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U.S. Women’s Soccer Team and U.S. Soccer Ratify New Labor Agreement
The deal, which runs through 2021, guarantees the players improved pay and bonuses, but not the equal pay with the men’s team they had sought.
By Andrew Das

The United States women’s soccer team pressed its fight for equal pay not in one dramatic moment at the negotiating table, but in a thousand small ones away from it. In text messages and phone calls, in hotel rooms and on bus rides, and at home in far-flung cities, the players fine-tuned their needs and their arguments and their solidarity.

Sometimes the suggestions arrived in an overnight email from forward Alex Morgan in France, or a late-night one from midfielder Megan Rapinoe on the West Coast. They sent out anonymous surveys to their teammates, to better gauge what people prioritized but might not want to say aloud, and weighed in on legal language and PowerPoint slides in a cache of shared Google Docs.

As the talks intensified in recent weeks, players like Becky Sauerbrunn and Meghan Klingenberg conferred with teammates like Kelley O’Hara and Christen Press to propose changes as small as a single word in page after page of proposed contract language. Then they would rehearse what they would say at each negotiating session, and even decide who would say it.


During the 1960s, octopus wrestling was a popular sport in the West Coast of the United States. It involved a diver grappling with an octopus in shallow waters before dragging it to the shore. In fact, there was even an annual World Octopus Wrestling Championship which would be held in Washington. When the so-called sportsmen were done with the octopuses, they would then either eat them, give them to an aquarium, or return them to the sea.


Remington eXperimental Pistol number 100 “Fireball”

Manufactured by Remington Arms c.1963-1998 - serial number B7500376.
.221 Remington Fireball single shot, bullpup bolt action, nylon target grip.

The Model XP-100 was made specifically for long-range pistol shooting, a thing it indeed excels at by using the fastest handgun cartridge commercially available. Which also happens to be a rifle cartridge.
Space gun !


Novak in “Head #PlayersOnly”

(via HEAD Tennis on YouTube)


Standard Arms Model G

Patented c.1906 by Morris Smith, manufactured by Standard Arms c.1909-10′s - serial number 7534.
.25 Remington three-round internal box magazine, long stroke gas piston semi-automatic or manual pump action, engraved brass handle - originally lacquered black.

A fancy and unusual ealry semi-automatic sporting rifle, betrayed by the lack of strength of its internal parts which turned it into a jam monster. It’s okay buddy at least you look good when you do it.


An inside look behind the scenes and making of Novak’s “Players Only” video

(via HEAD Tennis on YouTube)

Mexican boxer Ray Beltran fights for title shot and green card

LOS ANGELES – Ray Beltran has been through the same struggle endured by countless others seeking to gain a United States green card, the same grueling battle through red tape and paperwork and the same nervous waiting game.

Yet Beltran’s experience is different to the millions who have entered the U.S. illegally in that his long journey may end with an actual fight.

“This fight is the key,” Beltran, a wiry lightweight, says, as sweat beads trickle down a tattoo honoring his family name stretched along his back. “It is the key to everything.”

The fight he is referring to is Saturday against Jonathan Maicelo in an IBF world title eliminator at Madison Square Garden in New York. Win, and the 35-year-old will not only be entitled to a crack at the belt, but also, according to his immigration attorneys, be essentially guaranteed permanent resident status.

​“(In boxing), the green card process is unique,” says Beltran’s manager, Steve Feder. “You have to prove yourself unique to anyone else, not just in the world but within the sport itself, you have to be a great fighter among great fighters. It is twice as hard. It is not about how long you have been here, if you pay your taxes, it is nothing to do with that.”

Getting an EB-1 green card requires proof of “exceptional ability” in a particular field, be it sports, music, or arts and sciences. Beltran’s long career, 41 bouts over nearly 18 years, supports his case a little, as do letters from major boxing network and sanctioning officials. However, nothing will boost his chances like a victory and a chance at the title.

Christine Brennan (b. 1958) is the first woman to become a sports reporter in the United States, which happened in 1981 when she began working for the Miami Herald. She also worked for the Washington Post, covering sports from American football to the Olympics.

In 1998, she became the first president of the Association for Women in Sports Media. She also started a programme of scholarships and internships for female students of journalism.

Barça to become first European club to have a team in North America's professional women’s league

The Board of Directors approved a development plan for women’s football in the United States, to form part of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

This plan is based on proposals drawn up by the New York office and from the sports area of the club in order to participate in the NWSL from 2018.

By doing so, FC Barcelona has made an important step in its strategy, consolidating its status as a global brand and simultaneously strengthening its commitment to women’s football.

FC Barcelona become the first European club to have a team in the American professional league for women’s football and its presence will help to further its competitiveness and knowledge of the sport in the United States

Colt SAA Bisley Model

Made c.1894-1912 by Colt Manufacturing Co. - serial number 247504 made in 1903.
.32 Winchester CenterFire six-round cylinder, single action, wide trigger and hammer spur, elongated grip, 4,75″ fast-draw barrel, side-loading gate with spring-loaded ejector rod.

Named after the Bisley shooting range in England, this Colt revolver was originally designed as a target model. The same features that made it easy to quickly point and fire in a sporting event also made it a favorite of the self-defense market.