Between Harry’s love of Quidditch; his propensity to get into certain kinds of mischief like duels; his & Ron’s tendency to try to get Hermione to do their homework for them; & his decision to become an auror (one of the “brawniest” career choices out there that also has the “helping other people” aspect that I think appealed to him), I consider Harry to be a jock. It honestly puzzles me that other people don’t seem to see it – & often even vehemently deny it when somebody points it out.

Complicated by Dylansoperfect

Rating: Not Rated

Word Count: 3734

When Stiles text a random number the last thing he expects is it to be Derek Hale, the famous basketball player.


Derek is basically a college version of Steph Curry and end up falling for a boy who got his number out of a textbook.