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BTS won the most awards at 2017 Seoul Music Awards

They brought home four awards: Bonsang (Main Award), Music Video Award [for ‘피 땀 눈물’ (Blood Sweat & Tears)], Dance Performance Award [for ‘피 땀 눈물’ (Blood Sweat & Tears)], and Best Album Award [for ‘WINGS’]. This is only the third time that this has occurred in the history of Seoul Music Awards and the first time in six years. The first time was with Big Bang in 2008 and the second was with SNSD in 2010. 

imagine surviving a zombie outbreak with jungkook.

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—obviously inspired by dead days.

  • the day they announced it a pandemic jungkook rushed home from school and waited for his parents to come home; they never did.
  • he’s among the first to realise if he wants help his best bet is to go out there and find it.
  • also he’s hopeless at rationing food, so he has to get moving soon.
  • having observed the undead from his window, jungkook knows he’ll have to kill to survive, and after seeing what they’re capable of he quickly comes to terms with that fact.
  • meaning his neighbour’s beagle somehow got out on day three, so on day four he drops his dad’s bowling ball from the balcony onto the head of the zombie that killed it.
  • and after his first kill spends the day dissociating and dry-heaving.
  • when over a week has passed he packs necessities and what little food he has left and straps on a few pieces of protective gear, left over from sports he’s played over the years, opting for maximum mobility.
  • those necessities include: all the wet wipes, antiperspirant, toothbrush, toothpaste, clean shirts, soap, first aid kit, his mother’s perfume.
  • jeon jungkook, nicest smelling boy in the entire zombie apocalypse.
  • because that’s how he clings to his humanity, to the remnants of civilisation: hygiene.
  • he’ll eat actual garbage but he’s gotta feel clean while doing it.
  • everyone’s got their Thing, and that’s his.
  • anyway after the chaos of that first week a deafening silence settles in the building you live in. so when you hear one of the doors to the stairwell open, you immediately rush to the peephole to see who’s stupid enough to venture into the stairwell.
  • of course it’s jungkook.
  • you go to the same school as jungkook, and while he may not know you, he has quite the reputation himself, as far as beating almost every sporting record he set his mind to goes, except archery.
  • when he passes by you call out to him through the door and the poor boy nearly shits himself. he’s still there though, when you open the door and tell him you know him from school.
  • you let him in and, much to your surprise, he seems to recognise you, he even gets your name right on the second try.
  • you’re in the same situation as him, all alone and beginning to lose hope that help would eventually come, you had even begun preparing to leave.
  • your dad had taken the bike to work that fateful morning one week ago and now you hold up his car-keys for jungkook to see, “can you drive?”
  • “i can try,” jungkook never got the chance to pass his test, but he’s your best bet, just as you’re his.
  • and that’s how you two end up more or less driving off into the sunset together, to survive another day.
  • “wait, was it you who dropped that bowling ball on mr. evans from 81b?”
  • you’re in charge of rations, because jungkook is not to be trusted around the food and he’s not too proud to admit it.
  • he deadass wants to go live in the mountains until all this has passed and you’re like ?? i’m not starving to death jeon forget it.
  • you constantly have to remind him he’s not bear grylls.
  • which isn’t easy because he’s somehow got eagle scout level survivor skills despite only having been camping like once when he was five.
  • and honES TL Y the legs on this boy, good luck keeping up with him it’d be quicker if he carried you everywhere.
  • on that note he carries you on his back whenever you’re tired or injured.
  • and he still finds time to be childish and playful. 
  • there’s a tree in your path? you bet he’s gonna fucking climb it. passing an abandoned playground? before you can blink he’s on the jungle gym like “look at me!!!!!!”
  • will insists he’s “scouting.”
  • and it’s the little things that keep you sane. jungkook wanted to be a singer and when he feels safe has a tendency to hum and sing to himself.
  • insists he needs less sleep than you so he always takes first watch, and when you can’t sleep you coax him into singing for you.
  • just kinda vocalises his way through the lyrics he doesn’t remember, because he has no way of looking them up. and also through the sexual lyrics because welp awkward.
  • eventually you know his entire repertoire and can even make requests.
  • he exercises to stay awake. like, you wake up in the middle of the night because you think you heard a zombie groan but it’s just jungkook doing sit-ups next to you.
  • senses you stirring and starts muttering “hundred and six, hundred and seven, hundred and-” but let’s be real he only did like, eleven.
  • also otherwise doing press-ups whenever he finds a flat, uncluttered surface. where’s jeon ?? probably on the ground around here somewhere like “ah, this is tiring.”
  • and you’re like “how?? why?? you’ve only had a can of tuna to eat in two days, where do you even get the energy??”
  • “gotta stay in shape if i’m gonna keep saving your clumsy ass.”
  • he’s so apprehensive of the other survivors you cross paths with some of them genuinely thought he was mute.
  • until they try to separate the two of you because jungkook is not fucking having that no way do you wanna wrestle or what
  • imagine you get to shower for the first time in a while and jungkook insists you go first because he’ll just use all the water, so you suggest you just shower together and make the best of what little water you have.
  • can’t look you in the eyes for a while after that because he’s seen you naked now and you smell nicer than you have in weeks.
  • imagine huddling for warmth, and cuddling for comfort.
  • or patching him up after another close call.
  • you have to be the responsible one, the decisive one, but in return jungkook will be your rock, your protector, steadfast and strong, never cracking under pressure, not even the weight of the world ending can faze him when he has you to worry about.
  • it doesn’t take long for him to realise that he could never leave you behind. he’ll carry you to the literal end of the world if he has to, doesn’t matter if it kills him; he’s not facing the apocalypse without you.
  • after almost losing you once, he confesses that the way he sees it he has no reason to carry on without you. he lives and survives to protect you.
  • never whines that he’s hungry or tired, because he knows you are too. he might complain that his clothes smell, or that he hasn’t washed in a while, but whenever you ask if he’s alright the answer is always going to be that he’s “okay if you are.”

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Question how do you know someone is media trained?

I was mostly joking, but my assumptions are based on a few things:

(1) The knowledge that anyone – actor, singer, athlete, etc. – who speaks with the press with any regularity has had some media training. I’m sure it ranges in degree and intensity, but even good high school football players who only talk to the local press get some basic training on how to answer questions. I knew someone very tangentially who was a swimmer at the London Games, and some media training was part of their team requirements. It is regularly a part of any rookie training camp for major college or professional teams of all sports. Record labels send their artists to media training; film studios send their actors. Basically, if the person is expected to speak to the media at all, they get some training.

(2) That the answers to questions are polite and politic, never calling anyone out or blaming anyone. Avoiding questions they don’t want to answer. No matter how many times Gabby Douglas is asked about her feelings of not making the all-around, she’s going to say she’s just so excited to be sharing the experience with her teammates and how proud she is to represent the USA. She’s not going to tell you her real feelings. No matter how many times Michael Phelps is asked about Le Clos irritating him, he’s going to shift the conversation back to his preparation or excitement to still be competing or something like that.

(3) They sound rehearsed, which they are. They practice the types of questions they’re going to get, figuring out the best answers ahead of time. They may not know the exact question, but they know that the questions will likely come form a few types and they have stock answers ready to go. Compare (if you watched it) the way they giggled with each other when they were watching the medal ceremony to how they answered Bob Costas’ questions. They don’t even sound like the same people. Think of how many times Harry answered the questions about “Perfect” with some variation of how everyone can take different things away from a song. It was even pointed out that he gave almost the exact same word-for-word answer after being teased. And look at Cillian Murphy’s answer about working with Harry – on at least two occasions, he’s used almost the same words to talk about him. Even if he wasn’t trained to answer that specific question, he’s had training on how to answer that type of question and he sounds the same both times because he’s drawing on that training.

Media training isn’t an inherently bad thing. We lament how that training has changed the boys’ presented personalities, especially Louis, but basically it’s just meant to teach somehow how to respond to media questions without getting flustered or saying something that people will be offended by or that they’ll have to explain later. It depends on how it’s used and what kind of behavior the training is trying to change.


Talvi set the alltime breed record Saturday, and beat his own record Sunday. The top speed for AKC collies (rough or smooth) is now 26.29MPH! He accumulated 103 points in one weekend. 
I hope AKC updates the top speeds soon on their website. :) 
I’m super proud of him. We came with the goal to break the record, and succeeded. 

Let’s talk about Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide for a minute okay because that show was- and still is- great. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Moze!!! She was smart, tall, extremely sporty, took woodshop (and enjoyed it AND was really good at it!), and was still attractive to many of the popular boys. She got good grades and kicked ass at sports- remember that episode where she won all the school records for sports? Yeah.
  • Characterized the bullies!!! Loomer and his two cronies weren’t just mean, dumb kids- we actually got to know their personalities, like how Loomer liked Moze and how the one with the curly hair was in sewing club. They had interests that went against the typical “big mean bully” stereotype.
  • The advice!!! It was actually useful! I was lucky enough to watch it before I went to middle school and I really did get to use a lot of the tips that I remembered from the show, such as speed walking to get to class on time and keeping an extra change of clothes in my locker. Even now I’m still using some of those in high school. And the fact that the situations that the show portrayed could actually happen to middle schoolers (well, most of them, anyway) made it even better because kids will know what to do when they run into those problems.
  • The people of color!!! They were all over, and they weren’t just background characters who did nothing or messed stuff up, they were main characters who contributed to the plot and had awesome achievements. Think of Cookie, Claire Sawyer, Mr. Wright, Faymen, Backpack Boy, Evelyn, Spencer, Rose the Lunch Lady, Doug, Vanessa, Timmy… Numerous examples out of all the characters on the show and only one of them was never officially named (despite being a recurring character).
  • There are at least two confirmed characters with mental disorders. (x) (x) They aren’t really main characters, but hey, it’s still something.
  • The teachers had complex personalities, just like the kids, and it exposed how hard it is to be a teacher (and custodian!). Many kids don’t understand that they’re difficult jobs, and this show absolutely proved that.
  • There were overweight (or near overweight) kids who weren’t made fun of for their weights!!!
  • The jokes were actually pretty good. Come on, let’s admit it, that show was funny.
  • Gender inequality issues were addressed and stereotypes were totally broken! Loomer was a total sucker for love, one of his guy friends enjoyed (and was good at) sewing, Moze tried every sport at the school, one episode completely dissed the idea that girls and boys should each dress a certain way, Mr. Monroe ran the sewing club, Spencer was completely and unashamedly into acting and adored for it, women taught the gym class and high-level math, The Huge Crew weren’t afraid to show their total affection for Ned, Cookie frequently used dressing in drag as his first plan when trying to accomplish something, Ned could be sweet and sentimental, Ned and Cookie took health class (which was taught by Mr. Monroe) and were extremely protective over their fake baby (which they “raised” together!)… And, my personal favorite example: when Lisa Zemo got her makeover before season 3 and came back all attractive, she got tons of attention from boys. Not only did she not turn down boys for being nerdy or not the most attractive, but when Cookie kept vying for her attention she didn’t drop everything to go after him again. For the past two seasons she’d had a crush on him and he barely acknowledged her. She obviously remembers that and is still willing to be friends with him, but she also remembers that he wouldn’t have been going after her if she hadn’t had a makeover, so she won’t let him suddenly have her just like that. She understands her worth and won’t go out with guys who only want her for her looks.
  • The custodian character was actually important and taught some good life lessons to the kids. Gordy showed an obvious and usually overlooked worth of the people who clean up your messes- they are people too, and they enjoy talking to you! The same goes for the lunch lady- she was valued and respected!
  • Suzie!!! She was made out to just be the pretty, popular girl, but she was so much more. She competed hard in sports, had lots of school spirit, was a loyal girlfriend, didn’t agree with Missy’s harshness, and was disadvantaged when it came to family. Her parents were divorced and she didn’t even have money to get school lunches- she worked for Rose, remember? And people stuck up for her when others (*cough* Missy *cough*) tried to make fun of her. She wasn’t entirely self-centered or vapid or stupid.

Those are just a few of the reasons why Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide was, and is, an amazing show. Feel free to add anything that I’ve forgotten, as I’m sure there’s plenty.


Bowler Sets World Record Fastest 300 Game

Ben Ketola, a 23-year-old two-handed bowler, rolls 12 strikes in 86.9 seconds


Simone Biles becomes the first American female gymnast to win four golds at a single Olympic games.

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles just made history — the 19-year-old star clinched her fourth gold medal of the Rio Olympic Games on Tuesday after placing first in the floor exercise, making her the the first American woman gymnast to win four golds at a single Olympic games.

Biles has won a total of five medals in Rio: four gold and one bronze. Biles nailed her famous move, “the Biles,” during Tuesday’s floor exercise event and earned an unbelievable score.

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