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During the 1960s, octopus wrestling was a popular sport in the West Coast of the United States. It involved a diver grappling with an octopus in shallow waters before dragging it to the shore. In fact, there was even an annual World Octopus Wrestling Championship which would be held in Washington. When the so-called sportsmen were done with the octopuses, they would then either eat them, give them to an aquarium, or return them to the sea.


Standard Arms Model G

Patented c.1906 by Morris Smith, manufactured by Standard Arms c.1909-10′s - serial number 7534.
.25 Remington three-round internal box magazine, long stroke gas piston semi-automatic or manual pump action, engraved brass handle - originally lacquered black.

A fancy and unusual ealry semi-automatic sporting rifle, betrayed by the lack of strength of its internal parts which turned it into a jam monster. It’s okay buddy at least you look good when you do it.


Remington eXperimental Pistol number 100 “Fireball”

Manufactured by Remington Arms c.1963-1998 - serial number B7500376.
.221 Remington Fireball single shot, bullpup bolt action, nylon target grip.

The Model XP-100 was made specifically for long-range pistol shooting, a thing it indeed excels at by using the fastest handgun cartridge commercially available. Which also happens to be a rifle cartridge.
Space gun !

Colt SAA Bisley Model

Made c.1894-1912 by Colt Manufacturing Co. - serial number 247504 made in 1903.
.32 Winchester CenterFire six-round cylinder, single action, wide trigger and hammer spur, elongated grip, 4,75″ fast-draw barrel, side-loading gate with spring-loaded ejector rod.

Named after the Bisley shooting range in England, this Colt revolver was originally designed as a target model. The same features that made it easy to quickly point and fire in a sporting event also made it a favorite of the self-defense market.

ID #10631

Name: Claire 
Age: 17
Country: United States

I love snail mail and my past and present pen pals!! I’m from the east coast and am not a lover of cold temperatures. I’m 17, will be 18 in March though. I am a female too. I take basic courses in school and plan to go to college. I take French in school, so if you’re familiar with it, chat with me!!
I like any kind of music basically, and the same goes for movies/films, I just can’t watch horror movies with the lights off or the sound on. More specifically my fave genres of music include indie-(anything), hip hop, and songs that aren’t about romance. I love Broadway related soundtracks too but I don’t live around em’. And I listen to Disney soundtracks quite a lot too. I really don’t like grunge or screamo or anything like that. Movie wise I dig rom-coms, indie productions, film noir, comedies, mysteries, crime, bad acting christian movies, and inspiring sports movies. My longest faves are Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Dance Academy, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU, Stranger Things, Degrassi, How I Met Your Mother, Freaks & Geeks, and so many others. Books have never really been my thing, my faves used to be The Secret Garden and Amelia’s Journals. I don’t read regularly anymore, clearly. I like writing and I think a lot and put perspective into just about everything too. I love, love, love thrifting, plant shopping, organizing, soaking up the sun–but not sweating, lifting weights, seeing theatre productions, and actually physically hanging out with friends.
I speak English very well and I love long letters and stickers and lil trinkets.

Preferences:  no racism, hate, between ages 15 - 19, rather do snail mail


Goalkeeper Hope Solo #1 of the United States signs autographs after playing Brazil at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park on July 13, 2008 in Commerce City, Colorado. The United States defeated Brazil 1-0. Hope went on to help the US win Olympic gold a month later while recording 3 shutouts and 5 wins during their 6 match tournament.