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You guys. 


Toru Furuya got into character as Tuxedo Kamen and THREW A ROSE.



Renault Viva Grand Sport Coupé, 1939 at the Retromobile show, Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris, February 8-12. The last Viva Grand Sport ever made, it is completely original, having never undergone any restoration. In perfect working order, the car has covered less than 14,000 miles.

Photographs: Olivier Martin-Gambier

Whenever people tell me about my… presence here on tumblr, they almost overwhelmingly bring up this decades old drawing, which, yeah, I love trans Dave too, but for the love of god, take this new version instead.


pandabear235  asked:

Yo, hijabi here. I was totes stalking your blog way back (bc you're awesome) and I saw a Nike ad for their line of sports headcoverings. I'd like to let you know that there are smaller companies OWNED BY MUSLIMS and lines of sports headcoverings DESIGNED BY MUSLIMS and CREATED BY MUSLIMS that honestly need way more recognition. Nike's isn't even out yet. It'd be awesome if you used your awesomeness to help some sisters (rather than big corporations) out. 💕

Sure! I didn’t know (though I should have assumed) there were Muslim owned companies. Do you have some in particular you want to share?