sports paper

  • jack and bitty go to the same coffee shop
  • they always notice each other but don’t actually talk to each other
  • bitty’s always working on his computer
  • jack’s always reading
  • one day the place is crowded, so they end up at the same table
  • jack accidentally notices that bitty is watching falcs re-runs 
  • jack accidentally gets super excited
  • bitty notices and asks jack if he follows hockey
  • jack has no idea what to say to that because 
  • really
  • he’s pretty modest, but he also doesn’t remember the last time somebody in providence didn’t recognize him
  • really
  • it’s a hockey town
  • it’s a bit of a problem tbh
  • but still
  • jack manages to choke out a ‘i- yeah, i do’
  • at which point bitty starts going on and on about how ‘oh well all of the sports people at the paper i work for are out sick so somehow i got roped into covering this game tonight, and i just don’t know what i’m doing- got any advice?’
  • and like
  • of course jack does
  • jack has so much advice
  • jack spends well over an hour giving bitty hockey advice, and talking to him, and occasionally maybe accidentally flirting with him
  • and then he realizes what time it is and remembers that he’s gotta play in the game that night, so he waves of bitty’s thank-you’s and heads out
  • and that night at the game bitty just about dies when jack waves at him from the ice, because
  • holy shit
  • he spent all afternoon flirting with jack zimmermann, captain of the falconers, without actually realizing what he was doing, and he really, really doesn’t know what to do with that information
  • and somehow they don’t see each other after the game
  • and bitty 100% spends the rest of the night trying to figure out what’s going on
  • and like
  • he’s half convinced that he imagined the flirting etc.
  • but then he walks into the coffee shop the next day and jack is sitting in the same spot with two psl’s in front of him and a sheepish grin on his face, bitty almost melts
  • and like jack can’t stay long
  • (he’s gotta be at practice within the hour)
  • but his number’s already written on bitty’s paper cup and they already know each other’s coffee schedules and, yeah.
  • they’re in a relationship by the end of the month

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Relationship: Bucky x reader

Word count: 1,625

Tags: Fluff and comfort

Based off my own prompt (wow original); BED SHARING AUS

Hope you enjoy :)

Jumping in her chair, she drew a shaky breath as she took in her surroundings. She was sitting at a desk, her research paper sporting a stain as she must have drooled on it. Sighing, she realized she had fallen asleep. Her heart was still thumping from her nightmare and her room felt a lot colder than it usually was. Groaning at the pain in her neck, she stood up and threw on the sweater that was flung across her chair. Walking out of her room, she planned to get a nice cup of tea to soothe her soul.

“Hey.” A sudden voice made her gasp and groan as her heart picked up speed again. Bucky was leaning against a counter in the kitchen and gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry.” He mumbled. The moonlight seemed to give him an eerily glow and her stomach threw a fit at the softness in his eyes as he looked at her.

“It’s fine.” She sighed with a smile as she made her way past him towards the cabinets. Opening up one, she turned to see his brows furrowed as he took in the dark circles under her eyes. “What?”

He hesitated before speaking, choosing his words carefully. “You look…tired.” He seemed to already regret his words and she knew why. Her…how to put this, her ‘sleeping pattern’ was a common knowledge between the rest of the Avengers. At first, it was a secret she only shared with Steve. But eventually, Steve had to go on missions and she became dangerously sleep deprived. So, she told Natasha, who surprised her greatly by agreeing to help. But then Natasha went on missions with Steve, so she went to Thor for help. Tony made remarks at first, but then started seeking her out to cuddle. She knew he struggled with nightmares too and was happy to be helping him as well. Eventually, everyone on the team knew, but they still treated her normally and for that she was thankful.

She wasn’t always like this. When she was younger she could sleep just fine by herself. Then…the nightmares began. You’d think having a superpower would improve your life, but it was not so in her case. She had to experience the horrors of other people around the world every time she fell asleep. It was exhausting and most times she would avoid sleeping until she couldn´t anymore.

But, the one good thing she had discovered is that having a cuddle buddy drew out the real-life dreams. Somehow, instead of latching onto someone else in the world, she latched onto the mind of her cuddle buddy as they slept. Finally she was able to dream, even if it was someone else’s dream.

“I’m always tired, aren’t I?” she tried to joke, shrugging her shoulders. Bucky didn’t laugh though, his brows furrowing in concern.

“Have you slept at all this week?” He asked carefully.

This week had been hell, as somehow all the Avengers, except Bucky, hadn’t been at home. Bucky was one of the few teammates she had never cuddled with, both because they didn’t know each other that well and he was way too closed off for that stuff, so she assumed. Not that she was complaining, she’d deny it if ever asked, but she may have a tiny crush on the blue eyed soldier, and may not be able to handle casual cuddling with him.

“Yeah, of course, I just woke up.” She was still trying to sound light to not worry him, but she knew she looked and sounded just as exhausted as she felt.

“Y/N…” he trailed off, seemingly trying to decide something. Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it. “Do you, um…would you like me to cuddle you?” he finished, scratching his neck and hesitantly looking her in the eye.

Crap. There goes her heart, beating fast. She was taken by surprise; it didn’t hurt as much as it did after the nightmares. It was…slightly nice. She was suddenly aware of her gaping face and red cheeks and quickly cleared her throat.

“I mean, if you want to.” Wait, no, those were not the words she intended to say. She tried to blame her tired mind and ignored the small thought that suggested it could be because she wanted this more than she realized.

“You need it, of course I want to…I mean I’m willing to help you.” Of all the time she had known the man, she had never heard him ramble like that. Not that he spoke often enough for it to happen, but still. He was avoiding her eyes now and she had to take a deep breath before speaking.

“Okay…um, follow me.” What was she doing? Follow me? She grabbed his hand and hoped he didn’t feel her shakiness as she led him away from her forgotten tea and towards her bedroom.

They didn’t speak as she closed the door after them and stood there with him in awkward silence. Taking a deep breath and silencing her mind, she crawled under the covers and shuffled to give him space. He seemed unsure of what he was doing, but still didn’t hesitate as slid in next to her. They lay awkwardly beside each other for a moment, debating to themselves how to play this. Eventually she convinced herself this was just like with everyone else and snuggled close to him, draping an arm over his stomach and placing her head under his arm.

After a few moments of even more awkward stiffness, he relaxed slightly and settled his mechanic arm on her waist, before quickly drawing it back. Confused, she looked up to see the slight…fear…on his face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked frowning. Did she do something wrong?

“I…just didn’t realize it was that…one.” Puzzled, she followed his gaze to his metallic arm lying beside her. She looked back at him as she realized why he was afraid.

“Oh Bucky, I don’t care, I really don’t.” she gave him a reassuring smile and grabbed the hand beside her and laid it back on her waist. He went rigid as confusion spread on his face, his eyes raking between her and his hand.

“But…” he trailed off.

“Bucky, seriously, it doesn’t scare me, I trust you.” Her own hand gripped his and she trailed her thumb over the sleek metal. “I actually think it’s pretty cool.” Her smiled widened nervously as he looked to have difficulty believing her. “Bucky, when have I ever been afraid of it?”

She was surprised he was even concerned about this, though she couldn’t blame him. His dark past is directly connected with the mechanic arm from Hydra. But the fact is, she was the only one, besides Steve, that didn’t have an issue with trusting him since he joined the team, and didn’t shy away or narrow her eyes at the super arm attached to the super solider. She didn’t like to judge people without knowing them in and out, which has caused her trouble before, but she still held strong to the belief that there’s always more to people than meets the eye.

He seemed to realize this but still didn’t relax beneath her. He kept staring into her eyes, trying to find something that indicated she was lying but coming up empty.

“Why aren’t you afraid of me?” He whispered, almost as if he didn’t want her to hear him. She gave a small sigh with a fond smile on her face as she sat up slightly to be more level with him.

“Why are you concerned about my well being enough to cuddle with me?” he seemed taken aback and she wasn’t sure through the dark, but she thought she saw him blushing. “Because you care, because in spite of what others think, you are a good person, Bucky. Believe me, I’ve seen enough bad people to know you’re not one of them. You care about me, just like I care about you.” She answered her own question, trying to sound as sincere as possible. His lips parted in shock and he stared at her at loss at words. She couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she brushed a lock of his hair away from his face. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, but the expression his face drew her in and she gave him a small peck on his lips. Drawing back, she felt the rain of realization wash over her. Feeling her heart hammering again, she cleared her throat and looked at everything but him, screaming at herself in her head. Just as she was about to run out of the room, she felt his lips on hers again, and it took a moment for her to understand what was happening. His fingers brushed across her cheek as they slowly started to move their lips against each other. There it was again, that nice, fast beating of her heart and Bucky’s body finally relaxed completely. They tried to make the bliss last as long as they could, but eventually they separated to breathe. A beautiful smile crept its way up his face and she felt her heart skip.

“I don’t deserve you.” He mumbled, and as she opened her mouth to object, he quickly spoke again. “And you’re right, I am concerned about your well being, which is why you should go to sleep now.” He gently pushed her back down and tightened his grip on her. She let her body melt against his, feeling his cool metal fingers brushing up and down her arm, slowly lulling her to sleep. Before she passed out, she let out a content whisper.

“You deserve so much more than you think.”

pictures of you

Jack was sitting at his desk off to the side of the open concept office that he secretly hated, scrolling through the pictures he’d just uploaded. They looked good. He already had a general idea of which ones he wanted to send to the writers he was working with, and none of them really required much editing, and he was pretty sure that he’d get home at a reasonable time tonight, which was a rare feat for him and his co-workers at the Samwell Press.

Really, Jack didn’t mind the late hours. He didn’t have much to go home to other than an empty apartment and a fridge that he really needed to clean out, and work kept him busy. It kept him moving and it kept him motivated, and the fact that all of his friends worked in the same place didn’t really hurt either.

Still, getting off on time would be nice for once. There was a new smoothie place across the street that he wanted to try, and he’d been meaning to sweep and mop his floors for a while now, and there were about a million new shows on Netflix that he’d been meaning to start and, if he got the chance, he could definitely do that tonight. Altogether, his plans for the evening weren’t groundbreakingly exciting, but they were nice and relaxing and still productive enough for Jack to not feel guilty about enjoying himself, and he was in the middle of coming to terms with them, when Shitty came out of nowhere and sat on Jack’s desk.

Years ago that would have been enough to startle Jack, but he’d long since become used to Shitty, abrupt entrances and lack of regard for personal space included, and, as it was, Jack just leaned back in his chair and raised an eyebrow. Shitty looked like he wanted something, and Jack wasn’t going to encourage him.

As expected, Shitty smiled and said, “Jack, my man, my buddy, my bro,” and he grabbed a pen from Jack’s desk and pointed it at Jack, as he continued with, “I’ve got an assignment that only you can do.”

Jack was wary. “Do you?” he asked, thinking back to the last time Shitty had come to him with ‘an assignment that only he could do’, and subsequently flashed back to the entire weekend the two of them had spent wandering around a petting zoo, looking for signs of animal abuse.

In the end they’d found some pretty appalling things and their piece had actually been pretty fantastic, but that was beside the point.

The point was, was that Shitty’s idea of special assignments had always been a bit out there and, when Shitty just hummed in affirmation before he asked, “What do you think about sports?” Jack was hesitant.

He wanted to say that he wasn’t the papers sports photographer so he generally didn’t think about sports at all, and he wanted to say that he’d spent the past 8 years aggressively trying not to think about one sport in particular, and he wanted to say a flat out no without asking any more questions because he knew that Shitty would accept that easily but, in the end, he asked, “What sports?” and prayed to every god in the world that Shitty didn’t say hockey.

Because of that, when Shitty said, “Figure skating,” relief washed over Jack.

“I can do that,” he said before he could think any better of it, and Shitty’s eyebrows shot up.

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If you're taking prompts? Keith taking care of (sick?) Shiro :)

thank u for your patience! I am happy to provide!

Keith hitched his bag higher on his shoulder as he maneuvered around his classmates. The Garrison’s hallways were already emptying as everyone filtered away for whatever pre-lights-out activity they liked best. Normally, this is the time Keith would head for the training deck, to go over the day’s sims to his satisfaction without getting harassed for taking too long.

Not today, though. Keith’s bag was heavier than normal. He hoped nothing was leaking.

He knocked, then shouldered the door open. Shiro had long since given him access privileges, which was especially nice on days like this, when he couldn’t come to the door himself. Inside, it was dark and warm and quiet; a private room was one of the perks of being a star student. Keith, on the other hand, spent most nights in an 8-bed dorm.

“Shiro,” Keith said softly, testing, “I brought you food.”

There was a low groan of effort from the far side of the room as Shiro sat up. “Oh, hey. Lights twenty.” The room brightened gradually over a few seconds, and Keith could make out Shiro - rumpled, flushed, miserable - sitting up in bed, blanket pooled around his waist. Shiro squinted. “Lights thirty. Who’d you have to bribe to get that out of the mess?”

Keith set his bag down on the floor and started pulling out containers: a sports bottle, a paper coffee cup, a travel mug. “C’mon, man. You think I asked?”

Shiro chuckled, but it soured into a cough pretty quickly. “I want to say it smells great, but…ugh.”

Keith rummaged in the depths of his bag for a spoon. “Yeah, you sound like shit. Whatever’s going around must be pretty nasty if it took you down like this.” He gathered up his finds and deposited them, one by one, on Shiro’s night stand. “Let me give you the tour. Travel mug’s got soup. Sports bottle -” He held it up and shook it. Inside the clear plastic, orange and green shrapnel bumped wetly against the sides. “Boiled carrots and peas. I know, yikes, but it’s good for you or something. And in the last…carbs!” He pulled the lid off the paper cup with a flourish. Two bread rolls were stuffed inside it.

“A feast,” said Shiro dully. “I can’t decide if I want to eat, or just sleep more. Sleep until I die. Or can breathe again. Both sound nice at this point.”

Keith rolled his eyes, but fondly. “Don’t be such a baby. Eat your vegetables. You’ll be fine in a couple days. I already talked to your instructors, so you can turn in your Dos Santos essay two days late, and Iverson gave your sim slot away, so that’s all worked out. He told me to tell you to drink lots of water.”

Shiro frowned. “He thinks water fixes everything. He told me to drink lots of water when I broke my foot in basic, too.” Keith laughed, but Shiro groaned as something dawned on him. “No, the sim…we were supposed to run that new one! Iverson’s gonna think I wanted more study time…I wonder…”

Keith could see the wheels spinning already: Shiro was going to try and scrape his half-dead self together for just long enough to run the stupid sim, and he was going to take ten years off Keith’s life in the process. “No, Takashi,” Keith said flatly. “You’re gonna take a few days to get better like any other person. Don’t make me call your mom.”

Shiro flopped back against the pillows with a wry smile. “I should’ve known you’d bring my mom into this.”

“You know I’m not afraid to fight dirty,” Keith said, smiling back. He put the back of his hand against Shiro’s forehead. He didn’t actually know what he was checking for, but it’s something the orphanage’s caretakers used to do. When he was a kid, he’d found it comforting.

Maybe Shiro did too. He sighed, closed his eyes. Relaxed into the pillows. “Maybe I will sleep some more,” he said thickly. “But thanks for dinner. I owe you one.”

“Don’t be dumb. Just feel better, okay? The sim will be around when you’re better. There’ll probably be a high score for us to beat.”

“I like the sound of that,” Shiro said, sniffling. In the thirty percent lights, Shiro’s eyes were dark and steady. “Keith, hey. I know I’m gross, but…”

“Do you want me to stay for a bit? You have to promise not to sneeze on me.”

“I promise. No goobering, no sneezing.” Shiro smiled as Keith kicked off his shoes and crawled in next to him, tucking himself under Shiro’s arm. Shiro coughed once, then settled, already heavy with sleep as he tucked his face against Keith’s hair.

Keith would have to go before lights out or his bunkmates would rat on him being missing, but for now, he had an hour of free time and no one else he’d rather spend it with. Even though Shiro was sniffly and too warm, even though he hadn’t showered and still hadn’t eaten. Even if he did get sneezed on.

Keith pulled the blankets higher, and turned the lights back down.

Callie > Minnick

Callie lives on coffee, and Minnick doesn’t need caffeine. 

Callie builds bones like God and cartilage from scratch, and Minnick writes papers about sports medicine and is an education consultant who compromises patient care.

Callie gave a TED Talk, and I’m sure it was better than Minnick’s.

Literally everyone is friends with Callie and everyone hates Minnick.

Everyone fights for Callie and everyone fights against Minnick.

Minnick tells Arizona to screw herself, and Callie screws Arizona.

I rest my case.

White Light on a Black Sea Chapter XXIX.

Two years later, I’m back.  I’ll eventually post something longer about my hiatus, but for now, I’m honestly just happy to finally have the next portion finished.  I owe a massive thank you to anyone who wrote to me, reviewed, or read this, because every time I wanted to give up, your kind words reminded me that it was worth another try.  I also have to specifically thank @krustybunny, @wordsmith-storyweaver, @marriedkillianjones and @holdingoutforapiratehero. I love you all, and your support means more to me than you’ll ever know. 

Available on and Ao3 for those who prefer to read it there.


Hook crept through the various rows of cargo that littered the shadowy docks as silently as he could, listening to the sounds of Ed’s wrath fade with the waves as he neared the anonymity of the city’s streets. With a new coat of paint and a uniformed crew, the Jolly had passed for a Leinster naval ship without much difficulty, but it was his quartermaster’s performance that really solidified the illusion. Ed was cantankerous even on his best days; the role of exasperated navy captain with little patience for the bumblings of an inexperienced young harbor guard was one the old sailor was born to play. Hook had to stifle a chuckle when he thought of the poor lad’s blanched face and stuttered apologies as Ed ranted about protocol and falling standards. Sneaking off the ship had been downright simple thanks to Ed. He’d have to remember to buy the man a drink. Or five.

Thanks to information gathered during their assault on the Lady Victoria, they’d been able to plan their arrival and departure for maximum success. His crew had timed their approach to Leinster’s port nearly perfectly, arriving just before midnight and, as such, right before the exhausted guards were scheduled to end their shift. There was little chance their subterfuge would be discovered before the harbor master arrived the next morning, and Killian had every intention of leaving these shores with his beloved princess long before that could happen.

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Novak on Instagram: “Let’s have some fun people! Can you share with me what #sport means to you in just one word? I must say it wasn’t easy, but I did it💪😂 You can too!!! So jump in!! Write it on a piece of paper & share it with #Sportin1Word on social media! We want to show how important sport could be for each of us but also what a significant role it plays as a powerful tool for peace and development! Heheh I love this game!!! What do you say?! ⛹🏻⛷🚴🏼🏃🏼❤🏄🏼😁👏🏻 Bravo team @NovakFoundation#Idemoooooo #InternationalDayOfSport

Taylor Hall - Cozy

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I have had such a struggle writing anything the last few days so I REALLY hope you like this! Also…that gif *heart eyes* lol

Request from : @beuatifulcrime :  Can you please write a cute and cuddly imagine of spending a lazy day off with Taylor Hall please? Thanks!

The apartment was quiet as you sat at the kitchen island with your boyfriend. His nose was buried in the sports section of the paper while you scarfed down the eggs and fruit on your plate. You leg was propped up on Taylor’s lap underneath the tabletop, his hand mindlessly rubbing up and down it. It was a normal Saturday morning except for the fact that he didn’t have practice. To everyone’s surprise in the middle of the night a nasty snowstorm had rolled through covering the city in a massive amount of snow and ice. So, instead of having to quickly eat breakfast together the two of you got to enjoy it this morning.

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Dreyse sporting gun

Manufactured by Franz von Dreyse in Sömmerda, Germany c.1870. Serial number 9728.
11,5mm paper cartridge, needlefire break/Dreyse action rifle.

The son of famous German inventer Nikolaus von Dreyse, inventor of the Dreyse needle gun and possibly the bolt action altogether, Franz made up to his father’s legacy by building the classiest firearms of the late 19th century.


Ok, here’s a small break of MiniCat and Poly!BBS since this IS a majority H2OVanoss blog, but there will be regiments of the great crew and their many, many ships anyway. So yeah ;D

Jonathan felt like signing up for football and joining half his squad. But then he thought about joining Craig and Brock in wrestling/rugby… Or maybe Soccer with Brian and Arlan{Droid :D}… Or he could play baseball….

He sighed, “Mom, Ii don’t know what sports to do this year.”

“We’ve got the money this year and the Fongs really want you to join Evan in football and hockey.”

“But you know I can’t skate worth the shit… We’ve been stuck in North Carolina before dad did his bullshit.”

His mom sighed but nodded, “Okay… Football?”

“I’m… I’m all skin and bones, i have no muscle, mom. I’ll be destroyed on the field.”

She shuddered and hesitated before looking over the sports paper.”You’re ankle isn’t well enough for it either, you could do swimming or wrestling or even tennis.”

Jonathan beamed at the mention of tennis and swimming, “Is there golf or bowling sports, mom?”

She shook her head, “Tennis and swimming like usual?”

“And Track.”

“Jonathan, honey, that’s how you broke your ankle. We’re not having another re-run of this.”

Jonathan sighed, one hand gripping his elbow of his other arm, “R-Right… But… tennis and swimming are… majority girls’ sports.”

His mom’s tone grew irritated and harsher, “Honey, don’t talk like that. To hell with those who call you gay. Even if you are, that doesn’t give them a reason to tease you for such silly labels.”

Jonathan flinched and nodded, shrinking back a bit as he glanced at his mom, “Same old sports every year I guess.”

“They need more variety. How about clubs, honey? What clubs do they have at this god forsake average high school?”

He let out a breath he’d know idea having held in and looked over the sheet of light neon green paper in his hands, “Gamer’s club. I’d like to join that one…”

“Done deal, how much is the entry and what is the requirements?”

“The requirements is having two or more game consoles at home and paying the entry fee of 20 dollars. Members must be responsible of taking care of rental game discs and being able to have enough anger management to handle future rage games and what not. Members will help achieve a goal of becoming possible game testers and designers in the future.”

She nodded, “Alright. Next one?”

“Student council, I want to try for that one this year mom. The entry fee is 10 bucks actually and the requirements is attending over 85% of the school year and having a G.P.A. of over 3.5″

His mom nodded again, “Sounds good to me. You’ve always been straights A’s and B’s.”

“There’s another one, mom. I think Evan’s attending this one too, much like the Gamer’s club. Lui might be in it as well, Maybe Tyler and David!”

“Get on with it, hun, what is it?”

“Upstander’s Club.”

“No hun, not this year. It’s never helped you with the bullies despite being it’s leading member. Absolutely not.”

Jonathan sighed but nodded anyway, “Art Club? The entry fee is 5 bucks and the requirements is 75% of the school year attended and a G.P.A. of 3.”

“Alright, any other clubs, Jon?”

Jonathan shook his head before casting his eyes over one last one, “Actually… This one. The entry fee is 15 bucks but it’s opened to everyone.”

“What is it hun?”

“It’s the poetry club.”

His mother seemed drawn back by his interest for poetry, “Shakespeare? You can’t even comprehend a chapter of a book yet, hun, I don’t think you can-”

“It’s writing poetry mom. You’ve seen me write a poem for you before.”

“Jonathan, it’s going to worst the cause of people calling you… gay.”

“What? No it won’t…”

“You aren’t doing any sports but Tennis and Swimming, you’re in the  Gamer’s Club, student council, Poetry club, and the art club.”

“Yeah, I’m a normal boy with normal interests and a very frail body. It’s completely fine, mom.”

“Fine, but if you get bullied, you come to me or the guidance counselor automatically.”

He nodded solemnly, already knowing he’d run to his best friends instead. His friends who actually did sports and athletic things….

There’ll be a part two later on today~