnut And Tuffnut

  • I hate grouping them together, but i feel like whatever happened to them would be partially/entirely both their faults
  • Probably was like they stapled themselves, and the doctor is like “hey what happened this time?” “long story- here it goes”
  • tbh anything could happen to them, like whether it was not even their fault to they did whatever it was purposefully
  • i wouldn’t be surprised if the doctors have had to reattach one of their fingers
  • ruff dared tuff to stick a fork in a socket, ruff jumped off the roof and broke both her ankles, they are human ragdolls
  • they know all the nurses and doctors and know all the little crevices of the hospital
Reasons why Yamazaki Sousuke is a fucking dumbass
  • Sousuke has a torn rotator cuff. Also commonly known as swimmer’s shoulder. This is something that's COMPLETELY TREATABLE WITH PATIENCE.But, what does Sousuke do? He continues to work and put stress on his shoulder.
  • Allow me to stress that this could cause permanent loss of his arm.
  • Working on ANY sport-related injury is an INCREDIBLY BAD IDEA 

Here’s why!

I’ve had two major sport-related injuries before. Both of which I continued to work on (because I was training for the possibility to go to the olympics and didn’t give it time to heal like a fucking dumbass) 

  1. I nearly broke my back in five places after I fell out of a Double-Twisting Arabian
  2. I was bucked off of a horse I was breaking onto concrete and landed on my feet, jamming both of my knees to the point that I couldn’t stand for the rest of the weekend.

I continued to work on these injuries after having them. If I hadn’t: Here’s a list of all the things that I WOULDN’Thave right now.

  • Severe arthritis in my knees that limits the amount of time I can walk (especially in heels.)
  • Severe arthritis in my hips
  • Herniated discs (lower back)
  • A fuckton of bone spurs in my neck
  • Extremely low stamina 

All of these developed because of working on Sport-Injuries against doctor’s orders.

Conclusion: Yamazaki Sousuke is a good guy who just wants to swim with his best friend and be happy. He goes out of his way to help people and seems to be nice all around. But: He’s a fucking dumbass


“I Live Alone”- how many people live in your house?

“Flowers of the Field”- what’s your favorite flower?

“Brielle”- are you missing anyone right now?

“Captains of the Sky”- Are goodbyes tough for you?

“A Little Opera Goes a Long Way”- would you rather be the center of attention or be at home by yourself?

“Tennis Elbow”- ever had a sports related injury?

“Blue and Red”- favorite color combination?

“Sailboats”-who do you admire?

“Explorers”- are u brave when it comes to meeting new people?

“Take Me Somewhere Nice”- a place that you dream of going?

“Alaska”- Have you ever lost something, material/meaningful, that slipped your mind for awhile? “Steady as She Goes”- do you feel confident on your own?

He was a natural athlete. I remember him demonstrating how to play hopscotch to me … until I messed up once too many times. Then he lost his patience and scuffed out the outline of the game.

His adopted father bragged that if there was a competition for badminton, Jay would win it … until Jay brought home the trophy for a badminton competition.

He played Little League at age 9. He pitched left-handed and was a switch-hitter. He wanted to play football in high school, but his baseball coach prevented it.

The fledgling HOUSTON COLT .45s signed him right out of high school in June of 1963.

September, 1963 saw him in the starting lineup of a promotional scheme by the team to field an all rookie team consisting of (1) Sonny Jackson, SS; (2) Joe Morgan, 2B;  (3) Jimmy Wynn, CF; (4) Rusty Staub, 1B; (5) Aaron Pointer, RF; (6) Brock Davis, (LF); (7) Glen Vaughan, 3B; (8) Jerry Grote, C; & (9) Jay Dahl, P.

The New York Mets won 10 to 3, but Jay had his claim to fame. He participated in a major league game at the age of 17. Due to sports-related injuries, he was sent to to minor league teams, but his death at age 19 on June 23, 1965, bought his place in major league baseball as the youngest player to die.

Jay Dahl was bright, charasmatic, talented and danced like nobody’s business. He was sweet, impatient and a little girl’s hero.