sports land

important moments

1. the scene where the branch breaks and robbie lands in sport’s arms.

2. the scene where trixie breaks a stick and robbie jumps right back into sport’s arms.

3. the scene where robbie then promptly falls asleep in sport’s arms.

4. the scene where sporp makes the kids be quiet so they don’t wake him up and gently lays him down.

5. the scene where sportacus gives robbie a present and he’s vv excited.

6. how every time he sees robbie, he says “hi robbie”, just to make him feel appreciated.

7. when they were stranded on that raft and saw sportacus coming to save them, and robbie excitedly said “sporty! sporty!” with a grin

8. when robbie fell asleep and happily said “oh, hello sportacus!” in his sleep.

9. when everyone goes to the beach for a day and robbie thinks he’s alone and gets all sad and when they come back he participates in the song and then instead of dipping stephanie at the end, sportacus dips robbie.

10. when they invite robbie to ziggy’s birthday party and he accepts and then he tries his very best to be a good guest the entire time.

11. when robbie was talking about sporty’s muscles and didn’t notice that sporty was behind him and then awkwardly felt his muscles.

12. any time that robbie and sportacus are in a scene together.

13. any time robbie is happy.

Earlier this year I commissioned @thetwelfthpanda to create this work based on the final chapter of my Rio Olympics AU, Sticking the Landing.

I didn’t know, last time we were here, what I wanted then, what my life would look like, after this was all over.  I still don’t, I suppose; dunno if winning a celebrity talent show really counts as a plan, but what I do want of my life is to have you in it, Sherlock. That’s what’s important. What….what do you want?”

After fourteen days of sports, crime, and rubbish attempts at flirting, we’re back where it all began at the closing ceremony.  

Sticking the Landing on AO3: John Watson, Captain of Team GB’s gymnastics squad is confident, ready for his third and final Olympics. Disappointed in London with a shoulder injury putting paid to his Olympic dream, can he secure an Olympic gold finish before retirement? Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes has other problems. Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics is the newest Olympic sport, but one of the competitors has been attacked on the eve of competition. Does something more sinister lurk under the spangles and spandex? Can Sherlock solve the mystery in time to deliver a flawless ball routine? And does something more valuable than medals await the boys in Rio?

This artwork was commissioned to keep me accountable to the story and I’m delighted to say the final chapter will be posted today.  I’m even happier with the stellar job Ren did with this artwork - it’s unreal: I love their expressions and the details in the flag, uniforms and (especially) the shoes are completely and utterly perfect. A thousand thanks for this wonderful piece!